Platinum metallicum

Platinum was discovered in South America sometime during the 18th century. Platinum is a precious metal that has numerous utilities, including making ornaments and dental alloys. In addition, this 'white metal' is also made use of in manufacturing surgical pins as well as electrical contacts.

Although a little known fact, platinum is also used for medicinal purpose and in the 19th century it was used to treat the sexually-transmitted disease (STD) syphilis for a brief period. In homeopathy, this metal has been used to heal women's health conditions since long and the practice continues even till this date.

As aforementioned, platinum is a very expensive metal and most of us are aware of the common uses of this metal. Most of us are familiar with the fact that platinum is used to make ornaments, dental fillings and even coins. Nevertheless, very few people are aware of the fact that this metal has medical uses also and it is used in homeopathy to treat specific health complaints, especially those relating to women.

In fact, this precious metal is extremely beneficial for women suffering from specific medical problems. While most people are still ignorant regarding the health benefits offered by platinum or its value in treating numerous health conditions, this metal is being accepted to a greater extent within the homeopathic community owing to its medicinal properties and its use in treating specific health problems.

Like any other homeopathic medicine, the process involved in preparing the homeopathic remedy platinum is crucial. As a homeopathic medicine, platinum is prepared by boiling fine pieces of the pure metal in acid. Subsequently, it is washed and dried. The residual matter is diluted and pulverized with lactose sugar.

The end product is the homeopathic medicine, which is becoming increasingly popular as a remedy for different health conditions among people worldwide. Therefore, although we are aware that platinum is a precious metal that has multiple uses, we now know that it is also used to prepare a homeopathic medicine that can be used to cure several health complaints.

Because of the medicinal properties possessed by metallic platinum as well as the health benefits offered by the mineral, one would usually find women mostly using the homeopathic medicine platinum.

People for whom this homeopathic medicine is most appropriate are those who exert too much pressure on them as well as those who feel disheartened or disappointed when they find that things are not happening according to their expectations or desires. Generally, platinum is also prescribed to people who possess a feeling of being privileged or at liberty.

In other words, this homeopathic medicine works best for individuals who are of the firm view that they are worthy of certain things in their lives, but they do not get them always.

Other people for whom this homeopathic medicine is beneficial are those who react excessively or exaggerate very frequently, especially in the instance of a temporary feeling of isolation or seclusion that may result in their disengagement from their routine life for a brief period.

In fact, it has been found that the homeopathic medicine platinum is not only useful for physical symptoms, but also for emotional cases. In general, people who respond well to this medicine are those who have an inclination to be on the emotional side, while retaining their personality or individual traits.

Individuals who are known to be responding best to the homeopathic medicine platinum or those who need this medicine are basically exceptional constitutional types of people who, according to homeopathy, are known mainly for their sexual mania or passion.

Individuals belonging to the platinum type may be categorized into two main groups - one group comprises people who are somewhat sensible and steady, while the other includes people who are either insane or on the verge of lunacy. Psychologically, people belonging to both the categories of platinum type people have several characteristics in common.

These traits gradually become indistinct and exaggerated or inflated as the platinum type people turn less healthy psychologically. As discussed in the beginning of this article, the homeopathic medicine platinum is a remedy that is absolutely appropriate for females - in other words, this medicine is useful in treating conditions mostly related to women.

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The homeopathic medicine platinum is basically a cure for problems related to women, especially their nervous system and reproductive organs. Homeopaths generally prescribe platinum to treat vulval itching, lack or profuse menstruation, inability to participate in sexual intercourse owing to vaginismus (a condition caused by spasms in the vaginal muscles), ovarian pain as well as neuralgia (nerve pain).

Women who benefit most from the use of the homeopathic medicine platinum are those who experience physical symptoms, such as insensitivity of the skin, coldness and a feeling of being constricted. This type of women also experiences a specific sensation in their sexual organs. The remedy platinum has the aptitude to cure all the above mentioned conditions and their related symptoms.

Some of the condition specific uses of the homeopathic medicine platinum are discussed briefly below.

Menstrual disorders

As platinum is essentially a remedy for women's health problems, this homeopathic medicine may be very beneficial for women who have been suffering from menstrual problems. In effect, the homeopathic medicine platinum is useful for treating an assortment of different types of menstrual disorders, which makes it a very popular and well accepted medicine in homeopathy.

Numerous women today depend on platinum for help with profuse, short or even lack of menstrual cycles and, hence, it is recommended by homeopaths for treating a variety of conditions related to menstruation. This homeopathic medicine is useful in providing relief from throbbing cramps during menstruation and is also effective in lessening any other pain or constriction experienced by women in the area around the uterus.

Excessive sensitivity of the female genitalia

Several women often suffer from a wide range of dissimilar excruciating as well as irksome problems around their female genitalia and homeopaths generally prescribe the medication platinum to cure these symptoms. In fact, platinum is also recommended for women who endure excessive stimulation or pain related to the vagina or vulva.

Such problems likely to worsen during the menstrual cycles or even take place suddenly - appearing from nowhere. It has been established that the homeopathic remedy platinum is one of the best medicines for providing relief from any type of pain or abnormal stimulus in or in the region of the female genitalia. In other words, the medicine platinum is highly effective in treating an assortment of problems related to the female reproductive organs.

Numbness and cramps in the limbs

It has been established that the homeopathic medicine platinum is generally effective in providing relief from numbness/ insensitivity as well as pain that is usually related to cold skin. This condition is perhaps owing to a feeling of constriction in the limbs.

Such constricted feelings are usually common in the thighs or the calves. In case a person has a feeling that his/ her limbs are bandaged when they are actually not, then administering platinum is perhaps the best homeopathic remedy. It is effective in providing relief in such conditions.

Headaches and facial pain

This condition is generally expressed as a pain in the head and face. While this condition progresses rapidly as well as excruciatingly, it takes quite some time to settle down or alleviate. The head and facial pain may be a result of a number of different factors, while the numbness or insensitivity may happen on due to the actual pain in the head or face.

Administering the homeopathic medicine platinum may provide relief from the headache or facial pain; or this may be a remedy for both the conditions. Homeopaths advise that people suffering from such conditions may turn to platinum for relief and cure.


The valuable metal platinum was discovered in South America and till today this continent remains the main source of the metal from which the homeopathic medicine of the same name is prepared.