The amino acid proline is considered to be one of the non-essential amino acids as it is synthesized naturally via biochemical pathways in the body and is not required in the diet - it is synthesized from other amino acids in the liver. There is not need for proline from dietary sources.

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The amino acid proline serves as a precursor for a derivative called hydroxyl-proline. This form of proline is considered to be a major component of the connective tissues of the body - namely the fibrous protein collagen. The structural nature of proline differs from all other amino acids as it possesses a secondary amino group and has a pyrrole ring - a structure seen in hemoglobin and the cytochromes. It is correctly termed an imino acid due to its peculiar structure. The structural peculiarity of proline caused it to impart a rigid protein structure on all proteins that contain proline.

The texture of human skin is improved by proline as it aids in the collagen synthesis and also reduces the loss of collagen through the normal process of aging. The healing of cartilage and strengthening of joints, various tendons and heart muscles is also achieved by their high proline content. The health of the connective tissues in the body is promoted and maintained by proline working in tandem with the vitamin C. Meats are the primary source of proline and most other amino acids found in the body. The ability of a person to learn is promoted by proline. The restoration of tissues and wound recovery following injury is also actively aided by proline.

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One of the major reasons for developing heart ailments is arteriosclerosis, a health condition attributable to the hardening of the arteries. This happens owing to the loss of the suppleness of the blood vessels caused by slowing down of growth of collagen within the tender tissues that comprise the blood vessel walls. Proline's aptitude of forming collagen in the arteries may possibly be obstructed owing to the accumulation of cholesterol as well as calcium the length of the walls of the arteries. When proline is present in elevated levels it may possibly augment the body's fight against development of arteriosclerosis by making sure that the formation of collagen is a continuous process, despite the fact that the level of cholesterol in your bloodstream is quite high.

It has been found that when the soft tissues are confronted with any type of disturbance, your body produces more amounts of proline. For instance, proline is produced in greater amounts when you suffer from a torn ligament, tendon or muscle or soon after you have undergone a surgery during which some soft tissues were damaged. Whenever the soft tissues are harmed, your body will naturally produce additional proline with a view to augment the pace of producing collagen. In fact, collagen takes the shape of scar tissues on the part of your body, which has been harmed or wounded to create a defensive obstacle against any type of infection, in addition to preventing the soft tissues from additional damage. Absence of proline in one's body may possibly inhibit the healing process of any injury or recovery following a surgery.

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Elevated levels of serum proline present in the bloodstream are likely to lower the blood pressure by means of disintegrating the build up of fatty acids and cholesterol the length of the blood vessel walls. Proline makes it possible for the blood vessel walls to let loose fat accumulations, thereby reducing the obstruction mass within your heart as well as the adjoining blood vessels. In effect, proline works in the form of a kind of lubricant that has the ability to diminish the fat globules' aptitude to bind to the walls of the artery, thereby lessening the chances of developing any heart ailment and, at the same time, reduce the consequences of a stroke or a heart attack.

As discussed earlier, proline is crucial for producing collagen and cartilage. In addition, this amino acid also facilitates in making the muscles and joints more flexible, in addition to lessening development of wrinkles and flagging of the skin owing to aging and exposure to ultra violet (UV) rays. Since collagen aids in healing cartilage and also works in the form of a pad for the joints, taking proline supplements may prove to be useful in treating these types of conditions, for instance, osteoarthritis. In addition, our body also requires proline for sustaining the tissues of the muscles. Supplements enclosing proline are an excellent selection for diehard athletes as well as bodybuilders to prevent loss of muscle mass.

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As far as guaranteeing appropriate performance of the joints and tendons is concerned, use of proline may well prove to be beneficial for athletes. In addition, this amino acid is also considered to perform a role in repairing tissue as well as recuperating from wounds. Nevertheless, it is not always essential to use proline in the form of a solitary nutrient. In fact, your basic requirements should be solved provided you eat sufficient amounts of protein.

It may be noted that proline assists our body to disintegrate proteins for utilizing them to create robust cells within the body. Proline is extremely vital for the development as well as sustenance of vigorous skin and connective tissues, particularly wherever the soft tissues may have endured any traumatic injury. In addition to proline, another amino acid that is vital for synthesis of protein is called lysine and both are essential to produce hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline - the two major amino acids that produce collagen. As aforementioned, collagen facilitates in healing cartilage as well as to work as a cushion for the joints and the vertebrae. This is the main reason why use of proline supplements may be useful in treating conditions like unrelenting strains of the soft tissue as well as chronic back aches.

Our body requires proline for the proper maintenance of the muscles tissues. Any decline in the level of proline in the body has been noticed in protracted endurance runners as well as other people after undertaking exercises for a long period. Serious athletes who put their body to thorough exercises everyday may possibly desire to take supplements that enclose proline with a view to prevent loss of muscle mass. In effect, the body starts cannibalizing its own muscles for vigour at times when the supplies of glucose are extremely low.

Proline is known to be a non-essential or supplementary amino acid. Our body uses glutamic acid to produce proline and healthy individuals taking a healthy diet seldom face a dearth of proline. Nevertheless, individuals who are recuperating from any distressing injury, especially the skin injuries, for instance, acute burn injuries, may possibly wish to use this amino acid in the form of a supplement. In addition, people enduring pain due to lack of appropriate collagen or cartilage development may also find it useful to include some additional proline in their diet.

It may be noted that dairy products, eggs and meat are the most excellent sources of proline. Thus, vegetarians or people who take a diet that is low in protein content should sincerely consider taking a blend of amino acid supplementation that comprises proline, in addition to other amino acids. You may purchase supplements containing proline in the form of individual or separate tablets and capsules. In addition, proline is also incorporated in supplements that are sold for treating specific health conditions, for instance, herpes (proline combined with lysine), back aches or arthritis or included in supplements or sports beverages sold especially for consumption by athletes and bodybuilders. Besides, proline may also be included in supplements meant for use to promote cardiovascular health, generally blended with vitamin C.

Usual dosage

The suggested remedial dosage of proline is taking anything between 500 mg and 1,000 mg every day in conjugation with vitamin C supplements or foods containing this vitamin.

Side effects and cautions

People taking proline in a therapeutic form ought to be aware of its possible side effects as well as take necessary precautions to avoid them. However, when taken in recommended serving amounts, proline is known to be harmless for human consumption. On the other hand, people enduring kidney or liver ailments should never take proline or any other variety of amino acid supplements before conferring with their physician. It may be noted that taking any form of amino acid in excessive form may cause an imbalance of the citric acid cycle within the body, thereby compelling the kidneys and the liver to labor even more to get rid of the toxic and waste substances from the body.

It is advisable that one ought to consider the use of other amino acid supplements when they are using proline.


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