Pimenta officinalis

The essential oil of allspice, also known as Jamaican pepper or pimento, has potent constituents and is an amazing natural remedy for various health problems. This essential oil has a potent aroma and is excellent for curing and healing various conditions. The assortment of curative properties of allspice essential oil makes it different from other essential oils.

Allspice is known by various names, including the pimento, and is among the most extensively used spice, especially in the cuisines of Mexico and other countries in Central America. The spice is actually the dried unripe corn or fruit of the evergreen tropical shrub that is a member of the myrtaceae family of the genus pimento.

The evergreen rainforests in the tropical regions of Central America as well as the Caribbean Islands are the original home of the allspice or pimento tree. Under normal conditions, the pimento trees begin to bear corn-like fruits roughly five years after they are planted.

Topical application of allspice essential oil results in an anesthetic or numbing effect. However, this essential oil does not affect the central nervous system (CNS). The use of this essential oil helps us to endure some specific types of pain, especially those related to muscular and bone injuries, neuralgia, joint strain and also pains caused by insect stings and bites.

The anesthetic property of allspice essential oil is attributed for another property - the analgesic or palliative attribute of this oil. As the application of allspice essential oil deadens the sensitivity of the body area. This is the reason why this oil prevents the brain from registering the feeling of pain, thereby helping to alleviate headaches, sinusitis, colds and other similar health problems. Using allspice oil is definitely better compared to taking analgesics as well as painkillers available from the pharmaceuticals, as these drugs are made from different narcotics like opium. As a result of being based on narcotics, these analgesic drugs have adverse effects on the heart, nervous system and the brain. What is more worrying is that these medications can sometimes harm these organs permanently.

There are times when a wound that may appear to be simple or harmless may turn out to be extremely dangerous in case it becomes septic or develops tetanus. In fact, there are times that even small or ordinary looking injuries may prove to be fatal. Precisely speaking, tetanus and septic are basically different types of infections of the wounds cause by specific types of bacteria. These infections have the capacity to spread rapidly and engulf the entire body, thereby causing severe spasms, cramps, pain, hydrophobia, breathlessness and also make a person insane. Topical application of allspice essential oil on the wounds helps them from being infected by bacteria, thereby preventing the unwanted problems mentioned above.

In addition to the anesthetic and antiseptic properties, allspice essential oil is also a potent antioxidant. In present times, the antioxidant property of any food is considered to be very important from the health point of view. This is primarily owing to the fact that antioxidants often work miracles. In fact, antioxidants possess the ability to inhibit or even stop the aging process by counteracting the harmful free radicals (also called oxidants). What is more important it has been established that to some extent antioxidants also have the capacity to cure or mend some damages already caused by free radicals.

Free radicals or oxidants are not only harmful because they facilitate the aging process as well as problems related to it, such as hair loss, impaired vision and hearing, problems associated with the nervous system, muscular and macular degeneration, but they can even set off specific forms of cancer including those related to the intestines, colon and prostate. As allspice essential oil possesses antioxidant properties, it is effective in neutralizing these threats and also helps an individual to have a healthy, youthful life and live a long and happy life.

When we refer to flatulence or gas formation in the intestines, it seems people enjoy discussing the issue and even laugh at the problem. Nevertheless, when we ourselves suffer from the problem, the situation takes a 180 degree turn. At times, the problem may turn out to be extremely painful, worrying and even uncomfortable. In extreme cases, it may even prove to be fatal. As the problem of intestine gas becomes severe, we suffer from various complications like indigestion, restlessness, stomach aches, feeling heavy, cramps, high blood pressure, heart ailments, rheumatism and even untimely death.

Allspice essential oil anesthetises the nervous system, thereby preventing problems related to it as well as hyper reactions. At the same time, this oil brings about a calming and comforting effect on our body as well as the mind. The sedative action of this oil also helps to alleviate spasms and cramps effectively. Allspice essential oil is also effective in inducing sleep in people who are enduring sleeplessness or insomnia.

Believe it or not, allspice essential oil is extremely beneficial for people with very fair complexion. In fact, applying this oil topically on the face can give you an attractive blushing look. This oil has a stimulating action and this promotes blood circulation beneath the skin throughout the body, thereby imparting a reddish dash to your complexion.

Apart from stimulating the blood circulation all over the body, the essential oil of allspice also promotes digestion as well as secretion of enzymes and other substances in our body. In this way, this oil facilitates the body to sustain a healthy metabolism. In addition, allspice essential oil also promotes cell growth and helps in generating new cell in the body.

Allspice essential oil also works in the form of a tonic, thereby promoting good health, in addition to perking up the body's immune system.

The essential oil of allspice is also effective in alleviating a number of other health conditions including indigestion, flatulence, common cold and cough, bronchitis as well as arthritis.

General properties

  • anesthetic
  • analgesic
  • antiseptic
  • antioxidant
  • carminative
  • relaxant
  • rubefacient
  • stimulant
  • tonic

Blends well with

General uses

  • arthritis
  • blood circulation
  • bone and muscular injuries
  • breathlessness
  • bronchitis
  • colds
  • coughs
  • cramps
  • flatulence
  • hydrophobia
  • indigestion
  • insanity
  • insomnia
  • joint strain
  • neuralgia
  • pain
  • pains from insect bites and stings
  • pain of headaches
  • severe convulsions
  • sinusitis
  • wounds


Although the allspice or pimenta essential oil is highly beneficial for treating a number of conditions, it must always be used with caution. When used in elevated dosages or high intensities, allspice essential oil may irritate the skin's mucus membranes. Hence, you should always use this oil in diluted concentrations and small dosages. It is strongly advised that women should stay away from using allspice oil during pregnancy.


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