Pimpinella anisum

Anise (botanical name Pimpinella anisum) is also known as aniseed. This herb belongs to the family Apiaceae, which is also called the carrot family. Anise is popular for its scented seeds. The flavour of anise seeds bears resemblance to that of fennel as well as licorice. While fennel belongs to the Apiaceae family, licorice is a member of another plant family. In fact, often people use aniseed oil to augment the taste of licorice candy.

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The essential oil extracted from anise seed is known as anise oil and it offers several health benefits. Nevertheless, one should be cautious while using aniseed oil, which needs to be used in small quantities. Using anise oil in elevated concentrations or large amounts may cause more harm than benefits. Some of the health benefits of using anise oil are discussed below.

For several centuries, people have been documenting the digestive attributes of anise oil, which facilitates digestion of heavy meals, particularly the digestion and absorption of sugary and oily foods. Provided you have had a heavy meal, add this oil to warm water and drink the solution after your meal - it will help to digest the ingested foods easily. Anise oil is also effective in reducing various gastric problems like flatulence. It also helps to alleviate constipation problems since it is an effective laxative. In addition, people enduring problems related to gas formation in the stomach and intestines will also find this oil beneficial. Since anise oil facilitates digestion, it prevents gas build up in the digestive tract. It is also proven that this oil is effective for curing abdominal uneasiness like bloating, abdominal cramps and similar problems.

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People who have been enduring gas problems know best how much relief from the disorder actually means. Contrary to many may think about gas-related problems, it can sometimes turn out to be a severe health hazard. Precisely speaking, gas is a grave complaint and it needs to be treated both timely and appropriately. Gas often results in digestive disorders, stomach aches, flatulence, severe chest pains, muscular pains and cramps, heaviness, rheumatism at a later stage, hypertension (high blood pressure), in addition to issues like hair loss and declining eyesight, provided the gas problem turns out to be chronic. Use of anise essential oil facilitates getting rid of gases and works in the form of a digestive, preventing the formation of gas, because indigestion is the main reason for gas formation in the gastrointestinal system.

Anise oil possesses detoxifying properties, the use of this oil helps to maintain the health of the hair as well as shining. This essential oil is excellent for head messages, as it helps to calm the scalp and, at the same time, works as a tonic for the hair, by encouraging hair growth. This oil also possesses antimicrobial and antiseptic attributes and this aids in getting rid of scalp infections. It can be blended with coconut oil and massaged on the scalp for treating problems related to the head. This oil is blended with shea butter and applied to the skin for treating skin complaints. It is also an excellent and effective remedy for treating acne.

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The oil extracted from anise seed also works as a narcotic and does not give rise to any adverse side effects related to using synthetic narcotics. Anise seed oil inhibits circulation and also soothes hysteria attacks. It has been found that this oil is very beneficial for people who endure panic attacks and suffer from anxiety. This oil is effective for restoring mental tranquillity. Anise oil possesses sedative properties and can be used to treat sleep related problems.

This oil is also a natural palliative. Anise oil aids in providing relief from symptoms arthritis, rheumatism and joint pains. Anise oil helps in alleviating the above mentioned problems as it aids in detoxifying the body and, henceforth, this oil works to promote blood circulation. This oil also possesses anti-spasmodic attributes, which help in alleviating muscle pains and aches caused by spasms.

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The oil extracted from anise seeds helps to open up blocked lungs, as it melts phlegm (mucus), thereby providing relief from various conditions associated with the respiratory tract. People enduring breathing problems like asthma and bronchitis will find this herb very beneficial, as drinking anise seeds added to hot water will provide relief from these disorders. Drinking anise seeds in hot water provides instant respite from the problems.

Anise oil possesses antiseptic attributes that are extremely useful in protecting the body from infections. This oil is often applied to wounds to prevent bacterial infections. Applying this oil to wounds accelerates healing, while the analgesic attribute of this oil reduces pain. Nevertheless, one should never apply this oil to puncture wounds and deep cuts. Anise oil is ideal for using on superficial cuts or abrasions.

In addition to the above mentioned properties, this oil has a natural warming effect inside the body. Anise oil is useful for combating cold. Just a few drops of this oil to hot water and drink the solution to treat colds. As this oil possesses antiseptic and antimicrobial attributes, it aids in treating flu, which is attributed to microbes.

It has been found that this oil is effective for treating hypertension. Anise oil not only works to maintain a healthy high blood pressure, but also lessens the burden on the heart. Moreover, the detoxifying properties of anise oil help to promote blood circulation, thereby ensuring that the heart remains healthy. Anise oil also works as a tonic for the heart, as it invigorates this vital organ and keeps it vigorous. Nevertheless, people suffering from low blood pressure (hypotension) should avoid using anise oil as it has the potential to reduce the blood pressure to drop further.

Anise oil is a natural sedative and, hence, it works to alleviate sleep related problems. Nevertheless, it is important to use this oil in very small amounts and in mild concentrations, as using higher concentrations of the oil or using it in large amounts may result in adverse effects like drowsiness. It also has narcotic effects when used in strong forms or large amounts. These are not only undesirable, but detrimental too. Using this oil in mild forms helps the brain to unwind. In addition, anise oil is an ideal sedative.

Anise oil helps to ensure that the body's metabolism remains at an optimum level. The oil extracted from anise seeds also promotes hormone secretion in the body. Invigorating the enzymes also helps to maintain a healthy metabolic rate. Consequently, it aids in improving the body's overall health. As anise oil possesses detoxifying properties, it helps to eliminate toxic substances from the body, thereby improving the metabolic process.

As this oil has sedative and narcotic actions it is effective for soothing hysteric and epileptic attacks. It works by inhibiting circulation, breathing as well as the nervous response when used in elevated doses. On the contrary, this anise oil is stimulating and warming when used in mild form and reasonable doses. This oil is known to be effectual in calming nervous problems, convulsions as well as hyper reactions. This attribute of the oil is known and employed since long. Nevertheless, here is a word of caution. Anise oil should always be used cautiously, because using this oil in elevated doses or higher concentrations has severe adverse effects, especially in small children.

Anise oil is poisonous for smaller animals and insects. Hence, the smell of this oil keeps insects at bay. This is the main reason why anise oil is used as sprays, vaporizers and fumigants to keep insects away.

This oil possesses potent insecticidal attributes and is effective for eliminating worms from the intestines. This attribute of the oil is especially useful for children, as they are often affected by worms that afflict the intestines.

The oil extracted from anise seeds also invigorates the body by encouraging energy flow throughout the body. It is a potent insect repellent and is often employed for protection from insect bites. Anise oil eliminates germs inhabiting the stomach and intestines, thereby maintaining a healthy digestive system. In addition, anise oil is also considered to be excellent for healthy eyesight.

General properties

  • anti-epileptic and anti-hysteric
  • anti-rheumatic
  • antiseptic
  • antispasmodic
  • aperient
  • carminative
  • cordial
  • decongestant
  • digestive
  • expectorant
  • insecticide
  • sedative
  • stimulant
  • vermifuge

Blends well with

General uses

  • abdominal cramps
  • acne
  • anxiety
  • arthritis
  • asthma
  • bloating
  • blood circulation
  • bronchitis
  • constipation
  • digestion
  • flatulence
  • infection
  • joints pain
  • muscle pain
  • pain
  • panic attacks
  • rheumatism
  • sleeping disorders
  • worms
  • wounds


Notwithstanding the several health benefits of anise oil, it is important to be careful while using this essential oil. Besides using this oil in little amounts, some people should avoid anise oil. For instance people suffering from low blood pressure and pregnant women should avoid using this oil. Using anise oil in higher concentrations or large amounts may result in too much and unnecessary sedation and, at the same time, cause narcotic effects - both of which are detrimental. It is also not advisable to use this oil for small children. Similarly, women already taking estrogen medicine should stay away from anise oil. Even women who have been found to be suffering from breast or ovarian cancers should not use this oil. Since anise oil itself possesses attributes similar to that of estrogen, women enduring various hormone-related problems should keep away from using this oil.


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