Balsam of Peru

Myroxylon balsamum

The essential oil of balsam of Peru is not among the widely known or employed essential oils. This is primarily because this essential oil is not exported globally or as much as many other essential oils. Nevertheless, this oil is not only extremely potent, but also offers a variety of remarkable health benefits. In addition, although very limited, it is used in the form of a food flavour agents to add essence to specific dishes. The aroma of balsam of Peru essential oil is somewhat similar to cinnamon and vanilla and it possibly also has a tinge of clove. While the smell is very pleasing, this oil has a deep brown color. Like in the case of nearly all other essential oils, one can either diffuse the essential oil of balsam of Peru or apply it topically. However, the extremely pleasing aroma of this oil makes it preferred for diffusion, especially in aromatherapy blends. The essential oil of balsam of Peru blends easily and well with several other oils.

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This essential oil is derived from balsam of Peru, which is a resinous substance acquired from a tree known as Myroxylon balsamum.The resinous substance obtained from this tree is oily and its aroma is akin to a blend of cinnamon, clove and vanilla. In fact, the aroma of balsam of Peru essential oil has an exceptional aromatic blend, which is sweet as well as spicy at the same time. This balsam or the essential oil is employed for several purposes, such as adding essence to foods as well as in cosmetic items. In addition to these, balsam of Peru also has a number of therapeutic uses. For instance, this essential oil is used in creams and other products meant for treating toothaches, hemorrhoids, dry socket, dressing wounds (it possesses antiseptic attributes), and in the form of a remedy for cough as well as diaper rash ointment. The various uses of the essential oil of balsam of Peru are somewhat similar to the different uses of the resin obtained from the Myroxylon balsamum tree. This is primarily owing to the fact that the nutrients contained in balsam of Peru essential oil are derived from the resinous substance obtained from the tree.

The essential oil of balsam of Peru has a dark brown color. The aroma of this oil is mild and reminds one of several different types of aroma. The exceptional aroma of this essential oil makes it a very effective factor in aromatherapy.

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The essential oil of balsam of Peru possesses several therapeutic properties, including antioxidant, anti-bacterial, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, nervine, diuretic, detoxifying and many more. Some of these medicinal properties of the essential oil are discussed briefly below.

While the antioxidant attribute of balsam of Peru essential oil may not be its most potent therapeutic property, findings of several scientific studies have revealed that this oil possesses the ability to invigorate the immune system and, at the same time, assist in getting rid of the detrimental free radicals from the body. This attribute of the essential oil of balsam of Peru is useful in putting off the development of several chronic diseases and also some forms of cancer.

It has been found that the active compounds present in the essential oil of balsam of Peru possess the aptitude to eliminate bacteria and other germs, and is also able to cleanse body areas that may be vulnerable to infection or invasion by microbes. Topical application of this essential oil to the skin may result in the formation of a protective layer on the largest organ of our body. This is the main reason for the extensive use of balsam of Peru essential oil for preventive treatment of scabies, which are attributed to mites. Generally, this essential oil is believed to be anti-mite. Hence, this oil is widely used for this purpose in the countries of its origin.

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This essential oil is very beneficial for people enduring any type of respiratory problem, as it possesses expectorant properties. Used in a diffused form in aromatherapy, this essential oil helps to invigorate the lungs to force out all accumulated phlegm, thereby clearing any type of congestion inside the respiratory tracts. You ought to know that both mucus and phlegm attract and ensnare bacteria and germs, enabling these microbes to develop further and worsen the condition. Peru of balsam essential oil is also effective for ensure recovery from ailments as well as maintain one's good health.

Since long, people suffering from mental afflictions, especially those related to the nerves like anxiety and stress have been turning to the essential oil of balsam of Peru for relief. Inhaling this essential oil during an aromatherapy session will let the balsam of Peru essential oil promote hormonal shifts and, at the same time, diminish the stress hormones in one's system, thereby enabling the sufferer to relax. Simultaneously, it provides a relief to the body from the strenuous condition of stress.

The essential oil of balsam of Peru possesses anti-inflammatory properties, and they are varied, ranging from external application to excruciating joints or wounds to internal use with a view to lower high blood pressure as well as promote the health of our heart. In fact, this oil's anti-inflammatory property may perhaps be its most resourceful as well as essential characteristic. Therefore, this attribute of balsam of Peru essential oil is vital for people who may be enduring hemorrhoids, since this is an extremely popular means to treat such a painful condition.

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Any substance that helps in cleansing the body of toxins and waste materials is always good for our health. Hence, the diuretic property of the essential oil of balsam of Peru is preferred by everyone who requires flushing out toxins, waste materials like salts and fats, and too much water from their bodies. Use of the balsam of Peru essential oil makes certain that the kidneys are functioning well and in a robust condition.

Often, the essential oil of balsam of Peru is blended with water and used to rinse the hair with a view to get rid of dead skin cells as well as cleanse the scalp. Doing this helps to put off development of dandruff later.

As the balsam of Peru essential oil has a pleasing aroma and flavour and possesses astringent, antibacterial and antiseptic attributes, it is a well-accepted ingredient in several products meant for dental hygiene. This oil possesses the aptitude to get rid of bacterial as well as all infections affiliated with the gums and teeth.

General properties

  • analgesic
  • antioxidant
  • antiseptic
  • antibacterial
  • anti-inflammatory
  • diuretic
  • expectorant
  • stimulant

Blends well with

General uses

  • anxiety
  • cancer
  • dandruff
  • gum and teeth infections
  • hemorrhoids
  • joints
  • scabies
  • stress
  • wounds


The extensive use of balsam of Peru essential oil notwithstanding, this is among the most allergic substance that we are familiar with. When exposed to this essential oil, many people may develop negative reactions, which may vary from irritation to blisters and even watery eyes as well as general uneasiness. Therefore, it is advisable that before you start using the balsam of Peru essential oil, you should check with your physician or healthcare professional. You should especially undergo a patch allergy test before using this oil, as it will help you to keep away from any undesirable experiences following aromatherapy with balsam of Peru essential oil.


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