Cinnamomum zelanicum

Cinnamon belongs to the Lauraceae family and is native to Sri Lanka in Asia. Several researches have established that the essential oil obtained from cinnamon possesses more potent antiseptic properties than it was earlier believed to have. This essential oil is obtained by steam distilling the leaves and the bark of the cinnamon tree, which grows best in its native country - Sri Lanka.

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The essential oil obtained from cinnamon leaves and bark stimulates the body as well as the mind. This essential oil functions as an erotic substance and its use is said to enhance sexual desire in men and women. In addition, the cinnamon essential oil is also effective in treating depression. Several researches have confirmed that merely having the scent of cinnamon essential oil in a room diminishes lethargy, petulance, pain and regular headaches. According to the findings of one research, use of cinnamon essential oil assisted the participants to focus on their job and produce a superior result while doing mental work.

When cinnamon essential oil is used in a warming liniment, it provides the necessary heat to unwind stiff muscles, alleviate throbbing joints, provides relief from menstrual cramps and also enhances blood circulation. When taken internally, cinnamon essential oil also augments the action of digestive juices that break down and absorb the food in the body. In other words, cinnamon essential oil facilitates the metabolic process. In addition, this essential oil effectively combats aliments caused by viral, bacterial and fungal infections and, at the same time, fortifies the immune system of the body.

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Unadulterated cinnamon essential oil obtained from the herb's leaves is very potent antiseptic oil that has a balmy, very concentrated and spicy scent. The essential oil obtained from cinnamon leaves and bark has a reddish brown hue and does not taste sweet or steadfast as the cinnamon bark. While the cinnamon essential oil has been produced and used for over 2,000 years now in Sri Lanka, it has traditionally been used for long in other parts of the world too. In olden times, people in the Middle East as well as in Orient (the Far East) used cinnamon essential oil to combat or treat viruses and contagious ailments. It has been proved that inhaling the cinnamon essential oil is useful in providing relief from infections in the respiratory system.

The leaf of the cinnamon plant has traditionally been used to treat several medical conditions. It is also known to have a number of private or confidential uses. Chemical analysis of the cinnamon leaf has revealed that it possesses potent anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-spasmodic and anti-diarrheal as well as very strong astringent properties. In fact, the leaves of this herb have been effectively used for healing several conditions, such as cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, musculo-skeletal, immune, urinary, lymphatic, reproductive, nervous system complaints and several other disorders.

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Several researches have demonstrated that it is impossible for any virus, bacteria and fungus to survive when there is cinnamon essential oil in the vicinity. The essential oil obtained from cinnamon bark is used in aromatherapy for its potent antiseptic properties that help to eliminate all infections caused by bacteria and fungus. One can keep the air fresh as well as bugs-free by using cinnamon essential oil and, thereby, prevent infections from spreading. Practically, every person gets pleasure from using cinnamon essential oil for its balmy and spicy odor as well as the tremendous ability of the oil to prevent and also mitigate the symptoms of flu and cold.

Unadulterated cinnamon essential oil is know to possess properties that promote the circulatory, lymphatic and immune systems and, hence, it is effective in alleviating muscular pains and stiff joints. You may use cinnamon essential oil during the winter months to keep you warm. In case you are feeling extremely cold, such as chilled inside your bones, you may inhale the aroma of cinnamon leaf, as this will surely restore your energy and good spirits. When you are using cinnamon leaf for 'brain fog' (a state of mental confusion, detachment and forgetfulness) as well as to ease the winter blahs, it will prove to be ideal to enthuse your mind and feelings as well as drive away any feeling of being alone or depression. Use the cinnamon leaves in an aroma diffuser to take pleasure from their aroma that is warming as well as elevating.

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Cinnamon possesses the aptitude to enhance the activity of the brain when it is ingested or merely inhaled by people. Findings of several researches have established that cinnamon is also effective in diminishing nervous anxiety as well as enhance memory or the ability to recollect. Another study has found that ingestion or inhaling cinnamon facilitates concentration and expedites an individual's visual response. In fact, since ages, herbalists have been using cinnamon effectively to treat a number of conditions. This wonderful herb has the potential/ aptitude to disinfect blood, enhance the blood circulation, cure viral, fungal and bacterial infections, stop hemorrhage, alleviate pain, save from any harm caused by heart ailments, improve the respiratory and digestive processes, regulate the blood sugar levels, augment the working as well as the physical condition of the colon, ease menstrual problems and also increase the production of breast milk.

Although cinnamon essential oil obtained from the leaves and bark of the herb offer several benefits, women intending to use it should be familiar and cautions regarding a few things. It is important to note that cinnamon essential oil has the ability to function as a natural form of contraception or birth control. While it is not completely safe to rely on cinnamon if any woman wants to avoid pregnancy, one should not use it if they are planning to become pregnant in the near future. It may be reminded that cinnamon also acts as a gentle aphrodisiac and when ingested, enhances sexual desire in men and women both.

It may be noted here that cinnamon aromatherapy oil is actually the essential oil obtained from the leaves and barks of the cinnamon trees and used for treating different conditions making use of the herb's potent aroma. Looking back, the essential oil derived from cinnamon trees has been used as a medication since long, as many as 2,000 years since the herb was first discovered in Sri Lanka, and is useful in alleviating several medical conditions. In addition, this essential oil has also proved to be highly effective in protecting our body from different types of ailments, especially viral, fungal and bacterial infections. It defends the integrity of the body. When used in aromatherapy, among various other things, cinnamon essential oil has the aptitude to invigorate the mind, increase sexual urge, and ease nervous anxiety and strain.

As mentioned earlier, cinnamon essential oil may be obtained from the leaves as well as the bark of cinnamon trees. In general, it is believed that the essential oil derived from the bark of cinnamon trees is superior in quality compared to the essential oil obtained from the herb's leaves. Nevertheless, the essential oil obtained from the bark of the cinnamon trees is costlier in comparison to that which is derived from the leaves. Here is a word of caution for people desiring to buy cinnamon. They ought to be conscious of the fact that what they deem to be cinnamon, such as pulverized cinnamon or cinnamon sticks, is actually something else - cassia, also known as Chinese cinnamon which is a type of cinnamon obtained from the cassia-bark tree.

Cinnamon essential oil has a deep color and the aroma of the essential oil obtained from cinnamon tree leaves or bark can be best expressed as a balmy, sweet, zesty, pungent and woody smell. In general, cinnamon essential oil has a strong or potent aroma.

As cinnamon essential or aromatherapy oil enhances blood circulation, it is often used as an aphrodisiac to arouse sexual desire in men and women. In addition, cinnamon essential oil is also effective in treating depression, enhance appetite and keep your senses alert and help you to focus on your work. Using this scented oil in aromatherapy also helps in decreasing lethargy and bad temper or irritability. The use of cinnamon essential oil also alleviates nervous tension and tiredness. As mentioned earlier here, people who inhale cinnamon essential oil in aromatherapy have confirmed that they are able to focus on their work better and also perform any mental task superiorly.

When used in aromatherapy, this essential oil is so potently invigorating that some people benefit from its use more than others. In other words, different people benefit differently from the use of cinnamon essential oil in aromatherapy. This essential oil may be recommended for use by people who may be depicted as being unsociable and aloof. Even people who are short of goals or aspiration may use cinnamon aromatherapy oil, as it may help to create enthusiasm among them. Similarly, people who consider them to lack courage may also use this essential oil to enhance their self confidence.

Conventionally, the essential oil derived from the leaves and bark of the cinnamon trees possesses several therapeutic uses. It has been established that when an individual uses cinnamon essential oil, he or she experiences an augmentation in their digestive, circulatory and immune systems. Usually, people enduring digestive problems, weak immune system and poor blood circulation are recommended cinnamon oil aromatherapy to perk up their condition. When this essential oil is applied topically, it helps to alleviate aches and pains. In fact, cinnamon essential oil is very effective in easing muscle spasms and joint pains. In addition, this essential oil is specifically useful to treat certain conditions, such as rheumatism, flatulence, constipation, scabies, lice and low blood pressure.

Cinnamon essential oil is also used internally to detoxify the body. It is a very effective cleansing agent and, hence, helps the body to get rid of all noxious products and wastes produced by it. Ingestion of cinnamon oil generally helps to treat infections in the gall bladder and the digestive tract. In addition, internal usage of cinnamon essential oil facilitates regulation of the digestive juices or enzymes in the stomach and improves the metabolic activities of the body. The essential oil obtained from cinnamon trees also possesses antioxidant properties and can be used as preservative too.

As mentioned above, cinnamon essential oil has numerous therapeutic uses. More of them are discussed briefly below:

  • The essential oil derived from the leaves and bark of cinnamon trees is highly effective in treating nervousness and tension. Just take a deep inhalation of the cinnamon essential oil for a few moments when you experience anxiety. Inhaling the oil will have a comforting impact and also help to enhance the functioning of the brain. In addition, inhaling cinnamon essential oil also helps in treating nausea and avoids vomiting.
  • Take a glass of warm water and add a few drops of cinnamon oil to it. If you use this extremely diluted oil as a mouth wash, it will make you feel incredibly fresh. Since cinnamon essential oil is effective in combating bacteria, using this mouth wash will also help your teeth from decaying. In the event of enduring a sore throat, use this heavily watered down cinnamon essential oil as a gargle to get relief.
  • The essential oil obtained from the leaves and bark of cinnamon trees possesses exceptional analgesic or palliative properties. Hence, this essential oil is used as an important active ingredient in many medications that are available to provide relief from pain. If you are suffering from joint pain, including arthritis, add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil to a warm compress and press it on the affected area. You will be able to derive instant relief from pain and inflammation if you use the hot compress with cinnamon oil thrice or four times every day.
  • Cinnamon essential oil may also be used to treat cramps. Prepare a temperate compress and pour a few drops of cinnamon oil on it. Apply the compress on the affected area for some minutes. Women may use this process to treat cramps in the abdomen endured by them during menstrual period.
  • Cinnamon essential oil also has curative properties and, hence, can be used to heal trivial cuts and bruises. It is important to note that prior to applying cinnamon oil on any open wound, it is essential to dilute it by blending the essential oil with any good carrier oil.
  • The essential oil derived from cinnamon trees are also used for culinary purposes. Adding a few drops of this oil while cooking foods facilitates regulation of diabetes and blood pressure. In addition, foods containing a little cinnamon oil are also beneficial for people suffering from heart ailments, especially people enduring coronary artery disease.
  • Cinnamon oil also has industrial use. Since cinnamon oil is an effective mosquito repellent, it often forms an important ingredient in many products intended to eliminate or keep mosquitoes away.
  • Cinnamon essential oil is often blended with carrier oils for preparing different aromatherapy oils. When the blended oil is used for massages, it enhances blood circulation and also keeps the pressure under control.
  • Add a few drops of cinnamon oil to some water and apply it topically on pimples. Using diluted cinnamon oil regularly will help to do away with the pimples in just 10 days.

It is important to note that as in the case of using any other essential oils, cinnamon essential oil too needs to be diluted or watered down prior to using it.

General properties

  • antirheumatic
  • antiseptic
  • antiviral
  • detoxifying
  • stomachic
  • tonic
  • warming

Blends well with

General uses


While the essential oil obtained from cinnamon possesses several therapeutic properties and is especially useful in aromatherapy, it needs to be used with caution. Using cinnamon essential oil may cause toxicity and hence, it should strictly be used under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner. This essential oil should never be used during pregnancy as it may harm the fetus. In addition, cinnamon essential oils should never be used with chemotherapy treatment for cancer since it may cause toxicity.


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