Pelargonium odorantissium

Geranium is basically a group of 422 different species of flowering plants that may be annual, biennial or perennial. Often the plants belonging to the genus are also known as cranesbills - the name said to be derived from the Greek term denoting crane. In fact, the fruit capsules of a number of species of geranium resemble the crane. Plants belonging to geranium genus are generally found all over the temperate climatic regions as well as the mountainous regions in the tropical zones. However, they are mostly found growing naturally in the Mediterranean region.

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The essential oil extracted by steam distilling the highly aromatic leaves of geranium plants is very adaptive and has been extensively used since ancient times when people believed that it helped to keep off evil spirits. Although the geranium plant is indigenous to Africa, it is now grown in several regions of the world - both as a house plant and also commercially, for its aromatic oil. Geranium essential oil is an excellent remedy to balance the body, mind and emotions. Use of this essential oil helps to alleviate nervousness, depression, uneasiness, mood changes as well as emotional discrepancy.

In fact, the essential oil obtained by steam distilling the fragrant leaves of the plant is especially beneficial for several women who require assistance during the turmoil times in their life - particularly owing to hormonal imbalances. This natural oil helps to promote pleasant relationships and possesses a stabilizing impact - either invigorating or tranquilizing depending on the specific requirements of an individual. In addition to the therapeutic uses of geranium essential oil, particularly in aromatherapy, the essence of geranium is often used in soaps and perfumes because it is an excellent addition to skin care as it is appropriate for every type of skin. In fact, geranium essential oil is especially useful for listless and oily skin textures as well as combinations.

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It may be mentioned here that geranium essential oil is also known as rose geranium oil and is widely used in aromatherapy owing to its renewing properties for the skin as well as a tonic for adrenal cortex (the external part of adrenal gland). Owing to its astringent and styptic (hemostatic or checking hemorrhage) properties, the handy use of geranium essential oil may be extended to conditions, such as inflammations, hemorrhoids as well as menorrhagia or excessive loss of blood during menstrual periods. In spa treatments, this natural oil is extensively used for curing oily skin textures, acne, eczema, mature skin (for renewal purpose) as well as to enhance blood circulation. In addition, geranium essential oil is also used in spa treatment to diminish retention of water by the body during PMS and for treating cellulites (accumulation of excessive fat in the thighs and buttocks).

The essential oil obtained by steam distilling the aromatic leaves, and occasionally the stalks, of the geranium plant possesses numerous health benefits and, hence, it is used to treat a number of conditions. Below is a brief discussion on the different condition specific therapeutic properties of geranium essential oil. Hope you will find them beneficial and useful.

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Owing to its potent astringent properties, use of geranium essential oil helps the gums, muscles (also the tightening of the abdominal muscles making you appear healthy, fit and good-looking), skin, tissues, intestines as well as the blood vessels to contract or tighten. This property of geranium essential oil is beneficial in several manners. For instance, the astringent properties of geranium essential oil not only facilitate in preventing the muscles and skin from sagging, but also protect the premature fall of teeth by tightening the gums. At the same time, contraction of the facial muscles helps to prevent wrinkles, while tightening the muscles of the blood vessels helps to stop hemorrhage or bleeding.

Geranium essential oil also possesses anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that prevent bacteria or microbes to grow on wounds. This action of this natural oil helps to safeguard against various infections.

Going back to the astringent property of geranium essential oil, it impedes hemorrhage or bleeding working in two dissimilar methods. In the first case, the astringent property, particularly its styptic property, enables the oil to tighten or contract the blood vessels and facilitates in putting an end to the flow of blood. This aspect has already been discussed earlier in this article. Secondly, this natural oil also possesses hemostatic properties which expedite coagulation or the process of forming blood clots on the surface of the wound.

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It is an accepted fact that everyone desires that his or her skin be free from scars and the after marks caused due to surgeries, fat cracks, boils, pox and/ or acne. In their desperate desire to have a clear skin, people often spend fortunes on buying and trying various skincare products and cosmetics in the market. Unfortunately, they end up being a disappointed lot when they discover that none of the products have yielded the desired results and their problems remain as before. Although they may be feeling disgusted, this would not have been the scenario had they trusted geranium essential oil and used it first! Actually, geranium essential oil possesses cicatrisant properties that can heal a wound or close the formation of a scar and this helps in erasing all spots and blemishes on the skin. Moreover, use of this natural oil helps in promoting circulation of blood throughout the body, especially beneath the skin's surface and also helps in uniform distribution of melanin (a pigment found in the skin and hair of animals, including humans).

Most importantly, use of the essential oil also supports the growth of cells. Precisely speaking, this natural oil promotes recycling of dead cells and replacing them with the development of new cells. This property of geranium essential oil not only facilitates the growth of the cells of the body, but also the mature reproductive cells (gametes).

Geranium essential oil possesses diuretic properties that help to augment the quantity and frequency of urination, thereby, facilitating the removal of wastes and toxic substances from our body. It is important to mention the importance of this particular attribute of geranium essential oil. In fact, urination is among the three natural manners (the other being excretion and perspiration or sweating) by which the body gets rid of wastes and toxic materials accumulated in the system. Among all these three natural processes, urination is considered to be most effectual method to help the body get rid of toxins. The most common toxic substances that accumulate in the body include uric acid, urea, bile salts, heavy metals, pollutants, pathogens, synthetic or chemical substances and even some amounts of skin. In addition, every time a person urinates, fats in the proportion of four per cent of the total volume of the urine and surplus water are also eliminated from the body.

In addition, urination helps our body in other ways. It is beneficial for the digestive system and facilitates digestion of ingested foods. At the same time, urination also prevents gas formation in the intestine. Besides, urination is also effective in getting rid of surplus bile and acids secreted into the stomach. Urination is also beneficial for the cardio-vascular system, because whenever a person urinates, it helps to remove sodium from the body, thereby lowering the blood pressure.

Geranium essential oil possesses an extremely pleasant and inspiring fragrance - something akin to a blend of the scent of a flower and mint. This would help you to visualize how pleasant a deodorant can be prepared using this natural oil from geranium plants. Moreover, the aroma of the oil lasts for a very long period and does not cause any harm to the skin. Geranium essential oil has the aptitude to regulate production of sebum and this attribute of the oil combined with its potent anti-bacterial property helps the oil to do away with any foul body odour.

The geranium essential oil is also an effective tonic that helps to strengthen the overall health of an individual. When used internally, this essential oil facilitates the normal functioning of all the body systems by means of manoeuvring the endocrinal glands (any of various glands, as the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands that exude certain substances or hormones directly into the blood or lymph) to regulate the discharge of an assortment of enzymes, hormones, acids, bile and others. By doing so, geranium essential oil strengthens the digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, excretory system and the nervous system. It appears that geranium oil also tones up the muscles and skin making one look better. All these tonic properties are enclosed by geranium essential oil.

The vermifuge property (the ability to eliminate or expel worms from the intestine) of geranium essential oil is very useful for children who often suffer from worms in the intestine. In fact, this oil may also be used by adults who are enduring the same problem. As this natural oil possesses vermifuge characteristics, it facilitates in doing away with this malevolent problem.

In addition to the above mentioned therapeutic benefits of geranium essential oil, use of this natural oil also facilitates speedy healing of wounds, cuts and even incisions made during any surgery. This characteristic of geranium essential oil makes it a vulnerary or excellent remedy for wounds. It is possible owing to the other properties of this oil, such as styptic, hemostatic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and cytophylactic.

It has been established that using geranium essential oil to treat skin disorders, such as acne, dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), nasal infections, contagions of the throat and other parts of the respiratory tract, eczema, burns, ulcers, neuralgia, tonsillitis and post menopause syndrome and other diseases is extremely helpful. In addition, this natural oil also has a mentally inspiring effect and may prove to be very useful in treating conditions like nervousness, depression, anger and other mental conditions.

General properties

  • antiseptic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • hemostatic
  • relaxing
  • stimulant
  • tonic
  • uplifting,
  • vulnerary
  • warming

Blends well with

General uses


While purchasing geranium essential oil, be careful not to buy fake or adulterated oils being sold under the name of the essential oil extracted from the aromatic geranium leaves. The fake or adulterated oil will not produce the desired therapeutic results. On the contrary, such products may result in irritations. Always look for the botanical names on the labels of the oil and always procure geranium essential oil from suppliers having good repute in the market. Most importantly, like in the case of any other essential oil, it is essential to talk to a competent and qualified aromatherapist before you buy and start using this natural oil.


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