Aniba rosaeaodora

The rosewood tree (scientific name Aniba rosaeaodora) is native to Brazil and adjoining Peru. Apart from being a giant evergreen tree, rosewood is highly valued for its use as decorative items. In fact, every year several million hectares of rosewood forests are cleared in Brazil and adjoining regions for making furniture, decorative items as well as chopsticks.

Rosewood essential oil is derived from the bark and wood of the rosewood tree, which produces yellow blooms. This essential oil possesses a light and flowery aroma with woody traces. This oil is extensively employed in aromatherapy and a number of natural and holistic health practitioners believe that it offers a wide assortment of therapeutic as well as topical benefits.

Chemical analysis of rosewood oil has shown that it is loaded with linalool, a chemical compound that is transformed into several different derivatives that of much value for the fragrance and flavour industries.

Rosewood oil is obtained as a by-product of the steam distilling process of the Aniba rosaeaodora species' bark and wood. In addition to yielding the valuable essential oil, rosewood trees are also used in the form of ornamental plants by people in several countries of South America.

Owing to random felling, the rosewood tree has been declared as an endangered species in Brazil. Now, it has become mandatory to plant a similar tree before harvesting a mature rosewood tree.

You can distinguish rosewood essential oil by its warm, woody, spicy and gentle aroma. While the bark of rosewood tree is notably reddish, the essential oil obtained from it has a clear color, which sometimes may also be pale yellowish. Rosewood essential oil contains chemicals like pinene and linalool. In fact, linalool is present in nearly all plants that produce flowers. Apart from being used for flavoring food items, linalool is also a valuable additive to fragrances as well as various cleaning materials used at home.

Rosewood essential oil is very effective for treating depression and it possesses the attribute to lift one's mood. Applying this oil will even bring back smile on the face of a gloomy person and, hence, aroma-therapists use rosewood essential oil for curing depression and sorrow. This quality of rosewood essential oil is attributed to its sweet, spicy and mild floral aroma. Use of this oil helps one's to overcome disappointment and unhappiness and makes him/ her ready to deal with their lives with a new as well as positive perception. In fact, this essential oil may prove to be highly beneficial for people who have failed in their lives or a feeling down, irrespective of issues related to academics, relationships or professional situations.

The essential oil of rosewood is not very potent, but it works as a gentle analgesic and is effective in alleviating light headaches, toothaches as well as muscle and joint pains, especially those caused by infections that result in influenza, colds, mumps as well as measles.

When you have a minor cut, graze or insect bite don't rush to a doctor at once, but try something different. Dip a piece of cotton in rosewood essential oil and apply it onto the affected body area. This will help to heal the wound, while protecting the area from being infected.

Like several other essential oils, the essential oil obtained from the bark of rosewood trees is very versatile and is used for an assortment of purposes including flavoring food items, household cleaning materials and addictive products used at home. Aromatherapy experts assert that rosewood essential oil has specific effects on the psyche and hence, have classified this oil as an aphrodisiac and anti-depressant.

Rosewood essential oil can also be used in the form of a regulating agent with a view to cure specific skin disorders, provided it is diluted by blending with any suitable carrier oil, if possible safflower oil. Among others, this oil is used to treat conditions like dry skin, acne and different forms of dermatitis. Use of rosewood essential oil makes the stretch marks lighter. The best way to dilute rosewood essential oil is to add at least 15 drops of this oil to one ounce of any standard carrier oil. Diluted rosewood essential oil is excellent for massages.

Apart from the above mentioned health benefits of rosewood essential oil, it is also effective in maintaining the balance in our body. It is both - the right amount for stimulating various activities, as well as appropriate for the opposite. In fact, rosewood essential oil possesses the attribute to stimulate the body to manufacture additional defence cells that provide us with augmented resistance from ailments. When the body's resistance power or immunity is increased, it is very natural that one will not contact flu or cold very easily. In addition, increased defence system also allows the body to recuperate from ailments more rapidly.

Rosewood essential oil is also useful for treating headaches that sometimes follow a nausea. In addition, use of this oil also helps to get rid of jet lag.

Use of this essential oil heightens one's mental alertness. Since this oil also speeds up healing, it can be used on wounds, abrasions and minor cuts. Moreover, rosewood essential oil may also be used to alleviate irritation, itching and swellings when one is enduring skin afflictions like psoriasis, eczema and other related conditions. At the same time, use of rosewood essential oil helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

It has been determined that rosewood essential oil is an excellent additive to fragrances. When rosewood essential oil is diluted with some good carrier oil and applied onto the skin, it aids in enhancing the pace of cell regeneration. At the same time, this oil also helps in inhibiting premature aging of mature skin and repairs the damaged cells. In addition, rosewood essential oil is the ideal oil for treating oily or dry skin, as it helps to regulate the production of skin oil or sebum by the sebaceous glands. One of the notable attributes of this oil is its ability to repair damaged cells and tissues and help them to regenerate. Therefore, this essential oil is ideal for getting rid of acne as well as the scars left behind by it, in addition to clearing skin blemishes.

As rosewood essential oil has a gentle floral, spicy and sweet aroma, it can be used as a perfect natural deodorant that will help to eliminate foul smell. At the same time, it will make the user feel refreshed and protect him/ her from various bacterial infections.

This essential oil has one attribute that may be useful for lovers and poets. Since rosewood essential oil is obtained from the hard wood of the rosewood tree (however, the wood of this species is soft compared to that of teak), it can actually stimulate soft and tender feelings for one's partner and even encourage good things in their bedroom. In fact, this essential oil is beneficial for people who lack interest in sexual activities owing to excessive professional stress, work load, tensions and the adverse effects of environmental pollution. Currently, loss of libido as well as frigidity is growing at an alarming rate, especially in urban areas. Fortunately enough, use of this oil can help one to overcome these as well as related problems.

Rosewood essential oil helps to keep the brain active, cool, alert and sharp. At the same time, it helps to get rid of mild headaches too. Use of this oil aids to augment one's memory as well as protect the user from neurotic problems.

In addition, the insecticidal properties of rosewood oil help it to exterminate small insects such as bed bugs, lice, mosquitoes, ants and fleas. This oil can also be used in sprays, vaporizers, room fresheners and materials for floor wash. When you rub rosewood essential oil onto the skin, it prevents mosquito bites.

Rosewood essential oil works to invigorate the body, its metabolic functioning as well as the different organ systems. In addition, this oil also kindles feelings, secretion of different acids, enzymes, hormones and bile in our body. At the same time, it promotes digestion, circulation and various other essential bodily functions.

Rosewood is an extremely mild essential oil that has been commonly employed for skin care - various different skin types. However, the essential oil is particularly beneficial for dry, sensitive, mature and wrinkled facial skin. Applying rosewood essential oil helps to sustain a robust and glowing epidermis layer. In addition, this oil is believed to stimulate cell as well as tissue regeneration.

Rosewood essential oil offers several other health benefits, including curing oily skin. This essential oil serves as an ideal toner and aids in lowering the formation of sebum, in addition to preventing eruptions like boils, pimples and blackheads. In addition, this oil is also useful for treating other skin related problems such as dryness, irritation and puffiness. Topical application of rosewood essential oil helps to soothe these problems.

It is important to note that rosewood essential oil possesses anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. In addition, it resists as well as combats viruses also.

Rosewood essential oil has a general balancing effect on the body and mind. This oil is useful for people feeling depressed or exhausted, as it offers an enlivening and uplifting effect. Often, people have employed this oil for alleviating headaches as well as nervous tension.

A number of skin creams available in the market enclose a blend of rosewood essential oil and lavender essential oil as this combination helps to enhance the texture of the skin, while getting rid of the dark spots. In fact, these skin care creams enclose reflective pigments that possess the aptitude to make your skin look brighter and youthful.

While nearly all essential oils mix well with one another, rosewood essential oil especially blends well with all types of floral and citrus oils. A blend of basil, jasmine, sage and rosewood oils makes a wonderful perfume that is meant for daytime use.

General properties

  • antidepressant
  • antibacterial
  • analgesic
  • antifungal
  • antiseptic
  • aphrodisiac
  • cephalic
  • deodorant
  • insecticide
  • skin saver
  • stimulant

Blends well with

General uses

  • abrasion
  • acne
  • bacterial infections
  • blackheads
  • blood circulation
  • boils
  • depression
  • dry skin
  • headaches
  • insect bite
  • jet lag
  • minor cuts
  • nausea
  • pain in the muscles and joints
  • pimples
  • toothaches


While the rosewood essential oil is known to offer various medicinal benefits and is widely used in aromatherapy, it should always be used with caution for there have been reports that the use of this oil may result in irritation in sensitive skin.


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