Salvia officinalis

Sage (scientific name Salvia officinalis) is a very familiar herb. The name of this particular herb is heard very often in the field of cosmetics, especially in products related to skin care. There are numerous beauty treatment products that claim to contain the essential oil of sage.

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In fact, sage essential oil is obtained by steam distilling the leaves of the "Dalmatian" or "common" sage. This plant has a wonderful aroma and is found growing naturally in the semi-arid regions of the globe. Sage essential oil has a light yellow hue, while its aroma is warm, peppery, herbaceous that is gently camphorous. Sage essential oil may be very useful for regenerating skin as well as stimulating the mind.

Despite having an elevated level of thujone content, which may result in convulsions when used in strong concentrations, sage essential oil is very useful in promoting digestion, particularly when one has a poor appetite. At the same time, the ability of this oil to regulate secretion of hormones is effective in alleviating problems associated with menstruation. It is also useful in decreasing the pain accompanied by rheumatism.

Sage essential oil offers a number of therapeutic benefits. For instance, it is an excellent natural medication to treat depression and grief, in addition to quicken the senses. This essential oil has also been employed to treat female sterility and the various problems related to menopause. At the same time, sage essential oil serves as a tonic for the urinary tract, in addition to the kidneys and liver.

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In addition, this essential oil also invigorates the lymphatic system, thereby boosting the functions of the glands. Sage essential oil has various applications. It is used for treating sores, atonic wounds, dermatitis, and ulcers, in addition to insect bites. It also works to lessen the large pores on the skin.

As far as the muscular system is concerned, sage essential oil possesses the ability to ease stiffened muscles. It is especially effective for treating conditions like torticollis (stiff neck) and fibrositis. At the same time, this oil helps to ease palsy and trembling.

Sage essential oil also has some toxic effect, which may cause problems. If you are really bothered by the toxic effects of this oil you should consider using clary sage oil, because the properties of this oil are similar to that of sage essential oil, but it does not result in any adverse side effects.

The ancient Romans considered sage to be a "sacred herb". The genus name of the herb "Salvia" has its origin in the expression "salvation".

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Usually, sage herb is employed to "smear" rooms, buildings as well as other areas to get rid of the negative, old or stagnant energy. The aroma of sage essential oil is effective for stimulating the mind and helps people who are dealing with mental fatigue and despair. In addition, this oil is especially beneficial for women, as it helps to maintain the proper balance of hormones, induce positive energy to their pelvic chakra, which usually stores negative emotions due to abuse and denial. At the same time, this essential oil is helpful for detoxifying the body, governing the circulatory system as well as promoting metabolic activities in our body.

The antiseptic action of sage essential oil is attributed to the presence of camphene and camphor in it. This essential oil can hold back fungal infections internally as well as externally, thereby providing relief from conditions caused by fungal infections, including skin diseases, dermatitis, dysentery and athlete's foot. This particular property of sage essential oil makes it an excellent ingredient in several products meant for skin care.

The constituents of sage oil that protect us from fungal infections are also responsible for shielding us from infections caused by other microbes. Hence, the use of this essential oil will help to protect minor cuts or wounds from becoming irritating or even potentially hazardous infections.

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Sage essential oil is useful for neutralizing bacterial infections as well, as it eliminates bacteria and, at the same time, holds back their growth inside the body. This particular property of this essential oil makes it a wonderful remedy for ailments like infections in the throat, nose, ears, eyes, urethra, genitals, intestines, and colon as well as on the skin. Moreover, it is also effective for countering infections in wounds.

The essential oil extracted from the leaves of common sage possesses potent antioxidant property, which is perhaps the most important feature of this oil. Owing to its antioxidant property, sage essential oil is included in several products meant for treating skin problems and aging symptoms. As the name implies, antioxidants combat the detrimental free radicals or oxidants inside the body. These free radicals are mainly responsible for the aging process. Antioxidants inhibit the various symptoms associated with aging, such as sagging skin and muscles, wrinkles, poor eyesight and hearing abilities, memory loss, the brain's malfunctioning, muscular degeneration, degeneration of the tissue as well as nervous disorders.

As sage essential oil possess antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties, it works in the form of an antiseptic for surgical incisions, wounds, ulcers, sores and even post natal injuries.

This essential oil is also effective in reducing skin inflammations, reducing entrance of poisonous materials into the blood stream and inflammations caused by fevers. At the same time, sage essential oil also lessens the consequences of surplus narcotics and other intoxicants, ingestion of too much salty and spicy food, pressure of extremely hot winds and so on. In addition, it also aids in alleviating inflammations in the stomach, excretory tracts and the intestines.

In addition to the above mentioned health benefits offered by sage essential oil, it also possesses antispasmodic, cicatrisant, as well as cholagogue and choleretic properties.

The antispasmodic attribute of sage essential oil is effective for treating all problems caused by spasms, counting stomach aches as well as pain in the intestines and chest. This oil is also effective for treating spasms caused by cramps, coughs and convulsions.

Cicatrisant - this particular attribute of sage essential oil makes this oil a valuable ingredient of various cosmetic items, especially anti-spot and anti-mark creams. The cicatrisant property of this essential oil helps in getting rid of fat cracks, scars, post natal stretch marks in the abdominal region and spots left by sores, boils and pox. In addition, use of sage essential oil also helps to heal wounds as well as incisions rapidly.

Cholagogue and choleretic - these two attributes denote the same property. In other words, when a substance is said to possess cholagogue and choleretic property, it means that it can encourage bile discharge. This attribute not only promotes digestion, but also soothes the stomach and enhances the functioning of the entire digestive system, especially neutralizing inflammations due to too much acid secretion. Sage essential oil also works to counteract acids in the stomach as well as the blood stream. In this way, it helps to alleviate acidity and acidosis. Prevention of these conditions helps to protect us from conditions like peptic ulcers caused by acidity. At the same time, this effect of using sage essential oil also helps to protect us from skin eruptions, boils and various skin diseases that are attributed to an increase in the levels of acidity in the blood stream.

Apart from the above mentioned properties of sage essential oil, its use also helps to accelerate the elimination of toxic substances from the blood stream via perspiration or through excretion. In this way, sage essential oil helps to purify the blood. In other words, this oil serves the purpose of a depurative.

Sage essential oil also works as a digestive, especially when one suffers from indigestion. This oil facilitates the metabolism of ingested food by encouraging bile and other gastric juice secretion. At the same time, it inhibits microbial growth inside the digestive tract. These harmful microbes hinder the digestive process.

Sage essential oil possesses antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties, which makes it a very potent disinfectant. This oil provides effective protection from internal as well as external infections.

As mentioned earlier, sage essential oil is very beneficial women, especially in alleviating symptoms related to menstruation and menopause. Women with irregular menses will find this essential oil very useful. At the same time, it also helps to provide relief from obstructed menses. Sage essential oil also activates specific hormones like estrogen, which aids in inducing clear menstruation and alleviates problems such as headaches, depression, fatigue, mood swings, nausea, debility, and various other problems related to anomalous periods.

This essential oil is also effective in alleviating colds, coughs, as well as infections, especially in the chest as well as the respiratory tracts. In addition, this essential oil helps to provide relief from chest congestion due to common colds.

Sage essential oil is also useful during fevers. It works to reduce fevers by combating infections and lessening infections. This oil also makes excretion easier and eases constipation by encouraging the release of specific fluids and also by invigorating the intestines.

The essential oil extracted from the leaves of the common sage possesses several therapeutic properties, but if one has to describe all of them in one word, it should be aptly described as a "stimulant". In fact, almost all the medicinal properties of this oil manifest this particular property of sage essential oil in different ways. Sage essential oil works to invigorate the nervous system, brain, circulatory system, spleen, liver, and the excretory system. In this way, this essential oil helps to activate and optimize the actions of these organs and systems.

General properties

  • antifungal
  • antioxidant
  • antibacterial
  • antimicrobial
  • antiseptic
  • antispasmodic
  • antiviral
  • cicatrisant
  • cholagogue
  • choleretic
  • depurative
  • digestive
  • disinfectant
  • emenagogue
  • expectorant
  • febrifuge
  • mucolytic

Blends well with

General uses

  • atonic wounds
  • common cold
  • coughs
  • cramps
  • cuts
  • dermatitis
  • fever
  • fungal infections like dysentery, skin diseases, athlete's foot
  • grief
  • depression
  • insect bites
  • menstrual problems
  • menopausal problems
  • palsy
  • rheumatism
  • trembling
  • sores
  • ulcers
  • wrinkles


The essential oil of sage is very potent and needs to be used very cautiously. In fact, this oil has been graded as an oral toxin and it needs to be used very carefully in aromatherapy.

Pregnant women should strictly avoid using this oil. In addition, people with high blood pressure and enduring epilepsy should also stay away from sage essential oil.


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