Pesticides Creating Havoc


It was indeed a time to rejoice when a number of cities collaborated in the endeavor to free the lawns of heightened pesticide contamination. However, while the prohibitory orders did not cover the entire Ontario province, the ban was also not effective on all dangerous chemicals, but applicable only to a few cosmetic pesticides or herbicides normally used to take care of the lawns and gardens. Nevertheless, the ban is of significance as it restricts the use of most of these weed killers are widely used in public areas like parks and also in private lawns and flower gardens. The best part of the entire issue is that there will be benefit for kids and pets.

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All said and done, we need to be more worried regarding the use of pesticides in another area that is closer to home. It may be mentioned here that in the recent past, the Canadian Government had lifted the pollution limits to adjust to a trade pact with the neighboring United States. The Canadian government had decided to change the country's safety rules vis-à-vis pesticide contagion as the major part of food imported from the United States surpassed the country's pesticide pollution payment. And this is a reason for concern for all of us.

It may be noted here that the use of pesticides in North America is around nine times more than the maximum limit set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and that is considered to be safe in all conditions. It is needless to say that these chemicals have multiple side effects and coming in touch with them regularly leads to several diseases that may prove to be detrimental for the liver and at times even lead to death. An appraisal by scientists on the pesticide intensity has revealed the existence of as many as 11 dissimilar pesticides only on one portion of a fruit! The finding may appear to be incredible as well as shocking to many, but this is the basic truth.

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Although the pesticide industry is flourishing and has become a matter of growing concern for all, people in general do not appear to be aware of the use of the deadly chemicals in their daily life. In fact, today different kinds of pesticides have virtually engulfed our entire activities. Pesticides are not only used in lawns and gardens and to repel insects, control fleas or eliminate rats, but they are present as sanitizers in our kitchen, bath and laundry items. They are also widely used as decontaminators in pool chemicals and even water purification tablets. In fact, presently we all are openly exposed to these deadly chemicals in all spheres of our life and hence it is high time that we initiated action to curb the random use of pesticides.

The truth is that if we really want we may reduce or even completely discard the use of above mentioned pesticides as several substitutes are now easily available in the market. However, the real challenge is to remove these poisons or toxic materials from our food. Unfortunately, despite the availability of organic foodstuff at much lower prices than ever before, most people still prefer to ignore them. It seems that they are not ready to shun pesticides that have around since time immemorial. But it is crucial that they realize the harms caused by the random use of pesticides, particularly in agriculture.

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Although pesticides have been a part of the contemporary cultivation since the beginning and have been very effective, use of many has been prohibited over the years owing to their adverse effect on the surroundings and health. It is indeed an irony that even as many pesticides are being banned, new products are introduced with tall claims that they were safe for use. This is despite the government's admitting that owing to their character, all pesticides carry some risk or the other.

It is important to note that the pesticides are developed to eliminate all living tissues and they are unable to tell between moulds and a kid playing in the lawn. Moreover, pesticides like organophosphates have the ability to stay put in the body for as many as 25 years and many pesticides also pass on from the mother to the unborn child and later to children by means of breast milk.

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Can pesticides be eliminated?

Unfortunately, the answer to this frequently asked question is negative. However, you may not rub off pesticides, but you may certainly take measures to minimize their presence in fruits and vegetables by treating them adequately. Listed below are some suggestions in this regard.

Rather than soaking which is virtually ineffective, it is important to wash all farm produce under running water before consumption. At the same time, cleanse all fruits and vegetables by scrubbing and it is always better if you peel them. In the case of meat, spruce the fat and eliminate the skin as most pesticide layers are found in animal fat.

According to a suggestion of the Federal Government, consumers should eat various things and often change their diet with a view to avoid being effected by one particular pesticide. It has been seen that particular fruits and vegetables contain specific pesticides and hence consuming one of these regularly increases the risk of a distinct pesticide building up in the body. This has been deduced following researches on severe poisoning in American children at this juncture.

Is contagion in all food alike?

It is not true that all food products comprise similar pesticide content. While its presence is very low in some products, there are others where the pesticides are persistent and you cannot get rid of them despite all your efforts.

During a research, scientists scrutinized pesticide infectivity in 44 different kinds of fruits and vegetable and also analyzed them for the intensity of toxins present. The intensity or level of the pesticides was assessed only after washing and peeling these fruits and veggies. Interestingly, the study revealed that a simple change in one's diet may assist him in attaining results better than any amount of cleansing the fruits and vegetables.

So, if you want to be free from pesticide contamination, stop taking extremely infected fruits and vegetables that are also called 'Dirty Dozen' right away. Instead, spend your well earned money on organically cultivated fruits and veggies. It is advisable that you avoid 12 specific fruits and vegetables that have been found to be most contaminated by insecticides. Placed in the order of the gravity of their contagion, these fruits and vegetables include peaches, apples, bell peppers, nectarines, celery, lettuce, cherries, strawberries, grapes, spinach, pears and potatoes.

On the other hand, if you wish to consume the safest fruits and vegetables that have relatively less deposits of the pesticides, you may take the following that are mentioned in the order of their best or lowest contamination results: onions, avocados, and frozen sweet corn, pineapples, mangoes, frozen sweet peas, asparagus, kiwi, bananas, cabbage, broccoli, and eggplant. These will not only keep your fit and healthy, but also prove to be an economic gain in the end.

If you adhere by the above mentioned recommendations, you will be helping in the liver's function to detoxify the body. This is simply because you are accepting a healthier option. Such a decision or move has multiple advantages that can be best explained in detail by any qualified nutritionist or a naturopathic physician. At the same time, by adopting these measures you will be helping people in another way. In fact, you will be able to send a message to the market that they need to recognize as well as respect our requirements and not simply depend on pesticides for augmenting agriculture. The best part of the entire episode is that by accepting to consume organically cultivated fruits and vegetables, even the most docile person who is also aware about the threats to our environment from such poisonous chemicals may actively join the battle against the random use of pesticides.

Hence, it is wise to choose to shun the most contaminated agricultural product and instead opt for the less polluted fruits and vegetables. If you choose to purchase and consume organically cultivated fruits and vegetables, this will give the local farmers an idea about how they should grow their crops for your consumption. Your decision will have duel effect. On the one hand, it will provide support for a change in the agricultural methods; on the other hand, you will be able to send a strong message to the pesticide manufacturers as well as users of such dangerous chemicals. Your decision will help to make it possible to have a market that is free from pesticide infested agricultural products. Remember, organic food is not a period or fashion, but a demand from the common people for food that is free from chemicals.


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