Antioxidants For Disturbing Psychological Developments


Over the last 15 years or so, autism or conditions that reflect disturbing perceptions and relationships have leapfrogged at least ten times over. Although this may appear to be alarming, experts are of the opinion that there are valid reasons behind such growth in autism. Although earlier autism was considered not to be a curable condition of the brain, in recent years it has been seen that people, especially small children are being provided effective help to heal their biological disparities as well as the probable perpetrator instead of taking care of the consequential actions.

Over the years, during examinations scientists and researchers have recognized patients suffering from emotional development disorders wherein use of language, response to stimuli, understanding of the world, and the development of relationships are not fully determined, but follow extraordinary precedents possessing twice over the stages of oxidative trauma than vigorous controls.

It may be mentioned here that the human brain cells have a tendency to be affected or harmed by the free radicals or reactive atoms or molecules found in the body. This is truer in the case of young children with progressing brains. Normally, the human brain is guarded by an antioxidant known as glutathione that is present in all the cells of our body and acts as the main anti-oxidant of the liver protecting us from the free radicals. During examinations, children suffering from autism have been found to endure the inflammation of the brain, soaring intensity of lethal metals, and poor intensity of the antioxidant glutathione, MT or metallothionein, zinc and sulfur.

Harmful intensities of oxidative trauma and circulatory utility

While autism is said to be a multifaceted illness of the nervous system or neurological problem, oxidative stress is one aspect of the disease that is distinguished by a discrepancy of the antioxidant resistance method as well as an enhanced production and presence of free radicals in the body. In fact, the low intensity of antioxidants in the body makes the children suffering from autism. This deficiency leads to their inability to remove the toxic heavy metals like mercury present in the air, food as well as a inoculation stabilizer known as thimerosal.

Findings published by researchers headed by Domenico Pratico, MD, an associate professor of Pharmacology, in the August 2006 edition of the Archives of Neurology reported that the percentage of thromboxone (an indicator of platelet, or blood particle responsible for clotting, instigation) as well as prostacyclin synthesis (the degree of blood vessel activation) were not only considerably higher in patients suffering from autism, but they also demonstrated a close relationship with the proportion of oxidative stress when measure up to the controls. This was said to be the first examination or study of its kind while conducting researches on patients suffering from autism.

According to colleagues of Domenico Pratico, children suffering from autism have been found to endure from considerably great intensity of isoprotane in urine, prostacyclin and thromboxone. The team led by Dr. Pratico also evaluated the intensity of isoprostane, which is a compound offshoot of free radicals or reactive atoms that invade fat cells. The research team found out that patients suffering from autism had just about two times the intensity of oxidative stress.

In addition, Dr. Pratico added that it is well known fact that during medical examination normally any kind of aberration in the blood vessels reveals an anomalous flow of blood in the circulatory system. While on the topic, it is remarkable to know that earlier neuro-imaging studies conducted on autistic children have shown that the blood supply to their brain had been cut down significantly. In fact, experts feel that more researches are required on this subject, especially the pathology of autism, as it would help to ascertain the connection between oxidative stress and the well being of the blood vessels as well as result to more enhanced treatment of the patients suffering from the disorder.

Meanwhile, Dr. Alexander Schauss has expressed his views on the study conducted by the team led by Dr. Pratico with reference to lowering oxidative stress. According to Dr. Schauss, drinking plenty of excellent juices that possess increased intensity of antioxidants may help in lowering oxidative stress as well as perking up the performance of the blood vessels. It is worthwhile to mention here that currently more such studies are being undertaken in this regard.

Brain irritation and immune reaction

Brain imaging has made it possible to discover as well as record the existing connection involving brain inflammation and autism. When Dr. Herbert, a Harvard pediatric neurologist scrutinized the white matter in the brain rather than simply watching the cerebral cortex, he was aware that he had found something interesting and important. This discovery provoked Dr. Herbert to question himself if the white matter of the brain could be persistently inflamed.

Findings of another study undertaken by Carlos Pardo, a neurologist at the Johns Hopkins in 2005 published in the Annals of Neurology observed the presence of soreness in the protected receptive brain cells of patients suffering from autism. In his report, Carlos Pardo stated that patients suffering from autism complain of numerous immunological troubles. He further said that his research team sought after the indications or signs of these problems in the patients' brains. During their research, Pardo and his team collected tissues from the brains of autistic patients in the age group ranging from five years to 45 years and were quite surprised to detect neuroglia inflammation in all the samples collected. It may be mentioned here that neuroglia is a cluster of brain cells that are crucial for the resistant response of the cerebral. The study also found that the neurological disorder takes place both at the beginning as well during the later phase of the disease. In case the disorder occurs in the initial stage, the ailment may significantly affect the development of the brain. Hence, as an effective treatment against the neurological disorder, Carlos Padro has suggested that the brain's immune receptive system be down controlled.

Oxidative tension and soreness

Researches have confirmed that consumption of flavonoids or antioxidants have multiple benefits that include a range from moderate to defensive to combating degenerative ailments or disorders that lead to or show a gradual decline in the organization of a body organ with a resultant loss of the part's capability to perform effectively. Habitual ingestion of flavonoids has also shown significant improvement in plummeting inflammation and epileptic spasms and cerebral intelligibility. Intake of flavonoids has also proven to be effective in communication in relationships and soothing of the brain as well as other organs.

According to a double-blind study on autistic patients it has been found that when the subjects were administered about four ounces of juices prepared from berries enclosing excessive intensity of antioxidants or flavonoids, the presence of antioxidants in their body improved by approximately 82 per cent when compared to the placebo grouping.

It is worthwhile mentioning that normally the hot or equatorial regions of the world are home to fruits and berries that enclose the maximum intensities of antioxidants. In fact, it has been found that the fruits and berries found in the hot climatic regions contain larger quantities of these particular flavonoids or antioxidants. In this regard people living in the northern hemisphere  consume less of these beneficial substances. This is primarily because these fruits and even berries to an extent, function as sunscreens for the plants. Here are the names of some fruits that are rich in antioxidant content. Named in the descending order fruits rich in flavonoids or anti-oxidants include acai, aronia, pomegranate, cranberry, cherry and also blueberries.

It is worthwhile to note here that currently superior quality fruit and berry juices, especially those that possess rich anti-oxidants, are easily available in an assortment markets and shops and they are regularly supplied by direct sales firms. Here is a piece of advice. If you want to ensure that you are purchasing the best quality fruit and berry juices from the stores that are situated at a distance from your place of residence, only procure the products that have been produced following the flash frozen freeze-dried procedure. There are a few more things to be followed while purchasing the best quality of fruit and berry juices. For instance, if you choose for the acai juice, perform adequate exploration before purchasing the product available. It may be noted here that the majority of the acai items for consumption that are presently available in the market have eliminated the crucial as also the most valuable ingredient - fatty acids - for esthetic reasons! These substances are known as fat floats.

Before we conclude, it is important to mention that Dr. Rimland, the founder of the Autism Research Institute, is regarded as a champion for transforming the area of autism. He is admired for his commitment and devotion to the children suffering from autism and his work has definitely brought some optimism in alleviating their woes. It is an irony that Dr. Rimland's efforts have been rejected and even looked down upon by many others in his line of work. Dr. Rimland sincerely believes that drugs used to treat autism or the neurological disorder more often causes damage than benefit to the patients. He has researched and demonstrated that the problem can be effectively cured by using natural materials. Dr. Rimland suggests that these natural substances be consumed as a part of diet or supplement to get rid of the neurological disorder.


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