Bee Pollen Helps To Reinforce Immune System


If you do some research, you will find that there are numerous health foods, branded as super foods, available in the market that help to perk up the immune system. However, the fact remains that very few of them actually are as effective and potent as bee pollen. In effect, bee pollen provides one of the best and highly invigorating super foods available anywhere in the world. You would be surprised to learn that the bee pollen encloses an exceptional blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. The bee pollen is all the more revitalizing and potent when it is directly accumulated from the neighborhood bees, who are compatible or consistent with the environment of the person using them.

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Now many of you would be wondering as to what bee pollen actually is. In simple words, bee pollen is actually the pollen produced by the plants' flowers that stick to the bees while they are busy collecting nectar. Bee pollen is a natural remedy containing several vitamins and minerals. In addition, it also encloses flavonoids like rutin and quercetin. It is believed that even very tiny amounts of bee pollens have the aptitude to desensitize or provide relief to people from the allergies developed due to the same pollens.

Looking back, you will be astonished to find that all through history, bee pollen has been given to an ailing person as a super food to reinstate energy as well as strengthening convalescing powers. What is important is that bee pollen has the aptitude to improve allergies in most people and, therefore, it is possible that this natural substance has a controlling effect on our immune system by means of facilitating to neutralize unwarranted autoimmune attacks that resuscitates the immune system to fight the actual battle against cancer. The best part of using bee pollen is that unlike many synthetically prepared super foods, it does not result in any kind of toxicity. In addition to bee pollen, other products such as royal jelly and propolis also possess exceptional curative properties. In fact, propolis is an antibiotic amalgam that is used by the bees themselves to sanitize their hives prior to occupying them.

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Among the number of flavonoids present in bee pollen, quercetin is known to be a highly potent anti-inflammatory agent. According to a paper published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2005, propolis helps to invigorate the production of antibodies, possibly doing justice to this natural substance's standing a remedy to boost the immune system.

Although practitioners of natural healthcare round the world prescribe bee pollen to provide relief to arthritis patients from their painful symptoms, the effects of this medication may not be remarkable for all arthritis patients. Since bee pollen has been found to facilitate perking up energy levels, it is a very popular dietary supplement among several athletes worldwide. Athletes who have used bee pollen certify that it enables them to undertake rigorous training and also recuperate promptly. At the same time, several athletes have asserted that using bee pollen has helped them to augment stamina or endurance. As discussed earlier, bee pollen is perhaps the best natural medication to fortify our immune system and keep it prepared to fight any major ailments that one may develop in due course. In fact, people who are prone to chronic colds and infections of the respiratory tract may find bee pollen very useful in alleviating their conditions.

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Compared to any other food stuff, such as eggs, beef or cheese, that enclose amino acids, bee pollen has been found to enclose a higher amount of amino acids as well as vitamins. In effect, bee pollen is among the very few vegetable sources of vitamin B12. For instance, there are approximately 45 calories and about 15 per cent lecithin by weight in one tablespoonful of bee pollen. It may be noted that lecithin is essential for regular metabolism of fat.

Bee pollen encloses natural phenylalanine, which works to suppress the desire for food. At the same time, this natural medication facilitates in strengthening the immune system as well as supply energy throughout the body enabling it to carry out its natural functions. Chemical analysis of bee pollen has revealed that it encloses 55 per cent carbohydrate, 35 per cent protein, three per cent minerals and vitamins and another two per cent fatty acids. Besides containing lecithin, which is important for natural metabolism of fat, bee pollen is know to have very high B-complex content as well as vitamins A, C, D and E.

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Appearance wise, bee pollen is in fact several small granules resembling a grain of wheat or quinoa in size and is generally sold in containers made of plastic. If you are wondering where to buy bee pollen from, the answer is that you don't have to look further than your local health food store, where it is available in the store's refrigerated department.

Similar to any other bee products, bee pollen too possesses antimicrobial properties. Besides combating microbes, especially pathogens, bee pollen is effective in alleviating tiredness, depression, colon problems as well as cancer. Bee pollen is especially beneficial for people who are susceptible to allergies since it helps to fortify the immune system and fight against all alien elements that are harmful for our health. In effect, it is advisable that you should always purchase bee pollen from a neighbourhood store as they would be keeping bee pollen collected from the bees in the locality which is likely to be compatible to the local environs. Therefore, it is not surprising that bee pollen obtained from a local source is more effective since this enhances the anti-allergic properties of the natural remedy. It is important to note that freshly obtained bee pollen ought not to hold on to each other or form a mass and it is essential that bee pollen is always sold in containers that are air tight and sealed. However, here is a word of caution. A very tiny per cent of the population, approximately 0.05 per cent, are likely to have allergic reactions to bee pollen.

Since the ancient times, people have been consuming bee pollen for remedial purposes. In fact, in ancient Greece, bee pollen was often used in the Olympic Games, especially to provide energy to the athletes as well as augment their stamina. While people in ancient times held bee pollen in high esteem as a remedy for several problems, even in the contemporary times, the popularity of bee pollen is on the rise since it has been found to be effective in protecting us against many of the widespread contaminants in the environment, such as lead, carbon monoxide and mercury. As bee pollen has the aptitude to desensitize individuals, it is often used to treat allergies. Several scientific researches have found as well as established the efficacy of bee pollen in reinforcing the resistance power of our immune system against radiation as well as cancer.

It is unfortunate to note that a number of unscrupulous people selling bee pollen actually offer contaminated products that may include air pollutants, such as pesticides and/ or herbicides, as well as harmful environmental chemicals, such as heavy metals. These pollutants get attached to the bee pollen from the environment. Hence, it is advisable that you only buy and use bee pollen products from any reputed company that ensures that it uses superior source of bee pollen and checks the product to be absolutely sure that it is not contaminated in any way before marketing the product.

As has been discussed earlier in this article, bee pollen is known to be a very powerful anti-radiation food, which is also a common dietary supplement to augment one's health. By reinforcing the immune system, bee pollen helps to protect the red and white blood cells against their normal diminution due to radiation. In addition, bee pollen has very rich content of several vitamins - A, B, C and E, cysteine (crystalline form of amino acids), nucleic acids, lecithin and essential elements like calcium, selenium (a trace mineral) and magnesium. Together and also individually, all these nourishing elements help to protect the body from the effects caused by radiation.

It is important to note that bee pollen encloses a collection of amino acids, altogether 22, inclusive of all the vital ones, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, hormones and several thousand enzymes. In fact, owing to the numerous nourishing elements contained by bee pollen, it has been established that this natural remedy is effective in healing an assortment of health complaints, including allergies, asthma, contagions caused by bacteria, debility of the capillaries, persistent exhaustion, menopausal symptoms, immune depression, nutritional problems, chronic cystitis, prostate problems as well as infections of the urinary tract.

According to the findings of a research undertaken way back in 1948, animals which enhanced their diet with bee pollen were found to have a remarkably lesser incident of developing tumours. In effect, a research found that using royal jelly (a product obtained from pollen) on mice that were administers cancer cell injections survived for more than a year. In contrast, mice in the control group of the experiment that were administered a similar number cancer cell injections expired within 12 days of commencing the research. Some of the clinical studies involving humans also produced similar results. For instance, clinical studies conducted on women who have been suffering from the cancer of the uterine that were impossible to cure by surgery where also given bee pollen and it was detected that they had potent immune systems and, hence, suffered less from the symptoms of the conditions, for instance, exhaustion, nausea and hair loss.

It has been found that bee pollen may also be used to effectively enhance concentration in children provided they do not suffer from allergic reactions from bee stings. As bee pollen has a rich concentration of B vitamins that are vital for excellent mental health, it can be used to enhance memory as well as focus. In addition, the presence of vitamin E along with the trace mineral selenium facilitates blood circulation. Bee pollen also encloses choline and inositol, which also help in promoting circulation. Vitamin C found in bee pollen acts as a valuable scavenger for the harmful free radicals produced by the body, strengthens the immune system as well as promotes circulation. Several scientific researches have advocated that the specific amino acid L-glutamine present in bee pollen is useful for any individual enduring mental and/ or emotional problems.

It may be mentioned here that the secretions from our adrenal glands are inhibited owing to nervous tension or stress. This problem may, however, be overcome by taking bee pollen, sea vegetables, green drinks, licorice, royal jelly and the herb ginseng. In fact, taking these substances regularly reinforces the adrenals. In addition, there are several herbs that possess antioxidant attributes and facilitate in fighting the damage caused by the free radicals to the immune system, which may already be deteriorated due to stress.

Many people who are detoxifying or wanting to cleanse their system may prefer to use bee pollen as it is rich in nutrients content. This is primarily owing to the fact that any individual who is detoxifying or want to desensitize the system is required to lessen their food intake since this helps to maintain the immune system in excellent working condition. In fact, bee pollen is an excellent vegetable source of vitamin B and people detoxifying may take it for furthering their cause provided they do not have any allergic reactions to bee stings.


From Chris Kavanagh - Feb-02-2013
Great, informative article. I constantly see articles online that downplay the benefits of bee pollen, such as WebMd. They claim there are no scientific studies to back up the claims made about bee pollen. This isn't true. There are a handful of studies backing up the claims. Why aren't there more? Because the scientific community doesn't want to study the claims. There is no money in it, like there is in drugs. Be that as it may, there's plenty of anecdotal evidence showing it's great benefits. The real test is trying it for yourself. This is what I did, and I was astounded at the results. It made me feel awesome, mentally and physically. To me, this is priceless. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. I even give it to my dog.
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