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Archived Articles - 2012

February 2012

Swine Flu Virus Likely To Possess Epidemic Potential - Feb-20-2012

September 2012

Scientists discover new virus similar to SARS - Sep-24-2012
Fish - Sep-27-2012
Natural cures for herpes - Sep-30-2012

October 2012

Clinical hypnosis helps to reduce hot flashes after menopause - Oct-02-2012
Vitamin D and immune system - Oct-03-2012
Smoking aids can actually alleviate the sting of quitting - Oct-05-2012
Tomatoes and stroke - Oct-09-2012
Are soybeans effective in protecting against breast cancer? - Oct-11-2012
Indoor tanning related to more cancer forms - Oct-14-2012

November 2012

Drying laundry indoors may cause ill health - Nov-03-2012
Math anxiety may trigger physical pain sensation - Sep-04-2012

December 2012

High-fructose corn syrup may stimulate type 2 diabetes epidemic - Dec-02-2012
Superbug outbreaks in Ontario concern experts - Dec-12-2012
Statins may have potential to combat malaria effects - Dec-30-2012

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