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Use vitamin C to naturally lower blood pressure

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine undertook a general meta-analysis of data collected from 29 dissimilar researches on the influences of vitamin C to lower high blood pressure.

During the study, scientists used vitamin C (in the form of ascorbic acid) in an average daily dose of 500 mg for about 8 weeks. In fact, the average dosage varied between 60 mg and 4,000 mg every day to all participants in the 29 experiments assessed. Each trail included anything between 10 and 120 participants, while the average period of 8 weeks varied between two and 26 weeks.

The mechanics of vitamin C that prompted this meta-analysis was ascorbic acid's aptitude to enhance intracellular tetrahydrobiopterin engaged in nitric oxide production, which aids in dilating the blood vessels plus improving the elasticity and strength of external layer of the inner walls of the blood vessels.

After the meta-analysis, scientists deduced that the researches demonstrated notable decrease in blood pressure in general and were further noteworthy in people suffering from hypertension, having lower systolic as well as diastolic numbers. They also concluded that additional studies on long-term basis were required prior to recommending vitamin C as a preventive or add-on treatment for hypertension.

Linus Pauling, who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1954 for his progressive research in organic as well as inorganic chemistry, besides his experiments with vitamin C was already aware of this. Speaking on the subject of vitamin C and the health of the heart, in 1992, Pauling said that it is almost possible to control cardiovascular diseases by appropriate use of vitamin C and lysine, which possess the aptitude to put off as well as cure such ailments. He recommended the use of lysine and vitamin C for people susceptible to heart ailments and those who have already experienced mild heart attack.

According to Pauling, taking equally elevated doses of vitamin C and lysine helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system. All talks about LDL cholesterol notwithstanding, lipoprotein A, also called Lp(a), is a cholesterol subtype that results in inflamed arteries and consumption of wholesome omega-3 fats helps to lower Lp(a).

Cholesterol present in skin converts UVB rays of the sun into the initial phase of vitamin D production. In addition, it is an important constituent of the cell wall, covering of the neurotransmitter myelin and brain matter. Hence, our diets should include considerable amounts of nutritious unprocessed fats, particularly omega-3 fats.

Statin drugs like Lipitor lessen cholesterol too well, often resulting in dementia, heart attacks and neurological problems. Lp(a), which is formed from incomplete metabolism of carbohydrates like HFCS, is usually neglected, as not patented medicine is available to get rid of it.

Lp(a) is a cholesterol molecule subtype that is maliciously heavy and sticky and can slither beneath blood vessels having a deteriorating endothelium cover causing ruptures. Lysine attaches with Lp(a) molecules to remove them, while vitamin C is essential for collagen formation. Collagen supports flexibility and reinforcement of endothelium stratum within blood vessels.

More elastic and strong blood vessels without molecules that cause inflammation help in reducing high blood pressure sans any side effect.

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Multiple health benefits of consuming shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms, often referred to as oakwood or black forest mushroom in the English-speaking nations, is a brown hued edible mushroom indigenous to Japan, Korea and China. It has been cultivated as well as consumed fresh and dry for several centuries and continues to be favored in East Asia. Similar to maitake mushrooms, shiitake too possesses curative properties and is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Although not as popular in the West, people in Europe and North America value shiitake for its vigorous flavour, strange consistency and nutritious worth. Many scientists who undertook researches on shiitake have described it as a super food for the health benefits it offers.

Anti-cancer and immunity booster: The Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center claims that shiitake mushrooms enclose lentinan, an active chemical, which invigorates the immune system, which sequentially triggers cells as well as proteins that restrict carcinogenic growths. A research undertaken at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2011 revealed that shiitake is an excellent antioxidant source that eradicates free radicals' ability to cause cancer.

Lowering cholesterol: Researchers at Sweden's Lulea University of Technology claim that shiitake encloses a compound called eritadenine, which can lower cholesterol levels. Another research undertaken by Japanese scientists at the Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine discovered rodents consuming maitake and shiitake excreted cholesterol lowering its level in their body.

Puts off thrombosis: Shiitake mushrooms enclose high levels of lenthionine, a natural amalgam that puts off platelet build-up, and is outstanding in averting thrombosis (condensed blood clots that obstruct circulation). Hence, consume some shiitake mushrooms or take a meal containing their oil as a protective measure if you are worried you may develop DVT during a long-haul flight.

Aids weight loss: A serving of 100gm cooked shiitake encloses just 56 calories, 2 gm dietary fiber and no fat. This, together with low glycemic index score of shiitake, makes this variety of mushroom an ideal weight loss food. However, never consume it in excess, as it may result in abdominal bloating and diarrhea.

High copper content: A serving of 100 gm cooked shiitake encloses 0.9 mg copper, comprising 45% of recommended daily intake for an adult. Considering shiitake is a fungus, this is an elevated level, which makes this mushroom among the best plants containing copper, an essential mineral working in synergy with iron, also contained by shiitake. This helps in formation of hemoglobin in erythrocytes (red blood cells) and in transporting oxygen from the lungs to the cells in different body parts. Deficit of copper may result in anemia, osteoporosis, premature graying of hair and poor skin.

Similarly, a serving of 100 gm cooked shiitake supplies us 1.6 grams of protein (3% of our recommended daily requirement), an assortment of B vitamins, counting 36% pantotheic acid recommended daily requirement, and about 3% to 10% of recommended daily requirement of magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, which work together to maintain the normal functioning of the natural processes of our body.

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Coffee enemas offer several amazing health benefits

There is an adage that says 'death starts from the colon'. For centuries, several cultures across the globe have been using enemas to rinse out the colon. Initially, Native Americans cultivated organic coffee beans and used them as potent liver cleanser. In fact, coffee enemas offer numerous amazing health benefits.

In ancient times, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Hindus and Sumerians have employed colon cleansing methods like enemas to augment their health. Primeval Dead Sea scrolls, presumably written when Jesus lived, provide detailed description of the significance of regularly using enemas for our health.

Till the 20th century, people in the United States considered using enemas to be vital for a hale and hearty lifestyle. In 1917, renowned physician Dr. Kellogg wrote in the Journal of American Medicine that he had seen incredible results in more than 40,000 people having gastrointestinal disease when they followed a routine comprising diet, work-outs and enemas.

Contemporary digestive health

In contemporary times, life is too taxing on our liver as well as colon. While chlorinated and fluoridated water deluge us all the time, there are chemicals all over and antibiotics in all things. Processed foods are not digested easily and often they remain in the gut forming mucoid plaque and poisoning the colon and are very difficult to get rid of. The tough ridges inside the colon hinder bowel movement and encourage growth and development of parasites.

Foods remaining in the colon decompose releasing toxic substances into the blood that circulates to the liver. Although the liver works had to cleanse and detoxify the blood, it becomes too burdensome for it when the gut keeps releasing toxins excessively. Eventually, this results in diseases, because the body builds up more toxin than what it is able to remove.

Advantages of colon therapy, enemas

Undertaking colon therapies plus enemas aids in eliminating the toxic mucoid deposits on the colon walls and also eradicates parasites from the gut. In addition, they augment gut mobility and the regularity of bowel movements.

Compared to oil-based colon therapies, coffee enemas are more beneficial as they invigorate the liver to make additional glutathione, which is considered to be the master antioxidant of the body and aids in protecting the DNA within cells and get rid of toxins from the cells. Researchers have discovered that green coffee bean augments glutathione production by 600% and 700% in the liver and small intestine respectively. Enemas are the best means to obtain these potent results, as the digestive tract enzymes never interact with nutriments before they reach the liver.

Coffee enemas are beneficial for people having digestive disorders, gallstones, low energy, cholecystis, cancer and auto-immune diseases. Nearly all natural health sanctuaries use them across the world owing to their exceptional aptitude to rinse out and detoxify within a brief period.

Often, people with chronic ailments use four coffee enemas in a day, while a weekly coffee enema is recommended for people desiring a healthy lifestyle to rinse out all toxic substances that might have accumulated during the week.

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Fish oil supplements help to naturally eliminate acne

Fish oil supplements rich in omega-3 are one of the natural, safe, and reliable means to cure all types of acne.

When accumulated sebum and dead skin cells conjoin it results in acne, which blocks the skin pores thereby causing tenderness and infection.

Our body produces sebum to preserve the moisture and flexibility of skin and other tissues. Generally, sebum accumulation may occur owing to unhygienic habits, like oily skin and hair, but several other factors are also responsible for excessive sebum production and acne. For instance, hormonal imbalances (particularly elevated androgen levels) plus stress also increase sebum production. Bacterial infections and oxidative strain to our skin are also responsible for enhanced risks of acne. Although scientists are yet to ascertain if any specific food is responsible for acne, it is commonly said that inferior diets may worsen the stresses that result in this condition.

Plenty of anecdotal evidences maintain that augmenting omega-3 fatty acid amounts in one's diet may possibly make the skin healthier and reduce acne. Correlated studies have also revealed that communities consuming more omega-3 fats experience lesser incidences of acne compared to those not taking this fatty acid. However, these claims are yet to be supported by scientific trials.

In a study undertaken by scientists at California State Polytechnic University Pomona to determine the usefulness of using fish oil supplements for acne and published in the December 2012 edition of Lipids in Health and Disease, 13 participants enduring inflammatory acne were given a supplement of 3 gram fish oil (enclosing 930 mg of EPA) with their diet plus acne medications.

An improvement in the acne symptoms of eight participants was noticed afer12 weeks, while the condition worsened in four others. At the beginning of the study seven of the eight cured participants had 'reasonable to acute' acne, while three of the other four participants had 'mild' acne prior to the research. Such mixed results hinted that more research is necessary to precisely determine the exact type of acne that could be cured by using fish oil supplements.

The scientists concluded that it is evident that fish oil supplements do help in improving the severity of acne in general, particularly for those whose condition is between moderate and severe.

Fish oil contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making them effective for treating several health conditions. As oxidative stress and inflammation have a vital role in acne development, it is prudent to use fish oil to reduce the condition's severity.

Moreover, it has been found that omega-3 fatty acids (especially DHA) help is lessening mental agony, counting depression, anxiety and stress. This is perhaps one reason why they are useful for combating stress, thereby treating acne. Fish oil also encloses bioactive compounds known as prostaglandins that help to regulate sebum production.

The other benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, which are also present in chia seeds, flax seeds, kiwi fruit, purslane and canola oil, include reducing blood pressure, heart attacks, inflammation and risks of developing several chronic ailments.

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Walnuts excellent as brain medicine

These days, several pharmacies have been upholding the use of drugs that enhance memory and mood. In fact, there is a raging debate over the morals of selling and consuming drugs for almost anything.

As we all are aware, the easiest solution is not always the best way for you. In most cases, instantaneous gratifications or way outs is rather unsavory in view of the ancient perception, particularly for our body, mind and the soul.

Walnuts as super food

Walnuts, whose form resembles the human brain, are now being deemed as a crucial super food, and are being used in the form of a brain medicine for several reasons, not just because they are sated with omega-3 fatty acids - an essential fatty acids that sustain the normal functioning of the brain.

Studies show that low intake of omega-3 may result in depression plus cognitive deterioration. Consuming a handful of walnuts on a regular basis may help to lift the spirits and boost the grey cells significantly. In addition, walnuts also help to increase melatonin levels greatly - almost three times, providing relief from insomnia. Hence, if you face difficulty in falling sleep at night and long for a sound sleep, it is advisable that you consume some walnuts before retiring to bed.

Walnuts are also believed to be some kind of heart medicine, as they lessen cholesterol levels and improve the heart's health. Actually, the walnut is a nutriment powerhouse containing iron, copper, calcium, manganese and phosphorus, things that ensure our wellbeing. Compared to all other nuts, walnuts enclose additional folic acid, antioxidants and vitamin E. Among all nuts, black walnuts contain the highest amount of an amino acid known as arginine that is vital for cell division and protein synthesis.

In case you are having difficulty in losing weight, you will find turning to walnuts beneficial, as they are packed with polyunsaturated fats, healthy lean protein and are a polyphenol powerhouse. It is easy to include walnuts in your everyday diet. If you don't like consuming one ounce of walnuts daily, you may add them in your salads, oats, rice dishes and pasta or find out as well as share new ways to consume this wholesome, delectable nut.

It is definitely sensible to believe that a healthy diet is an appropriate medicine for the body as well as the soul - your permit to the heaven of health. And considering everything, all these can be achieved by you.

When we talk about food pharmacy, we actually refer to an existent thing - the richly provided kitchen pantry having curative foods that have the ability to heal numerous ailments, and not simply common cold and flu. Therefore, in case you have never been serious about eating snacks, it is time that you become one and let the pharmaceutical companies work hard for their money.

Probiotics aid in easing stress

Taking a cue from conventional medicaments, people are now perturbed with bacteria and engaged in a struggle to wipe out these microbes from the planet. However, the problem is that bacteria are not only essential for our wellbeing, but also help lessen our anxiety.

Bacteria in our body

There are about 10 trillion cells in our body and compared to this, our body contains a whopping 100 trillion bacterial cells. This actually presents a new viewpoint on who actually decides how our body functions and who wields maximum influence on our general wellbeing.

Gut and brain connection

Some years back, John Cryan of Ireland-based University College Cork undertook a research with mice, dividing the rodents into two groups. While one cluster was a control group, the second was supplied with lactobacillus - the bacterium employed in yogurt. A few weeks later, he put the mice in bowls containing water to find how they responded to water stress. Although mice are excellent swimmers naturally, but don't have any particular liking for water and this puts them under strain.

While those in the control group swam for about four minutes till they were tired and surrendered in despair, those fed with bacteria were less frenetic and swam in the bowl for about six minutes and were eventually taken out of the water.

Cryan discovered that the stress hormones in the control group were higher by 100 times, while the stress hormones in the bacteria-fed mice were nearly half and demonstrated a distinct change in their GABA receptor patterns - resembling the arrangement of calm animals.

In a follow-up trial undertaken on the mice fed with lactobacillus to find the manner in which bacteria present in the gut affected the brain directly, he cut off the vagus nerve that joins the brain to the gut. Even after this, the bacteria-fed mice acted precisely in the same way as the frantic control group mice and no restful influence was detected in them. They could swim for only four minutes that time.

Bacterial imbalance and diseases

It is now apparent that several ailments are actually caused by a disparity between beneficial and harmful bacteria within the body. As the gut comprises up to 80% of our immune system and inhabited by as many as 100 trillion bacteria, we need to think that they may possibly be accountable for several autoimmune diseases, and mental disorders by means of the connecting vagus nerve.

Challenges and solutions

Unfortunately, our war against bacteria does not discriminate between the beneficial and harmful. Antibiotics, C-section births, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals plus GMOs have devastated our internal environments and keep doing so daily.

Hence, it is important that we value the crucial role played by probiotics in our body, counting facilitating digestion, annihilate killer pathogens and manufacture of useful nutrients, such as vitamin B (also referred to as 'stress vitamin') and vitamin K.

Fortunately, it is possible to cleanse our internal ecosystem by bringing in lots of live probiotics daily, by means of effective probiotic foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, kefir and miso. Maybe only then we can eliminate all harmful bacteria and relax.

Turmeric protects the heart, combats autoimmune disease

We already know that turmeric possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties, but what is new is that it also helps to take care of our heart and combat autoimmune diseases.

Findings of a study undertaken by scientists from Japan's Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences in 2011 and carried in the Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin reveal that using a curcumin, a compound present in turmeric, supplement for three weeks caused notable augmentation in cardiac health of male mice that were injected to bring on autoimmune myocarditis, an autoimmune disease related to the heart. In addition, the supplement helped to reduce inflammatory lesions in the heart in these rates.

The scientists wrote that these results suggest that curcumin possesses the ability to check cardiac inflammation by curbing articulation of GATA-4, IL-1beta, NF-kB and TNF-alpha and may possibly offer a new curative approach to autoimmune myocarditis.

Promoting cardiac health

Turmeric is not only a culinary spice used extensively worldwide, but also a traditional remedy. Several Western scientists have studied turmeric and confirmed that a combination of three yellow-orange compounds contained by it - curcuminoids, are responsible for its curative properties. Numerous researches undertaken by scientists at Japan's University of Tsukuba confirm that besides being beneficial for people having autoimmune myocarditis, turmeric is also useful for the heart like an aerobic exercise.

Findings of two studies carried in Artery Research and Nutrition Research in 2012 September and October respectively showed that an improvement in the arterial compliance and vascular endothelial functioning of the heart in women using curcumin supplement and this was similar to that experienced by women practising normal aerobic exercises. Women who took the supplement and exercised experienced further benefits.

Yet another research carried in the June 2012 edition of the American Journal of Hypertension revealed that taking curcumin supplement and exercising considerably reduced heart degeneration related to aging.

Preventing auto-immune diseases

As turmeric possesses potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, several studies were undertaken to determine if turmeric is effectual in diminishing the rigorousness of inflammatory auto-immune diseases.

One's own immune system assaults the body when he/ she has autoimmune diseases, which are not understood properly and most occur without any known cause making them incurable. Type-1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, uveitis, myocarditis, myasthenia, thyroiditis and systemic lupus erythromatosis are some of the common auto-immune diseases, which affect roughly 5% of the global population.

A research review carried in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology way back in 2007 says that curcumin also reduces symptoms related to multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis in people and animals. Logically, the symptoms are alleviated, albeit partially, by controlling the inflammation conduits.

Compared to supplements, our body can absorb curcumin better from turmeric roots. Moreover, the utmost benefits of using nutraceuticals are when you use them in low dosages and for a prolonged period. One experiment suggests that taking curcumin in maximum dosage of 8 gram daily for four months or even longer may be safe.

Five super foods that cure digestive disorders

Even as digestive disorders get out of control, people are frantically seeking remedies that will solve their gut problems. The following five super foods are useful in cleansing the internal wastes, maintaining the bacterial balance and healing all harms caused to your gut.


Considered to be an incredible super food, garlic possesses antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal attributes that can change your internal environment significantly, helping to eliminate all microbes that are harmful for the digestive system.

According to the Washington State University, compared to pharmaceutical antibiotics, garlic is much more effectual in combating campylobacter bacterium, common bacteria, which infects over 2.4 million Americans annually. Freeing your gut of these detrimental bacteria will prove to be effective in healing the digestive system.

Coconut kefir

Although a less familiar, coconut kefir is a potent super food. It involves a simple process of fermenting young coconut water in a manner that it contains swarms of beneficial microbes, which aid in balancing the internal environment. This, in turn, aids in digestion, absorbing nutriments and eliminating toxins.

Consequently, it is vital to repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria with a view to keep it free from harmful microbes. You may begin by taking one ounce of kefir thrice daily - in the morning, during meals and prior to bedtime.

Aloe vera

This is a wonderful medicinal herb and its health benefits are mainly attributed to its gel. Aloe vera encloses active amalgams that aid in soothing inflammation plus prevent the body, including the gut, from being infected by bacteria. These compounds also aid in cell regeneration to accelerate healing - especially important to heal a damaged gut.

Aloe vera gel has the potential to cure gastric ulcers and the findings of a study published in the April 2006 edition of the World Journal of Gastroenterology reveal that when aloe gel is used internally, it helps to diminish inflammation and promote healing of ulcers in mice.


Basically, sauerkraut is fermented cabbage containing an assortment of nutriments and probiotics. It works to cleanse your gut and supply it with beneficial bacteria to ensure the effective healing and functioning of the gut. You may take it as a side dish with meals or include it in dishes in which you would generally add vegetables.

Sangre de drago

This is a red sap akin to latex that seeps out from trees belonging to the Croton species found in Amazon rainforests and has been employed to cure various conditions, counting stomach and intestine ulcers. The healing properties of sangre de drago are attributed to two major phytochemicals - an alkaloid called taspine, which is antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumorous; and a lignan called dimethylcedrusine, which is mainly responsible for the herb's healing properties.

It has been found that when E. coli bacteria were saturated on a plate containing dried out sangre de drago, they died immediately.

As nearly 80% of our immunity and as much as 80% of things that fail begin in our gut, perhaps, it is the most vital aspect that one should consider while deciding to detoxify your system for better health. Start taking these five super foods to eliminate pathogens from the gut and populate it with beneficial bacteria.

Natural and safe means to eliminate bad body odor

Body odor often poses to be a major problem, as it may result in possible humiliating situations for people, limiting their interaction with other and also ruining their self-confidence. Consequently, more and more people, particularly the younger people, have been using deodorants. However, there are several other natural and safer remedies to get rid of body odor and you can prepare most of these remedies at home.

Maintain cleanliness: While this may appear to be easy, absence of physical hygiene is a major cause for foul body odor. Rinse out all bacteria that are responsible for bad body odor by using anti-microbial soap while bathing. Apply this soap in the specific body areas, especially the underarms, which are responsible for foul body odor.

Control emotions: You are likely to have a bad body odor when you are angry or nervous, because these emotions make you sweat profusely resulting in foul body odor. Therefore, being in charge of your emotions may help you to control your body odor too.

Wardrobe management: Besides maintaining a hygienic approach, you also need to ensure that your clothes are clean. It is not advisable to wear the same clothes again, because they may add to your foul body odor. Wash your clothes properly to ensure that your body odor is not bad.

Eating management: Specific foods may give rise to body odor. For example, consuming spicy foods may cause more sweating. In addition, particular constituents of spices, especially sulfur, blend with sweat and cause a particular repulsive body odor.

Use skin protection: When you talk about protecting the skin, you generally think of using deodorants. However, there are other means to protect your skin and products like baking soda and talcum powder are excellent for absorbing excessive sweat.

Keep yourself dry: It is known that bacteria thrive well in damp and soggy conditions and this is the reason why you should necessarily keep your skin dry wiping your body with a towel after sweating profusely, for instance, while exercising, and also after bathing.

Apply anti-microbial products: Existence of bacterial colonies in the skin is generally responsible for foul body odor. Provided it is very difficult to manage your body odor, you will probably require applying disinfecting agents like cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to your skin.

Salt bath for your feet: Our feet are one of the major sites that have bad body odor. To ensure that your feet do not smell, you should consider giving them an occasional TLC. In fact, salt baths are effective in eliminating such bacteria.

Although all the above-mentioned remedies are effectual in eliminating foul body odor, using them just once will not yield the desired results. You need to undertake these activities diligently, particularly those involved with hygiene, in order to avoid the manifestation of foul body odor.

Eight foods that combat allergies effectively

While allergies are really vexing, now people can alleviate their condition by consuming several foods, rather than going for the usual medicines. Foods that are effective in combating allergies include apples, broccoli, citrus fruits, collard greens, garlic, fish, nuts, onions and red grapes.

People who have allergic reactions in spring may be relieved if they take diets supplemented with these foods.

Apples: A study conducted on Crete diet says that people who consume apples on a regular basis are more protected from developing allergies and asthma. Apples contain a flavonoid called quercetin, which is effective against inflammation. The peel of the apple also contains high amounts of antioxidants, particularly polyphenols that protect cells from damage.

Broccoli: Consuming broccoli may help to decongest sinus. However, broccoli also offers other health benefits. It contains high levels of vitamin C and researchers say that one cup (250 ml) of uncooked broccoli encloses a maximum 80 mg of vitamin C.

Citrus fruits: Numerous studies have been undertaken on the benefits of consuming citrus fruits and they corroborate vitamin C's power. One of the best ways to load with vitamin C is to consume plenty of citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges, grapefruit and others.

Collard greens: These enclose phytochemicals, particularly carotenoids, which are known to alleviate allergic reactions. People susceptible to allergies ought to eat vegetables with some fat source to further enhance the actions of carotenoids present in collard greens.

Garlic and onions: These two vegetables also contain high levels of quercetin. In effect, garlic and onions may very well act in the way an antihistamine works, making them extremely effectual when taken with a diet that is effective for combating allergies.

Fish: It is a wonderful source of essential fats known as omega-3, which possess anti-inflammatory attributes. These fatty acids have the aptitude to aid in boosting the immune system to facilitate the body to combat allergies better.

Nuts: These are packed with vitamin E and magnesium. Magnesium is effective against wheezing that usually accompanies asthma, while vitamin E aids to boost the immune system. Vitamin E also works to protect the body from free radicals, thus putting off inflammation and tissue damage.

Red grapes: Inflammation is one of the major worrying outcomes of allergies and, hence, consuming plenty of foods that contain high amounts of antioxidants may help to reduce inflammation all over the body. Antioxidants actually work to protect the cells from damage due to oxidation, which may lead to several ailments. In addition, the skin of red grapes contains high amounts of resveratrol, which also combats inflammation.

In effect, there are lots of foods that neutralize the horrible consequences of spring allergies. The most important thing is that these fruits are all natural remedies. People who are susceptible to spring allergies ought to make sure that their diet is loaded with the eight types of food discussed above with a view to protect them and prevent all uneasy and bothersome allergic reactions that occur with the onset of the season.