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Five easy ways to include kale in your diet

Despite being considered as a food that contains most nutrients, most people are unaware of the vast benefits kale offers us. Besides being a potent anti-inflammatory agent, kale possesses antioxidant attributes and various phytochemicals. Kale is considered to be a super food that contains high levels of calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, sodium and copper. It is believed that consuming kale on a regular basis helps to lower cholesterol and also put off cancer.

As kale is extremely beneficial for our health, we need to take as much of this leafy vegetable in as many ways possible. Most importantly, we must always take organic kale, rather than the conventional one. Here we will talk about five feasible ways to include kale in our diet. When you break down kale prior to eating it, this vegetable becomes easier to digest. You can either chop the vegetable or add lemon or apple cider vinegar to break it down. Here are five different practical ways to include kale in your diet.

Juice: Kale can be added to natural juices like vegetable and grapefruit juices to make it easier for our body to absorb it. If you prefer taking a sweet juice, you may add a green apple or a beet to sweeten the juice.

Smoothies: You may just add anything between 2 to 5 kale stems with leaves to any protein or fruit smoothie. Break down the stems using a high-speed blender. Blending the stems will make it easier to digest kale. Tweak the smoothies in various different ways till you attain the desired flavor.

Salad: In fact, you can prepare countless salad recipes using kale. The salad you will prepare depends on your choice. You may choose a recipe which will include the kale stems or decide to slice the stems into thin pieces. You may also add your choicest things to the salad.

Chips: Kale chips are wonderful and easy to make. Take only the leaves and cut them into somewhat large pieces (each measuring about three inches across), as they will get smaller. Blend the leaves with olive oil and salt. You may also use your preferred herbs and subsequently place all of them in a dehydrator or an oven. Adjust the temperature at the lowest and let the doors remain somewhat open. Remove the chips from the oven when they become crunchy and eat them.

Substitute: Use kale as a substitute of other different green vegetables like spinach or collard greens. This is a wonderful way of incorporating kale into your diet. If you prefer, prepare a soup with kale.

Although there are several different ways to include kale in your diet, the ways mentioned above are practical, simple and easy to implement. Kale is associated with valuable health benefits and, hence, it is of great importance to discover new means to incorporate this vegetable into your daily diet. Of course, the ways need to be comfortable for you.

Past or present smokers: Six simple means to rinse, rejuvenate the lungs

It has been noticed that people who used to smoke earlier still retain some traces of lung damage. Moreover, even individuals who have never smoked suffer from some lung damage due to second-hand cigarette smoke, pollution caused by industries and vehicles and chemtrails as nano-particles of heavy metals drift downward.

Therefore, irrespective of whether you have smoked or not, it is essential for you to detoxify and regenerate your lung tissues. Incidentally, the idea that lung damage cannot be cured is baseless. It is possible to repair damaged lung tissues by nurturing and nourishing them appropriately.

Six simple ways to detoxify your lungs yourself

1. It is important to make changes in one's lifestyle for any treatment to be effective and have an enduring effect. Therefore, it is advisable that you should keep away from GMOs, chemicals, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), synthetic sweeteners, too much sugar and salt, while doing away with sodas and junk foods. Also consume very less meat, wheat and dairy products. Instead, include ginger, garlic, onion and cayenne in your diet. Undertaking outdoor and breathing exercises helps to rejuvenate the lungs. Yoga is also helpful.

2. Make your house free from chemicals - discard all toxic substances, which are part of cleansers, detergents, bleaches and chemical air fresheners. Also eliminate pesticides and use substitutes that are not harmful for humans. Health stores sell various chemical-free substances, but only buy deodorants that do not contain aluminum. Toxic chemicals emit gases that may harm the lungs.

3. Improve the quality of indoor air, as the indoor air can be worse compared to outdoor air. Use indoor plants to remove toxins. Substitute carpeting with another flooring and frequently use vacuum and steam cleaning. Be careful about fire-proof clothing or furniture, because flame retardants emit gases containing carcinogenic chemicals.

4. There are plenty of herbal remedies for curing lung problems, just find out the herb that suits you most. Expectorant herbs slacken mucus, antitussive herbs lessen respiratory spasms, antimicrobial herbs cure infections and demulcent herbs alleviate inflamed tissues. While licorice possesses all these attributes, but it may results in adverse side effects in some. However, using DGL licorice or deglycyrrhizinated licorice, which does not contain glycyrrhizin, may be effective for most. You may also use lobelia (Indian tobacco) to clear the congested airways and treat asthma attacks.

5. It is essential to detoxify for any rebuilding or regeneration. Detoxification encourages tissue growth, which reinforcing the immune system. You may often consume foods like cilantro and chlorella, as they work to cleanse heavy metals from our liver. Zeolite in powder form is also helpful. Most importantly you should drink lots of water free of fluoride and also work to perspire more. If possible, use infra-red sauna, or you can do with the usual sauna too to detoxify your body.

6. Serrapeptase enzymes are exceptionally potent and can absorb congealed mucus deposits, greatly calcified tissues and damaged tissues. A few years back, they caused a striking improvement for an emphysema patient in Britain.

Scientists believe reishi mushrooms possess life extending attributes

Chinese as well as Japanese medical practitioners have held reishi mushrooms (botanical name Ganoderma lucidum) in high esteem and the royalty in the East considered it to be a medication that ensured immortality.

While people in the West have just begun learning about the actual healing potential of reishi, scientists have already gathered enough information showing that reishi certainly possesses life-extending attributes. Laboratory studies on mice have revealed that reishi contributed in extending their life span by roughly 9% to 20%, which, in the case of humans, would be anything between 7 and 16 years.

Reishi has shown that it possesses the aptitude to refresh the brain neurons, while capturing and eliminating malignant cells. In addition, reishi restrains the spread of fat cells in obese people. It also encloses several natural bio-active chemicals that can naturally heal an assortment of detrimental conditions or ailments, including allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, Parkinson's disease and liver problems.

Reishi aids in managing age-related mechanisms

It is apparent that instead of benefitting specific body areas, the beneficial effects reishi is all encompassing. It may be noted that there are several causes for aging as well as diseases. Several aspects are responsible for our poor physical condition and, hence, if we want to reverse these detrimental physical consequences, it is important that you need to take comprehensive actions to improve your health. This necessitates a multi-targeted attitude. This is the precise reason why reishi is not only very useful, but potent too, as it encloses numerous molecules that are biologically active and work in tandem and mutually beneficial manner.

Currently, scientists are aware of the fact that three major elements are crucial for the anti-aging attributes of reishi. It encloses polysaccharides that assist in putting off cancer by perking up the immunity. Triterpenes contained by this mushroom work to safeguard the liver, keep blood pressure stable and lower cholesterol. It also encloses peptide that functions as an antioxidant. Such vital constituents offer the optimal protection at the level of cells or the DNA.

A research conducted on humans, scientists administered reishi mushrooms in dosage of 1100 mg on healthy subjects. They observed that it resulted in a rapid increase in the plasma antioxidant levels and ultimately peaked after about 90 minutes. At the same time, the capacity of urine antioxidant (the amount that was expelled by the body) rose by 29% in just three hours. What is important is that there was no trace of any side effect or toxicity owing to the use of reishi mushrooms.

While you may take reishi mushrooms orally mostly in the form of supplements, currently it is sold commercially in the form of a coffee product. However, it is advisable that before you buy this amazing life-extending gift, always ensure that the product is pure and of superior quality.

Six potent anti-carcinogens that shield you against cancer

Several noxious substances, such as industrial chemicals, ionizing radiation and synthetic food additives, are responsible for cancer in the contemporary world. However, it has been proven that regular consumption of anti-carcinogenic foods prevents the development as well as spread of cancerous cells. Besides keeping away from the diets and environmental factors associated with cancer, you can combat cancer by consuming plenty of appropriate foods. You may include the six potent anti-carcinogenic foods which are listed below in your daily diet to put off cancer.

1. Cruciferous vegetables: Broccoli, cabbage and other vegetables belonging to this genus contain high levels of glucosinolates that are actually antioxidant compounds containing sulfur and help to prevent cancer. Scientists at Linus Pauling Institute (LPI) have undertaken extensive studies showing that cruciferous vegetables are loaded with chemicals that help to eliminate carcinogens even before they harm our DNA. Glucosinolates activate metabolic processes that help to put off specific cancers sensitive to hormones. LPI states that several pre-1996 studies show cruciferous vegetables intake lessens the risks of cancer, especially those related to the digestive tract and the lungs.

2. Mushrooms: Since long, mushrooms have been widely used in Chinese as well as herbal medicine, as they possess anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antiviral, and anti-cancer attributes. Several researches have confirmed that they also help to promote health and avoid diseases, besides playing a vital role in activating apoptosis - elimination of carcinogenic cells. A review carried in the 2005 edition of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine elucidates the manner in which over 38,000 mushroom species help to prevent cancer, besides offering other health benefits. Some mushrooms like chaga (Inonotus obliquus) and shiitake (Lentinula edodes) also help to combat cancer.

3. Green tea: It is packed with polyphenols that are effective in combating carcinogenic cells. It also contains a potent antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which holds back dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR), an enzyme attacked by anti-carcinogenic drugs. Findings of several studies have shown that green tea prevents development and spread of cancer cells by targeting them. Similar to mushrooms, there are different varieties of green tea and each possessing exceptional anti-carcinogenic chemicals.

4. Turmeric: Also called curcumin, turmeric is among the most potent anti-carcinogenic species. It is very popular in Asian, especially Indian, cuisines. Studies have revealed that it not only protects against cancer, but also cures existing cancers. According to the findings of a 2008 research, taking one teaspoon of turmeric daily helps to prevent cancer. Another study has found that turmeric restrains the estrogen-like effects of remains of pesticides present on vegetables, fruits, water, milk and other foods.

5. Fresh garlic: It contains a potent anti-carcinogenic chemical called allicin, which selects malignant cells and attacks them, while the healthy cells are left unharmed. In 2003, scientists at the New York-based Weizmann Institute of Science discovered that administering allicin injections to people with cancer helped to combat carcinogenic cells effectively without any adverse side effects. Even healthy people regularly consuming garlic have less chances of developing cancer. Garlic contains elevated levels of a potent organosulfur chemical called diallyl disulfide that restrains carcinogenic cells, especially breast cancer cells. Scientists in New Zealand found that garlic also promotes production of enzymes in the gut that prevent growth and spread of carcinogenic cells in the digestive tract.

6. Vitamin D: Numerous studies have been undertaken to determine the health benefits of vitamin D and it has been confirmed that it has a vital role in preventing and treating cancer. According to the Vitamin D Council, several studies reveal that exposure to the rays of the sun or taking vitamin D3 supplements regularly helped in preventing and treating various cancer forms. Findings of one research show that taking vitamin D3 supplement in measures of 1,100 IU in conjunction with 1,450 mg of calcium daily is effective in reducing all forms of cancer by about 77%.

Consume apple cider vinegar to hasten weight loss

Since ages, people have effectively used vinegar to lose weight. It is believed that ingesting some vinegar prior to meals reduces hunger and cravings, while promoting metabolism. Consuming apple cider vinegar helps to lose body weight as well as provides several health benefits. However, it will not perform any wonder unless one eats healthy foods and undertakes sufficient physical activities.

Apple cider vinegar is believed to help in losing weight by means of restraining appetite and regulating the levels of blood sugar.

Findings of a research undertaken in 2009 showed that when obese Japanese people took vinegar in measures of 30 ml it resulted in reasonable weight loss and decreased appetite. The authors of the study concluded that ingestion of vinegar decreased body weight, fat masses in the body and the levels of serum triglyceride. It is assumed that acetic acid or AcOH, the major constituent of vinegar, helps to hold back fat from accumulating in the body. As very few studies have been conducted on vinegar and its effect on weight loss in humans, further studies are necessary prior to ascertaining its fat-burning attributes.

Advocators of vinegar diet assert that apple cider vinegar possesses the aptitude to perk up metabolism, thereby help lose weight. However, there is no food that can result in rapid weight loss unless one changes his lifestyle and dietary habits. The reason for an individual's weight gain is also an important factor.

Several researches have shown that apple cider vinegar intake aids in balancing the levels of blood sugar by means of reducing a meal's glycemic index. Preventing spikes of blood sugar also helps in weight loss. Moreover, apple cider vinegar helps combat Candida, as it possesses potent anti-fungal attributes. Often, people with Candida overgrowth have a desire for sugar and carbohydrates, which add to weight gain.

For several reasons, people opt for apple cider vinegar, as it not only helps in weight loss, but also detoxifies the body and possesses potent anti-microbial attributes. It is also an useful health tonic, which may aid in treating heart problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, digestive problems, damage due to free radicals and even acid reflux. Even if apple cider vinegar does not aid in weight loss, it can be safely incorporated into a diet.

It is advisable that you take apple cider vinegar in measures of two teaspoons blended in one glass of water. As it is extremely acidic, it may result in throat and stomach irritations. Hence, apple cider vinegar should be taken only after it is diluted by adding water or fruit juice. Ideally, one should take apple cider vinegar that is organic and unpasteurized.

It is recommended that you consult your physician before you start taking apple cider vinegar for a prolonged period, particularly if you are suffering from any health issue. All said and done, there are reports that despite using apple cider vinegar for prolonged periods, many people have not experienced any adverse side effects.

Use natural remedies, rather than vaccines, to prevent flu

If you are still not aware of the findings of Cochran study, an extensive research by independent scientists, it needs to be told that flu vaccines are useless.

In fact, studies undertaken by Cochran Collaboration were made public in 2010 without any media hype.

Cochran study not only attacks the myth regarding 'herd immunity' and tells the readers again about the manner in which minor influenza occurs without problems due to other factors. It is reported that for every million people receiving flu shots, more than 1.5 individuals had the misfortune of GBS or Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which impairs one for life even after they recuperate from the initial seizures caused by vaccinations.

Scientists used vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) in Cochran study to find the rate of GBS occurrence and discovered that it was about 10 times or even higher. Besides causing death, it is considered to be a deadly adverse reaction of flu immunization. It may also damage the brain or just lead to deterioration in health causing autoimmune diseases.

Precisely speaking, when you are given flu vaccines, you are wasting money and spending time just to gamble for something that endangers your life. Hence, it is advisable that you stop such gambling and try natural means to reinforce your immune system against influenza.

Four simple, natural ways to promote immunity

You must be aware of vitamin D3 - a pre-hormone which stimulates the immune system, provided your bloodstream contains enough of it. In case you are not sufficiently exposing yourself to direct sunlight to enable your body to make vitamin D3, you need to take adequate amounts of it as supplements to increase your blood count. Generally, taking a supplement of anything between 4,000 IU and 10,000 IU will help, but you need to undergo a blood test from a pathologist who is aware of this vitamin's importance.

Ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine have been using astragalus in the form of an adaptogenic (adjusting the immune system according to requirements) stimulant. This action is akin to that of vitamin D3, which also regulates the immune system. You should start using this herb prior to the onset of flu season and may take it daily any time. This herb is available in tincture or powdered forms.

Echinacea and/ or goldenseal are two dependable herbs to prevent flu and cold and are available as capsules and tinctures. Before you start using them, check with an herbalist to find which suits you better.

At the same time avoid processed foods containing noxious oils, additives, GMOs and sweeteners to enhance your lifestyle. Instead, add garlic in liberal amounts to organic foods. Drink plenty of purified water that is free from fluorine, however, spring water would be ideal.

Last, but not the least important, try to get lots of quality sleep and avoid stress. Ensure that no light enters your bedroom. Also practice meditation, laugh a lot and undertake gentle work-outs, as these will help to deal with stress.

CoQ10 naturally helps to boost fertility in men

During the last few decades, infertility has gone up, mainly owing to men's lower sperm count. In fact, the decrease in sperm counts corresponds directly with increasing infertility - threatening the existence of the species.

While some men, unwilling to face the ever more tricky challenges of parenting, may possibly think this to be a blessing, others are prepared to accept the challenge. Irrespective of a man's point of view or situation in the present society, besides infertility, low sperm counts also hint at personal health issues.

In a non-controlled study in Italy, 38 men were given CoQ10 in dosage of 100 mg daily for three months. Following this, it was found that all subjects' semen parameters plus antioxidant status improved considerably. The scientists concluded that their study emphasized on the oxidative stress' significance in the development of infertility in men, especially in varicocele, and reinforce the potential utility of antioxidant therapy.

Varicocele is a problem wherein the scrotal and testicular veins swell. In fact, 40% of all infertility cases due to low sperm count show proof of this condition, though many don't think varicocele is the main cause for poor sperm counts.

The daily dosage of 100 mg of CoQ10 is extremely low and several cardiologists and holistic practitioners suggest a minimum dosage of 200 mg daily for sustaining the heart health. It seems that CoQ10 helps to augment semen counts and promotes testicular health, besides offering other benefits.

Antioxidants obtained from foods and supplements forage free radicals from toxic substances invading our cells. Therefore, it is important to minimize or eliminate free radicals, but also to consume foods and supplements providing more antioxidants. Here it is important not to mistake cellular oxygen respiration with oxidation that harms our cells. Cellular oxygen respiration is essential for metabolism.

It appears that most conventional physicians overlook the prevalence of toxic preservatives in processed foods, non-organic products' chemical residues as well as dairy products and meat farmed in factories as reasons for free radical oxidation, thereby a reason for poor sperm count. Livestock farmed in factories are given antibiotic and hormone injections that are transferred to the consumers causing further free radicals plus estrogen imbalances that can harm men. Estrogen and things that imitate estrogen may possibly affect the levels of male testosterone causing gender confusions.

In fact, most men ignore hops, which imitate estrogen, in beer. As a result more people are beginning to believe that while men should have wine, women should take beer!

Soy, which is used as a substitute for meat, also imitates estrogen. Therefore, it is advisable that you only consume fermented soy items like miso, tempeh and some soy sauces. In addition, BPA plastics that are used extensively for storing and containing foods and drinks too mimic estrogen and, hence, we need to avoid processed foodstuff that depend too much on plastic packaging.

Try to find means for storing foods and beverages in glass or containers/ wrappers free of BPA. While these do not necessarily augment fertility count, they possibly will. In addition, such healthy measures will help to promote everyone's health, including males and females.

Simple, natural remedies for combating common cold

When you are infected by a cold virus, you may be overcome with chronic coughs, headaches, botched sinuses and a runny nose making it difficult to attend to your routine tasks. In such cases, it is always advisable to try any of the natural remedies discussed below rather than taking antihistamines and cough syrups packed with chemicals.

Apple Cider Vinegar: As colds have an inclination to make the body excessively acidic; it makes it difficult for the immune system to combat ailments. Apple cider vinegar is a potent alkalizing agent and helps to eliminate cold, while smothering its horrible symptoms. Prepare a mixture by blending some apple cider vinegar with lemon, honey, and tepid water and drink it many times daily to recover your health.

Vitamin C: This is a potent immune booster that prevents and treats colds. A number of physicians advise people suffering from cold to take about 2,000 mg or additional non-genetically modified sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid at intervals of two hours. Alternately, you may also take acerola cherry and camu camu powders plus 'liposomal' vitamin C products.

Vitamin D: Although most neglected, this is one of the best remedies to treat common cold. Some physicians suggest you take vitamin D3 in dosage of over 10,000 IU (international units) daily, as it helps to lessen the symptoms of cold and flu and also to recover rapidly.

Honey: This is a potent healing and soothing agent. Pure honey also helps to reinforce the immune system and treat cold symptoms. It possesses anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antioxidant attributes and can be used in combination with additional cold remedies like apple cider vinegar.

Echinacea: A research undertaken by scientists at the University of Connecticut in 2007 discovered that using Echinacea herbal supplements lessens the risks of catching cold by half and also accelerates recovery from its symptoms. Echinacea invigorates the immunity, thereby activating the T-cells and can be used with other cold remedies mentioned here.

Ginger: It is also a potently soothing and healing agent that possesses anti-inflammatory attributes. However, ginger root alleviates stomach disorder and, therefore, people with cold symptoms accompanied by stomach problems will find it beneficial. This herb also keeps the body warm and encourages sweating, thereby it is helpful in eliminating toxic substances.

Oil of oregano: It contains elevated levels of four compounds that work together to support healing and boost immunity. It has an exceptional aptitude to protect against harmful viruses and eliminating existing viruses like common cold. It contains natural terpene compounds that are potently anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. Carvacrol contained by the oil combats risky pathogens.

Coconut oil: It is among the most natural and potent antiviral compounds we are familiar with. It possesses exceptional aptitude to target almost all viruses, including that which cause common cold. Coconut oil contains high levels of MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids) and can be absorbed by virus cells, causing them to disintegrate. Use a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil daily at the beginning of the cold symptoms.

Zinc: Often, this essential trace mineral is sold in the form of lozenge or syrup for treating cold and associated symptoms like coughing, sneezing and sniffling. It is also a potent immune booster that helps over 3,000 proteins in our body to function appropriately and also facilitates digestion.

Neti pot: It is useful for clearing congested sinuses. Make a solution using tepid water and sea salt (roughly one teaspoon), fill a neti pot with the solution and just pour it gently down the sinuses. In addition to decongesting the sinuses, it will also help to get rid of all pathogens.

Red grapes, blueberries contain immune response boosting flavonoids

During the last one decade, nutritionists are familiar with the fact that consuming specific whole foods in the natural as well as unrefined forms help to support energetic health by means of motivating our immune response system. On the other hand, almost all processed foods as well as hydrogenated fats encourage ailments.

Findings of wide-ranging scientific studies have ascertained that the protective chemicals that save the plants from diseases may also have a similar effect on humans when they consume them. For instance, resveratrol, a compound generally present in red grapes as well as pterostilbene obtained from blueberries work together with our natural vitamin D reserves to invigorate our immune system and, at the same time, to protect us from chronic ailments.

A group of scientists from the Oregon State University's Linus Pauling Institute have recently published the findings of a study undertaken by them in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research explaining the manner in which two natural chemicals work to perk up our immune response, in addition to considerably lowering the chances of developing several chronic ailments. The researchers examined as many as 446 compounds that occur naturally in fresh vegetables and fruits and discovered that pterostilbene and resveratrol from blueberries and red grapes have a notable effect in increasing the response of CAMP (cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide) gene in humans, which plays a vital role in the functioning of our immune system.

Describing the findings as a remarkable interaction, Dr. Adrian Gombart, lead author of the study, stated that although they analyzed several hundred compounds, only found two that synergize with vitamin D to significantly and intriguingly augment the response of CAMP gene. The research was undertaken making use of laboratory cultures of cells of foods whose potential to augment human immune system response is proven. Several dozen earlier studies have shown that resveratrol possesses the aptitude to improve the health of the cardiovascular system and also helps to combat cancer by means of smothering inflammation that stimulates these two diseases.

This research progressed around discovering that the CAMP (cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide) gene has a vital role in the natural immune system and is also the first line of defence of our body by fighting against bacterial infections. In addition, this study was the first to demonstrate that consuming blueberries and red grapes works together to activate vitamin D to stimulate CAMP gene, thereby improving the response of our immune system to invasions by pathogens.

The team of scientists came to the conclusion that pterostilbene and resveratrol (together called stilbenoids) made by plants to combat infections also seem to have the same effect and, in humans, signal the pathways allowing vitamin D to perform its tasks. They have made it clear that blending these plant compounds and vitamin D provides an additional biological effect compared to any of them used independently. Individuals who are concerned about their well-being ought to consume 3 to 5 servings of blueberries and red grapes every week with a view to perk up the health of their immune system and combat the proliferation of immune-deficient diseases effectively.

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