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Use herbs and natural remedies to ensure sound sleep

If you are one of those who face difficulties in getting sleep or are suffering from chronic insomnia and have been taking different drugs to alleviate your anguish, you can try natural remedies that not only help to reorganize your sleep pattern, but also end insomnia.

In fact, insomnia is not only that makes you weak and fatigued, but may even prove to be dangerous. The National Highway Safety Administration states that fatigue is responsible for about 100,000 or even more auto crashes every year, which results in 1,550 deaths and over 71,000 injuries annually.

Precisely speaking, when one constantly suffers from lack of sleep, it not only impinges on their work, but also affects their relationships as well as prevents them from enjoying life. At the same time, insomnia also devastates their immune system.

Therefore, instead of resorting to drugs, which may cause perilous consequences such as fatigue, sleepwalking and eating or even driving while asleep, give natural remedies a try.

The best and assured insomnia cure

If possible, take a few days break and go camping, leaving all your gadgets at home. Also don't carry your phone, keep it in your car. Make some time for meditation, writing and doing yoga. Above all, abandon your bed and sleep on the floor. In fact, your aim is to relax, to avoid disturbances and artificial light as well as to make best use of the natural light as well as magnetic fields with a view to restore the circadian rhythms. Nearly all persons following this routine for three consecutive days will find themselves falling asleep at the end of the day following the nature's plans.

Other measures to heal insomnia

Stimulants like tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, energy drinks and others disturb our sleeping patterns, so avoid them. If you are unable to eliminate these from your diet, ensure that they are only taken during the mornings. As thyroid as well as adrenal fatigue may also cause insomnia and poor sleep quality, it is important to cure these problems. At the same time, B vitamins are necessary for the health of our nervous system and any deficit of these vitamins may disrupt the sleep cycles. Therefore, take sufficient B vitamins daily, and if you are not exposed to enough sunlight daily, use vitamin D supplements.

Keep yourself grounded and make some time for undisturbed meditation, as it is very helpful to maintain our internal clock, provided you meditate early morning and just prior to bedtime.

Herbs for insomnia

When taken in a combination, the three herbs mentioned below make an extremely potent sleep formula.

Valerian root is not only effective for sleep onset, but also ensures good quality sleep. To obtain the best results, combine valerian root with hops or melatonin and take it in dosage of 400 mg to 500 mg before bedtime.

The pineal glands secrete a hormone called melatonin, which helps one to fall asleep. However, it has no role vis-à-vis the quality or duration of sleep. Its dosage varies from 1mg to 10 mg. Melatonin has some adverse effects like daytime drowsiness and nightmares.

Hops extract helps sleep onset and enhances sleep quality. Its effects are better when used in combination with valerian root extract, as it may possibly aid in augmenting alpha brain waves.

When your biological clock is reset, you need to be disciplined to your new sleep habits in order to enjoy healthy and relaxing sleep. In fact, the time you wake up is important. If you wake up at 7 a.m. then you should follow this routine and leave bed at this time every day for the subsequent six weeks, irrespective of all things.

Use these natural remedies to eradicate skin tags

Skin tags, also called fibro epithelial polyps, are little growths appearing on the skin surface, most commonly on the face, in the region of the neck, chest, underarms and groin. Basically, these small growths on the skin are benign tumours. These growths appear as a skin append and include fat cells and nerve cells.

Skin tags are not only annoying, but also make an individual self-conscious. Fortunately, we are able to get rid of them using common home remedies. Two such remedies involve the use of natural oils, which must be diluted prior to direct application on the skin. This is all the more important if you are using them for the first time.

Tea tree oil

People have been using this potent oil for many centuries. For instance, the aborigines in Australia have been using it for several thousand years to heal cuts and burn injuries. Also referred to as Melaleuca, the tea tree possesses antiseptic properties and was the preferred antiseptic of several physicians in Australia during the beginning of the 20th century. You can use tea tree oil for removing skin tags.

The process involves washing the affected spot with soap and water and subsequently completely drying it. Then immerse a q-tip in tea tree oil half-way and apply it to the skin tag. If necessary, you may water down the tea tree oil by adding olive oil. Use a band-aid to drape the skin tag. Repeat this by applying one drop of diluted tea tree oil twice again during the day and use a new band-aid every time to cover the place. You will be surprised to notice that the skin tag will gradually shrink and eventually fall off in just some days. However, if there is no improvement, you may apply the tree oil more often or make it less dilute. This is an ideal home remedy for skin tags, as it not only soothes the skin, but also prevents infections.


Garlic is a wonderful natural antiseptic. Take some fresh garlic and cut it into small doses. As in the case of tea tree oil wash the area affected by skin tags using soap and water; then dry up the place completely. Next, rub one garlic slice on the skin tag. Cut the garlic into smaller pieces, almost to the size of the skin tag, and apply it to the tumour. Cover the garlic and skin tag with a band-aid. If you use the remedy in the morning, you can allow it to remain for the entire day and remove the garlic and band-aid before going to bed. Ensure that you wash the affected area too. Apply the remedy daily till the skin tags fall off by themselves. It will take four to six days to alleviate the problem. On the other hand, you may also apply the garlic at bed time and remove it when you wake up.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, an antiseptic like garlic and tea tree oil, is another wonderful natural remedy for skin tags. To use this remedy, you need to first rinse the affected area with warm running water till the skin tags become soft. When the skin tags have softened, apply a cotton swab drenched in apple cider vinegar to the skin tag and allow it to remain for about 20 minutes. After removing the cotton swab clean the area again with warm water. You need to do this twice or thrice daily till the skin tags go.

Heal Migraines With Natural Remedies

People practicing natural remedies firmly believe in one principle - one disease, one cause. This means that our body will cure itself provided it is cleansed of all toxins and supplied with the correct nutrients. While they believe that every disease has its origin in the cells, health restoration begins from the gut. As far as migraines are concerned, we are aware of four basic things - the problem involves the vessels, is accompanied by inflammation (vessels and nerves), results in poor serotonin levels and may be a result of toxicity due to heavy metals.

Boost serotonin

Everyone suffering from migraines have a common symptom - the serotonin levels drop prior to a migraine attack. Our gut contains beneficial bacteria, which make 80% of serotonin in the body. Therefore, improved gut health and higher serotonin production help to lessen or avoid migraines. One can attain this by removing Candida and all bad bacteria from the gut and colonize it with helpful bacteria. In addition, the diet should contain lots of prebiotic and probiotic foods.

Reduce inflammation

Another factor for migraines is inflammation. One can eliminate or reduce inflammation by avoiding all foods that result in allergic reactions, such as processed and defined foods. Instead, consume foods that include natural omega 3 fatty acids - for instance, uncooked fresh vegetables and fruits.

Supplement with vitamins and minerals

B-vitamins promote vascular health and are also essential for nerves as well as nervous tissues. Instead of simply taking one B-vitamin for any duration, you ought to take a B-complex vitamin. In addition, vitamin C and D, in addition to calcium, selenium and magnesium, are also useful for vascular health. Also take omega 3 oils, which facilitate the body to absorb B vitamins.

Heavy metal toxicity

Chelating heavy metals may also prove to be helpful in alleviating migraine problems. In fact, several people have got relief from migraines after they removed their mercury fillings.


As far as treating migraines is concerned, ginger is a miraculous herb. It is advisable that people susceptible to migraines should take ginger immediately when they think they are facing a migraine attack, for instance during when they experience an aura or the start of pain. You may extract the juice of fresh ginger root and drink it, or mix it with fruit juice. Taking a blend of ginger root juice with apple and carrot is said to be effective. Ginger can also be taken in other forms, but the most bio-available form is fresh ginger root.

Ginger is also useful for treating nausea, especially when the migraine attack has already happened.

Essential oils

Inhaling peppermint, lavender and basil essential oils are known to lessen migraine pain.


Like any other disease, stress is also responsible for migraines. Hence, it is crucial to know how you can mitigate stress, because chronic stress often has an adverse effect on one's biochemistry. So, look at your life style and see if you need to make any changes. If you desire to reduce your level of stress, you need to be trained to take deep breaths, breathe properly and naturally. Therefore, learning to meditate and exercising daily is important.

Start grounding

Often, electro magnetic fields (EMFs) may become intense and promote migraine attacks. So try earthing for some time, getting connected to the earth. You may walk barefoot or even sit on the open ground.

The most effective and quickest migraine cure

Inhaling cayenne pepper helps to treat migraines. While this may be painful, migraine attacks are even worse. In fact, this will produce immediate results.

Irrespective of migraines occurring too often or sporadically, the pain is devastating indeed. No individual should suffer from migraine attacks. In order to ensure that migraines don't occur in your life, you need to modify your diet. Stay away from all prescription as well as other drugs, including OTC medications, sustain the normal balance of the gut flora, and mend your nervous system. If you are of the view that you are taking a healthy diet, but still suffering from migraines, it is important to take another look at it. First of all, you need to eliminate Candida and, undergo a complete detoxification program.

The multiple health benefits offered by celery

For long, people have associated celery with optimum health. Worldwide, people have been using the stem of this aromatic herb for treating numerous health conditions varying from mild constipation to severe inflammatory ailments. Although this plant is said to have its origin in the Mediterranean region, currently more than 1 billion pound of this herb is produced only in the United States. California, Florida and Michigan together contribute 80 percent of this production.

The popularity of celery notwithstanding, many are of the view that this herb is not very nourishing, as it is lightweight and contains lots of water. Compared to many other heavier foods, the nutrient content of celery is less. On the contrary, celery contains loads of specific phytonutrients that offer a number of special health advantages.

Combats cancer

Chemical analysis of celery has shown that this herb encloses two flavones called apigenin and luteolin, which are proven to be effective against a variety of cancer forms. Findings of a study carried in the August 2014 edition of Tumour Biology state that apigenin has the ability to encourage apoptosis in gastric carcinoma cells in humans provided it is used in the appropriate dosage. According to the findings of a more recent study carried in Experimental and Molecular Pathology two months later it was found that giving apigenin in low dosages can help to inhibit or even put off progression of breast cancer.

Then again, luteolin appears to be effective in especially treating colon cancer. A review in the 2014 edition of Pacific Journal of Caner Prevention arrived at the conclusion that luteolin may possibly lessen oxidative stress at the start of colon cancer and may even be used as a potential drug for treating colorectal cancer.

Improves blood health

Celery oil contains 3-n-butylphthalide (BuPh), which is responsible for the flavour and aroma of this plant. In addition, it also helps to treat hypertension (high blood pressure). A study carried in the December 1998 edition of Phytotherapy Research revealed that BuPh produced vaso-relaxant actions on rats enduring hypertension. In other words, this compound helped to lessen the tension in the walls of their blood vessels, thereby lowering the high blood pressure.

It has been proved that consuming one cup (250 ml) sliced celery provides our body with about 37 percent of our daily requirement of vitamin K, which facilitates proper blood clot formation. "K" actually denotes koagulation, the German term for clotting. Any dearth of vitamin K in the body may augment the chances of uncontrolled bleeding, bruising easily, and debilitated bones, as this vitamin also helps to build bones.

Aids weight loss

People trying to lose weight will find consuming celery beneficial. In fact, celery facilitates weight loss in various ways. It is not only fat-free, but one cup of the herb just encloses 16 calories. In fact, celery is known to be a "negative calorie" food, for our body needs more calories to digest the food compared to what the plant offers. As celery comprises 95 percent water, it helps in getting rid of toxins and wastes from the cells and lessens exhaustion. Last, but not the least, celery contains loads of soluble fiber that not only aids in balancing the sugar levels in bloodstream, but also reduces the level of cholesterol.

Selecting celery

While choosing celery, opt for plants that break easily when separated. Ideally, the color of the celery leaves should be vivid green and without any yellow or brown blemishes.

You can benefit from consuming celery when you consume it intact and its raw form. Celery juice is certainly good for our health, but when you extract the plant's juice, its fiber profile is destroyed, thereby decreasing its effectiveness in treating constipation as well as a weight loss.

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