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Joint diseases not only cause swelling and limited mobility, but are also painful and make everyday functioning difficult for patients. Regardless of the cause of your problems, you should always consult your doctor and start the recommended treatment.

However, in your home medicine cabinet you will find herbs that can support drug therapy - they relieve pain, swelling and have anti-inflammatory properties. What herbal infusions are worth drinking for joint pain?

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Inflammation and degeneration of joints - what are the symptoms?

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system can cause a number of symptoms that are painful and make everyday functioning difficult. The current inflammation in the joints causes them to swell, turn red, and movement is difficult.

Joint diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative disease, gout, lupus, and inflammation caused by another infection.

Let us explain here what lupus is. Lupus is an ailment that occurs when your body's immune system attacks its own organs and tissues. Therefore, it is classified as an autoimmune disease.

The inflammation caused by lupus can affect many different body systems - including the skin, joints kidneys, brain, blood cells, heart and lungs.

In addition to pain and swelling, patients may also experience fever, tingling and numbness in the limbs, stiffness in the joints, decreased appetite, and a "shooting" feeling in the joints.

The above symptoms should be consulted with a doctor who will decide on the treatment method. At home, we can support therapy with herbal infusions that have anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties. Any treatment method should always be discussed with your doctor.

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Rosehip reduces joint stiffness

Rosehip infusion is especially recommended for people who suffer from joint stiffness and limited mobility due to joint disease. All thanks to the galactolipid substance contained in the herb, which reduces inflammation.

The vitamin C contained in it slows down the processes of destruction of joint cartilage. It has been proven that regular drinking of rosehip infusions reduces pain and improves joint mobility.

Rosehips can also be used to prepare compresses for painful joints.

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Sage improves calcium absorption

This popular herb was already known in ancient Greece - it was used not only for preparing meals, but also for treatment. Sage should be included in the diet of every woman after menopause, when the risk of osteoporosis and related symptoms of the musculoskeletal system increases.

Let us remind you that osteoporosis is a disease that affects the human skeletal system. In the course of this disease, bone density decreases and the cohesion of their tissues is impaired, which results in a much higher susceptibility to fractures, which may occur even with low loads.

It also has a positive effect on the hormonal balance, which is responsible for the proper absorption of calcium into the body.

Sage infusion compresses can also be used for joint diseases - they reduce pain and swelling, and also reduce inflammation.

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Nettle for drinking and in the form of compresses

There are many health properties of nettle, and among them is the indication for its consumption by patients with gout.

It is worth recalling that gout is a disease that has a number of other names, including arthritis. It results in the deposition of sodium urate crystals in the tissues. An important element of gout treatment is a diet limiting products rich in purine compounds.

Gout is estimated to affect 1-2% of people. It most often develops in middle-aged and older people, more often among men.

It has also been proven that nettle has anti-inflammatory effects not only on joints - it supports the wound healing process, supports the urinary system and disinfects the oral cavity.

However, the most effective are compresses made from young nettle leaves, which can be collected in late spring. If pain increases or swelling occurs around the joint, it is recommended to apply nettle leaves to the affected area. Compresses bring the fastest results in the case of hand, knee and hip joints, but also in spine pain.

It is recommended to use the compresses every day for a week, and when the pain symptoms decrease, the compresses should be continued on average 3 times a week.


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