Natural Solutions To Anxiety

    Posted before Dec-31-2007

If you ever find that your heart is beating faster making it difficult to breathe and life appears to be doomed and extremely alarming, be sure that you have been gripped by anxiety or nervousness. Reports available from Health Canada states that around 12 per cent of the population in the country presently endures nervous complaints and what is significant is that only this section of the people seeks medical help, while the remaining go unattended. It may be mentioned here that if you are one among them who have been suffering from unceasing and severe nervous disorders that have been robbing your sleep, inhibiting you from focusing on your activities or normally diverting you from enjoying life, it is high time that you seek medical help. And in such situations, it is always more profiting to mull over natural compounds to terminate your woes and ensure a harmonious life.

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Breathe deep

At the outset deep breathing may appear to be a very simple and amateurish effort to heal nervous disorders, but, in reality, if effectively done, the process may provide a successful common and organic support to alleviate anxiety. When an individual is experiencing restlessness, he or she is required to respire rapidly from the higher sections of their tracheal system. It is important to note here that taking deep or protracted and even breaths from the diaphragm will enable one to attain a state of calmness. In addition to strengthening the correlation between the mind and the body, deep breathing facilitates the relaxation of the nervous system and satiates the body with plentiful of oxygen in due course ensuing a tranquil state of mind.

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While meditation has long been in use in the traditional form of medication in various cultures, it is only recently that the conventional physicians have come to realize as well as acknowledge the advantages of meditation or self-introspection for our body and mind. Different people may describe meditation differently, but precisely speaking the term basically denotes introspecting oneself or self examination. Meditation may be called a process whereby you stop worrying about the external apprehensions and alarm and concentrate your mind on the tranquility present in yourself. If you think that mediation is an intricate process and cannot be performed without the help of a trainer, you are awfully wrong. On the contrary, meditation is a simple process and one may start meditating by trying to listen and going along with the sound of your inhaling and exhaling. Initially, you may find it difficult to concentrate on the job for long and get distracted. Don't allow this to worry you, but simply ignore the causes of distraction, concentrate your thoughts and carry on with the process again.

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Regulate your diet

Although many people are not aware of this aspect, the fact remains that our diet affects our nervous system. Depending on the diet we take, our nervous system can be aggravated and also calmed down. For instance, just try to recall how you feel soon after consuming a cup of coffee, a chocolate bar or a cola. The initial experience may be that of contentment of a craving, but soon it may change and make you feel petulant, unwell and sometimes, even nervous. Remember all these items contain substantial amounts of caffeine and processed white sugar and both these substances are responsible for bringing about adverse consequences in your body. Researches have established that caffeine is responsible for raising the intensity of cholesterol in blood and exhaust the iron content in the circulatory system, while white sugar is responsible for the fluctuating blood sugar levels as well as stimulating the body to generate insulin in the situation when the blood sugar level drops below normal. Hence, it is essential to decide on our meals keeping in view what is nourishing for our body and mind. In order to maintain a healthy body and mind one should choose food that release proteins little by little. Such food items include breads, crackers, corns, pasta and rice. In addition, it is important to consume abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables as they enclose high levels of vitamins and minerals.

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If you actually want to find out if your internal communication is really making it easier or getting in the way of your aptitude to remain stress-free, everyday devote some time to perceive the constant babble in your cranium or head. While ruminating, try to substitute all pessimistic thinking with optimistic thoughts. You may achieve this by questioning yourself if the thoughts playing in your mind are really of any importance in your life and if you would continue to be anxious about them in the future. Question yourself about what could be worst situation for you and how you could get rid of such a hopeless situation.

If you practice this daily, gradually, you will notice a change in your aptitude. You will soon begin to realize that things are not all that depressing as you had earlier thought them to be. Remember, that this is an important insight that will help you in prevailing over the nervousness. At the same time, you may begin to practice Yoga (a traditional Indian system of breathing and posture exercises). Yoga has proved to be effectual in reducing anxiety as it enables us to do self-introspection and relax by uniting the body, mind and the spirit. You need not have to be a Yogi (a Yoga trainer), but practicing only a few postures will help you to overcome your anxiety and other disorders.

Practice yoga

As mentioned earlier in this article, yoga, a form of work out evolved in ancient India involving breathing exercises and different postures, is capable of uniting the body, mind and the spirit. Hence, practicing yoga regularly gives a feeling of happiness, relaxation and unison of the body, mind and the emotions in oneself. Here is a brief discussion on the specific postures or 'asanas' of yoga, practicing which will help to alleviate anxiety.

Downward facing dog posture

This is one of the most important postures of yoga that will help you to overcome your anxiety or nervous disorders. Position yourself on all your four limbs like a dog stretching itself. Bend your knees and move a couple of steps backwards ensuring that the space between both your hands is equal to the distance between the feet. Now move your upper body or torso in the direction of your legs and gradually get your heels to the floor experiencing the protraction beginning from your hands to all along the rear of your heels. You will be able to tenderly invigorate your sense organs as well as retard your heart beat pace and relax your mind by remaining in this position for at least one minute.

Child's posture

Practicing this posture will help you to alleviate strain on your lower back and shoulders while facilitating to re-link with your inhaling or respiration. This yoga posture requires you to put your head on the floor while sitting on your knees. Now, with your head placed on the ground, place your hands at ease by your waist with the palms facing the ceiling.

Corpse posture

The corpse posture is actually known as the 'shav asana' in yoga and it requires you to completely relax every part of your body. Lie down on the ground on your back and put your hands palms-up towards the ceiling and keep your feet somewhat spaced out. Now, quietly unwind each part of your body and try to keep your mind away from the environs. Concentrate on uniting your body, mind and the spirit. Practicing this yoga posture regularly will help you to pacify your sense organs and attain tranquility and harmony.


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