Lose Weight And Gain Energy While You Sleep! With Calorad®

    Posted before Dec-31-2007

Are you increasingly finding it difficult to lose pounds if you are overweight, or to keep them off if you are already in shape? Or, are you finding yourself sapped of energy, still trying to "get-up" instead of "get-up-and-go"? Relax, that's a sign of increasing age. With increasing age, the vital processes of the body start slowing down and degenerating, leading to all this.

People want a fit body along with a long life, don't they? They try so hard to get it, however somewhere along the line, they get into a rut, and quit. More than 60% Americans today are overweight. That means out of 10 of us, 6 are battling to lose weight. It is this desperation in which they fall prey to products that promise the moon, but end up with a whimper. However, finally there is a product that is based on proven scientific facts and tested with beneficial results - Calorad®.

Stay slim, lifelong!

Calorad® is a protein supplement based on the most potent liquid collagen formula. It provides essential amino acids, as well as the non essential ones, that help restore the depleted collagen tissues in the body. The result is evident in not just weight loss, but in many more ways - lost flab, increased lean muscle mass, improved sleep, and so on.

Calorad® is a proven nutritional supplement, the most powerful of its kind available on the market. Its uniqueness lies not only in the way it works, but even more remarkably in the time it works. Calorad® is night time supplement that gives your body the much needed boost during the first 90 minutes of your sleep when the body is in its natural repair cycle. Thus, it brings your body back on track while you sleep, literally.

Before you realize what's happening, your clothes start getting loser, and your energy level starts going up.

Stay energetic all day!

About 24% of the dry protein weight of our body is made up of collagen. But with increasing age, the body doesn't produce as much collagen as it did earlier. The result is wrinkles on the skin, breakdown of lean muscles and connective tissues affecting the joints, tendons and ligaments as well. Now, the secret of Calorad®, the liquid protein, lies here. It has a unique metabolic formula that restores the collagen base of the body while you are fast asleep.

Our body is in the delta sleep mode during the first 90 minutes of sleep. This is the period when the body rejuvenates itself by repairing and rebuilding the damaged tissues. Calorad® interacts with the body during this crucial period and fuels your metabolism to promote loss of unwanted fat that is still unstored.

Besides aiding weight loss, the powerful nutritional formula of Calorad®, a perfect combination of amino acids, paves the way for a number of benefits that are apparent almost instantly. Apart from losing weight and flab, you regain lost lean muscles, enjoy a better sleep, and see stronger and more beautiful hair, not to speak of the increased energy and stamina.

So, bid an adieu to fad diets. Bring in not just a weight loss formula, but a long term health solution.

Don't just lose weight! Gain health with Calorad®

Calorad® is not just a weight loss formula, it is a total health solution, clinically tested for positive results in many ailments.

It was 20 years ago that the original Calorad® formula was made. For chickens! Sounds funny? Well, it started with a chicken farmer whose chickens were suffering from fatty liver syndrome and were not able to squeeze out their eggs, literally. The chicken farmer sought the help of a Canadian researcher and visionary, Michel Grisé. Grisé prepared a liquid formula to be given to the chickens, and they started laying eggs again, in only a few days!

Pleasantly surprised by the result, Michel recreated the formula for humans and thus Calorad® became available for the masses. Today, with 50% success rate in the first month of use, and 86% in three months, millions of men and women, from every walk of life, have benefitted by this unique formula. It is derived from natural substances that are not even enhanced by chemicals; so you can safely try it for 3-5 months to experience its full benefits. For best results, have a balanced diet and follow a moderate exercise regimen. Remember your good health is not just for you, it matters to your loved ones also.

Is the temptation telling?

As mentioned earlier, Calorad® is not just a weight loss formula; it's a total health solution. Most people taking it have experienced benefits like:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved stamina
  • Better sleep
  • A rejuvenated body with a sense of wellness
  • Improved texture and appearance of skin, hair and nails
  • Less craving for snacks

If, like millions of Americans, you are on the lookout for something that would lead to weight loss, good looks and great energy and stamina, Calorad® is your best bet.

The Calorad® formula is an exclusive intellectual property of Essentially Yours Industries. Consequent upon the success of the product, many companies tried to match it, but none succeeded. All they were able to come up with were poor imitations. Calorad® remains the only product of its kind on the market.

Only heard of side effects so far? Experience side benefits now

Although Calorad® was primarily meant to aid weight loss, it produced several other positive effects on health which have been outlined above. So, in your quest to get into shape, you will feel several positive side benefits indicating that Calorad® is at work.

Wary of long wait! Experience the results real fast

Most people taking Calorad® have started experiencing desired improvement within weeks. However, it is not a crash weight loss formula. As it is derived from natural substances, it does not chemically stimulate your body to achieve quick results. Therefore, for permanent results, give Calorad® sufficient time to interact positively with the vital processes of your body. The recommended time is at least 3-5 months.

When you use Calorad® with a balanced diet and regular exercise regimen, its physiological benefits are multiplied. It takes you faster towards your health loss goals while boosting your energy, stamina, mood, in fact every positive aspect of your health. Calorad® is fundamentally different from all weight loss products as it works with the natural rhythm of the body in its peak period of amino acid absorption activity, not by going against the vital processes of the body and suppressing them. In fact, Calorad® is a class apart among all weight loss products.

How does Calorad® work?

With increasing age, our body's ability to produce collagen based tissues is hampered. The condition is aggravated by deteriorating environmental factors. The results appear in the form of wrinkles on the skin outside, and disintegration of lean muscles and tissues from the inside. To put it simply, the fat-muscle ratio of the body changes for the worse. The process is not going to reverse until the body gets proper collagen supplements.

Calorad® does just that. It provides your body with easily absorbable and nourishing liquid collagen protein and thus restores its collagen base naturally. Calorad® is prepared using a unique cold enzymatic process due to which its protein component becomes extremely bio available and gets readily absorbed by the body to assist in lean muscle formation. The process, in turn, utilizes more fat and thus begins a never ending cycle of fat disintegration.

Used in accordance with directions, Calorad® can prove to be the most effective way to rebuild your lean muscles, as well as connective tissues. The process would utilize extra fats and sugars thus leading to weight loss while at the same time making for a beautifully carved body.

Does it work, really?

In the first 60-90 minutes of sleep, your body is said to be in delta sleep mode. This is the period when the body rejuvenates itself. Vital processes are at work at this time to repair and rebuild its damaged tissues. Collagen is the chief component it uses for the purpose.

Collagen forms 24% of the dry protein weight of our body. It is found in fibrous, elastic and connective tissues of it. You can take it as a sort of glue that holds different parts of the body together. It is a type of protein, an essential component of tendons, ligaments, joints, hair, etc.

However, with increasing age, the body is not able to produce as much collagen as required for proper rejuvenation. It is here that Calorad® comes to help. It interacts with the vital processes of the body during delta sleep period, and supplies it with a readily assimilated collagen formula to assist and accelerate the process of rejuvenation. The formation of lean muscles and tissues as result of this rejuvenation utilizes extra fats and sugars which have not yet been stored. In this way it accelerates the process of weight loss.

Millions of satisfied users of Calorad® worldwide have vouched for the miraculous properties of this simple but profoundly effective product.

Any side effects?

Yes, Calorad® does have side effects. A number of them really. But, hold your breath, these for better, not for worse! Side benefits really.

Depletion of collagen in our body saps us of our energy and causes fatigue, irritation, lack of concentration, and an overall deterioration in performance. By providing natural collagen to the body at the time when its requirement is at the peak, Calorad® counters all these conditions. It shows the side benefits of increased energy and stamina, more beautiful skin and hair, a cheerful mood, and an enhancement in performance in every sphere. Yet, we call it side benefits, because the main benefit of Calorad® remains loss of pounds as well as flab.

As collagen is vital to most of our body's functions, beneficial results of its restored supply will show up almost in every sphere of health. So, do expect a lot while taking Calorad®. Most users have reported a deeper sleep and a reduced craving for unhealthy food, apart from the side benefits already mentioned.

Don't measure your success with Calorad® on the pound scale, measure it in front of the mirror. As its basic function is to rebuild the lean muscle mass, not to melt away the fats, the results will at first be felt in the loss of inches, not pounds. However, as the process gets underway the fats will also start breaking down and the results will show up on the pound scale as well.

In fact many users, in the first few weeks of its use, did not lose even an ounce of weight. Some even reported gaining a few pounds. However, shedding of flab was clearly discernible from their entire body. So, choose a belt of a piece of clothing as your measuring scale for the first few weeks of the use of Calorad®.


Calorad® is essentially collagen hydrolysate derived from bovine. Apart from that it contains aloe vera, glycerine, oxygenated water, potassium sorbate, methylparaben, propylparaben, and lemonade flavouring.

Directions for Use

One tablespoonful of Calorad® should be taken with 8 ounces of water, on an empty stomach, just before going to sleep. You can stir it with water, or follow it up with water. Start experiencing benefits while living normally as you do. Can anything be simpler?


From Richard - Aug-11-2011
My sister has used this product for 4 months and she has lost over 109 Lbs. Plus she has 4 kids and she has more strength and stamina then she has ever had. She gave me a bottle and I am starting it today.
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