Colloidal Silver: A Near Perfect Antibiotic

    Posted before Dec-31-2007

The colloidal silver is a near perfect antibiotic or an agent for destroying micro-organisms. It has been found that colloidal silver has the capability to destroy or eliminate any germ - bacteria, virus or fungus - within just six minutes of getting in touch with the antibiotic. The best thing about using colloidal silver is that it has no recognized side effects or undesirable reaction from using a medication. Colloidal silver may be applied externally as well as taken internally.

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Colloidal silver is an effective antibiotic to treat burns or wounds that may lead to infections. In such conditions, physicians advise using colloidal silver in a bandage on the effected area. The procedure is to drench a cotton ball in colloidal silver and apply it on the wound or burn. The antibiotic may be used in a similar manner to cure warts or moles.

The antibiotic is also beneficial for women and those suffering from yeast infection in the vagina may use one tablespoon of colloidal silver blended with 8 ounces of water as a douche (to clean body with a jet of water solution) solution for instant relief. People suffering from other infections may consume colloidal silver in combination with any liquid of their preference to get relief from their problems. The normal dosage for treating existing infections is to take one tablespoon of colloidal silver thrice daily and when the condition gets better, the dosage may be decreased first to two tablespoons of the antibiotic daily and later one tablespoon a day.

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Physicians recommend one tablespoonful of colloidal silver every day to keep off simple infections such as flu, colds and other ailments. However, an individual may enhance the normal dosage of one tablespoon of the antibiotic if he or she finds that there is no improvement in the condition despite ingesting colloidal silver.

The rediscovery of a super antibiotic

Researches conducted over the years have demonstrated colloidal silver to be a potent and natural antibiotic that is highly effectual in avoiding all kind of infections from germs, viruses and fungi. It has been found that the action of colloidal silver eliminates these micro-organisms and thereby prevents them from causing any harm to the enzymes secreted by the human body or damaging the chemical system of the human system. Subsequently, all micro-organisms found in our body and food that have the potential to cause different diseases are destroyed. Until 1938, when the physicians began to prefer pharmaceutical drugs, colloidal silver was used widely all over the world.

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Early research

By the end of the 20th century, scientists and medical researchers had realized that the most vital liquids found in the human body are characteristically colloidal. In fact, they are found in the body like suspended or dangling super fine elements. It may be mentioned here that scientists undertook studies with colloidal silver on the basis of the fact that blood transports nourishing substances and oxygen to all the cells present in the body. Before 1938, physicians primarily used colloidal silver as a common antibiotic for treating infections and it was considered to be ultra-modern medication as the manufacturing process and costs were very high. Gradually, with the prosperity of the pharmaceutical companies that began to produce and sell reasonably cheaper and quick antibiotic remedies, scientists began to neglect research with colloidal silver. This was despite the fact that the use of colloidal silver is completely safe and without side effects. In comparison, in most cases, the pharmaceutical drugs led to toxicities.

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Contemporary studies

In the late 1970s, the author of 'The Body Electric', physician Robert O. Becker discovered that the silver ions enhance the development of bone and eliminates the bacteria around them. The physician made this observation while undertaking a research on rejuvenation of limbs, spinal cords and other organs of the human body. It may be mentioned here that in an article titled 'Our Mightiest Germ Fighter', the 1978 edition of Science Digest described colloidal silver as a marvel of modern day remedy and asserted on the need for further research with the antibiotic. The article further said that normally an antibiotic destroys over half-a-dozen different disease causing micro-organisms, but colloidal silver is exceptional in the sense that eliminates as many as 650 bacteria, viruses, fungi and other single celled organisms as they fail to build up any effective opposition to this natural antibiotic. In addition, colloidal silver is non-toxic and safe to use, the article noted. Colloidal silver is held in such high esteem for its therapeutic value that the article concluded with a quotation by Dr Harry Margraf, a renowned biochemist and pioneering researcher with colloidal silver who had been a colleague of Carl Moyer, M.D. and chairman of the Washington University's Department of Surgery during the 1970s. The article quoted Dr Margraf as saying that colloidal silver is the best among all available antibiotics or germ fighters.

How it works

When colloidal silver comes near or gets in touch with bacteria, viruses, fungi or any single celled micro-organism that causes disease in human body, it renders the oxygen metabolic system of these pathogens or their chemical lung and suffocates them to 'death' within minutes. Eventually, these dead substances or toxins are thrown out of the body by the immune, lymphatic (a vessel that transports lymph) and other systems that eliminate body wastes. Colloidal silver is different from the pharmaceutical drugs in the way that while the former does not affect the beneficial enzymes, the latter causes harm to them. It may be mentioned here that the use of colloidal silver is not only safe for humans, but also animals, especially reptiles, plants and multi-celled organisms.

Product quality

Although various brands of colloidal silver are available in the market, most of them are said to be of poor quality. It may be noted here that the best quality of colloidal silver is manufactured through the electro-colloidal or non-chemical process whereby silver particles and water have a collision. This means a process through which the silver elements and water have been isolated inside and attached to one another by an electric charge. In this process, ultra fine particles of silver are hang up in water that has been divested of all its mineral content for a vague period. Although known as colloidal silver, the color of the antibiotic ranges from transparent to somewhat golden yellow. In fact, if you find colloidal silver possessing darker colors, be sure that excessive silver particles have been used in the process and they have subsided at the bottom of the container. In addition, darker colored colloidal silver may be taken as the adulterated version of the antibiotic. It may also be mentioned here that any brand of colloidal silver that requires to be shaken before use or possesses a stabilizer or contains any trace elements, it should be considered as a poor quality substance.

Again if a colloidal silver brand needs to be kept in a refrigerator, be sure that the material contains other constituents in addition to silver and this is likely to blemish the natural antibiotic. Also remember that colloidal silver brands containing high intensity of silver may not be completely safe for use. In fact, high concentration or percentage of silver in the antibiotic does not help to destroy the disease causing micro-organisms as effectively as done by those antibiotics containing silver to the tune of 5 to 15 parts per million (ppm).

Ingesting colloidal silver

If colloidal silver is ingested orally, it quickly assimilates in the mouth and is then transported to the cells in all parts of the body through the blood circulatory system. Always remember that keeping the colloidal silver solution below the tongue for a brief period before gulping it down helps in absorbing the antibiotic quicker. If an individual has been taking small amounts of the antibiotic daily, it would take a minimum of three to four days for sufficient quantity of silver to accrue in the tissues to initiate the necessary and desired actions. Although the presence of the antibiotic does not lead to any adverse side effects, the body can get rid of colloidal silver completely though the kidneys, the lymph (body fluid containing white cells) system as well as bowels after quite a few weeks.

Many physicians prescribe ingestion of a daily quota of colloidal silver with a view to safeguard a person who is exposed to the hazardous germs or micro-organisms that may cause diseases. If an individual is suffering from any trivial burn injuries that may possibly lead to infections, administering colloidal silver will not only treat the burn faster, but also decrease the chances of infection as well as any damage to the tissues. In this case, one may also apply a fine spray or compress drenched in colloidal silver for effective results. Many medical practitioners adept in naturopathy or the natural medical sciences are of the opinion that regular use of low dose of colloidal silver is immensely helpful for people who are prone to insistent substandard infections. Colloidal silver may function as an effective health care for such people.

Chronic or serious conditions

It is to be noted that one teaspoon of 10 particles per million (ppm) of colloidal silver is equivalent to approximately 50 micrograms (mcg) of silver. According to physicians practicing naturopathy, it is safe and nutritional to intake 50 to 150 mcg or 'nutritional amount' of the antibiotic daily for a considerable period of time. If any one desires to intake a higher quantity of the antibiotic, known as 'therapeutic amount', he or she should consult a physician and use colloidal silver only occasionally. However, when anyone is suffering from any ailment, especially the infectious kind, physicians often prescribe ingestion of twice or thrice the amount of colloidal silver taken as per the 'nutritional amount' for approximately 30 to 45 days at a stretch. Once the condition has improved, physicians recommend a lower intake of the antibiotic, which is also known as the 'maintenance dose'. It may be mentioned here that in acute conditions, physicians have even been reported to have prescribed intake of 3 to 32 ounces of the antibiotic daily.

Here is a word of caution or advice. If you are terribly ill or your body contains a lot of toxic material, never hasten the treatment process or throw out the wastes immediately. Always remember that if the germs causing diseases are eliminated or destroyed very rapidly, the five eliminatory channels of the body - kidneys, liver, lungs, skin and bowels - may be over burdened, albeit for the time being, and may lead to conditions similar to suffering from flu. You may experience headache, giddiness, severe exhaustion, vomiting and even muscle pains. If you ever experience such conditions following the use of colloidal silver, decrease the intake of the antibiotic and increase the consumption of distilled or purified water. In addition, it is necessary to have habitual bowel movement in order to alleviate the uneasiness owing to the detoxification process.

At the same time, determine to decrease the intake of sugar and saturated fats through your diets. In addition, increasing your exercise schedule is also essential. If all these aspects are taken care of, you will be surprised to experience the natural aptitude of your body to heal itself!

Topical uses

Apart from therapeutic utility, colloidal silver has many other conventional uses. Many people use the antibiotic in a nasal sprayer to reach the antibiotic to contact the sinuses and the channels inside the nose. Colloidal silver is also available in spray bottles for conventional application of the substance in kitchen and bathroom areas. In addition, among other things, colloidal silver is beneficial for skin disorders, aching throat, eye problems and burns. Colloidal silver does not have any adverse effects and hence it can even be used in baby's eyes. Dissimilar from many other ointments, this antibiotic does not harm or destroy the tissues. When colloidal silver is applied directly on open wounds, cuts or scratches, it does not cause any pain like many other available antiseptics. The antibiotic may be used to clear jammed nose as well as an effective underarm deodorant. Colloidal silver is an effective deodorant as it eliminates bacteria which disintegrate substances released by sweat to cause the foul odor.

Some common uses of colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is beneficial for treating multiple disorders. The antibiotic may be used to cure eczema, acne, itching, sunburn or even bug bites. Colloidal silver may also be used directly to heal cuts, burns, scrapes and open aches or used in bandages for treating warts or moles. Colloidal silver is also used to sterilize water. The right portion for this is to add one teaspoon of colloidal silver to one gallon of water and wait for six minutes before drinking it. Although this makes the water somewhat bland to taste, it is not an allopathic toxic like many other water purifiers. Since ages, practitioners of naturopathy or natural health practitioners have prescribed the use of colloidal silver. According to the recommendations of these health practitioners, one tablespoon of colloidal silver may be taken daily at a stretch for four days to set up a level of the antibiotic in the body and then take half a tablespoon daily for preservation. Care must be taken while administering the antibiotic to children - it must be given proportionate to their weight. Once the medication has be taken regularly for six weeks, physicians often recommend a break for a number of weeks.

Veterinary and garden use

It is significant to note that colloidal silver is also useful for animals and plants alike and hence it is widely used by veterinary physicians as well as gardeners. In fact, the antibiotic works effectively on all pets when it is administered to them in proportion to their body weight. Gardeners use colloidal silver in the gardens as well as greenhouses. For best results, the antibiotic needs to be mixed with sufficient water or soil and soon you will experience healthy plants.

Tolerance to disease organisms

It is common knowledge now that a variety of germs that are capable of resisting even the most contemporary antibiotics and are known as 'super germs'. Generally, there is a view that unlike in the instance of conventional antibiotics, germs that comprises of a solitary cell are not able to transform into the type that can resist silver. Hence, there would be no acceptance to colloidal silver through mutation or change in the generic material. At the same time, it must be mentioned that researchers have not found colloidal silver to get in the way or interrelate with other medicines taken by a person. Even when it is inside the body, silver does not lead to any adverse reaction or produce toxins. The antibiotic is also not known to react with any other substance barring a germ that is an oxygen metabolizing enzyme.

Researches have demonstrated that colloidal silver is an effective remedy for treating several human disorders. In addition, use of the antibiotic is reported to completely safe as no one has ever reported colloidal silver having any interface or intrusion with other drugs taken by a person simultaneously. Moreover, it is usually not possible to intake an overdose of colloidal silver because to do this one needs to consume very hefty quantities of the antibiotic. Researchers, physicians as well as people using the antibiotic have confirmed that colloidal silver is not only an effective medication to treat numerous diseases, but also helps in preventing ailments and infections such as colds, flu and fermentation or chemical conversion into simpler substances owing to bacteria, viruses or fungi. The antibiotic is also able to help people in avoiding the most common and evident infections that occur from time to time.

It may be noted here that the living organisms are generally found in a chemical state that is colloidal and not crystalline and it is a lot easier for the human body to incorporate substances found in the colloidal condition. Hence, it is little surprising that the colloidal silver should be the most functional and usable variety of arguably the most effectual antibiotic or enemy of the germs. A colloidal suspension or dispersion of particles means suspending the super fine elements of one substance into another substance through an electric charge.

It may be mentioned here that colloidal suspensions include homogenized or regulated milk and aerosol or vaporizer. The colloidal silver is unadulterated metallic silver and not a chemical amalgamation. It comprises elements of 15 or less atoms and each one possesses a positive electric charge and is bound to a molecule of plain protein. When it is attached to simple protein molecules, the new material formed can float in unpolluted water. Since the electric charge in the atoms is more potent that the gravitational pull, the silver particles don't go down in water.

Colloidal silver in advance of illness

The best thing about colloidal silver is that it may be taken in advance if one considers that there is a great likelihood of coming in contact with germs. The antibiotic may be taken orally or even applied externally in case of a skin disorder. In fact, taking or applying colloidal silver acts like a second line of protection for physical disorders. The silver content in colloidal silver, which is non-poisonous and non-addictive, functions as a means and is calmed down. The metal has only minor side effect in case of single cell pathogenic organisms or organisms causing diseases, but is also reported to kill the parasites in these single cells. In fact, the use of colloidal silver often makes elderly people feel younger as a part of their energy is exhausted in combating diseases. At the same time, they also find digestion easier owing to the high activity.

It may be mentioned here that medical studies have demonstrated that the silver metal is effectual in quick healing. At the same time comparatively it does little harm to the tissue and even helps in treating serious burn cases. When talking about burn cases, it is pertinent to note that use of colloidal silver has been so effective that it has cured cases where even reputed doctors had previously given up all hopes. Use of colloidal silver is completely safe. It is basically bland to taste and when applied to baby's eyes, it will not damage any tissue. Also, it will not cause stomach disorders in adults.

More than 650 diseases helped

It is important to note that colloidal silver has been found to eliminate as many as 650 micro-organisms like bacteria, virus and fungi. Researches have demonstrated that many of these micro-organisms are related to several diseases in humans. However, simply taking colloidal silver will not help in avoiding or treating the diseases caused by these micro-organisms. In fact, studies have discovered that colloidal silver is able to eliminate these micro-organisms when they are in touch with them for a considerable period. Significantly, the human body is like a complex machine, which may at times stop colloidal silver from getting to the concern area.

Hence, the principle instruction is that use colloidal silver only if you can obtain a sufficiently high concentration of the antibiotic to the affected regions of the body. It has been recommended that one may expect the desired results only when this is possible as the success of colloidal silver depends on its concentration as well as the period for which it is being applied. Hence there are many individuals who may try to use very heavy doses of colloidal silver, like eight or more ounces of the antibiotic at the same time, to experience how effectively it works. However, here is a word of caution. It is advisable strictly not to use colloidal silver if you are allergic to silver and if you find any digestive disorder following the use of the substance.


From Tina B. - Oct-23-2013
I've been using colloidal silver for years, and I'm still not blue. It's good for colds, sore throats, cuts, burns, systemic Candida, gums, and especially water purification when traveling in Mexico. No more Montezuma's revenge. My favorite these days is Advanced Silver. Sovereign silver is good, too.
From Judy Campanella - Jul-03-2013
Silver is a wonderful antibiotic and I have used it for several years on myself, my husband and my dogs. Great results most of the time. My husband developed m.a.c. lung disease which started out coughing up blood and I panicked because we had never experienced anything like that, I immediately gave him large dose (5 tablespoons of silver) and repeated in 2 hours. He never coughed up blood again, but he does have to take 3 kinds of antibiotics a day and I still give him silver for a great booster. It works so well with so many types of infections and saves us a lot of money by avoiding doctor and vet visits. Every home should have silver antibiotics in it, it is so worth it.
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