Advances In Herbal Prostate Treatments

    Posted before Dec-31-2007

Prostate disorders in men are being treated by some European doctors in a novel way. Utilizing new methods based on the use of traditional herbal medications sourced from different folk systems of healing. The potency of the extracts from a bark of the tree species, pygeum africanum in alleviating prostate problems was discovered two decades ago. This herbal remedy has been in a new treatment for prostate problems in men. The induction of this traditional treatment for prostate disorders by these European doctors has opened a new door for naturally treating prostate disease.

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The tree called the pygeum africanum is native to southern Africa and is found growing on mountain ranges. Native peoples have traditionally used extracts of the bark of the pygeum tree to treat urinary disorders in men. A tea made from the pygeum is in fact, still brewed and used by the Southern African peoples to alleviate painful symptoms that come with an enlarged or diseased prostate gland.

This natural prostate remedy is said to be the best treatment option among all the natural remedies for prostate disorders. Of late, some doctors in the U.S. have also begun to use this natural remedy in treating their patients. However, this natural remedy is not included in many prostate formulas used in the U.S., as the remedy is quite scarce and its powers have still not been fully appreciated by doctors here. It is still hard to find formulas containing the remedy in stores.

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The effectiveness of any prostate supplement is boosted when this remedy is included, though the other common prostate formulas work well - they are likely to be much more effective when this herb is included in the mix. This herbal ingredient will give absolute relief from the most dangerous and embarrassing physical symptoms associated with prostate disorders. Patients should choose only formulas that contain extracts of pygeum africanum to give themselves the best chance of full recovery.

Pygeum trees are now rare in the wild as demand for the bark has caused a sharp reduction in their numbers. The bark of the tree is considered to be very valuable and the demand for the bark has increased around the world and in Europe to the point that it is now considered to be a rare commodity. The over exploitation of the bark of tree is in fact, placing the wild population of this tree in danger of extinction.

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As over exploitation has nearly caused the extinction of the tree in recent years in some African countries, the species is now covered under CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and is included in appendix II of the convention. It is illegal to transport and engage in trade of this tree across national barriers - the main reason for its rarity these days.

The sale and harvest of the pygeum is now banned in many African countries, due to its endangered status and low population in the native habitat. Pygeum extracts are now prohibitively expensive due to their rarity in the market. Indeed as future supply of this bark extract is uncertain, many prostate supplement manufacturers do not use this extract in their products.

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Some unscrupulous supplement manufacturers cunningly market their products as containing pygeum extracts when in fact the herb is included only in trace amounts in the product. This may make it legal to list the pygeum on the product label, but the herbal extract is included in such small amounts that it will not have any beneficial effects. This marketing gimmick is surprisingly common and does not benefit the consumer at all. In fact, the consumer is cheated of an effective remedy as well as out of his or her money.

Effective remedies for prostate disorders

For remedies to be effective, they have to be taken in the right doses and contain the optimal combination of ingredients that will relieve the symptoms of the disorder.

In fact, symptoms associated with prostate problems can be relieved by many types of herbal extracts, vitamin supplements and minerals. There are other effective herbs such as the saw palmetto herb that can be quite effective in alleviating prostate disorders. Saw palmetto is included in man herbal prostate formulas and most people consume it in the formula they use daily. However, saw palmetto is not capable of dealing with prostate problems when used alone; it must be combined with other remedies.

A prostate formula that does not have the correct combination of different ingredients or does not include pygeum extracts - it may be ineffective or only partially capable of relieving the symptoms. A patient using such a formula to treat the often embarrassing and irritating physical symptoms will not have complete relief form the problem when using such a formula.

The risks also increase if the physical symptoms still persist even after a formula has been used for a long time - this may mean that the remedy is next to ineffective in alleviating the problem. Any problem that persists for a fairly long period of time can give rise to other disorders. A disorder where the urinary bladder is not fully emptied can in time cause kidney stones to develop, lead to painful bladder infections, and can even result in ultimate kidney failure and death for the person. Using a supplement with the ideal ingredients that can deal with prostate problems will help a person steer away from such potential risks. The formula a patient uses on a daily basis will determine his prospects of recovery.

Pygeum: a miracle herbal remedy

The extracts from pygeum have been proven to be effective in treating the most common symptoms associated with prostate problems in more than twenty six different controlled studies carried out at different laboratories. The potency of this herbal remedy hardly needs confirmation as it is well known that the tree has become endangered because of extensive exploitation due to the miraculous powers associated with the extracts of its bark.

In one study that was carried across three European countries involved over two hundred and sixty three patients in France, the Austrian Republic and Germany, the effectiveness of pygeum as a remedy was definitely confirmed. In the study, a dose of a hundred mg of pygeum daily was measured against the same dose of a placebo in patients suffering from urinary and prostate disorders. The results confirmed the potency of the pygeum, an improvement of sixty six per cent in urination was reported in the group administered the pygeum doses, this rate of improvement was more than twice the improvement reported by the patients placed in the group receiving only the placebos during the trial.

The great effectiveness of this remedy used by it is only part of the explanation for its value as a medication for prostate problems in men. Its ability to boost and bolster the potency of other well known herbal remedies used in treating prostate problems is another reason for its value as an herbal remedy. Pygeum increases the hitting power of other herbal ingredients in formulas meant to treat prostate problems; it boosts the power of the stinging nettle and saw palmetto and makes all herbal formulas more effective.

Clinical researchers who took part in a study based in Switzerland confirmed that an herbal combination formula consisting of pygeum and extracts of the stinging nettle partially blocked 2 enzymes that are responsible for the biochemical synthesis of the chemical dihydrotestosterone - DHT- in the human body. The release of this chemical is said to be one essential pathway in bringing about painful prostate disorders in men. During the course of this Swiss study, it was confirmed that herbal formulas containing combination of the nettle and pygeum herbal remedies were more effective together than each by itself.

A thirty two percent decrease in urination during night hours was reported in a study conducted in Europe on patients who used pygeum to fight off urinary incontinence. This is a great boon for patients suffering from urinary incontinence, in whom an ability to receive good sleep is a blessing. Urinary incontinence forces patients to rush to the bathroom every ten minutes and disturbs sleep patterns.

The effectiveness of pygeum is confirmed as the results from twenty six studies cannot possibly be all incorrect. Pygeum is possibly the best natural remedy to deal with urinary incontinence and prostate problems. At the same time, all the other beneficial effects of this herbal remedy also help in dealing with other problems in the body. The beneficial effects of pygeum were also proven in the course of an Italian study carried out in 1991, in this test the pygeum supplement not only reduced the symptoms associated with the prostate problems but also dealt with the urinary disorders, while increasing the libido of the patients. This is an extremely efficient natural remedy as it has many beneficial effects on the side which may not become apparent immediately.

The swelling and inflammation in the prostate tissue is also reduced significantly by the pygeum extract. An article in the Urology times magazine says that pygeum helps reduce prostate swelling and painful urination in patients. Therefore, the effectiveness of pygeum treatments is beyond doubt.

Pygeum is also capable of reducing elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood. This property of the herbal remedy has important bearings on treating prostate problems as cholesterol tends to increase the binding sites for DHT in the prostate gland of the affected person. The binding sites for DHT are reduced when cholesterol levels are reduced in the body. There is far less chance for the growth of prostate tissues when the binding sites for DHT are decreased.

Sustainable pygeum

It is now well established that, effective amounts of the pygeum supplement are required to beat back prostate problems in men. At the same time, there was always the problem of acquiring sufficient pygeum supplies as the product is scarce. This is no longer a concern as we have found a way out of the over exploitation problem associated with wild pygeum plants in Africa. We grow our own pygeum. As part of a special arrangement with Euromed in Spain, who are one of the leading suppliers of herbal ingredients for the European continent, perhaps the world. They will supply us with harvested pygeum tree bark from trees in plantations grown in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. These plantations are certified by European authorities and are not illegal in anyway. This is the insurance from us that the Ultimate Prostate Support can always be depended upon to contain the highest quality pygeum at the optimum dosages to deal effectively with any of prostate problem.

Saw palmetto and pygeum

Remedies made from the saw palmetto herb have been used for centuries by Native American peoples as a part of their traditional healing arts. An herbal tea prepared from saw palmetto was employed in the early part of the twentieth century to treat prostate disorders in men. Saw palmetto has been listed since 1905 by the U.S. Pharmacopoeia as a remedy for prostate problems and it has a traditional repute in this regard as well.

The ability of the saw palmetto to alleviate the symptoms of a prostate disorder is now confirmed in laboratory studies, it has none of the potentially dangerous and embarrassing side effects while being equally as effective as some of the most common prescription drugs employed in treating prostate problems.

The potential of saw palmetto in treating prostate problems and its effectiveness vis a vis a popular prescription drug was studied and the results were published in The Journal of the American Medical Association - these results were gleaned from nearly three thousand men treated with the saw palmetto. The researchers in the study concluded that the saw palmetto herbal extract produces similar improvements in urinary tract symptoms and urinary flow and was associated with fewer unpleasant treatment events. This is a very significant finding and holds great hope for herbal treatment of prostate affected patients.

However, the effectiveness of saw palmetto used alone is not up to expectation even though it is an excellent natural remedy for dealing with prostate problems. However, when this herb is combined with other remedies such as the pygeum, immediate relief is evident. This combination of pygeum and saw palmetto holds the greatest promise for treating prostate problems in men.

There is one important effect that the pygeum herb brings, when mixed with the saw palmetto herb - it tends to magnify the potency of the saw palmetto. The pygeum also boosts the potency of other herbs like the stinging nettle, also used in dealing with prostate problems. Immediate changes in the flow of urine and the change in residual urine was noticed by clinical patients given the stinging nettle and saw palmetto in a combined formula. The safety and effectiveness of this herbal combination was vouched for by the researchers.

In twelve weeks of study, two thousand eighty BPH - benign prostatic hyperplasia - patients were studied while being kept on placebos or the herbal combination. Those treated with the combination of saw palmetto and nettle root, reported feeling a great change coming over them as symptoms disappeared during the course of the study.

The results from the study showed that the men experienced a twenty six per cent boost in maximum urinary flow. While the reduction in residual urine was at forty four point seven per cent, at the same time there was marked reduction in painful urination by sixty two point five per cent. Post urination dribbling decreased by fifty three point two per cent. The incidence of nighttime urination also reduced to fifty per cent.

The effectiveness of the stinging nettle

In a recent study conducted on BPH affected patients in France, it was discovers that the stinging nettle herb combined with the pygeum brought about great improvements in BPH after just one month of continued administration of the combination herbal formula.

The symptoms of BPH were reduced by eighty percent in patients who received stinging nettle extracts in another clinical study. In yet another clinical trial, patients showed an improvement of eighty six percent with symptoms following three months of continuous treatment with the stinging nettle extract. These percentages of improvement in two or three months of dosage are a remarkable rate of improvement. This is almost like reducing the painful symptoms of prostate disease and lowering the number of trips to the bathroom at night by eighty percent. Therefore, this herb is an essential supplement for all patients suffering from prostate problems.

In the treatment of prostate problems, the extracts of the stinging nettle can be considered to be just one more weapon in the total repertoire of possible herbal treatments available these days. Stinging nettle works well and combines well with the pygeum as well as the saw palmetto, helping to bring effective and immediate relief from the symptoms brought on by prostate disorders.

Prostate disorders and lycopene supplements

The plant based organic compound lycopene is mainly extracted from tomatoes, though it is present in other fruits and vegetables as well. This compound is responsible for the red color in tomatoes. Lycopene is now believed to be one of the most powerful antioxidant compounds in the world. This compound is also very useful in dealing with prostate cancer and reducing the risk for this form of cancer in men.

The effectiveness of lycopene has been confirmed in studies and the confirmation from many clinical studies is beyond doubt. Lycopene supplements and their effectiveness was studies by researchers during the course of a six year study involving forty eight thousand men at Harvard Medical School. The results showed that men who consumed some form of tomato products at least two times weekly had about twenty one to thirty four per cent reduced risk for developing prostate cancer at a later stage in life. The results from other clinical researches go further than this and claim that supplemental lycopene can help in treating cancers already present in the body.

In long term research, scientists studied the clinical effects of lycopene supplements on patients down with prostate cancer. This clinical observation followed a group of thirty prostate cancer affected men who were due to have their prostates removed through surgery. In the study, half of the men were administered lycopene supplements, while the other half were only given a placebo during the same study. The men were observed following the surgery.

The scientists observed that patients who were administered lycopene supplements had smaller tumors as a result. They also noted that the prostate tumors in these men displayed signs of regression and malignancy, compared to the group that was only on placebos. Lycopene as tomato extract may not only help prevent prostate cancer, but may also be useful in treating prostate cancer. Therefore, lycopene supplements have a real role and are effective in dealing with prostate problems in men.

The nutrients that can help

Powerful nutrients such as the vitamin E can help in fighting off prostate disorders. This essential nutrient can prove to be another important and powerful friend in dealing with prostate disease in men. New evidence suggests that the vitamin E may also prove helpful in combating prostate cancer and in reducing the risk for this disease.

Patients with prostate disorders were studied in one clinical research program at the University of Helsinki in Finland. In the course of the study, vitamin E along, beta carotene alone, a placebo, or the two nutrients combined in a formula were administered to 29,133 men, who ranged in ages from fifty to sixty nine. This study went on for 5 to 8 years and yielded important results.

The chances of prostate cancer in the men given only vitamin E supplements were reduced by thirty six per cent compared to those receiving only placebos. The ability of the vitamin E supplement to incipient prevents prostate cancer in the men from progressing further than the latent stages were also noticed during the study.

At the cellular level, the mineral selenium also works with the vitamin E to protect the integrity of the cells and prevents damage. The vitamin E has an ability to protect the cellular membrane, while selenium is important for the biochemical pathways inside the cell. Taken together, these two nutrients are very effective at dealing with problems at the cellular level; they are a powerful defense against cell damage which can manifest eventually as cancer in the tissues.

The health of the prostate gland is also helped by another essential mineral, namely zinc. This mineral, important in trace amounts helps bring relief from urinary symptoms and also reduces the size of the swollen prostate gland in men with BPH and related prostate disorders.

The enzyme is responsible for the biochemical conversion of the hormone testosterone into DHT in the body is also affected by the mineral zinc. As increased amounts of the DHT in the body promotes the growth and swelling of the prostate, a reduced DHT content induced by zinc is helpful in dealing with the swelling in the prostate gland. At the same time, a zinc deficiency is believed to lead to impotence because the mineral zinc is required for normal synthesis of the hormone testosterone and is needed in the production of sperm in the testes.

All the symptoms associated with prostate disorders can be dealt with using a combination of these nutrients and mineral detailed here. It is important to use all of them in some form to bring total relief from prostate disorders.

The right combination of herbs

Each and everyone of these natural herbal remedies can work to promote and improve the health of the prostate gland.

The embarrassing and otherwise dangerous physical symptoms associated with prostate problems can be alleviated by any of these natural remedies when used alone. However, complete relief from prostate problems is possible only when the remedies are used at the correct dosages and in the right combinations.

The effectiveness that pygeum lends to these natural remedial combinations of herbal ingredients is what gives them the potency to deal with prostate disorders of all kinds. Formulas containing many of these natural ingredients are found in products on the market these days, no doubt, most of these formulas are effective to some extent in dealing with different types of prostate disorders.

A complete formulation that includes pygeum is the way to go, if total relief and prostate support is required. A pygeum based and nutrient enriched formula will bring total relief from physical symptoms and the problems that come with those symptoms. The complete natural formulation must include a minimum of a hundred mg of pygeum and should be taken by all patients daily to bring relief from prostate problems.

The miracle formulation

Each one of these ingredients can be brought at the local health food store and used by patients. Though finding authentic pygeum might be a problem.

Getting a dosage of the best quality supplement will still be a difficult prospect even if one manages to can find all of the needed ingregients not to mention determining the ideal ingredients of the best quality for supplemental use. At the same time, it would also be necessary to consume at least 6 or 7 pills of different ingredients several times daily to get the maximum benefit from the remedies.

All the ingredients mentioned here have been proven as scientifically supported and clinically formulated mixtures for treating prostate problems in affected patients. A potent formula is sold by many companies, for example, the NorthStar Nutritionals Company has produced a nutritional supplement made from these prostate supporting botanicals, as well as vitamins and essential minerals in one single product suitable for use by patients.

The swollen prostate can be treated by a formula consisting of a mixture of pygeum, combined with the saw palmetto herb, the stinging nettle herb and the essential mineral zinc - this combination formula helps reduce the size of the affected prostate gland. Taking this combination formula will make the physical symptoms disappear and alleviate the condition to enable the patient full recovery from the disorder in good time.

The health of the prostate gland is also promoted by nutrient compounds like lycopene, as well as the vitamin E and the mineral selenium. Clinical studies have show that regular use of these three nutrients might even protect against cancer and may even reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men.


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