Why Your Nutrients Don't Work

    Posted before Dec-31-2007

Have you ever wondered why the vitamins, herbs and minerals you take as dietary supplements often do not produce the desired results? Well, if you haven't, it is time you try to do a little bit of research on your own and know the precise reasons. Here is an attempt to make you aware of some of the reasons why the nutrients you take routinely for your wellbeing do not have any positive effect on your health.

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Here is a case in point that will enable to comprehend the issue better. Take for instance a wholesale vendor of any herb or vitamin delivering bulk supplies of herbs, vitamins or the essential minerals to any drug or dietary supplement manufacturer. Following comprehensive tests, the manufacturer discovers that the items supplied by the wholesaler is either of inferior quality, adulterated or contaminated and subsequently it rejects the truckloads of supplies. In such a situation what would you expect the wholesaler to do? Would he/ she throw away the items as trash or dump it somewhere as a waste? Well, being a through businessman, who hardly has any concern for people's health, he/ she would not do any such thing. Instead, the wholesaler would find it fit to sell the materials to a different company which does not bother much about testing the materials used in its products meticulously. While this may seem to be incredible to many, such things are taking place everyday and everywhere.

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Herbs, vitamins and minerals are very useful for our general wellbeing. Most of us take them routinely either as medications or dietary supplements since they help us to keep healthy and fit. In fact, in the present times of rampant pollution and synthetic substances, vitamins, herbs and minerals are essential for a healthy living. However, it is also true that many people taking them on a regular basis find them 'useless'. In other words, the vitamins, herbs and minerals many people take do not seem to have any positive effect on their health. Therefore, it is important to find the reasons for such anomalies. Several researches have shown that herbs, vitamins and minerals do not produce the desired results owing to an assortment of reasons, including an individual's lifestyle, diet, mental approach, taking the incorrect supplement and several others.

All these notwithstanding, there are primarily two reasons why an individual's health may show no sign of improvement despite regularly taking herbs, vitamins and/ or minerals. These two basic reasons are listed below:

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  • One of the primary reasons why your supplements do not work is that you may have bought the wrong product, which may be of inferior quality. In fact, you have spent your money on the wrong product - a waste of your hard earned money. Just read the next possible reason.
  • It is possible that the product which you have bought for enhancing your health may not be appropriate for your pH. Maybe your pH is not well balanced. If your pH is not balanced, no matter how much of herbs, vitamins and supplements you may be taking, they will not help you improve you condition notably. Therefore, before you start taking any supplement, it is essential to consult your physician to find if the supplement is suitable for you and also get your pH level checked.

Below is a brief point-wise discussion related to the first primary reason (mentioned above) regarding the ineffectiveness of your supplements. Hope this will help you to understand the issue better and do the needful for your general wellbeing.

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Using the inappropriate parts of herbs!

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of companies which do not go in for rigorous testing of the materials they use in their products. As a result of this, the products may be adulterated or contaminated. On the other hand, some companies may also deliberately use contaminated product - it could be pesticides, parts of bugs in the herb, foreign bodies in vitamins and so on. Worst still, there are manufacturers who use the incorrect part of an herb! Interestingly enough, despite using the wrong part of the herb, they still manage to sell their product legally. Well, this may seem to be totally incredible to most of you, but the fact remains that this is happening quite frequently and at various places.

It is fairly well known that not all parts of all herbs are useful for our health. Only certain parts of specific herbs enclose elements that are beneficial for our health, while the remaining parts are basically useless or ineffective. Despite this, many companies are there which use the wrong parts of the herbs or the entire herb. There are basically two reasons behind such actions. While using the useless part is cheap because it has no use and, hence, no buyers, using the whole herb also helps them to earn millions as they can produce more using even the useless parts. Another reason may be that many companies probably do not possess adequate testing facilities to ascertain which part of an herb is precisely useful and, thus, needs to be used in their products. Although this may appear to be something primitive and unbelievable in these modern times, but this is the real scenario almost everywhere. It may be noted here that on the one hand, using the whole herb in any product is beneficial for the manufacturer, as they save a lot of money, but it is actually less beneficial for the user who is using a much diluted product.

Again, there are some other companies that are unable to ascertain the potency or strength of their product. Precisely speaking, the vitamin, mineral and herbal products that you often come across in various local and national stores are on the whole useless and ineffective owing to the issues discussed above as well as several others. Therefore, before you decide to take any supplement you ought to do some basic research yourself to find out the truth. And when you do that, there is no doubt that you will be left rubbing your eyes in disbelief!

Quality of supplements vital for wellbeing

As in the case of any other product, there are different varieties of vitamins. For instance, there are vitamins of good quality as well as of bad quality. Same is the case with herbs - good quality of herbs and inferior quality herbs. Talking about quality, majority of the companies manufacturing vitamin, herbal and mineral supplements can broadly be classified into four categories. The four categories are mentioned in brief below.

  • There are companies that do not have sufficient funds to enable them to conduct the necessary tests for the genuineness of their products. In fact, undertaking rigorous test to ascertain the purity of materials used in a product is an expensive affair. This is one reason some of the companies naively buy and use inferior quality or adulterated materials for the products they manufacture.
  • There are other companies that knowingly as well as deliberately purchase materials that are of inferior quality for their products simply owing to the fact that they are least bothered about the quality of the products they manufacture or the wellbeing of the public. Such companies are just concentrating their efforts to make money at the cost of the consumer's health.
  • Again, there are a number of manufacturers with limited resources who can only afford limited tests of the materials used in their products. As a result of their incapability, very often materials of inferior quality or contaminated materials scrape through and are used in the products used by the consumers.
  • Finally, there are many companies that adhere to all the norms and ensure that the materials they use in their products are rigorously tested for purity. These are the companies that offer the best quality products/ supplements to the consumers. Therefore, when you use products from these companies, they are most likely to work for you unless you have a problem with your pH balance.

No doubt, there are many good companies too!

All the discussions above may leave you a depressed lot. However, there is no reason to feel dejected or miserable for there are several companies that are really good. These companies not only have the requisite funds, but also care for the wellbeing of the consumers. They undertake appropriate tests of the materials used in their products and also ensure that the consumers' health is not affected owing to their products/ supplements.

This is a very important aspect for people who are seeking alternative remedial approaches. It is also vital for people undergoing treatment for cancers or simply trying to maintain their finest health. Hence, it is advisable that you ought not to waste your money by purchasing contaminated or wrong products. Be judicious, do some basic research and consult a qualified physician before purchasing and using the supplement that is most suitable for you. Always bear in mind that not all the products available in the market are genuine or equal in quality.

Always ensure you get your money's worth

Here is an earnest request. Irrespective of the product or the company you purchase the product from, it is essential for you to undertake some personal research and proper homework before making your purchase. This is essential for your health. If you want to acquire information of different products before you buy any, doing a small research on the Internet is the best idea. There are numerous websites providing varied information on different products. You may go through them to get some vital information. In fact, while you are browsing the websites, you will be amazed to learn that the most important aspect is the absence of quality control and testing facilities in most of the companies manufacturing dietary supplements! However, you will find that all the products available on the market have pretty attractive packaging to lure the consumers, irrespective of their quality. While purchasing any herbal or vitamin supplement, always remember that quality is of utmost importance since they directly have an impact on your health.


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