Taking Care Of Your Skin

    Posted before Dec-31-2007

Our skin is one of the most priceless gifts endowed by nature and, hence, it needs to be looked after well. If we take care of and nurture it well, we are able to acquire rich rewards.

The health industry worldwide is currently gripped with apprehensions over increasing incidents of skin cancer. While the thinning ozone layer in some regions of the world has led the ultra violet (UV) radiations of the sun to spread the surface of the earth in bigger intensity than ever before, the pressure on the ozone layer too has been mounting constantly. This aspect has not only adversely affected the ecology and climate of the earth during the last few decades, but has also produced harmful effects on each one of us directly.

What is appalling is the fact that it has been established that the ultra violet (UV) rays from the sun results in the development of skin cancer. It has now been acknowledged that sunburn is one of the major causes of skin cancer and protecting oneself against this is not as easy as just avoiding the sun.

Sustaining an effective skin care system has never been as imperative as it is in the present situation. If you desire to take care of your skin in an effective manner, you need to do a number of things. First, you should intake a well balanced and nourishing diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetable, grains, fish and, if you prefer, you may select some superior quality meat. Always bear in mind that a healthy and balanced diet is of utmost importance to provide your skin with the essential nutrients it requires to be able to operate at the best possible level.

Secondly, drinking adequate amount of water every day is also crucial for maintaining a healthy and glowing skin. Your skin needs to remain moist all the time and you need to drink plenty of water. In fact, several researches undertaken by medical experts have demonstrated that our body needs a minimum of two-three liters of water every day in order to sustain it normal activities. It is important to note that contrary to what many people believe; dehydration may not always be noticeable and may turn out to be a chronic disorder with a few or no symptoms at all. Therefore, it is not surprising that people who are physically more on the go need to drink more than just three liters of water daily.

Undertaking regular physical exercises or work outs is the third most important thing to do if you desire to maintain a healthy and radiant skin. It is not necessary for you to be gym freak, but it is essential that you keep yourself healthy, for you will eventually not be glad about the result of being in poor shape. In order to maintain your fitness, you need to do a few simple things that won't cost you anything or consume any additional time from your busy schedule. For instance, make it a point to go for a walk at least three to four times every week, if possible, become a member of a walking club, climb the steps rather than using the elevator, you may also ride a motorbike instead of driving a car, if you drive to your office ensure that you park the vehicle at a distance from the office, similarly while shopping, park your car away from the market or shops, participate in sports that require plenty of physical actions or movement, such as tennis or golf.

In addition to all these, there is an important decision that you need to take regarding your skin care regime. And that is, whether you should use natural/ herbal skin care products or any skin care cosmetics will be enough. It is a very crucial decision, as the health of your skin will largely depend on the nature of skin care products you use.

The natural answer to this predicament is naturally, natural products. If you still have any doubts, consider the issue from the view point of purchasing foodstuff. Well, ask yourself whether you will prefer to buy natural food products 'containing no synthetic coloring' or you will look for products that declare 'contains no GMOs'. Or will you be totally unconcerned about what you buy?

The most important aspect you need to bear in mind while starting a skin care regime with natural/ herbal products is that you should also not apply soap on your face. The reason for not using soap on your face is that soaps enclose extremely rich pH and they will make your skin dry since soaps eliminate the naturally occurring acidic coating on the facial skin. While application of soap makes the skin all over the body dehydrated by eliminating the natural acidic covering, the consequences are more noticeable on the facial skin.

Rather than using soap, you should be using natural/ herbal skin cleansing items that enclose natural products. Such natural products may include vegetable oils, such as coconut, palm or sesame oil that have low pH. In fact, seaweed too is extremely useful for the state of your skin as seaweed is rich in minerals and also aids in eliminating toxins that have accumulated in the skin cells.

If you ensure that your facial skin always appears fresh and glowing, you may choose to include a natural facial scrub in your herbal skin care regimen. Make sure that the herbal facial scrub you are using possesses gently scratchy properties. For instance, the natural facial scrub may enclose fine sand, oatmeal; and pounded almonds or walnuts that help you cleanse your face properly. The primary function of the natural facial scrub that you would prefer to use should be to get rid of the dead skin cells making your facial skin softer and more tautening.

If you wish to have a fresh and sparkling skin it is also important to choose your drinks. While selecting your drink do you have a preference for completely pure, natural drinks that contain less salts and no synthetic substances or sugar? It may be assumed that being a health conscious person, you do attach importance to the kind of beverage you take and will prefer a drink that conforms to the above mentioned requirements. The fact is that your skin will soak up nourishments from drinks irrespective of whether they are naturally or synthetically produced into the tissues. But, if they are absorbed from artificially produced substances, the tissues will not be able to utilize them. In effect, natural or herbal products are absorbed by the body without any effort compared to synthetic materials. In addition, they are easily done away with from your system once they have accomplished their job.

With the passage of time, scientific studies are turning out to be even more developed and to a greater extent, we are increasingly finding data regarding how our body functions, the manner in which different foodstuff relate in your systems as well as a number of foodstuff enclosing matter that cannot be produced artificially. The same is true for plants. In effect, phyto-estrogens are merely a singular instance of substances that occur naturally and are necessary for the health of our body. Likewise, extracts from herbs, such as essential oils, derivatives from fruits and other substances enclose chemicals that occur naturally. Thus far, science has not been able to produce these substances artificially simply because of their intricate nature.

In other words, this signifies that the artificially manufactured form of plant derivatives, most frequently available in distillate variety, are not similar to the innate form and may well have a diverse and, sometimes, even adverse after-effects on your system. The fact is that we all are familiar that taking Aspirin may result in inflammation of the stomach or even cause ulcers in the stomach.

It may be mentioned here that Aspirin encloses a vigorous element - salicylic acid that is naturally present in the bark of the white willow tree. In fact, the major discrepancy between taking Aspirin and the herbal derivative from the willow tree bark is that that the natural substance encloses many more chemicals that result in less important consequences. For instance, one such element enclosed in the natural extract from the willow tree bark is a viscous material that works to guard the cells coating the stomach. Believe or not, the chemists confirm that Aspirin does not enclose any chemical that saves your stomach from harms. This is the distinction between using natural and synthetically produced materials.

Thus, you are the best person to decide whether you want to use natural/ herbal products or not. Natural products are always an advantage and you need to determine whether you want to utilize this advantage or let it go.


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