Taking Care Of Your Lips

    Posted before Dec-31-2007

Since ages, velvety and smooth lips are considered to be one of the primary signs of physical attractiveness. However, one needs to take special care of his or her lips to maintain their health and beauty. As the skin on the lips does not have any oil glands, it is prone to become dehydrated as well as have fissures without any effort. Therefore, the skin on the lips requires special attention in order to retain a certain intensity of moisture. Especially, your lips require additional maintenance regimen all through the winter months.

In order to keep your lips soft and velvety, you need to follow a few guidelines. If you adhere to the tips listed below, you will be able to maintain the health of your lips and prevent them from opening in clefts or roughening.

  • Apply any natural lip lotion to look after your lips all the time.
  • Apply herbal moisturizers on your lips frequently.
  • Apply a slight coating of natural lotion on your lips prior to using lipsticks.
  • Rub your lips with 'ghee' or clarified butter and allow slight amount of the substance to remain as a thin coating on the lips all night. This will function as a shield for your lips.
  • Do away with the lipstick with a natural cleansing lotion and apply a thin coating of 'ghee' on your lips before going to bed at night.
  • Never lick the crack areas of the lips frequently.
  • Douse a black tea bag in tepid water and compress it on the lips for around three to four minutes. This will help your lips to retain the requisite intensity of dampness.
  • Douse a petite cotton gauge in temperate clarified butter or 'ghee' and put in on the lips for around 20 minutes. This will also help your lips to preserve the desired moisture levels.

Time and again it has been noticed that compare to looking after the health of their lips, people attach more importance to applying cosmetics on the lips with a view to make them appear much more attractive. This can never be the right approach as the lips require particular care because their outmost part is not only very slim, but can also be affected easily. Remember, if your lips are cracked they are awfully tender and are also susceptible to contagions.

Lack of adequate fluid intake may result in dehydrated lips. And if you drink coffee or alcohol in excess, this can also lead to the dehydration of the body. The first signs of this are evident from dry lips. Even the extreme temperature conditions, both hot and cold, may result in the roughening of the lips. Always bear in mind that the skin of the lips are very slender and cannot deal with the acuteness of the temperatures properly. As a result, the lips develop fissures and this is usually painful.

Our body may even collapse or stop working owing to working too hard and anxiety. And if you have a poor immunity system, it will not only show on your body as you will be susceptible to several trivial contagions, but the lips will be the first part of our body to suffer. As a result, the lips will become dehydrated and cause fissures in the lips - and this is indeed a very excruciating experience. In addition, allergic reactions as well as inflammation to particular types of lipsticks may also result in cracked lips. Moreover, if you develop contact eczema, this may also become a major predicament. However, treating such conditions require adequate research by expert medical professionals. Besides, there are some medications that may result in the dehydration of the body, especially dry lips.

Side effects of a number of physical conditions may also result in dehydrated lips. You need to contact your physician immediately when you notice such symptoms, as your doctor should find out what is causing your lips to go dry. However, adopting a number of common sense or rational therapies and preventive measures on a regular basis will also help you to avoid having dehydrated lips. Here are a few tips that are likely to be useful for you to retain the desired level of moisture of your lips.

  • Consume a minimum of eight glasses of water with a view to provide enough water to your body daily. Remember that dehydration is an ordinary problem caused owing to insufficient water/ fluid in the body and drinking adequate water is the simplest way to overcome the difficulty.
  • Ensure that you are applying a good quality lotion on your lips that will be able to generate a moisture barricade to prevent the loss of water from the lip area lessening the dehydration. You may also use lip balms enclosing antiseptic elements as they are effective for cracked lips and prevent any infection that may set in the fissures.
  • In addition, consume nourishing diets that have high vitamin C and vitamin B, E and different essential mineral content that are able to neutralize the various lifestyle problems as well as enhance the immunity levels in your body.

Factors causing dehydrated lips

As discussed earlier, extreme weather conditions, such as too much of cold or hot climes, may also result in the dehydration of the lips. The outmost skin layer of the lips acts as a defensive shield and it cannot properly manage such conditions. In fact, such weather conditions may result in anxiety and you may get minor infections all over your body and their first sign appears on the lips. Eventually, this leads the lips to develop fissures and this may really be a excruciating experience.

Moreover, there are a number of drugs that may also result in the body to get dehydrated and this may also cause dehydration of the lips. Some diseases also cause a dehydrating effect on the lips that requires to be taken care of by medical practitioner.

Safeguards and solutions

It is essential to keep your body hydrated by consuming plenty of water. An individual should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water daily in order to maintain adequate fluid in his or her system. If you are using a good quality lip balm, preferably one that contains natural elements, it will be effecting in retaining the moisture in and around the lips and protecting them from cracks and infections. There are a number of good quality lip balms available in the market - some possessing antiseptic properties, while others are rich in vitamins B, E and C. In addition, you should take nourishing diets rich in vitamin contents as they are necessary for boosting the immunity levels of your body. You may search for the different food items for a vigorous diet plan and, if necessary, change your food routine as per the needs.

Home therapies

You may also try a few useful home remedies to prevent dehydration of the lips. For instance prepare a natural solution by blending 5 mm of lime juice with 5 mm of glycerine along with rose water and apply it on your lips. Allow the solution to remain on the lips as long as it can and disperse naturally. Once you prepare the solution, you may use it for three days before preparing a fresh mixture. However, it is essential to keep this mixture in a fridge to prevent it from becoming stale. Alternately, you may also make a mixture of butter, nutmeg and turmeric powder and apply it on your lips. While turmeric is an effective antiseptic, butter aids in healing the cracks on the lips.


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