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There are a many kinds of imbalances and metabolic disruptions which can affect the natural biological functions or the life rhythms within the body of women, many of these factors are responsible for strictly female sexual attributes such as the menstruation cycle, the fertility of a woman, the ability for conception and the ability to give birth to a child-there are many reasons for these processes to be disrupted and they are naturally prone to external and internal stimulus which can throw them out of whack.

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The lack of physical exercise, the presence of persistent emotional stress, fatigue from working too hard, and the general lack of activity or sufficient time spent relaxing can all throw the internal metabolic rate of the body into a spin-such problems can also be compounded by the poor nature of the daily diet and the presence of sexual problems.

When these factors affect a woman, they can throw the hormone balance of the body into complete and total disarray, they can result in a reduced immunity and lower resistance to pathogens and other infective germs, these problems can also greatly influence the functioning of the normal circulation supporting the reproductive system.

Such imbalances can additionally, lead to an increase in the level of tension and physical congestion felt by the woman and as a result of this-they are the main causative factors for the array of different gynecological disorders which seem to plague so many women around the world.

Women tend to feel very vulnerable during the course of any treatments dealing with these types of problems. This is because the disorder in question tends to concern the private parts of the female body. For this reason, the majority of women who suffer from female related disorders will prefer other women to conduct the treatment procedure-female gynecologist.

Women doctors are much more likely to have or display better empathy to female patients and they may be in a better position to discover the experiences of the patient and find out the possible causes for the appearance of the disorder.

The prevention of female specific illnesses is quite good these days as many women today have greater knowledge or have become much more informed about the way the female body functions. Many women help themselves by quickly identifying symptoms and more over, many women also follow healthy diet and lifestyle options-such factors have increased the detection rate of specific illnesses and this fact has contributed to better prevention and management of female sexual disorders.

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Well informed women tend to perceive their illnesses from the holistic view point and react to the occurrence of metabolic imbalances and ailments positively. Physical symptoms are not identified as simple problems at specific areas of the body nor as isolated problems, these are seen by such women as the manifestation of a more general disharmony in the functioning of the female body-this is the correct way to view many female related illnesses.

There has been traditional usage of many plants and herbs throughout much of history, in treating the illnesses specific to women-thus herbs and plant products have been utilized in the regulation of hormone balance in sick women, such herbal remedies have also been utilized in the enhancement of female reproductive system functioning. Many herbal remedies have also been utilized as aids in bringing about rapid healing for problems which specifically arise in females.

Herbal remedies have thus been used to promote the functioning of the reproductive system, herbs have been used to bring relief from internal congestion in the digestive system, and herbal remedies have also been used to increase the rate of circulation to and from an affected area of the female body.

Traditional herbal remedies have also been used in the resolution of disorders that produce heat and inflammation in an affected part of the female body; herbs have been used to help relax the tension and pain felt by a woman suffering from internal disorders. The main role in which the majority of herbal remedies have been used is in their ability to bring about proper balance in the functioning of the female hormones.

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Herbal tonics which affect the uterus have been used to increase the muscle tone and strength in the uterine tissues which line the female reproductive tract-these tonics thus help maintain the health and efficient functioning of the uterus. Tension has been reduced by the use of specific herbs and herbal remedies.

Human hormone resembling steroidal compounds known as saponins are also sourced from herbs, these compounds are extremely beneficial in the treatment of many known gynecological problems-such problems are mostly related to the presence of a hormonal imbalance in the body of women.

Relief from the majority of gynecological problems which affect women can be relieved by following a proper diet, by involving oneself in following a healthy lifestyle and by using appropriate herbs as therapeutic agents. Women may also come to a better understanding about their illnesses and the functioning of their bodies by trying to understands the root cause of such disorders-this is an equally important issue for a woman, as a good knowledge of one's body is vital in the prevention of disorders before they occur.

The preparation of herbal healing medications have been known for thousands of years, and many women traditionally collected useful plants from the meadows and woodlands around them to create these herbal healing remedies. Experienced women would rather known herbs during the waning and waxing of the moon, and then they would artfully create the remedies, many of these were developed herbal formulas for the treatment of specific illnesses handed down from one generation to the other.

By collected wisdom over centuries and through an intuitive communication with the plants, these women learned potential and actual healing powers of many green herbs. The accumulation of wisdom about herbal remedies and specific plants gradually increased over countless years as many plant based remedies were tried on different diseases, some were proven, and these were ultimately passed on to the next generation.

By transferring this herbal wisdom from mother to daughter, the very best and most effective of these herbal remedies were added to the collected lore, and the herbal wisdom was thus retained by many wise women-this herbal knowledge has been passed on to apprentices for countless generations to the very present. This is the inherited herbal legacy we posses today free of charge.

These simple traditional herbal healers were wise women and tended to be the central sources for the art of healing and the use of medicines for their respective communities. Such individuals had a good knowledge of the cycles that come as seasons, they were connected to the ebb and the flow of the universe, they understood the connection of the land to sun and the moon, to nature and to the stars-they were attuned to the natural rhythms of their own bodies and to the environment.

The majority of female herbalists come to knowledge of herbs by an unsuspecting route as they spend time in the safety of their gardens tending plants. Many of these women initially plant a variety of herbs in their gardens as such plants make the gardens beautiful and enchanting-many useful herbs imbue life and spirit to an otherwise dull garden. A mysterious phenomenon begins to occur to the woman tending the garden.

While the woman daily and regularly weeds, waters, and quietly works within her garden, the herbal plants may seem to be instructing, even teach, or guide her along the paths of nature. As the woman becomes more attuned to the phenomenon of nature all around her and in spite of herself, she may begin to develop an extremely strong curiosity concerning the healing energies which the plants she is tending posses as these grow up.

Such women usually find themselves reading a lot of medicinal and herb books soon enough and they may even go further and sign themselves up for herbal gardening classes. Such women usually begin using their acquired herbal knowledge in the treatment of family members; they may start by using very simple herbal remedies-even when the initial intention for such herbal gardens had been to explore new and tasty culinary plants.

An experience with disease is the path to knowledge of herbs for other women, this second group of herbalist may discover the power of herbs through the treatment of their own illnesses and the experiences they gather with various herbs.

Women who suffer recurring or repeated female sexual problems do not get the full cure from the use of allopathic medicine, though such treatments do offer excellent solution to exceptional crisis or severe diseases-they tend to be emergency oriented and are medications for acute disorders, herbs on the other hand deal much better with the recurring feminine health problems which occur over a long period of time-especially with those which produce vague or unclear symptoms in the affected woman.

The actual causes for these vague imbalances in the bodies of many women are also not clearly addressed by western medicine. Recurrences are common when disorders in a woman are treated using only allopathic chemical medications, the cure or the effects of the drugs may dissipate once the medication is discontinued.

At least for the long term treatment of some disorders, many women are no re-discovering the benefits of herbs and herbal remedies, the use of these herbs is a very safe and sane option. These herbs provide an effective alternative to allopathy-herbs are moreover also utilized as a complement to the allopathic medication used to treat the condition in many cases.

The first step of discovery for many women herbalist is their work with essential and common garden herbs. Such an experience puts a woman in the place of wisdom and helps her reclaim the traditional of wise women and healers down the centuries. There is a lot of wisdom that can be gleaned and learnt from the different plants.

Herbs in essence reconnect humanity with the heart and soul of Mother Earth and offer the practicing herbalist communion with nature on a daily basis. The feminine spirit is drawn to the system of healing which is both gentle and imbued with a certain "soft power,"-herbalist tend to be women for this reason.

A concrete determinations and a certain commitment of the spirit is essential for a woman to relearn and make use of this ancient tradition. Once learned and followed it proves to be a wonderful as well as joyful process for the person, something which can lead the woman back into the long forgotten fields and gardens of the combined and gentlest memories making up mankind's ancient communion with nature.

Women find many roles in daily living, as a female, women may be lovers, she may be a wife, a mother to her children, and thus a creator of other new beings. She also finds roles as medicine woman, as a provider of healthcare; she can be a wise woman, and a counselor to her family or community.

Women are traditionally the very heart of every family in society. There is a wisdom which forms an essential part of her very femininity, women have knowledge on care for her and in giving care to others around them, and they also tend to have the physical and emotional strength to bear this role. Women generally formed the majority of ancient herbalists or herbal healers; they were usually the ones who gathered roots and useful herbs for the medicinal use of communities.

The modern world and its existential pressures complicate the everyday life of most women and it is very difficult for the majority of women to keep at a balance the health and vitality which are required while playing different and crucial roles both at home and in the community. The lifestyles led by all women must complement the innate wisdom and strength of each individual woman, their daily lives must enhance the latent qualities in the person, instead of being a drain on her vital resources.

The need for a good work life balance is being increasingly felt and actively sought out by many women. Many of them are actively seeking the knowledge and information required for them to develop a deeper understanding about how their bodies function. Such self knowledge will enable the person to easily change from one phase of life to the other-and by doing this, they will be better prepared for illnesses specific to women at the end of the day.

Many women nowadays have a longing to know the best way to care for their bodies and minds, they may not do this for selfish reasons but may gain deeper insight in themselves in order to better care for those around them-spouses and family.

The moon goddess is Artemis in Greek mythology; she is also the twin sister of another important Greek god called Apollo, who is also the sun god for the ancient Greeks. Artemis is represented by the goddess Diana in Roman mythology, which shares all its deities with Greek mythology.

Thus there is a strong link between females and the moon especially in the deification of womanhood, and therefore we observe that from very ancient ages, the moon goddess has been widely seen as being the protector of all women in the world. Fertility was believed to be influenced by the moon; it was also seen as being the main source for women ability to bear children around the ancient world.

The domestic regulatory role and control over food supplies for the family and community lay in the hands of women in many ancient civilizations, and even in some modern societies- the charge of all matters connected to food supply still lies in the hands of the woman of the house. Women had very specific roles as gatherers of food, most of them searched for wild roots and fruits to feed their families-these women also sought out medicinal plants to remedy the ills of the family and the community.

As women were under the supposed direct guardianship of the moon, a strong belief existed that only the women could make green plants grow-the fertility of the soil was thought to be connected to the fertility of the woman blessed by the moon. The moon was thought to influence the proper growth of all green plants from seeds; it was also thought that the moon was also responsible for energizing female animals and women-who supposedly could not bear young without the moon's power.

The Greek goddess Artemis was the goddess who protected the chastity and modesty of women. She was seen as the deity responsible for protecting young maidens. Artemis was responsible for punishing individuals who offended women and maidens or outraged their modesty. She thus represented the morality and modesty of all Greek women.

Artemis as a goddess in addition, had other powers, she was responsible for healing injuries, she also had the role of a purifying divinity, and she was also a nature goddess responsible for the coming of fertilizing moisture like the rains. Artemis also had an influence over the lakes, the rivers and the springs.

Artemis also had an additional role as the main goddess for agriculture and green plants; she helped promote the increase yield in fruits form the trees and the grains of the field. She was seen to protect the viability of the grain and was also considered a good friend or benefactor of the reaper. Artemis can also consider to have been the Greek goddess for all the trees and all vegetation in the world.

She had special roles as a guardian of women and was the goddess of childbirth; she was thought to watch over the birth of every child in the world. Thus Greek women who face the birth of a child have evoked her name for over thousands of years, and have asked her aid and given praise and prayers along with offerings to secure the safe delivery of a baby. The successful birth of a child usually involved the giving of thanks to Artemis after the event.

Many herbs utilized to help women during childbirth and which are named after Artemis, have been used for many centuries. These herbs are still use today to aid women facing childbirth. The herbs have also been used in the successful treatment of many ailments which are specific to women. Some of these herbs named after Artemis include, the Artemisia abrotanum herb or southernwood as it is commonly known, the common mugwort-scientific name- Artemisia vulgaris, and the Artemisia absinthium herb-the well known wormwood.

These herbs are mainly used to help facilitate childbirth in women who tend to have difficulties during labor. The herbal remedies help in the regulation of the muscular contractions and even strengthen the force of convulsions during labor-the herbs also aid in effecting the removal of the afterbirth following labor.

The essential nature of feminity is reflected in all the physical and spiritual qualities attributed to the goddess Artemis. Thus the goddess Artemis is a symbol for the connection of the feminine spirit with the process of healing and with the natural world of plants in the world.

As a human characteristic, the quality attributed to femininity is more of a subjective ideal than an objective phenomenon. Femenity is more concerned with the inner world of subjective reality than the outer concrete world, females are seen as being more concerned with all of the inner mysteries which concern creation and nurture than with the laws and principles which deal actively with the concrete reality in the outer world.

The masculine approach to life is the mirror through which we view the world in the West today, there is a greater emphasis and value placed in the outer and more objective outlook-there is a greater concern with logic and results. Western women on the whole have greatly adopted this more masculine and outward looking nature in themselves, almost as a reaction and necessary factor to enable them to hold their heads up in the world.

As Western women try to find their place in the world, they develop this masculine side of their nature, an objective approach to reality that will allow them to earn a living, or to practice a profession or follow a trade in the harsh and competitive world. What has resulted as a consequence is that the majority of western women have gone very far away indeed, from the ancient feminine spirit and outlook-this brings them great inner conflict and results in a lot of internal struggle seen in the urge to express themselves through their work as equals with the men around them.

The need to live a life according to the feminine nature and persistent inner necessity to live a life of a female spirit causes a clash with the goals at the workplace and in the home. The use of herbs facilitates the conscious journey of many women who attempt to get in touch with the long lost feminine side of their personality-such women find that the use of herbs will actually enhance the speed with which they reconnect to the feminine nature.

The mysteries of nature of women and plants can be regained by the use of different kinds of herbs, some of these can be of great benefit to health, some herbs can bring healing to the sick, some herbs can help in the regulation of the menstrual cycles, some can help in enhancing the fertility of women, and some herbs prepare the women or support the women during the term of pregnancy and through the rigors of childbirth.

The use of herbs thus helps humanity reclaim some of the lost knowledge concerning the mysteries nature of women and plants-it reconnects us to nature with a new found ability to heal ourselves through the use of herbs, it is possible for everyone of use to enhance the existing "wise woman" in all of us-a reconnection with herbs will benefit us, be of value to our families and will be of benefit to humanity at large.

The essential knowledge and imperative to use plants and the wisdom to enhance or redress the imbalances of the human body via herbs is still present in all of use even though we may have for now and at least temporarily, lost much of that knowledge of all therapeutic plants along with that vast lore of ancient healing skills-we must all attempt to reclaim this lost wisdom.

The preparation of healing ointments and poultices from herbs was customarily and commonly performed by the woman of the house, till only a hundred years ago. She would prepare all the medicines from the use of natural resources around her house and this usually served for the majority of all the healthcare needs for her immediately family.

The woman would select her own herbs from her house garden and she would also forage for wild plants from the fields and hedgerows in the neighborhood-such women were usually well informed about the nature of the herbs around them. The majority of people in the modern world tend to be very dismissive of the supposed value of such grandmother's secrets and the herbs themselves-they only tend to believe the herbal remedies with scientifically proven beneficial effects.

However, many herbalists and homeopaths can now confront the scientific, face to face. In the majority of cases concerning the potential benefit of herbs, the pharmacological research has proved the usefulness of most herbs instead of disproved or ridiculed the benefit of herbs which have an ancient use. This has resulting in a new interest shown to the traditional herbal lore and a new herbal age has come all the way into the twenty first century.

Many women who feel reassured by the presence of such scientific evaluation of herbs and who at the same time look to reclaim their feminine natures, are finding themselves increasingly turning back to the world of herbs and to the use of the healing benefits of such herbs. Such women are seeking herbal wisdom from a different viewpoint and are interested in playing a much larger role in their own health care and in having a better understanding of the many imbalances and illnesses peculiar to women holistically.


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