Allergies - part 4

Supplements and herbs

The following supplements given below are to be taken from early spring to the time of the first frost for seasonal allergies. Try substituting quercetin in the place of over the counter medications, this substance is a flavonoid that inhibits histamine release without any attendant side effect, this is in direct contrasts to many medications that simply block the effect of histamine during an allergic reaction.

Acne Ointment

Acne Ointment

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This substance combined with the herb nettle is effective against sneezing, the allergic manifestation of itching, and nasal passages that become swollen.

Immune system supporting substances like vitamin A and vitamin C are extremely useful. Besides its anti-inflammatory activity vitamin C is also the main antioxidant in the cells of the respiratory passages, and has active antihistamine effects. Nasal congestion may be greatly reduced by the B vitamin (pantothenic acid) in combination.

Along with traditional medications that deal with symptomatic relief, it is advisable to take these three nutrients during allergy season.

In order to open the respiratory passages during severe cases of hay fever, ephedra (ma huang) may be very effective. However it is not advisable to use ephedra with over the counter anti-histamines and decongestants it is only to be used in combination with quercetin and nettle.

Skin Ointment

Skin Ointment

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Sleeplessness or insomnia may be induced by the usage of ephedra. People with heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes should avoid using it in any form or combination.


Commonly used essential oils for allergies:

Additional things you may do

Staying inside the house with the windows closed can prevent allergies from pollen when pollen counts are high in the air. The car must have an effective filter and an air-conditioner and these must be cleaned regularly.

Cold Sore Oil

Cold Sore Oil

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Things that can collect dust and dirt like carpets must be avoided, washable furniture slipcovers should be used. Launder bedding weekly with steaming hot water and encase mattresses and pillows in allergy-proof covers. Regularly wipe damp areas to prevent the mold growth and dust regularly as there is a chance of dust mites multiplying.

Usual dosage

Nettle, take on an empty stomach 250 mg three times daily . Standardized to contain at least 1% silica.

Ephedra, 130 mg standardized extract three times daily. If you have anxiety, heart disease, high blood pressure, or take an MAO inhibitor, do not use it.

Vitamin A, 10,000 IU daily. Pregnant women should not exceed 5,000 IU daily.

Vitamin C, 1,000 mg three times daily. If diarrhea develops, reduce the dose.

Quercetin, 500 mg two times daily. Take about 20 minutes before meals.

Pantothenic acid, 500 mg three times daily. Take with food.

Elma HA Serum

Elma HA Serum

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For kids

See age-appropriate dosages of herbal remedies

The Chinese herb astragalus (botanical name-Astragalus membranaceous) can help build overall health and strengthen the body. One month before hay fever season you should give your child one dose daily as a precautionary step. For your attention: if signs of an infection or fever exist then this herb should not be given.

Children who have chronic allergies, can be given a dose twice to thrice a day, from five days to a week of a combination formula of the herbs Echinacea and goldenseal for an enhanced immune system.


Echinacea on a daily basis for more than ten days at a time, loses its effectiveness and should not be given to a child, for relief from nasal and sinus congestion, prepare a fenugreek and thyme tea and give your child one dose of this tea, twice a day, as these herbs are mild decongestants.

A runny nose can be cured by garlic, it is bactericidal, and an odorless form, in capsules can be given to children one capsule, twice a day. Or alternately the contents of the capsule can be dissolved in warm water or soup and taken as a liquid meal. The adrenal glands can be strengthened by licorice. Licorice and astragalus in combination can be used with children before the hay fever season in single doses daily for two weeks.

Children with a high blood pressure should not be given this herb. The herb ma huang is very effective in relieving nasal congestion and in fact the original source for decongestant pseudo ephedrine substance - commonly called Sudafed, dosage for children must be for up to three days in a tea, drunk at least twice a day.

An increased heart rate and active stimulation of the nervous system can be resultant from its use in the body. This herb cannot be used after three pm and must not be given to a child under thirteen. Another herb minor bupleurum can help to strengthen the immune system, and can be used with children with chronic allergies, dosage maybe one dose, twice a day, at least two weeks out of every month. Continue for three months.

Children with a fever or any other sign of an acute infection must not be given minor bupleurum. For drying out the sinuses nettle can be used and is highly effective in a freeze-dried form for chronic allergies especially allergic rhinitis. Dosage can be given to the child thrice a day, for three to four days. Attention: nettle can easily upset the stomach and cause indigestion in some children. Stop using the herb immediately if this happens. For children under four years of age, this herb should not be used.

Other beneficial herbs

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