Anal Itching

Itching or irritation of the anus is generally associated with different ailments related to the gastrointestinal tract. As the area around the anus is moist all the times and is also in continuous contact with waste substances eradicated by the body in the form of feces, any type of skin irritation and/ or grazes take a long time to heal and that too when there is constant care towards the problem. It may be noted that when the skin in the region of the anus turns red, it is an indication of food sensitivity.

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Itching or skin irritation is generally attributed to a localized eczema, which may occur owing to susceptibility to soaps and detergents. In addition, the sensitivity may also be related to food, especially dairy products, spicy foods, tomato, soy, corn, citrus fruits and even eggs - all of which are basically aggravations.

Itching in the area around the rectum may be a result of related problems in the region of the anus, counting anal fissures and hemorrhoids. Besides, you should also consider worms to be a probable cause for anal itching, especially pinworms that are widespread among children. Another widespread cause for anal itching is a Candida fungal contagion of the bowels.

Pitiable hygiene only adds to aggravate the condition and so does wearing synthetic underwear. In fact, synthetic underwear stimulates dampness owing to sweating, as several of the human body's sweat glands are to be found in the anus.

Inadequate drying following a bath also increases dampness in the anal region. In addition, washing the anal area with soap too much will result in dry skin and irritation in the region. At the same time, it needs to be noted that the condition worsens owing to constipation.

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People enduring anal itching ought to keep off from spicy food or any type of food that they feel may be responsible for the irritation. You must always keep in mind that when sensitive people consume foods containing even the least amount of cayenne, black pepper or cinnamon, they may experience severe itching in the anal region.

It is advisable that those suffering from anal itching ought to consume plenty of raw and fresh vegetables and fruits as well as whole grains, as they enclose fiber and help in counteracting anal fissures, in addition to constipation. Both anal fissures and constipation may generally result in anal itching. In addition, you should also consume plenty of kefir, ordinary and unsweetened yogurt as well as different foods that possess fermented lactic acid to combat any potential yeast infection by Candida.

Flax seed oil that is unprocessed and cold-pressed also helps in making the stools softer, while lubricating the rectum walls, in addition to diminishing the infection by yeast.

Supplements and herbs

Usually, it is possible to heal anal itching caused by infection by Candida yeast using acidophilus supplementations. Moreover, you may also open an acidophilus capsule and apply its contents straight to the skin. In addition, vitamin A as well as vitamin B complex are also effective medications to heal anal itching, since absence of vitamins usually results in problems. Deficiency of iron causes anemia, which is another reason for anal itching.

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Herbal medications are also effective in providing relief from the irritation and itching in the area surrounding the anus.

In case the irritation in the anal region is owing to hemorrhoids, you will find relief by application of cool compresses prepared with witch hazel with a view to constrict the blood vessels, while cool compresses with chamomile accelerate the healing process and that prepared with peppermint ease itching or irritation.

Ointments prepared from herbs like St. John's wort, calendula, plantain and aloe vera also help to ease pain and irritation caused by anal itching. Apply any of these salves to the affected area as frequently as may be required. In addition, enemas prepared from slippery elm also counteract acidity and help to avoid itching. Similarly use of the juice extracted from the herb stinging nettle purifies the blood and also makes bowel movement easier. This juice ought to be taken in dosage of one teaspoon thrice every day.

Provided the itching is caused by worms, you should take wormwood tincture in dosage of 15 drops twice every day. However, this herb should be avoided by women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. Dandelion root works in the form of a mild laxative and is an effective treatment for worms. Blend two teaspoons of dandelion root with one cup (250 ml) of steaming water, allow it to boil for about 10 minutes and drink the infusion thrice every day.

Rubbing a blend of tea tree oil and aloe vera in combination with some amount of olive oil on the skin will also aid in easing the itching.

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Aromatherapy is an effective way of treating anal itching. For instance, you may use concentrated lavender oil or diluted with water to treating this condition. It will help to lessen the irritation, pain as well as inflammation, in addition to soothing the area. Besides, use of lavender oil also has a pleasant aroma. Lavender oil is considered to be an ideal herbal medication to provide relief from anal irritation and pain naturally.

An extract obtained from lavender has the potential to facilitate the renewal of the cells of our skin and enable their growth. It has the ability to repair tattered tissues from any terrible instance of hemorrhoids and also remove the irritation as well as other symptoms of anal itching. The oil extracted from lavender has been used since the primeval times to cure a variety of medical conditions as well as throbbing symptoms. The oil extract also has the aptitude to ease pain caused by migraine or irritation caused by skin problems.

There are a number of other essential oils that may be used to heal anal itching and they include coconut oil and patchouli oil.

Additional things you may do

Besides using conventional drugs, herbs and supplements and aromatherapy, there are a few more things that you may do to prevent as well as treat anal itching. For instance, always ensure that the anal region is cleaned meticulously by rinsing following every bowel movement. You may use soft cotton drenched in warm water for this purpose. However, it is advisable that you should never use toilet paper for cleaning the anal area when it is itching for the coarse paper may worsen the condition.

You may also apply undiluted whey compresses to the area surrounding the anus or take two tablespoon of whey along with a glass of water twice or thrice every day. Using hydrated bentonite counteracts bacteria and toxic substances. You may drink one teaspoon of the substance in a glass of water in room temperature every day following meals.

People suffering from anal itching should ensure that they always wear underwear made from cotton only. They should strictly keep away from wearing tights, synthetic underwear, talcum powder and aromatic soap. Anal irritation may possibly be a reaction to dashes of detergents used in laundry to wash the underwear. If this occurs, you should try a different detergent and also wash the underwear more meticulously. In addition, hot sitz-baths also assist in providing relief from the problem.

Petroleum jelly is an extremely useful substance to get relief from anal itching. In fact, it almost immediately pacifies the irritation. Petroleum jelly is a very popular remedy for anal itching by top gastroenterologists. However, one cannot depend on this substance for providing a lasting relief from the problem. Nevertheless, you apply petroleum jelly in the area surrounding the anus whenever you experience itching, as it will help to pacify the irritation.

In addition, wash the anal region meticulously every time after bowel movement. In case you are simply wiping the anus following bowel movement, it is likely to result in itching. Therefore, never pull up the underwear as long as there is no trace of stool on the toilet paper. Provided you do not wipe the anus properly, it may possibly result in acute irritation as well as reddening of the anus.

People enduring anal itching will find it almost impossible to clean their stool using a dry toilet paper. Hence, it is advisable that you wet the toilet paper with water prior to using it for cleaning the bowel. On several occasions, there might by muggy stool at the anus and it is difficult to clean such stool even after wiping the anus a number of times. In such instances, using a moist toilet paper may prove to be useful, since it lessens the risks of anal itching or irritation in the area surrounding the anus.

It is also important to ensure all the times that you keep your bottom dry properly for having a wet or damp bottom is likely to cause irritation in the area around the anus. It is advisable that you make use of baby powder to keep the anus and the surrounding area dry. In addition, you may also keep the area dry using a disposable cotton ball. Usually when the bottom is wet it may result in irritation of the skin and this may, in turn, cause anal itching.

Be careful never to use aromatic or deodorized soaps, especially in the area around the anus. In majority of instances, using such soaps result in itching at places where the skin is sensitive. Hence, if you desire to keep your anus and rectum free from irritation or itch, ensure that you always use unscented soap.

In addition, people enduring anal itching should never apply steroids cream on sensitive skin, as it may cause harm to the skin. This type of cream actually thins down the skin that eventually results in rupture or breakage. Moreover, one should not use the hydrocortisone cream for over a week to ten days without consulting his/ her physician. Moreover, keep in mind that you should never apply any cream to any infant or child without a prescription from the doctor. In fact, doing so may prove to be perilous for the health of the child.

People suffering from anal itching should always keep away from beer, sodas, liquor, beverages as well as foods that have high amounts of vitamin C, in addition to spicy foods. It is important to avoid these substances at least for a period of two weeks when there is anal itching. Later, these foods may be reintroduced in the patient's diet, but it ought to be done in a gradual manner. Whenever the patient starts taking such foods again, they ought to keep a careful watch on what actually causes itching, especially if any of these foods are responsible for the condition.

Practicing this method is considered to be among the most excellent as well as the simplest ways to prevail over anal itching. Remember, it does not only provide you relief from itching, but, at the same time, provides you with mental respite.

Usual dosage

The standard dosage of the supplements that help in healing anal itching are listed below.

Vitamin A, the normal dosage of vitamin A for treating anal itching is taking 25,000 IU of the supplement daily.

Vitamin B Complex, this multi-vitamin supplement should be taken in dosage of 50 mg twice every day.

Lactobacillus acidophilus, take one to three capsules of this supplement or a teaspoon of it every day between your meals.

Iron, in order to treat anal itching, iron supplement should be taken in dosage of 15 mg once in every two days.


From Oliver Penwite - Apr-18-2014
My anal itching is due solely to use of ground black pepper on my nightly salads. I gave up the pepper and the itch disappeared. After a few weeks, and as a test, I seasoned salad with the ground black pepper for two consecutive days. The itch came roaring back!!!
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