When one is confronted with a hypothetically perilous situation, for instance, a large barking dog, anxiety or nervousness is said to be a healthy reaction. Sensing the peril, your brain sends signals for releasing hormones to organize your body to protect itself. In such cases, your muscles become tense, the pace of breathing and heartbeat augments and even the blood turns out to be more liable to coagulate anticipating any injury. In the instance of some people, this reaction is triggered even when there is actually no palpable danger whatsoever.

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This type of response may actually be harmful for your health, as it may result in exhaustion, absence of or very poor concentration, a feeling of aloofness from yourself or your environment, as well as physical disorders, such as headaches, rise in blood pressure and even stomach disorders.

It may be noted here that nervousness or anxiety disorders actually occur in two different fundamental types. The first, generalized anxiety disorder (also called GAD) is a persistent condition that entails a frequent feeling of an ominous or menace and concern in the company of gentle physical symptoms. On the other hand, a panic attack occurs all of a sudden and out of the blue accompanied by symptoms that are so aggressive that the episodes are generally misunderstood to be a heart attack or any other critical health condition.

A number of scientists are of the belief that the central nervous system (CNS) of people enduring anxiety disorders is likely to react excessively to stress and may take a comparatively long time than most others to come back to the normal or calmer condition. Nervousness or anxiety may commence with a shocking incident, such as, a death or divorce, or it may also not have any particular origin or cause.

In fact, a biochemical basis may also exist for anxiety or nervousness. Findings of several researches have demonstrated that people who are liable to panic attacks have an elevated lactic acid level in the bloodstream. Precisely speaking, lactic acid is a chemical that is generated when the muscles metabolize sugar in the absence of sufficient oxygen. Other studies hint that anxiety may well be the consequence of an excessive production of stress hormones by our brain as well as the adrenal glands.

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Supplements and herbs

Specific herbs and supplements are known to be effective in treating anxiety. For instance, herbal as well as nutritional medications meant to treat anxiety may also be employed as substitutes for prescription drugs, which may possibly prove to be extremely addictive and, at the same time, have a number of horrible side effects.

Findings of numerous researches have revealed that the herb kava kava is extremely effective for treating anxiety - possibly, equally effectual as any prescription drug. Kava kava is known to lessen symptoms like giddiness, nervousness as well as palpitation or shuddering of the heart.

Moreover, people enduring anxiety ought to also include calcium, a vitamin B complex and magnesium supplement as well as additional thiamin in their regimen. All these nutrients are vital for the healthy performance of the nervous system, particularly for the production of neurotransmitters - the vital chemical messengers in the brain.

Another herb valerian (botanical name Valeriana officinalis), which is known to facilitate in inducing sleep, may be employed in small doses all through the day to bring about a calming effect.

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You may try using this herb in case you do not get the desired results from using kava kava. In case you are taking kava kava during the day time, you may still take a night time dose of valerian (250 mg to 500 mg) provided you have difficulty in having a sound sleep. In the event of being depressed in addition to worried or restless, you may use St. John's wort along with kava kava or valerian.

To obtain and feel the full benefits of using St. John's wort, you need to take this herb for a minimum period of a month. However, the other supplements start working with immediate effect.


Commonly used essential oils for anxiety:


Specific homeopathic remedies are very effective in treating anxiety and calming the nervous system. To treat chronic cases, you should use the homeopathic remedies for anxiety in the 30c as required or take them once every day. Brief accounts of some of the homeopathic remedies that are useful in treating anxiety are given below.


The homeopathic remedy Aconitum is given to cure agony, fear of death and to people who envisage the time of their death. Such conditions may be a fall-out of accidents, shock, wounds, earthquake, witnessing death or evil, and fevers. Such people fear being in the crowd, outdoors, constricted spaces and have a loss of control. Usually, individuals requiring this homeopathic medication are restive, hyperventilate (muffled) and experience itchiness or lack of sensation and burning pains. They have palpitations and a tendency to faint. The condition of such people deteriorates during twilight, midnight, when there is cold wind or music. They feel better when they are resting or are in the open air.

Argentum nit.

This homeopathic remedy is given to people who are apprehensive about being late, being in closed or constricted spaces, heights, robbers and are inclined to fit or fear dying. These individuals are nervous and in a hurry all the time. They are reckless in addition to being obsessive. People requiring Argentum nit. are those who are apprehensive of failure, but will not try to succeed in life.

They often anticipate as well as fear sufferings, events and trials. This medication is most suited for people who long for company and talking to others. Such people often suffer from diarrhea owing to nervousness and also experience shuddering and debility. This is an effective remedy for bloating, stuttering and belching. The condition of these people deteriorates when they have sweets, are indoors or when there is warmth. However, they feel better when they are in motion, are belching and in the open air.

Arsenicum album

People who require the homeopathic medication Arsenicum album are tormented and are afraid of death, poor health, concerned about their family, fear robbers and loathe closed spaces. Such individuals are generally worried and extremely restive. They are dependent, but still cannot be trusted. In addition, such people are paranoid and feel lonesome and vulnerable.

They are also self-centered and stingy. People needing Arsenicum album have an obsession with cleanliness, and order. They experience weakness all of a sudden and are regularly confronted with problems. They also experience chilliness and burning pains. The condition of the Arsenicum album type of personality deteriorates when they are left alone, when they work very hard and after midnight. On the contrary, they feel better when there is warmth and when they are busy with something or the other.

Calc. carb.

This is an appropriate homeopathic medication for people who are apprehensive about losing control, regarding something that might occur in future, poverty, heart ailments, infections, lunacy and cancer.

Such individuals usually feel that they are always being watched as well as criticized by others. In addition, people requiring Calc. carb. are always full of anxiousness, uncertain regarding recuperations, and swayed by depressing scenes. They are also obstinate, exhausted and confused. The condition of such people deteriorates when they feel cold, are in a damp room, work hard, during darkness and prior to menstrual periods.



These homeopathic medications are given to people who anticipate anxiety and trepidation. Such individuals are generally apprehensive about losing their influence, making public appearances, examinations, being in the open space and also about any new circumstance. Individuals requiring Dioscorea/ Gelsemium suffer from a loss of will power and long for peace and quiet.

They often have a sensation of being paralyzed and feel boring, feeble, experience shuddering and are uncoordinated. Such people have heavy limbs and feel lightheaded. The condition of such individuals deteriorates when they get any bad news, when the weather is clammy, use tobacco and also when they reflect on their individual problems.


The homeopathic remedy Phosphorus is beneficial for people who are impressionable, sensitive, sympathetic and suggestible. Such people like to listen to what others have to say, but are afraid of being alone, death, darkness, ailments, robbers, monsters and ghosts. People requiring Phosphorus are always anxious regarding their health and about something bad that might occur.

Usually, they suffer from hypoglycaemia and have immense thirst. The condition of such people deteriorates when they are on their own, and when there is cold and storms. Their condition also worsens when they are asleep and during twilight. On the contrary, they feel better when there is warmth and when they are consoled.


Stramonium is a homeopathic remedy that is most appropriate for people who have been affected by profound shock, have witnessed death or even after a long period of witnessing any disaster. Such people dread darkness, water, evil, dogs, closed places, mirrors, being with other people and whenever they come across anything new. Often, they have explosion of aggressive rage or action. These people generally experience night terrors, spasms and shudders.

Additional things you may do

Besides taking prescription drugs, herbs, supplements, and homeopathic remedies, you may also do a few additional things to treat anxiety and calm the nervous system down. First and foremost, you need to stay away from taking caffeine, alcohol and too much of sugar, as these substances are likely to set off anxiety.

At the same time, you will benefit by doing aerobic exercises on a regular basis. Doing such exercises helps to burn lactic acid, generate chemicals that make you feel good, such as endorphins; and also augment your usage of oxygen. In addition, you should also consult a therapist with a view to develop more optimistic ways of dealing with anxiety.

Usual dosage

The standard doses of some minerals, nutrients and herbs used in treating anxiety are mentioned below for your perusal.

Calcium/ Magnesium, the usual dosage of calcium/ magnesium supplement is 600 mg of each taken along with food once every day. These mineral supplements are occasionally sold as a single supplement.

Kava kava, the standard dosage for the herb kava kava is taking it in dose of 250 mg twice or thrice every day or as required. If you are taking this herb try to find standardized extracts in the form of pill or tincture that encloses a minimum of 30 per cent kava-lactones.

St. John's wort, the normal dose of the herb St. John's wort is 300 mg taken thrice every day. While purchasing the product ensure that it is standardized to enclose 0.3 per cent hypericin.

Valerian, the standard dose of the herb valerian is 250 mg taken twice daily. Ensure that the product is standardized to enclose 0.8 per cent valerenic acid. Here is a word of caution: taking this herb may result in drowsiness; take it at bedtime to cure insomnia.

Vitamin B complex, the usual dose of vitamin B complex is one pill and an additional 100 mg of thiamin every morning along with food. If you are taking vitamin B complex, search for B-50 complex having 50 mcg vitamin B12 and biotin, 50 mg of all other B vitamins, and 400 mcg of folic acid.

Other beneficial herbs


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