The appendix is a thin tube-shaped structure that protrudes from a section of the large intestine. It may become inflamed at times and this is medically called as appendicitis, it has to be surgically removed. Either an abdominal blockage or a particulate inclusion or hardened faeces cause the inflammation. There is a danger of the contents of the intestine bursting out into the coelom as the inflammation can rapidly develop into an infection and the danger of it bursting increases. It therefore has to be immediately removed.

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Pain is usually the first symptoms of appendicitis and the pain starts around the umbilicus and spreads over several hours to the lower right quadrant of the abdomen, where it becomes acute and unbearable. The affected person will usually double over and even a slight touch on the abdomen is painful. The other symptoms that accompany the onset of appendicitis are a decreased in the appetite, sudden vomiting, and a mild to moderate fever . Diarrhea may set in, and even minor movements may cause pain, especially extending the right foot.

The danger with an inflamed appendix is in its bursting and this may cause an infection of the abdominal wall internally which could be lethal to the person if left untreated. The presence of a severe abdominal pain in the patient will tell you that the appendix has burst and the person will be very ill, will have fever and will be pale all over.

Some patients may not always respond to the onset of appendicitis in this way and some people and usually children may not have sudden attack of abdominal pain, but may complain instead of a mild pain that comes and goes over a period of days increasing in the severity of the pain. At this stage you should seek medical advice because, it may very well turn out to be appendicitis.

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Supplements and herbs

See age-appropriate dosages of herbal remedies

Since the only safe treatment of appendicitis is removal and surgical excision of the appendix, the only herbal supplements are directed to the recovery phase after surgery. Herbal treatment cannot act alone or be substituted for what surgery is, if you suspect appendicitis in your child or yourself it is advisable to contact a qualified doctor immediately. This is the time table or the regimen to be followed for you to get the patient or your child well on the road to recovery.

Days 1-3: A combination of Echinacea and goldenseal to act as a detoxificant and in ridding the body of the chemicals from the anesthetics used during surgery. Echinacea and goldenseal in the same combination are helpful to the immune system and can act in the prevention of infection in the wound. The daily dose for children and adults is one to two teaspoons, twice or thrice daily.

Days 4-7: As a supplement the herb astragalus -Astragalus membranaceous - thrice daily is a good dose for children. It has a rich combination of minerals and is also abundant in micronutrients, aiding greatly in bolstering immune function. This herb is not to be used with children who have fever while recovering. However, Echinacea and goldenseal can be used together until the fever has subsided, after which astragalus can be used as a supplement. These herbs Echinacea and goldenseal should not be used over ten days as there effectiveness decreases with constant usage.

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Days 8-14: At this stage the supplement should be a dose of American ginseng, thrice daily. This herb is good in strengthening the immune system and is also an excellent source of trace minerals and micronutrients, and will greatly speed immune function and the body's recovery. This herb cannot be used when there is a fever present and if a fever has been always there during the recovery phase.

Days 15-21: At this stage children: two doses of nettle or as a substitute gotu kola can be used once a day. These herbs help in tissue repair, because they are rich in minerals and micronutrients and are considered very good general tonics in the treatment of all surgery patients, both this herbs are not suitable for use as supplements with children below four years of age, as the herbs can easily upset children's stomachs. The herb must be discontinued immediately as a supplement should these symptoms occur.

Days 21-35: At this final stage a use of minor bupleurum formula, should be given two times a day. This Chinese herbal concoction helps in the recovery of strength in the body, and in boosting resistance to infection; it is however not advised for children who have fever or other signs of persistent infection while they recover from surgery.

To minimize scarring once recovery is complete and medical discharge is obtained vitamin E oil, castor oil, or evening primrose oil can be rubbed on to prevent scarring and in minimizing scar tissue formation.


Homeopathy, which depends on the principle of 'like cures like' - denoting that substances responsible for a condition can be used cure the condition, is among the most well accepted complete medicine systems and the remedies are selected on the basis of the likeness of the symptoms as well as individualization employing a holistic methodology.

In fact, this is believed to be the solitary means that can help one to get rid of the entire signs as well as symptoms experienced by an individual and restore his/ her complete health. The objective of homeopathy is not just to cure the problem, in this case, appendicitis, but also to deal with the basic reason as well as the individual's susceptibility to the condition.

Talking about curative medicines, there are many remedies that are useful for treating appendicitis and you may chose any one depending on the origin, sensation as well as the treatments of the problems. If you wish to customize the selection of remedies as well as treatment, it is advisable that you personally check with an experienced and competent homeopath. Some of the homeopathic remedies that are useful for treating appendicitis are mentioned below.

Arsenicum album

Arsenicum album is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for appendicitis, particularly when it is accompanied with sepsis and the patient also suffers from diarrhea. It is useful when the patient is noticeably restive and demonstrates prostration.

Bryonia alba

Bryonia alba is an outstanding homeopathic remedy for appendicitis, especially in case of worsening pain due to any movement by the patient. Such pain is alleviated only when the patient is in complete rest and lying on the side that is painful.


Belladonna is effective when appendicitis is in the initial stage and is accompanied with headaches as well as high body temperature. It is useful when the patient does not sweat and is restive owing to these symptoms.


Colocynthis is given when the patient experiences severe cutting, spasmodic or entwining pain, which worsens owing to indigestion. In such conditions, the patient feels better when warmth as well as pressure is applied to the affected body area.


Dioscorea is indicated when the patient is suffering from persistent pain and his/ her bowel is loaded with gas. In such conditions, patients experience a gripping and twisted pain and they get relief when they bend backward.


Ignatia is indicated when the body of the patient is rigid and hot and he/ she experiences intense pain in the area surrounding the appendix. In this case, the patient is very sensitive, on his/ her guard and feels very nervous apprehending the need for a surgery to cure the condition.

Iris tenax

Iris tenax is a familiar homeopathic remedy for appendicitis and is given when the patient experiences severe pain in the region of the ileo-caecum. The area becomes extremely painful when even slightest pressure is applied.


Lachesis works remarkably to reduce paid due to appendicitis, especially when the pain worsens due to least touch.


Mercurius works excellently when the appendicitis is severe and the area in the ileo-caecal region becomes painful and there is a hard, hot swelling. In such conditions, you can feel a soft lump in the area close to the appendix.

Rhus. tox.

In incidences of appendicitis, Rhus. tox. is also referred to as a homeopathic knife.


Sulphur is indicated in the form of inter-current medication to achieve complete restoration to health.

Additional things you may do

Since there is still no medicine that can completely cure appendicitis, the only way to provide absolute relief to the patient is removing the appendix by means of surgery. The surgery performed to remove the inflamed appendix is called appendectomy. In fact, people who have appendicitis should essentially undergo appendectomy before the condition goes out of hand.

In case the patient does not have appendectomy, it is likely that the appendix will rupture. In case the appendix bursts inside the body, it may result in a number of serious side effects and may also result in death. Usually, undergoing appendectomy is not a bad idea. Appendectomy simply involves making a small incision in the stomach and removing the appendix. However, the surgery may turn out to be very complicated in case the appendix is just about to burst inside the stomach.

Medicines for treating appendicitis are readily available everywhere. While these medications are not able to completely cure the condition, there are some home remedies that will help you to prevent developing an inflamed appendix (appendicitis). In some incidences, it has been reported that these home remedies have been effective in preventing the rupture of the inflamed appendix inside the body.

The most important thing to do to prevent appendicitis is to drink green gram. Doing so will not only effectively alleviate the pain associated with the condition, but will also aid in treating the infection, which may be responsible for appendicitis.

There are a number of additional home remedies that help to prevent as well as reduce the symptoms of appendicitis. You may try drinking butter milk or vegetable juice to prevent appendicitis. In addition, garlic and ginger are also useful home remedies for appendicitis.

Consuming a blend of raw or even powdered garlic and ginger will help to reduce the swelling caused by appendicitis immediately. Before concluding this discussion, it is worth mentioning that many people prefer to drink a blend of lemon juice and honey, which aids in treating indigestion and also alleviates pain.


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