Gases escaping from the stomach cause the characteristic belch. In general the process of belching occurs when enough air has collected and remained at the top of the stomach, all the while gradually gathering pressure till its sudden escape through the esophagus.

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The phenomenon of burping can occur at any time from a nervous habit of swallowing air while speaking or because of other causes, it is however most commonly seen during a meal or when a person is drinking some liquid. The presence of a bad taste in the mouth and resulting bad breath are characteristic symptoms which are often associated with the behavior of belching.

There is a great deal of similarity between champagne and beer drinkers in that belching is common, belching is also generally seen in people who have overindulged in carbonated beverages and fermented foods-people who take these drinks or foods tend to have a much higher probability of displaying belching than others. Poor digestion is indicated if a person is given to excessive belching on a daily and regular basis.

Gases collect in the stomach if the ingested food stays for too long, the gases accumulate and induce belching to escape the enclosed area of the stomach. Poor digestion by itself is brought on by behaviors such as the rapid eating and drinking during mealtimes, the presence of too little stomach acid or insufficient enzymes exuded from the pancreas into the stomach.

The digestion of fats is a difficulty that many people face and this is especially so with deep-fried foods available at fast food shops. Problems in the liver or gall-bladder are the most likely reasons for the poor digestion of rich and oily foods.

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The ingestion of food group combinations is very likely to cause problems to some types of people, thus some people may be very sensitive to the ingestion of combinations of different foods; such as fruits eaten with vegetables, and with proteins that are eaten along with carbohydrates, all such individuals must therefore avoid combining such food items during dinner or lunch time.

All foods such as carbonated beverages and fermented food items promote burping when consumed in large amounts and their ingestion must be carefully regulated. Some simple things such as eating and chewing slowly at mealtimes may help in eradicating the problem. The lack of sufficient acid in the stomach or minimal digestive enzymes can lead to poor digestion problem which can all bring about burping and belching in a person.

To solve this particular problem, at mealtime, the person should drink about a tbsp. of apple cider vinegar along with a glass of water. The poor digestion of proteins can be resolved by consuming papaya or pineapple juice at mealtimes, this will help a stomach deficient in the digestive enzymes to digest proteins it normally may not do properly or at all.

The control and regulation of gases in the stomach can be helped by the consumption of some grapefruit-this fruit will help the stomach effectively manage its gas production. Problems with the liver or the gall bladder must always be considered as possible sources for the problem if the ingestion of rich and fatty foods causes the irritation.

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Supplements and herbs

A poor and sluggish digestion is the most common cause of belching in all people. Digestion can be stimulated by the ingestion of nutritional supplements containing digestive enzymes such as bromelain and papain from papaya. The use of supplements such as lecithin will help to transport fats out of the system in people who have a diet that has an excess of fats and oily food items.

Supplements of the Lactobacillus acidophilus and other friendly intestinal bacteria ensure the effectiveness of naturally occurring digestive enzymes in the stomach and are important for brining about optimal digestion in many people.

If the stomach has a deficiency in stomach acids, the intake of betaine HCl will serve as an excellent digestive aid for the person suffering from a poor digestive system. The dosage of this compound must be reduced immediately, if a slight burning sensation is experienced by the person in the stomach at anytime during the supplemental process.

Whenever the stomach begins to produce its own acids in abundance, the dosages of this supplement must be done at once as an excess of enzymes is also not a desired result. At such instances, substitute some pure apple cider vinegar in the place of the original supplement. If the stomach lining undergoes irritation or if it is otherwise ulcerous, both these supplemental measures must be avoided at all cost.

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The break down of stomach acids can be achieved through the use of the following herbal teas; these also stimulate digestion, and help bring immediate relief to the irritated stomach in a person suffering from belching disorders.

A stomach disorder can be easily brought under control through the ingestion of a combination peppermint-fennel herbal formula. Prepare an extra strong of this combination herbal infusion using a cup of water to boil a tbsp. of each of the herbs. Allow the herbs to steep in the water for ten minutes and sip the concoction slowly for relief whenever stomach problems occur.

Whenever you feel an urge to belch, prepare an herbal drink by pour a cup of boiling water over a single tsp. of freshly ground ginger root, allow the root to steep in the water for ten minutes and drink this as and when needed. Problems associated with the liver and the gall bladder can be solved by drinking herbal teas made from bitter herbs.

The best bitter herbs for this preparation include herbs like the yarrow, the wormwood, the dandelion, the plantain and the gentian, use these herbs alone or in combination infusions to treat the problem. If the cause of the digestive problems is due to the ingestion of fats and creamy foods, the best supplements are Swedish bitters, these herbs are an excellent digestive stimulant, and will aid in the immediate alleviation of the problem.

As soon as the digestive problem comes up, for about two weeks from the start drink a single tsp. of Swedish bitters along with water everyday before and after meals. If the problem is caused by too little or too much stomach acids, the tea of the calamus root will provide you with a good balancing action. Drink a single cup of this concoction every day by adding a single cup of boiling water to a tsp. of herbs, steep the herbs for ten minutes before cooling and straining it well, drink it regularly.

Additional things you may do

The problem with poor digestion can be corrected with topical applications suing hot and moist compresses to the area of the liver, on the stomach and along the esophagus-these applications will aid in speeding circulation to the area and ease the discomfort.

Usual dosage

Bromelain, 1,000 mg thrice a day with food.

Combination of digestive enzyme, 1 capsule with food.

Betaine HCL, 1,000 mg thrice a day with food.

Lactobacillus acidophilus, one to two capsules or one tsp.

Lecithin, one to three tbsp. thrice a day.


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