Black Eye

An injury that occurs in the soft tissue that encompasses the eyes causes a "black eye"; it is essentially a bruise - otherwise called a contusion; it results from a physical injury of some sort to the tissue. A fractured skull must be considered as a possible causative factor if both eyes turn black; this is in case other causes for physical trauma are not immediately apparent. If this is the case, make sure to seek out some medical attention as soon as possible.

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The bruise or the contusion is formed when small blood vessels in the tissues surrounding the eye break and leak blood into the surrounding tissue, this produces first a red, and then a black or blue discoloration in the area - a bruise or a contusion is caused by physical injury from a blow or after a person has fallen down. This affected area after healing initially can be injured again from the pressure that comes from blowing of the nose or that which comes when a person is sneezing.

The injured blood capillaries can be helped to heal rapidly by the consumption of food items rich in vitamin C, such as green and leafy vegetables, and fruits like apples and all citrus fruits. The consumption of these foods must be done raw as their vitamin C content is destroyed easily by heat from cooking.

The enzymes are also much better preserved in raw foods; these enzymes form the essential immune system boosters in the human body. Inflammation can be reduced in the affected area with the use of flax seed oil, which will aid in the reassertion of the blood released from the bruises. The flax seed oil must be taken at dosages of about two tbsps. Make sure that you eat a salad of fresh, raw vegetables every day - this must preferably be dressed using lemon juice for taste and vitamin C content.

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Supplements and herbs

The blood vessels can be strengthened by the use of supplements of vitamin C and bioflavonoids; these are also needed by the body to heal tissues injured during the bruising. The healing of damaged tissues from bruises can also be effectively accomplished by the vitamin E. The prevention of free radical damage is done by both the vitamins C and E which are excellent supplemental antioxidants.

Both these vitamins must be taken on a daily basis for the proper treatment of a black eye. The rate of healing in black eye can be increased by the use of herbal compresses, which will also help in bringing about a reduction in the inflammation.

The injury in the tissues around the eye can also be healed and soothed using compresses of herbs like the fennel, the chamomile, and the calendula blossoms along with peppermint as direct topical applications. To bring about a reduction in eye strain, use can be made of the eyebright and the cornflower; these also prevent infections from occurring, and heal the inflammation that causes the swelling of the affected tissues.

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The antiseptic properties of the white melilot can also be taken advantage of to treat the injury. If there is inflammation in the eyelids, use plantain leaves as effective supplemental measures for direct topical application.

Vitamin C is a necessary nutrient for successfully healing all tissue damages, including black eye. In case you are enduring black eye, make sure that you receive vitamin C supplementations daily. In addition, you should also eat lots of apples, oranges, limes, lemons, sweet limes and similar fruits enclosing vitamin C.

Apart from taking vitamin C supplements, massaging the affected area with olive oil helps to lessen the pain as well as swelling significantly. You should gently massage the damaged tissue encircling the eye. When you do this, there should be noticeable improvement within two weeks. However, if the condition does not improve within this period, it is advisable that you confer with a physician.


Specific homeopathic remedies are effective in healing black eye. Hence, provided you store ordinary first aid items handy, for instance, homeopathic medications, you may find the following instructions useful in treating black eye. In addition, they will also assist you to determine the appropriate remedy for black eye.


The homeopathic remedy Aconite is frequently referred to as the Arnica for treating the eye. This homeopathic remedy facilitates in healing trivial cuts or scratches caused by foreign articles within the eye. In addition, it may also aid in healing inflammation as well as the blood-shot redness related to any injury to the eye. Habitually, Aconite is the first homeopathic remedy that comes to the mind particularly when the eye injury is associated with intense fright or shock. This medication is useful especially when the affected eyes become sensitive to light.


Together with Aconite, the homeopathic remedy Arnica is not only ranked highly as a first aid remedy, but also believed to be an extremely effective first aid medications in case of any emergency situation, particularly concerning the eye. Arnica is mostly used when the eye socket has received a blow from any rounded object. Using this soon after impact can often avoid the development of the black eye following the injury. You may take Arnica capsules, dissolved below the tongue in case you have developed a black eye accompanied by any damage to the soft tissue just over or under the eye.


Euphrasia denotes 'EyeBright'. This homeopathic medication is extremely effective in treating allergic reactions as well as additional health conditions that make the eye look like it has been injected. In the instance of bloodshot eyes, use of this homeopathic remedy can usually provide great relief following any injury.


Hypericum is the appropriate homeopathic remedy when the patient endures intense pain related to any eye injury or when the eye is damaged by a sharper object. Using Hypericum in such conditions helps to provide relief from pain. In addition, using a tincture of Calendula or Hypericum diluted with water may provide comfort to the eye following any injury or a scratch. In case you have developed a black eye associated with intense pain, you may take four Hypericum capsules for relief. To obtain utmost benefits, dissolve the tablets below your tongue.


This homeopathic remedy is appropriate for use following an injury to the eye caused by any blunt object. In fact, this is one remedy that you ought to think of as soon as you develop a black eye. Ledum is more effective when applying cold to the injury which provides relief. It is also effective in treating drooping eye lids following any injury. In case you have developed a black eye, which is comforted following application of cold and aggravates when you apply anything warm, you may take four Ledum capsules. To obtain the optimum results, dissolve the Ledum capsules below your tongue.


Physostigma is the homeopathic remedy which should be given to the patient when he or she finds it difficult to open their eyelids following an eye injury. In such cases, the patient may also experience trembling of the muscles of the eye. Physostigma is also effective in treating glaucoma developed following an eye injury.

Ruta Graveolens

Ruta Graveolens is effective for treating eye injury caused by straining of the eyes. It is given to patients who have damaged their eye due to excessive use of this vital organ and find it difficult to read fine print.


Silica is often referred to as the homeopathic scalpel or forceps. This homeopathic remedy aids in getting rid of foreign particles that might have been set in inside any soft tissue.


This homeopathic remedy is extremely vital when there is any damage to the eye ball directly. In case the eye appears as if it has in one way or the other lost fluid or the surface of the eye ball is not smooth, but crinkled, Symphytum is the appropriate homeopathic remedy for treating this problem.

Additional things you may do

The application of cool medicinal clay packs or quark packs will reduce the swelling in the injured area, make sure these packs are renewed every half hour or so in a continuous treatment cycle. To render the clay pack more effective, make sure that you add a few drops of horsetail tincture to it.

Alternating the clay pack with cabbage leaf poultices will heal tissue faster and bring about a rapid reduction in swelling as well as aid the body in eliminating toxins that have accumulated at the site of injury. The use of ice packs as a temporary measure is also suggested if the swelling is severe and the swollen area is large.

If you have a black eye, the simplest thing that you may do is to take bag containing chilly vegetables from your refrigerator's freezer section. Alternately, you may also apply ice cubes wrapped with a fine muslin cloth to comfort the affected eye. The cold may possibly facilitate in dispersing the blood clot and also less the look of a black eye. In addition, applying cold will also aid in lessening the swelling in region of the eye.

Applying hot water is also similarly effectual in lessening the swelling in the region of the eyes. You may also make use of cotton balls to douse into water and rinse the black eye. One more extremely effectual manner to heal black eye is to drench a soft cloth with water, squeeze out the surplus water and place the cloth over the affected area. In addition, you may also take a teaspoonful of cayenne pepper and blend it with five teaspoonfuls of Vaseline. Blend these properly and apply the paste to the affected area. You may repeat this for a minimum of thrice every day.

Applying witch hazel pads is also extremely effectual in removing the darkness from the region of the affected eyes. All that you need to do is to purchase a number of witch hazel pads and place them over your eyes. To obtain the most excellent results, you ought to keep these pads on the black eye for the night. Doing this will aid in lessening the darkness and you will notice that the dark color around your eye will be gone very soon.

Taking some vitamin K pills will also facilitate in lessening the swelling around the affected eyes. You may also prepare a tea by simmering a few comfrey roots; douse a section of clean cloth in the tea and place it on your puffy eye.

It is generally assumed that consuming fruits, such as pineapple and papaya, facilitate in lessening the dark circles caused by black eye. You may just eat these fruits or drink their juices. However, what you should avoid is taking an aspirin, because this may prove to be detrimental for the black eye. In addition, you should also avoid taking alcoholic drinks, as they too conceal the symptoms of black eye.

In case the distension around the affected eyes is persistent or in case you observe additional symptoms, such as nausea or dizziness, you ought to consult a physician immediately. You also need to keep an eye on other symptoms of black eye, including having problems with your eye sight. In case you start seeing things double or in case the black eye seems to have an effect on your vision, you need to visit a physician as soon as possible.

When you have a black eye, the eye will turn out to be black following the first day. In order to break up the coagulated blood beneath the skin, you should put a washcloth drenched in warm water over the affected eyes. Whenever the washcloth becomes cool, remove it and dip it in warm water again. Squeeze out the surplus water and place it over your eyes once more. Repeat this home remedy for black eye for a number of times, as it helps to scatter the blood clot and also offers relief from pain and swelling.

In case the black eye hurts you intensely, you may use non-prescription pain killers, whenever required. Some of the effective over-the-counter pain relievers include Advil, Tylenol and Motrin - these are useful in reducing the pain caused by black eye.

Peel the skin of a potato (preferably use a red potato, as it is best for this condition) and then grate it. Prepare a poultice with the grated potato and place it over the black eye for about 20 minutes. The chemical compound potassium chloride is among the most effective in healing black eye and potatoes are among the most excellent natural sources of this compound. This remedy is also effective for healing bloodshot eyes.

Usual dosage

Vitamin E, 400 IU  1 - 2 times a day.

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg thrice a day.

Other beneficial herbs


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