Blood Poisoning ( Septicemia )

Septicemia or blood poisoning as it is more commonly known is a serious and life-threatening condition which can occur under certain circumstances. During the condition, serious illness and debilitation is caused by the "poisons" or toxins released from bacteria which enters the bloodstream.

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Physical symptoms are typically indicated by a rapid rise in the pulse along with a high fever and chills, additionally shallow breathing occurs as respiratory rate falls. The person may have a very drawn and clammy face along with a pale complexion. Losing consciousness is common and confusion is one of the most typical symptoms in the person as septic shock sets in.

One form of infection is similar to septicemia, and it is called lymphangitis, this form of bacterial infection occurs along a lymph vessel, symptoms are the appearance of a red stripe that runs from a wound or abscess in the direction of the trunk. While the condition per se is not considered blood poisoning, this condition can quickly lead to septicemia in the individual. Immediate medical attention is required at the hands of a qualified medical practitioner if either infection or poisoning is suspected.

An infection of the body by a highly virulent infection or a compromised immune system is the usual cause of septicemia. The bacterial infection begins usually inside a poorly cleansed wound or an abscess where the bacterial growth cannot be contained by the immune system, thus the bacteria travel into the lymph vessels giving rise to a serious inflammation in the nodes; the red stripe characteristic of the condition then begin to appear as infection reaches a critical stage.

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The bacterial infection that begins in the lymph vessels spreads to the lymph nodes in the body, till the infection finally and inevitably ends up in the bloodstream. Even the mildest of infections can result in blood poisoning, particularly in people who have a compromised or impaired immune system functioning.

Severe illnesses such as pneumonia or severe tonsillitis also caused by bacteria can cause septicemia and may be the underlying causative factors of the condition even when a diagnosis has not detected an illness. In some cases a fungal infection can be the causative factor-though this form of the condition is rare.

Supplements and herbs

The detrimental effects of bacterial toxins can be effectively removed through the use of different supplements, these in turn aid in the purification of the blood. The defense system of the body is bolstered to a great degree by supplements of the vitamin C. A reduction in the dosage levels must follow during the course of a supplementation regimen using vitamin C where the stools become too watery or if diarrhea sets in.

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To boost liver functioning and to enable the rapid increase in the red blood cell population, make sure that you add B vitamins to the supplements. Another great cleansing agent is the use of green food supplements-these include food groups such as barley grass, wheatgrass and blue-green algae, the high amounts of chlorophyll present in these foods will aid in flushing out the system.

These green food supplements will also help in restoring the blood levels. Before and following the use of antibiotics, supplements of friendly bacteria should be done-the Lactobacillus bacteria such as acidophilus must be consumed in supplemental form before the start of antibiotic treatment and a few weeks after finishing with a dose of antibiotics.

These friendly bacteria in the bowels are essential components of the intestinal flora, thus the acidophilus and other similar bacteria actively support the immune system and have important roles in the prevention of digestive imbalances and infections from pathogens such as candida. Natural yogurt contains abundant amounts of acidophilus, thus yogurt can be used as a supplement to restore intestinal flora. The toxins released inside the body can be absorbed by the consumption of charcoal capsules.

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The removal of toxins in the body is one of the major roles that herbal supplements can play during septicemia; the following herbal remedies will help heal the body and are effective cleansing agents.

If no medical attention can be provided immediately during a case of blood poisoning, use these herbs as a sort of first-aid treatment, place birchwood coal on the wound, this herbal coal will absorb ninety percent of its own weight in pus and toxic matter from the infected wound.

Drink supplemental herbal infusions of the stinging nettle, the horsetail, some birch leaves along with dandelion leaves, this herbal infusion can be prepared using a tsp. of the herbs in a cup of boiling water-the infusion will cleanse the body and lead to the removal of toxins. Some of these leaves can be mixed with salad to be eaten at mealtimes and make an excellent herbal supplement.

Drink herbal combination infusions made from the leaves of the stinging nettle, the dandelion along with the celery during convalescence as a way to boost the energy levels in the body and to remove the last traces of toxins in the body. Dosage of these herbs can be about a single tbsp. of the herbal juice taken thrice every day.

A decoction made using 2 tsp. of the root powder of the Echinacea in a single cup of water can also be used for boosting energy levels. Let the herb simmer and steep in the water for fifteen minutes, drink this decoction thrice every day for two days as an aid to recovery. Make an herbal combination formula of the horse chestnut, the witch hazel and the yellow melilot, drink this to stimulate the kidneys and aid in the elimination of toxins from the body.

Additional things you may do

Toxins in the body can also be drawn out through the topical application of clay packs.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B complex, 100 mg thrice a day.

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, every few hours 1,000-2,000 mg.

Charcoal, two capsules every 30 - 60 minutes for acute blood poisoning.

Lactobacillus acidophilus, one capsule before each meal.

Green food supplements, one tbsp.

Other beneficial herbs


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