Body Odor

Body odor is quite normal in most individuals, though it sometimes can become persistent and embarrassing. A very persistent or chronic body odor can cause an acute sense of loss of self esteem and can arise due to a variety of reasons in the human body. Odors are normal in the human body as such, for example with the onset of puberty many young people develop and find new odors and scents in their developing physiques and may become conscious of it.

These come along with the growth of certain sweat glands in the pubescent body. There may be additional and unsuspected causes of body odors such as bad breath, which in some cases is caused by digestive disorders, and the relevant examination should be made in this regard.

The presence of an odor in the human body is often a result of poor hygiene and a sedentary occupation, in some cases it can also be due to perspiration or excessive sweating which may be genetic. When the perspiration from a human body is allowed to remain on the body for some duration of time, or a few hours, it becomes an environment in which bacteria multiply and breed, bacterial action is the reason very foul or offensive smells arise.

The causation of body odor is also often related to other non-physical stimuli like a chronic nervous condition or nervousness in an individual, mental conditions like stress and anxiety can also bring on profuse sweating and act in an indirect way in promoting body odors. The fact that impaired internal health causes odor cannot be over emphasized.

Including problems associated with the detoxification process that occurs in the kidneys, poor performance and illness within internal organs such as the liver or poor bowel movement will definitely increase body odor, this is due to the fact that more toxins linger inside the body and the only other outward route for them being subcutaneous or through the skin, they must be eliminated through the skin via pores on the surface, which are in turn often blocked by dried sweat.

A poorly performing and sluggish liver, in combination with the effects of constipation are very common problems. Additionally very pungent and strong-smelling food items such as a variety of spices, common condiments like garlic and food such as curry, have a strong and persistent odor, these smells find their way out and are often emitted through the skin's pores, and can add to the problems of body odor.

The strong and diffusive cigarettes' smell and the reek of alcoholic beverages can remain on the clothes and in the body for a long time leading to a state where a person might be said to have an artificial body odor.

A proper and healthy diet should aid in the promotion and help in the complete digestion of ingested food and also in the prompt elimination of waste products produced in the body. It is best to begin with a 24-hour liquid based diet, which may consist of psyllium seed husks and apple juice to aid in cleansing the bowels.

It is also advisable to consume light and natural meals, which have plenty of raw fruits and vegetables for easy digestion and for their fiber content, food should also preferably have herbs like sprouts and parsley for chlorophyll. Please avoid red meat, fried foods rich in cholesterol and heavy sweets, which are rich in milk or dairy products. The proper diet should also include at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to help keep the kidneys clear and aid in the detoxification process.

Minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 metabolically remove wastes, which cause odor and should be supplemented in the diet. The aforementioned nutrients and supplements are present in good quantities in whole grains, which itself is a good base for fiber, fiber aids in the digestion process.

Supplements and herbs

Since the presence of a foul smelling body odor is often a result of the non-elimination of the waste generated in the body, it has often to be treated in a holistic manner. Since many of nutrients can greatly aid and effectively improve metabolism and aid in proper detoxification in the body, the first step in the waste removal is proper channels to the outside such as the skin pores on all over the body.

The B complex vitamins are very important in this regard as they play an essential role in maintaining ionic equilibrium in the body. You just have to ensure that the B complex you choose contains all the B vitamins in whatever forms you take it. If for any reason that is not possible it will be better to use them as separate supplements.

Mineral ions, which are also essential in biological function such as zinc aid in the reduction of strong body odor. Natural and organic plant products such as chlorophyll or chlorophyll tablets in various green food supplements also will help decrease body odor by supporting the liver in the detoxification process.

Additionally herbal remedies are very effective in eliminating unpleasant and embarrassing body odors, herbs in addition to adding to the maintenance of hygiene and proper nutrition to the body because of their composition aid immensely in helping eliminate the body odor sources. Easy and effective herbs to use are oils and herbal essences such as essential oils of lavender and thyme, which have a potent ability in killing bacteria and have pleasant smells besides their bactericidal actions.

The easiest way to go about it is to add about five drops of each to bath water or a shower gel that you normally use. By mixing just five drops of lavender oil in two cups of distilled water, your entire body can be cleansed and freshened, by placing the mixture in a glass bottle and dabbing it with a soft cloth or cotton swab to affected body areas, relief from odors can last for hours on end and you will also be able to perspire easily.

You can also try using a fast cleansing juice made up of ingredients of bitter herbs like angelica, endive or dandelion, along with full enemas using fenugreek seed infusion, which are advisable for usage in cleansing the intestinal tract.


Commonly used essential oils for body odor:

Additional things you may do

Physical exercise and a health check up once a year including the condition of internal organs such as working the reflexes of the colon, liver, kidneys, and gall-bladder proper hygiene is essential and it is important to shower every day, especially after a prolonged period of exercise or after hard physical work. Moderate exposure to sunlight helps in eliminating bacteria and gives your body a healthy appearance as well as a pleasant smell.

The best deodorants to use are natural deodorants which not only help in inhibiting bacterial growth but do not prevent you from perspiring normally in the course of a day, blocked pores due to deodorant usage can lead to actual multiplication of bacteria and it is therefore essential that a proper natural and organic based deodorant be used for hygiene.

All substances and chemicals such as antiperspirants are not recommended for usage in cases where you are already suffering from body odor because they restrict sweating and are a health risk and may end up giving you the exact thing you have been trying to avoid because they block pores, open pores not only prevent bacteria from breeding in them but also aid in thermal regulation and therefore are a valuable means to regulate body heat during the normal course of a day, open skin pores also allow for the efficient regulation of minerals and water, and are a major component in the bodies fight to eliminate toxins subcutaneously.

Common minerals such as easily available sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), can be used as a skin powder and applied in affected parts of the body such as the arm pits as in is efficient in helping to eliminate odor while at the same time causing no irritation to the skin which might otherwise be present in other powders like talc.

It is very important to change your underwear on a daily basis, and this simple rule of self hygiene is ignored by so many people, body odor can also be eliminated or minimized to a large extent by the wearing of loose and comfortable clothing which should be mainly natural fiber clothing for example linen, wool, cotton, or silk, artificial fabrics do not have the same capacity as natural fabrics to absorb sweat or allow aeration under the clothing.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B complex, 50 mg 1 to 3 times  a day

Zinc, 30 mg, with 3 mg copper

Chlorella, chlorophyll, 1 tbsp.

Other beneficial herbs


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