In some instances people may be affected by a bacterial infection which may start deep inside a hair follicle or on a sebaceous gland-which is one of the skin's oil-producing glands, this infection may continue for some time and slowly worsen finally erupting on the surface of the skin as a boil. The bacterial species that is most often implicated in the causation of boils in individuals is the bacterium known as Staphylococcus aureus, most boils seem to be due to this bacteria and it is the number one causative agent worldwide as far as boils are concerned.

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Any region of the body can be affected by the development of boils, however; on the whole the areas of the body such as the neck, the face, the underarms and the buttocks tend to be more susceptible to the formation of boils.

Suspect the development of a boil and watch any area of reddened, elevated, and or painful bumps, on the skin of children especially if they complain about discomfort or pain due to it. Within two or four days, a pustule will form in the center of the affected area and this is the cue to the fact that a boil is developing on the area of the affected skin.

Though it rarely occurs, a boil may cause a serious systemic infection by spreading beyond its area of infection; this is much more serious and symptoms are severe. Some other ways in which boils can affect and aggravate the condition of the patient is through affecting the lymph glands nearby; this can become swollen and inflamed and cause some discomfort.

The appearance or the development of a boil on the body may itself be a manifestation of some other underlying infection or disorder in a child's body; this may be the way it is manifesting itself by affecting the skin-therefore the real cause behind the formation of a boil must always be investigated. Medical attention and care is required in all cases to treat boils and related symptoms in children.

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Observing the behavior and demeanor of the affected child can let you determine the correct timing to take the child to the doctor for treatment. How is the child behaving? Is there a lot of discomfort associated with the boils; observe from afar in order to get a clear, overall sense of how the child is feeling.

Without looking at the boil, observe the child, is he or she playing and laughing, is he sweaty, looking tired, and is he or she pale in color? Boils are normally occurrences of childhood years but children with boils who are always exhausted, who seem to be running a high fever, or who have lost their appetite needs to be examined by a physician as a precautionary step in order to determine the causative factors for the symptoms.

Supplements and herbs

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The cleansing of the body internally can be achieved through the use of the root of the burdock herb; this herb is a proven and effective internal cleanser. Children can be given single doses of the herb thrice every day, for a treatment periods lasting five days each. Infection within the body can also be eliminated through the use of the immune system boosting herbs the Echinacea and the goldenseal; these herbs boost the performance of the immune system aiding in keeping infection at bay.

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These herbs are really helpful when used together and complement each others action within the body as the herb Echinacea has very strong antiviral properties, while the bactericidal properties of the goldenseal is an added bonus along with its ability to soothe the irritated skin and the inflamed mucous membranes within the body in al cases of infection.

Till such times as the boil disappears or improves, single doses of the Echinacea and goldenseal combination formula can be given to children, thrice each day as treatment. Aside from this, a topical application can also be made from the goldenseal herb for direct application on to the boil; the antiseptic properties of the herb will help in healing.

For your attention: because it loses its effectiveness if used over a prolonged period of time, the child should not be prescribed Echinacea on a daily basis for periods lasting longer than ten days at a stretch.

A boil can also be matured and brought to a head through the use of a compress made using ginger tea; such a compress used topically will also help to draw out the infection within boil. Soak a clean white cotton cloth in a strong ginger tea that has been prepared using good quality ginger. Use this compress directly onto the boil at least four times every day, the wet compress must be warm when applied to the boils on the child's body; let the compress stay on the affected area for about ten to fifteen minutes, whenever the treatment is carried out.

An infection related to a boil can also be dried up and the pus can be drawn out through the use of a paste made from green clay. Make this paste from green clay by mixing one teaspoon of the green clay along with a small amount of water, stir it well to get the right consistency-it should not be too liquefied. This green clay paste can be applied to the boils as a follow through treatment after a ginger tea compress has been utilized on the boils.

Other compresses that can be used in the treatment of boils include compresses made from the tea tree oil. These compresses are very effective in dealing with infection because the tea tree oil is a very strong antiseptic and aids in the quick clearance of infected boils. Prepare these compresses by soaking a clean cotton cloth or balls of cotton wool in warm water in which about 8 to 10 drops of tea tree oil has been added per quart of water.

These compresses can also be used four times every day as a topical measure and the warm compress to the boil for ten to fifteen minutes duration per treatment period. If the infection is due to the bacterium known as Staphylococcus, it can be effectively dealt with through the use of the usnea moss on to the affected area. A tea can be prepared from the moss by boiling 3 tablespoons of the whole usnea herb in a cup of water for three minutes; this will result in a strong tea.

Let the moss steep in the warm water for another ten minutes after the mixture has been removed from the heat source, strain the mixture and it is ready fro use. Topical treatment using the tea can be done using a clean washcloth that has been soaked in the tea; apply this cloth on to the boil for ten to fifteen minutes every day.

This treatment can be repeated three or four times each day until the boil has healed or begins to show signs of abatement. The ointment form of the usnea is also available and this can also be used in topical treatment of boils. In addition to ointments containing usnea, another excellent ointment available for the treatment of boils is a product that goes by the name "Super Salve" this product contains herbs like the chaparral, the super herb Echinacea, and hops as well as the usnea moss.

This ointment can also be used on to the boils thrice daily as an effective topical measure. Another way to treat boils topically is through the use of herbal poultices externally; an effective herbal poultice can be prepared by adding a tablespoon each of the plantain, the root of the marshmallow , the goldenseal/or the Oregon grape root to a single cup of water.

This mixture can then be boiled and allowed to simmer for twenty minutes. Once the mixture is ready, use a cloth and soak this in the poultice mixture, apply the poultice to the affected area of the body for twenty to thirty minutes as external treatment every day. Repeat this treatment thrice every day, for a period lasting two to three days at a stretch for effective results.


Commonly used essential oils for boils:



Arsenicum can be used as a homeopathic treatment of boils where the boil causes a hot and burning sensation. But physical and topical treatments such as the use of hot compresses still succeed in easing the pain. The use of Arsenicum is suggested in the presence of any such symptoms in a patient.


Belladonna can be used in the homeopathic treatment of boils during the early stages of boil development, particularly in the stages where the boil is red in color and throbs violently or seems to pulsate. The presence of these symptoms in the early stages of boil development calls for the use of Belladonna.

Hepar sulph

Hepar sulph can be used in the homeopathic treatment of boils that cause sharp and penetrating painful sensations, and this type of pain often worsens during cold weather. Some other symptoms associated with such boils are the production of yellow-green pus that often oozes out from the skin. The presence of one or more of these symptoms in the patient suffering from boils requires the use of Hepar sulph as a homeopathic treatment.


Tarent can be used in the homeopathic treatment of boils in cases where the development of the boil is rapid; the incubation period is rather slow in these types of boils. The boil may feel very hard, the color of the boil is often bluish. It also produces an agonizing and burning sensation in the patient. The presence of one or more of these symptoms calls for the use of Tarent as a homeopathic treatment in the boil affected patient.

Other beneficial herbs


From Nabs - Mar-13-2013
Just recently my brother in law had quite a nasty looking really large boil but after 1 week of colloidal silver orally first day every hour 1 table spoon from awake to sleep, then 1 table spoon 3 times a day has proven very effective; it has been 7 days and the boil has almost completely disappeared. It is about the third of the original size and still improving.
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