Bone Fractures

Though most commonly occurring along the bones that make up the extremities in the human body, fractures can and do occur in any bone that make up the human body, the vertebrae or the ribs can also suffer fractures of all types.

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When the skin is still intact in the area of a fracture it is called a simple fracture, while broken bones that cause the skin above them to break open are compound fractures. Since open wounds are veritable areas for infection to set in and lead to substantial blood loss-compound fractures are on the whole considered much more serious then are simple fractures.

The signs of a fracture become apparent where there is immobility or deformation of the affected area, and additionally the incidence of a fracture is also quite obvious if a cracking sound occurs at the time of injury-extreme pain is also indicative of a fractured bone. A fractured bone must be considered as probable if certain signs are present-these could include swelling and bruising of the area and extreme pain following an injury, additionally a difficult in moving the injured area will also indicate a fracture.

A bad sprain is often suspected in the cases of fractured bones that occur along or near joints, especially if the fracture is of a simple "hairline" type. The acts of breathing and coughing become painful during incidences of fracture in the ribs, though the pain may be no more intense or painful than the ones that occur along bruised ribs.

An X-ray is often the only confirmation for a fracture, if uncertainty exists about the nature of an injured area especially in the case of simple fractures. Before the bones have had a chance to set properly, the injured person must be given medical attention on a priority basis. Fractures typically heal within two weeks or six months from the time of injury, this timeframe also depends on the age and health of the affected person-the severity of the injury is also an important determinant in the rapidity of healing.

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Any injury-but often a fall or a traffic accident is the usual cause of bone fractures. Even a very mild physical injury will lead to multiple bone breaks if the person suffers from a bone disease of any kind, as such a physiology predispose the person towards having fractures-susceptibility is also increased if the bones have any loss in important minerals.

Fractures are more commonly related to disorders like osteoporosis in older individuals and in such people, most fractures can be because of this factor. Aside from these, bone strength is maintained by minerals in the bone, but the presence of sufficient protein in the diet will also provide tissues with flexibility and strength-strong tissues enhance the chances and speed of recovery from a fracture.

Human bones can become very delicate or suffer from brittleness of either the protein content or the mineral content is less and the ability to withstand injury becomes impaired. All the essential nutrients needed for good bone structure are lacking in a poor diet-therefore dietary foods must be abundant in proteins and minerals.

Digestive problems if present also hinder nutrient absorption in the body and may cause problems in the bones. Hormonal imbalances and the lack of physical activity are also important contributing factors towards disorders such as osteoporosis and must be rectified for the normal functioning of the skeletal system.

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Supplements and herbs

Substances such as proteins and minerals are the building blocks of bones, any fracture or break in the bones requires abundant supplies of these very essential nutrients within the body to bring about healing and recovery. The most vital and essential minerals in this regard are silica, calcium and magnesium, which must be available in abundant amounts within the body and in the diet.

The essential mineral silica is found in abundance in the form of a water-soluble vegetal silica capsules or in a gel form-known as silicea, it can be used as a supplemental measure in both forms. The absorption of the essential mineral calcium is promoted by the levels of the vitamins C and D within the body.

The health of bones in the human body is also determined by the vitamin C. All diets must therefore include this vitamin in abundant quantities. All diets must also include green food supplements, because they provide an important trace mineral supply and a rich abundant chlorophyll component.

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All the herbal remedies given below will help in bringing about an effective reduction in the swelling caused by a fracture; these will also help in the absorption of calcium and ultimately in rebuilding the bones.

The chronic swelling around the sites of the broken bones can be reduced through baths with water containing the horsetail herb. Silica contained in the horsetail aids the body in the absorption and utilization of calcium, it also ultimately aids in the rebuilding of the bones. The bath water used can be fortified by adding 5 drops of horsetail oil.

After bathing with this water, a comfrey tincture can be directly applied on to the injured area. Topical applications of sorrel or packs of goldenrod can also be placed directly on the injured area.


Calc. phos.

Calc. phos. is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of fractures, the two main bone minerals are calcium and phosphorus - these two are essential for building up healthy bones and must be present in abundant quantities within the body during recovery from fractures.

The daily use of Calc. phos. must be carried out, till such times as complete healing and recovery occurs in the bones - continue treatment till the bone has properly knitted and do not stop until full recovery is achieved. In people who are prone to fractures because of weak or brittle bones - Calc. phos. supplementation may bring about bone strengthening and rigidity.

Additional things you may do

The absorption of calcium in the bones is mediated by the vitamin D, this vitamin is produced by moderate exposures of the skin to the sun-make sure you bask in the sun for sometime everyday. Vitamin D is also essential in bone healing. As a simple step daily sun bathing for thirty to sixty minutes is a good way to ensure vitamin D production in the body. Bone healing rate is increased by magnetic therapy, this therapy also helps in gaining relieve from pain.

Usual dosage

Vitamin D, 400 IU.

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 500 mg.

Calcium, 1,000-1,500 mg in divided doses.

Silica, 1,000 mg.

Magnesium, 500-750 mg in divided doses.

Boron, 10 mg.

Glucosamine sulphate, 500 mg.

Chondroitin sulphate, 500 mg.

Green food supplements, one tbsp.

Other beneficial herbs


From A. Walia - Mar-05-2011
Turmeric "haldi" is very beneficial to heal any bone injury. One teaspoon of turmeric in a cup of warm milk or make small capsule size balls and take twice daily with warm cup of milk (two tsp turmeric, milk or water to mix it like dough) You can refrigerate the rest.
From Yetti - 2010
Pineapple is used in the healing of fractures. Use fresh only, once it is canned the essential nutrients are destroyed and it does not work. Eat pineapple daily until the fracture is healed.
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