Breast Tenderness

Many women experience some tenderness or soreness in the breasts, this sensation often comes accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the breast - the breast feel swollen and cause a lot of discomfort. Such a situation is very common in the majority of women just before the menstrual cycle.

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The condition is also almost universal during the periods preceding pregnancy, and it is particularly apparent when women are nursing a child. A doctor must be consulted for a medical examination and diagnosis if none of these situations can be the explanation for the presence of tenderness or soreness in the breast.

Breast must be prepared for the coming of tenderness and soreness during pregnancy by carefully massaging them using a little almond oil following a bath or a shower. A good option is to avoid the use of soap on the nipple area as this may worsen the situation. Women must prefer using brassieres made from cotton and avoid synthetic bras or underwear.

All women must press the breast to expel excess milk from time to time, especially when they are producing more milk than the baby needs, this will avoid the stagnation of milk in the breast.

When the baby is nursing, the mother must ensure that baby's mouth covers the nipple completely to promote an efficient suckling reflex. Tenderness in the breast will be avoided as a proper suckling action will prevent the baby from tugging too hard or pulling forcefully on the nipple when nursing.

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To aid in the healing of any cracks or tears in the teats of the breast the mother must rub some of her own breast milk into the nipple after the baby has been breast fed. The other must ensure that the nipples dry well following a session of breast feeding. Soreness in the breast must be treated by the immediate application of an herbal calendula cream on the breast.

The best option is to try to lower the levels of stress and emotional anxiety which are present in the woman-this is greatly desirable and important especially for new mothers. And such a reduction in the stress levels is also very important in the week before the menstrual cycle. A great benefit can accrue if the woman attends a yoga or some meditation class - such alternative techniques can help defeat emotional turmoil and stress. The women must also ensure that she gets sufficient sleep every day and she must also take the time every day to relax and rest the body.

Supplements and herbs

To help the body expel excess water, consume lots of fresh, chopped parsley.

The herb dandelion is known to possess natural diuretic properties. You may take dandelion either in the form of a capsule or prepare a tea from the powdered roots of the herb. Boil about two to three teaspoonfuls of the dandelion root powder in one cup (250 ml) of water for approximately 15 minutes and drink a minimum of three cups of the tea daily.

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Women enduring breast tenderness may also try using evening primrose oil, a conventional herbal medication for curing premenstrual symptoms. This remedy encloses an essential fatty acid called gamma linoleic acid (GLA), which may possibly facilitate in balancing the hormones of a woman and appears to alleviate cyclical breast pain.

In addition, you may also use vitamin E and vitamin B6, as when they work collectively they assist in avoiding breast tenderness. In order to get sufficient vitamins E and B6 you may possibly have to take dietary supplementations, but it is also possible to perk up these vitamins in your diet by consuming barley, nuts and additional amounts of wheat germ for vitamin E, and eat spinach, avocados and lean meat for copious vitamin B6.

Alternately, women enduring breast tenderness may also take calcium supplementations in dosage of 1,200 mg every day, as this will help to ease the problem. Lessening of dietary fat also decreases breast tenderness when done over a certain period. Taking the standard recommended dose of 400 mg magnesium supplement daily also provides relief from cyclic breast tenderness and, at the same time, diminishes the symptoms of premenstrual mood.

Even taking chaste berry in dosage of 30 mg to 40 mg every day may possibly facilitate in diminishing headaches, cramping as well as breast pain. In addition, vitamin E is also known to be effective in easing breast pain as well as problems caused by fibrocystic breasts. One more way to ease the pain caused by tender distended breasts is to cover the breasts with raw leaves of cabbage.

Soy products are also effective in reducing breast pain, as they enclose isoflavones. Hence, if you are enduring breast tenderness, try to use soy foods like soy milk, soybeans, and soy burgers as well as different other soy products in your diet as much as possible. Also reducing intake of salt will facilitate in decreasing retention of water, which, consequently, eases pain.

Women enduring tender breasts should keep away from any type of foods containing caffeine, since it encloses a substance known as methylxanthine that aggravates the breast tissue and also causes pain. Also consume herbal tea prepared from buchu, corn milk or uva ursi. These herbs work in the form of gentle diuretic that helps to wash down some amount of fluid that is responsible for the breast pain.

It may be noted that women's body fat stores estrogen. Getting rid of excessive weight lowers the contribution of hormone to problems related to the breast. Also reduce the intake of hydrogenated fats, such as margarine, as these products impede the ability of the body to change essential fatty acid (EFA) into gamma linoleic acid (GLA). GLA is essential for our body and it helps to end breast pain. Therefore, lesser intake of hydrogenated fats eases breast pain or tenderness.


Aromatherapy is an excellent way to treat breast tenderness. You may include six to eight drops of geranium essential oil in a hot bath. In addition, you may also massage your breasts using a blend of 15 drops of geranium essential oil in 3 1/2 tablespoonful of any liniment or ordinary carrier oil.

Additional things you may do

You can benefit greatly by a reduction in the amounts of alcohol you consume on a day to day basis. The intake of salt must also be reduced at all times. Make dietary changes in your every day meals and consume a whole-foods diet, which must be rich in fresh fruits and must contain abundant vegetables as well as sources of low-fat protein.

The intake of coffee on a daily basis must be reduced. The accumulation of toxins in the body is prevented by undergoing professional massage therapy, such topical measures will help increase the circulation of the blood and lymph in the veins and this will prevents the toxins from causing harm in the long term.

If the massage sessions are performed a few days before the breast start to be affected by tenderness - it will lead to the improvement in the circulation to the breasts, such massage sessions may also help bring a reduction in the swelling and tenderness affecting the breast. You will greatly benefit from undertaking regular and vigorous physical exercises; these should include regular sessions of brisk walking, running or jogging, sports like swimming, dancing and aerobics, or some racquet sports such as tennis or badminton.

Use a hot towel or a heating pad to apply a temperate compress to your breast for approximately 15 to 20 minutes to alleviate breast pain. It may be noted that breast tenderness generally happens either prior to, during or following your menstrual period. During these times, it is advisable that you apply a cold compress using ice packs or ice-covered fruits or vegetables packets covered by a towel.

Occasionally when you don't wear a bra, it may possibly result in breast tenderness. Therefore, you should essentially wear bras that uphold your breasts. At the same time, ensure that the bras are properly padded, especially when you are putting on an under-wired bra. If no other type of bra provides you comfort as well as relief from breast pain, you may just try wearing a sports bra.

Women enduring tender breasts should also eat lots of dietary fiber, for instance, vegetables, fruits, legumes (such as black beans and lentils) and also whole grains. Your objective should be to obtain below 30 per cent of your required calories from fat in your diet. It has been found that women living in cultures where the custom is to consume low fat diets actually suffer from lesser cases of breast tenderness.

Also cut back on consuming methylxanthine, an ingredient found in several ordinary foods, such as tea, coffee, cola, chocolate, mushrooms, peanut butter, bananas, beer, wine, cheese and pickles. Majority of the women who suffer from excruciating lumps on a recurring pattern will find that their condition will improve provided they reduce the consumption or totally keep away from this compound.

At the same time, keep a watchful eye on your consumption of sodium. It may be noted that sodium augments retention of water by the body and this often results in the swelling of the breasts. You should exercise particular caution to limit your consumption of salt, especially from two weeks prior to your menstrual period.

While you are in the shower, use soap on your breasts and massage them mildly in a manner which is from the middle of your chest outwards to your armpits. When you do this type of breast massage it helps in augmenting blood circulation and also draining the lymph, the lucid fluid that transports agents that combat infections throughout your body.

Other beneficial herbs


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For tenderness, I use bio-progesterone cream. It works great.
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