Cancer occurs in over a hundred forms and all are characterized by abnormal and unrestrained cell growths. In the beginning most of them are solid tumors that lead to the spread or metastasizing of carcinogenic cells to other body areas. If these tumors are not treated they may result in the cancer cells overwhelm the normal healthy cells and deplete the essential nutrients of the body leading to serious ailments and, sometimes, even death.

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Scientists are yet to ascertain the reason behind normal healthy cells becoming cancerous. However, certain factors like smoking, pollutants, too much exposure to sun, poor dietary habits and evens stress are believed to have a role in this. Either of these factors possesses the aptitude to debilitate our immune system, which subsequently losses its ability to effectively combat the cancerous cells, or expose our body to detrimental free radicals - erratic oxygen molecules which may harm the healthy cells. In addition, hereditary also appears to be a vital factor in developing several forms of cancer.

Below are different forms of cancer:

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Supplements and herbs

Use of supplements in cancer treatment has aroused strong debates. Findings of studies have been contradictory and there are many who offer numerous sham 'wonder cures' that often cost too much. The fact is that cancer still does not have any natural treatment, but if the patients take some specific supplements on a regular basis and for a prolonged period of time, they do work as a helpful addendum to the conventional treatments for cancer.

Taking vitamin A in conjunction with antioxidants like carotenoids (particularly Iycopene and beta-carotene), vitamin E, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10 and the trace mineral selenium is useful in protecting the healthy cells from the attacks by free radicals. In addition, these supplements may possibly also help to hold back carcinogenic cell growth.

In fact, people who have already undergone radiation therapy and chemotherapy that cause harm to the normal cells while attacking the cancerous cells may find taking the supplements mentioned here extremely beneficial. While taking folic acid may also prove to be helpful for people suffering from cancer, use of this supplement may possibly conceal the deficiency of vitamin B12 in the patients.

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Taking the herb Echinacea alternately with medicinal mushroom extracts and other herbs that work to boost the immune system in a three-week rotation, may also possibly aid in reinforcing the immunity in general during cancer therapy. It is worth noting here that vitamin C too helps in boosting the immune system and also combating any cancerous cells left behind in the body following the treatment.

It has been found that a particular variety of medicinal mushroom called 'Coriolus versicolor mushroom' holds great promise in treating cancers of the stomach, lung and colon. In addition, the patients may also take a formula to detoxify the liver (occasionally known as a lipotropic combination and available with stores selling health foods) may aid in preventing the accumulation of harmful toxins that promote cancer in the body and, thereby help in preventing development of cancer.


Commonly used essential oils for cancer:

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While treating people struggling with cancer, usually the main objective of homeopaths is to invigorate the immune system, reduce the pain caused by the disease, and augment the energy levels as well as the health in general. In addition, homeopathic remedies are employed to deal with the adverse effects of the conventional cancer therapies, for instance, hot flashes, nausea, sores and infections.

However, patients who wish to use homeopathy along with the conventional cancer treatment ought to first check with their oncologist and be sure about the possible health hazards, if any.

Homeopathy may be used in various different treatment attitudes and methods for treating patients suffering from cancer. Every so often, while treating cancer patients, practitioners of homeopathic remedies employ a permutation of these methodologies.

One method of treating cancer with homeopathic remedies is to employ them to directly go after the tumors. In such situations, the homeopathic physician opts for remedies that correspond with the symptoms of the tumor (for instance, they select Conium Maculatum to treat solid immovable tumors which develop gradually).

While some homeopathic physicians who employ this method may possibly also take additional symptoms into account (for instance, the patient's desire for food, temperament and others), their main focus will be on targeting the tumor as well as overturning its growth. There are a number of homeopaths who recommend remedies that are meant for administration at the site of the tumor (in an injection form) with a view to stimulate a further aggressive reaction.

Another method of using homeopathic remedies is to help in curing the eliminative channels (for example, the urinary tract, kidneys, liver, lymphatic system and others) of the patient with a view to reinforce detoxification of the cells. In such situations, the homeopathic physician is likely to opt for remedies that promote drainage.

These medications are actually a combination of homeopathic remedies having low potency and they are given to the patient to target particular systems or to detoxify specific substances (for instance, heavy metals and others). Homeopathic physicians who employ this approach usually choose remedies that cause drainage depending on the investigation of the case. Alternately, they may also employ the Quantum machine, a tool to undertake electro-dermal diagnosis.

Yet another approach may be used by homeopaths while treating cancer patients and in this case they deal with the patient's overall constitution. Known as the 'classical approach', in this situation homeopathic physicians undertake a comprehensive question answer session regarding the physical, emotional and mental symptoms of the patient and subsequently choose the remedies that are most appropriate for the patients.

In most cases, the homeopathic remedy that suits the patient's symptoms has a direct consequence on the tumor. When the remedies facilitate the body to deal with as well as put an end to the energy that triggers the tumor, they eventually help in getting rid of the tumor completely. In addition, the remedies that are found to suit the overall constitution of the patient may also promote drainage of toxic substances as well as detoxification. However, this does not form the main objective of homeopaths using the 'classical approach'.

Majority of healthcare professionals practicing alternative medicine in the United States use homeopathy in conjunction with other therapeutic methods (for instance, immune system and nutritional support, detoxification programs, diets and others). Hence, homeopathy is generally not considered to be the main or a separate treatment mode for cancer. Nevertheless, if homeopathy is used appropriately, as well as together with other essential treatments, it may turn out to be an astonishingly potent means to make one more powerful in healing their cancer.

However, it must be noted that most of the successes of using homeopathy is subject to the competency and experience of the homeopathic physician as well as the resources made available to the patient at different levels to heal the disease.

Arsenicum Album is one homeopathic remedy that is often recommended for treating cancer. In fact, Arsenicum Album is the most important homeopathic remedy for cancer treatment and is frequently prescribed for patients having terminal cancer. This remedy facilitates the patients to face up to as well as address their fear of fatality - feeling related to getting stuck in the borderline, unsure of what they should expect, facing an uncertain future, feeling frightened about the transition, and also of their life coming to an abrupt end. Provided homeopathic remedies are employed appropriately, they have the aptitude to turn out to be a potent means to help people in peacefully accepting their death process and also facilitate them to adopt the changeover with more focus on spirituality.

In addition, the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album is very important for people who have been diagnosed of suffering from cancer only recently and are overwhelmed with intense fear that they will never recover from the disease, fear of dying due to the disease, fear of having inadequate finances to continue treatment and also the fear of not availing necessary medical attention.They have a feeling that they do not have any power over the disease - seeing cancer as something over 100 feet tall and themselves as very insignificant.

This does not mean that the profound fear experienced by patients soon after they have been diagnosed with cancer is not warranted, but such intense frights actually debilitate the immune system of the cancer patients severely. When they are given Arsenicum Album, this homeopathic remedy assists the patient to connect up with a more important spiritual center in such a manner that they are able to see them as well as their individual immune system as something greater compared to the disease.

Apart from the cancer patients themselves, homeopaths may also prescribe Arsenicum Album to the patient's family members as well as friends who are also overwhelmed by such type of intense fears - fright of a member of the family's death, fears of unavailability of treatments, anxiety over the fact that the situation may go beyond control, fears that they might need to take the patient to another or different physician and also fears that some people are not considering the problem to be serious. In such circumstances, the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album may help the concerned individuals to overcome their fears and facilitate in affirming their faith in the aptitude of their family member or friend to heal him/ her.

As far as the physical aspect of the cancer patients is concerned, Arsenicum Album facilitates the body to release dread and anxiety building up in their adrenals, nervous system and kidneys. Occasionally, this is associated with the detoxification of arsenic, a heavy metal, from these body areas too.

In a number of incidences, Arsenicum Album may also prove to be helpful in actually reversing the cancerous growth, inhibiting the growth of tumors and also reinforce the immune system of the patient to effectively combat and reverse the disease.

Additional things you may do

Apart from all that has been discussed above, people with cancer may do a few extra things to alleviate their symptoms as well as prolong their existence.

For instance, they should make sure that they take a balanced diet that contains high levels of vitamins as well as minerals.

In addition, they may also become a part of any support group for cancer patients. Findings of several researches have shown that joining support groups may help to extent their life span.

Undertaking exercises, and trying massages, biofeedback, meditation or even imaging techniques may help in alleviating symptoms, lessening stress and reducing anxiety.

Usual dosage

The standard doses of various supplements taken as an addition to the conventional therapies for cancer are mentioned below.

Vitamin A, the standard dose for vitamin A is 25,000 international unit (IU) taken daily for a month and subsequently reducing the dose to 10,000 IU every day. Pregnant women should only take 5,000 IU of vitamin A daily.

Vitamin C/ Vitamin E, the ideal dosage of vitamin C is 2,000 mg every day, while vitamin E should be taken in dosage of 400 IU two times every day. These two vitamins should be taken in conjunction, as vitamin C bolsters the consequences of using vitamin E.

Carotenoids, you should ideally take three tablets of mixed carotenoids every day along with food. One carotenoid pill must provide 25,000 IU of vitamin A actions.

Selenium, the standard dose of the vital trace mineral selenium is 200 mcg taken once daily. You ought to be careful not to take this supplement in excess of 600 mcg within 24 hours, as excessive dosage of selenium may prove to be toxic.

Coenzyme Q10, should be taken in dosage of 200 mg every day in the morning. In order to help the body absorb this supplement better, you should take it along with food.

Folic acid, the ideal daily dose of folic acid is 400 mcg. Preferably, this supplement should be taken along with vitamin B12 (1 mg).

Echinacea, the standard dosage of the immunity boosting herb Echinacea is 200 mg taken thrice every day. For best results, you should use Echinacea in a three-week rotation cycle with astragalus (dosage, 400 mg taken two times daily), medicinal mushrooms (dosage, as mentioned below), and pau d'arco (dosage, 500 mg taken two times daily).

Medicinal mushrooms, take 200 mg maitake mushroom, 400 mg shiitake mushroom, or 500 mg reishi mushroom thrice daily. Alternately, you may take another medicinal mushroom called Coriolus versicolor in two divided doses every day either with or without the earlier types of mushrooms. In case you are taking any anticoagulant (blood-thinning) medication, be careful to stay away from reishi mushrooms.

For kids

See age-appropriate dosages of herbal remedies

In case your child has cancer and is taking chemotherapy, you may give him/ her astragalus (scientific name Astragalus membranaceous) with a view to promote their immune system. It has been found that this herb is also effective in lessening a number of adverse effects of undergoing chemotherapy, such as loss of appetite, depression and even hair loss. It is advisable that you give one dose of astragalus twice or thrice daily or as required. A word of caution: astragalus should never be given to children if they are suffering from fever or have been enduring any infection.

A tea prepared with peppermint or ginger, or with both, is also useful in alleviating nausea - an after effect of undergoing radiation treatment or chemotherapy for cancer. It is advisable that you give the suffering child single dose of this tea whenever required.

It may be noted that in case you are giving any herbal tea that contains peppermint to your child while giving him/ her homeopathic remedies, it is essential that you give either of them after an hour of giving the other. If this is not followed, the potent smell of peppermint is likely to get in the way of the homeopathic remedies' actions.

In addition, giving Siberian ginseng may be beneficial for a child suffering from cancer and bogged down most by fatigue. Siberian ginseng not only enhances the energy levels, but also works to safeguard the liver from damage due to radiation therapy or chemotherapy. It is advisable that you give one dose of this herb to your suffering child every day.

Findings of a number of researches reveal that shiitake mushrooms possess anti-tumor attributes. Therefore, your child will benefit if they take the whole mushrooms in foods like soups. Moreover, shiitake is also sold in capsule form. Before using the capsules, read the instructions on the product label carefully and follow them strictly.

Other beneficial herbs


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