Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial cancer is extremely widespread form of cancer, which involves the endometrium or the inside layer of the uterus. Generally, endometrial cancer occurs after a woman has reached her menopause stage and the main forewarning indication of this condition is bleeding prior to menopause, which has no relation whatsoever with menstruation. When a woman has developed this form of endometrial cancer, she may also experience pain in the pelvis region while engaging in sexual intercourse.

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Estrogen is responsible for fuelling the development of endometrial cancer, which affects the lining of the uterus. In effect, the endometrium expands and reduces in size all through the reproductive period in a woman's life reacting to the increasing and declining levels of estrogen throughout her menstrual cycle. When a woman has reached the menopausal stage, a large amount of estrogen turned out by her body is generated by fat tissue. Diets that are rich in fat content stimulate the growth of fat tissue as well as the excessive production of estrogen.

The diagnosis of endometrial cancer is done by check up a tiny portion of endometrium that is removed from the uterus by means of a biopsy. The initial stage of conventional cure of endometrial cancer comprises surgery that is undertaken to get rid of the uterus, ovaries as well as the fallopian tubes. However, chemotherapy or radiation therapy is also employed in case the carcinogenic growth is in an advanced stage. In some instances, physicians may also adopt hormonal therapy, which is basically the use of a type of another female hormone known as progesterone to neutralize the impact of estrogen.

It may be noted that there are a number of herbal remedies that facilitate treatment of endometrial cancer by neutralizing the effects of estrogen and, at the same time, by strengthening the immune system. There are some others that enhance the conventional therapies. It is advisable that at all times women who have developed endometrial cancer ought to include herbal medications in their general treatment regimen.

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Supplements and herbs

As discussed above specific herbs and supplements are effective in facilitating the treatment of endometrial cancer. In effect, women enduring this form of uterus cancer ought to essentially use herbal remedies along with their conventional treatments. Following is a list of herbs and supplements that the endometrial cancer patients may find useful.

Astragalus tincture: This herbal tincture inhibits endometrial cancer cells from spreading by triggering the natural killer (NK) cells. It should be taken in measures of 1 and half a teaspoon (about 4 ml to 6 ml) diluted in one-fourth cup of water thrice every day. However, women having fever or suffering from any type of skin infection should never use this herbal preparation.

Alfalfa tablets: Tablets prepared from the alfalfa plant provide with an excellent supply of vitamin K as well as the minerals necessary to support the immune system, counting iron. These tablets ought to be taken as per the instructions on the label of the product pack.

Prepare a tea by simmering German chamomile (botanical name Matricaria recutita) tea bag in one cup (250 ml) of water and take one cup of this tea twice or thrice every day. This herb encloses compounds that help to thwart the cancer cells from binding to new areas inside the body.

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Drinking the tincture prepared from the herb cat's claw helps to improve the count of T-cells and it should be taken in measures suggested on the label of the product in half a cup (125 ml) of water along with one teaspoon of lemon juice for flavor. However, it is advised that women having to take insulin for treating diabetes or those who are pregnant should never take this herb. Even nursing mothers should avoid cat's claw.

Green tea is a potent antioxidant and is prepared by dipping one bag of green tea into one cup (250 ml) of hot water. This herbal product encloses polyphenols that obstruct estrogen from the carcinogenic growths. People suffering from any form of cancer will find drinking one cup of green tea thrice every day beneficial. However, here is a word of caution: in order to prevent dilution, never use green tea within a span of an hour of taking any other medication.

Garlic enteric-coated tablets: Garlic is effective in neutralizing the effects caused by lactobacillus as well as bifidus cultures when ingested in the form of digestive aids. In addition, taking these tablets also helps to slow down metastasis and angiogenesis. The standard dose of garlic enteric-coated tablets is taking a minimum of 900 mg daily. Nevertheless, prior to taking garlic regularly, it is essential that you talk to your physician, especially if you are taking any blood-thinning drugs like warfarin (Coumadin). Also consult your physician regarding taking garlic prior to undergoing any type of surgery.

Pecans not only provide us with an excellent supply of vitamin E, but also enclose chemicals that facilitate in combating cancer cells, thereby diminishing cancerous growths. In brief, including some of these nuts in one's daily diet is beneficial for his/ her overall health.

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Polysaccharide kureha (PSK) tablets: It has been seen that cancer patients taking this supplement increase their life span by a minimum of three to five years. The normal dosage is taking 6,000 mg of PSK tablets every day.

Soy isoflavone concentrate tablets: These tablets enclose a substance called genistein that slows down the development of cancers induced by estrogen. It is advisable that you take approximately 3,000 mg of this supplement once every day.

In addition to the herbs and supplements mentioned above, foods containing high amounts of beta-carotene facilitate in lessening the symptoms of endometrial cancer by means of aiding in eliminating the harmful free radicals from the body. Some of the foods that enclose high amounts of beta-carotene include spinach, carrots, oranges, tomatoes, parsley, apricots, sweet potatoes and grapefruit.

It is worth mentioning here that there is a number of data which indicate that taking two teaspoon of flaxseed oil daily helps an individual to get rid of the symptoms of endometrial cancer in a very short period of time, for instance six months. Moreover, foods containing high amounts of antioxidants, for instance, grape seeds have the potential to counteract the detrimental free radicals as well as combat various forms of cancer. Another food that helps to lessen the symptoms of cancer is wolf-berry, just by including it in your diet.

There are some other herbal remedies which also facilitate in lessening the symptoms of endometrial cancer including milk thistle, Brazil nuts, flowers or leaves of the neem tree, cat's claw, Indian mulberry, turnip, spearmint, extracts of hazelnut kernel as well as saffron.

At the same time, women suffering from endometrial cancer also essentially need to adjust their diet with a view to be cured in a natural manner. They should keep away from all types of animal fats, such as diary, poultry products, meat, refined sugar, processed foods as well as baked items, since they aggravate the condition.

On the other hand, consumption of herbs, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts as well as seeds helps to cleanse and also detoxify the body thoroughly and, hence, they ought to be included in the daily diet. Fruit and vegetable juices that have been extracted fresh also facilitate in detoxifying the body. When our body is detoxified, the immune system is reinforced in a manner that the body acquires the aptitude to combat cancer.

Before concluding, it may be noted that provided the foods mentioned above have the aptitude to cure cancer even after it has started developing, then it is certain that by consuming them regularly as well as keeping away from food products containing animal fats as well as refined foods we would be able to avoid developing endometrial cancer.

Additional things you may do

In addition to conventional treatments and using herbs and supplements, women having endometrial cancer may well initiate a number of other things to cure their condition. For instance, they need to focus on their diet. In fact, appropriate dietary perquisites for endometrial and cervical cancer are very comparable.

In case you are being treated for endometrial cancer that is in an advanced stage, you ought to take supplements containing thymic-factor prior to as well as throughout chemotherapy. Researches undertaken by German scientists hint that using thymic factors helps significantly decrease the attenuation of the immune cells while one is undergoing chemotherapy for treating this form of uterus cancer in the advanced stage.

Walking on a regular basis is also useful to reduce the chances of developing endometrial cancer. According to the findings of a study, reasonable brisk walking, for instance walking at least one mile every day for six days every week, diminishes the perils of having this form of cancer. However, one need not go for long walks, as the benefit of brisk walking never augments further than a mile daily.

When you are enduring pain due to endometrial cancer, you will find relief if you use a hot-water bottle, use a heating pad and/ or take a hot bath.

Women suffering from endometrial cancer ought to keep away from a few things, such as caffeine, sugar, salt, alcohol, butter, animal fats, red meat, refined as well as processed foods, foods containing additives, all types of hardened fats, fried foods, and shellfish.

If you are undergoing treatment for endometrial cancer, it is important that you reinforce your immune system. In fact, you may find Immune Support, a blend of herbs from South America which comprises macela, chuchuhuasi, cat's claw and mullaca, useful. This product from Raintree Marketing is particularly useful if you are undergoing cure for immune insufficiency related with this form of cancer.

Women suffering from endometrial cancer may also find taking foods containing soy (or soy bean sprouts) beneficial. It may be noted that diets with high levels of soy products are related to lower incidences of different forms of cancer, counting endometrial cancer. Tofu and miso are two foods rich in soy content.


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