Stomach Cancer

The ailment stomach cancer is strongly related to one's diet. It may be noted that ingestion of nitrites present in 'treated' or processed fish and meats helps to add to the progress of stomach cancer. In fact, bacteria present in the stomach helps to transform nitrates into nitrites, which induce cancer. The bacterium Helicobacter pylori is very much related to this development. Most frequently, people above 50 years suffer from stomach cancer. Besides, compared to members belonging to other ethnic groups, stomach cancer is more prevalent among the African-Americans.

Some of the initial symptoms of stomach cancer comprise a sense of fullness or uneasiness following eating something. In addition, people suffering from stomach cancer may also experience weight loss, debility, indigestion as well as vomiting soon after eating. In such cases, low-level hemorrhages may result in anemia. In exceptional cases of stomach cancer, the patients will vomit blood or pass tar-like and black stools. While the cancer develops and extends, it may even have an effect on the liver, resulting in fluid accumulation in the abdomen as well as jaundice.

As the initial symptoms of stomach cancer are very indistinguishable and are mistaken very easily to be those of different digestive disorders, often this type of cancer is not identified till the disease has extended further than the stomach. Provided the development of cancer is restricted only inside the stomach, surgery has been found to be the best way to cure the patient. However, in case the cancer has spread beyond the stomach, the patient may require undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

It is advisable that people enduring stomach cancer ought to always use herbal medicines as an element of a therapeutically directed general healing approach for stomach cancer.

Supplements and herbs

Using specific herbs and supplements as a part of an overall treatment is helpful in curing stomach cancer. For instance taking garlic enteric-coated tablets in the minimum dose of 900 mg every day for three to four weeks aids in healing stomach cancer. These tablets enclose chemical amalgams that put off the spread of stomach cancer to the lymph nodes.

However, it is essential to consult a physician prior to taking garlic habitually provided you are also taking any anti-coagulant medicine, for instance, warfarin (Coumadin). It has been found that garlic neutralizes the consequences of lactobacillus and bifidus cultures that are taken in the form of digestive aids. Talk to your physician regarding using garlic prior to undergoing any kind of surgery to cure stomach cancer.

You may also take lentinan intramuscular injections or the powdered form of lentinan administered by any professional healthcare practitioner. This has been fruitfully used to heal stomach cancer. Maitake-D may also be taken according to the directions on the label of the product. This medication invigorates the immune system to work against the development of stomach cancer. However, in case you are enduring multiple sclerosis, you should not take maitake.

People suffering from stomach cancer may also mull over using Indian gooseberry, which is locally called amla. In India, ayurvedic herbalists have been using amla for several centuries to cure stomach problems and it is also known to have chemo-preventive attributes that naturally slow down the propagation or multiplication of cancer cells within the stomach. It has been established that Indian gooseberry or amla possesses anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer) attributes.

Amla is commercially available in various forms, including pills, tincture and tea, and ought to be taken every day for a period of four months in doses consistent with the directions on the container. You may purchase Indian gooseberry or amla from any herbal store or stores selling natural products.


Commonly used essential oils for stomach cancer:


Homeopathy is among the extremely preferred holistic or universal therapeutic systems. In the case of homeopathy, a remedy is selected on the basis of the conjecture of individualization as well as symptoms comparison making use of an all-inclusive approach. In other words, in homeopathy, a disease or condition is treated with a remedy prepared from a substance which is itself responsible for the ailment. In fact, homeopathy is the only means by which one is able to regain a state of total health by getting rid of all the symptoms and signs endured by the patient. The objective of homeopathy is to deal with the stomach cancer and also attend to its basic cause as well as individual vulnerability.

So far as the issue is related to beneficial medication, numerous homeopathic therapies are available that deal with the symptoms of stomach cancer which may be chosen based on the source, perceptions as well as treatments for the disorders or problems. A patient ought to confer with a qualified homeopathic physician personally if he or she wishes to select a personalized remedy.

There are following homeopathic remedies which are useful in the treatment of stomach cancer:

Additional things you may do

In addition to taking prescription drugs, undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, using herbs and supplements and taking homeopathic medications, you may do a few additional things to aid in curing stomach cancer. For instance, you should ensure that your diet consists of high amounts of rice, vegetables, fruits, beans and pasta. At the same time, you ought to restrict your consumption of pickled, smoked, salt-treated and barbecued foods.

In addition, you should keep away from consuming processed starches if you are enduring stomach cancer. It may be noted that foods that enclose processed starches, comprise white-flour tortillas, breads and several other cereals taken for breakfast. You should also stay away from eating desserts and sugary foods, for instance, cakes, cookies and candies.

It has been found that people who take sugary foods as a part of their diet on a regular bases considerably enhance the risks of developing as well as dying from cancer. In addition, consumption of sugary foods usually also add to poor health as well as an augmented peril of developing different ailments, for instance, high blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes. Therefore, such types of foods are essentially unwarranted when an individual is struggling with stomach cancer from before.

Likewise, you ought to also avoid red meat, counting lamb, pork, beef and veal. For protein intake, you may include small parts of fish and chicken in your regular diet. Akin to sugary foods, including excessive amounts of fatty foods or red meat increases any individual's risk of developing as well as aggravating cancer and, at the same time, results in even inferior overall health.

On the other hand, stomach cancer patients will find consumption of whole grains on a regular basis beneficial owing to the dietary fiber of the whole grains. Foods that enclose dietary fiber comprise whole-grain cereals, whole-grain breads, oatmeal, quinoa and whole-wheat pasta. It may be noted that consumption of dietary fiber facilitates in cleaning the stomach, intestine and colon, and, by this way, preventing the long-drawn-out exposure of carcinogens to such areas. In fact, taking whole grains is likely to help in thwarting the development of stomach cancer and also restraining the disease to a certain extent, when it has already taken roots.

Vegetables and fruits also enclose rich amount of fiber and are crucial for a balanced diet. In fact, fruits and vegetables are an extremely essential part of the diet for patients suffering from stomach cancer. It is advisable that people already struggling with stomach cancer should endeavor to include new fruits and vegetables in their diet.

It is very important for people suffering from stomach cancer to keep away from consuming alcohol as well as using tobacco products.

Stomach cancer patients may also use shiitake to facilitate in checking stomach cancer, especially if they are unable to put up with garlic. Shiitake acts by obstructing the development of chemicals that induce cancer and are taken in from nitrates along with foods. In addition, you may also include fresh or dried mushroom in your food in the measure of one-fourth to one-third ounce (about 6 grams to 9 grams) every day. Alternately, you may also take any of the following extracts of shiitake thrice every day - three tablets each containing 1 gram shiitake, one tablespoon (10 ml) of shiitake tincture diluted with two tablespoons of water in one sip or half tablespoon (4 ml to 6 ml) of shiitake syrup.

According to the findings of a Japanese research, lentinan is excellent in treating stomach cancer, especially in patients who had the usual protein levels. The study also found that using amino acid supplements facilitate in better functioning of lentinan.

It may be noted that deficiency of zinc is said to be related to development of stomach cancer, as absence of zinc in the system diminishes the effectuality of the immune system.

Consumption of two or even more fish servings every week lowers the risks of developing stomach cancer or the cancer of esophagus by about 30 per cent or 40 per cent. Take 200 international units (IU) of vitamin E every day or consuming one or more servings of nuts or eggs every week to avoid vitamin deficiency. Taking a maximum dose of 150 micrograms of the vital trace mineral selenium every day also helps to diminish the chances of developing cancer of the stomach, particularly in men. Moreover, consuming broccoli, celery, cabbage (if possible take it uncooked) on a regular basis and the habitual use of cloves as well as associated Indian spice jambul are known to significantly lessen the risk of developing stomach cancer.

Other beneficial herbs