Circulatory Problems

The improper functioning of the circulatory system in a person is felt in various ways. Therefore an impaired circulation in the fingers causes the Raynaud's disease . The other symptoms are fatigue, due to a poor circulatory function, this may also bring on other signs like dizziness, and spells of fainting, the person also experiences an inability to concentrate, the reason being the condition of the blood supply, the brain as an organ is very sensitive to sudden changes in blood flow, coldness in the hands and the feet are the usual first signs of a poorly functioning circulatory system.

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The other related symptoms may even be arteriosclerosis, which could probably affect the blood flow, there are other connected circulatory problems, but there development is slow and hence they are not apparent. The other signs are the coming on of spells of dizziness, there could be paralytic attacks and severe headaches, problems due to deficient oxygen supple could set in, leading to angina and high blood pressure due to the onset of arteriosclerosis.

As all cells in the body need and use oxygen, a restricted circulatory system will affect every cell in the body in many ways. Circulatory problems in diabetics are related to high sugar levels, the ability of the body, in wound healing is impaired due to this and consequently impaired nerve problems like polyneuropathy may set in as a result. Another obvious sign of a poor circulatory system is manifested in the skin, which is quite unhealthy.

As the cells are supplied with oxygen and nutrients essential to their survival and proper functioning, an active and healthy circulation is a vital function. The heart and the blood vessels are the most important and necessary parts of the circulation. If the heart and cardiac function isn't impaired, then an improper circulation can have two main reasons for existing, one of them is arteriosclerosis and the other is hypo-tension or a low blood pressure in the person.

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The deposit of plaques in the arteries, which causes the narrowing of the blood vessels, is the reason for a restricted circulatory function in people with arteriosclerosis. The plaque deposits formed in arteries, are due to a diet rich in saturated fats and poor in the essential fatty acids that the body cannot process. A low pressure in the veins is what is known as low blood pressure, because the veins return blood to the heart, this is dangerous.

Therefore the blood slows down, and can collect in the extremities due to the weak tissues and the motionlessness. A fall in blood pressure can result from standing for extended periods in the sunlight; this can overload the venous system. An additional strain on the circulatory system can result due to blood loss from injury and dehydration from an illness. The circulatory system can become sluggish and collapse because of an episode of extended bed-rest. Whatever be the cause, a person involved in some form of physical activity is at a reduced risk from circulatory troubles.

Anyone experiencing circulatory problems should avoid cigarette smoking at all costs, since this activity noticeably constricts blood vessels and aggravates problems in those already ill. Buerger's disease, which impedes circulation even to the point of causing gangrene which might bring on a consequent need for amputation of limbs and is caused by smoking. Other substances and drugs like some oral contraceptives and diuretics can also cause circulatory distress.

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Supplements and herbs

Herbs like evening primrose oil contain essential fatty acids and, these are also abundant in fish oils made from fishes like salmon, these acids are effective against arteriosclerosis. They prevent the development of arteriosclerotic plaques by improving fat metabolism and reducing the stickiness of blood platelets.

An excellent supplement to defeat arteriosclerosis and plaque formation is phosphatidylcholine.
A functional circulatory system needs the vitamins C and E and bioflavonoids . An improved oxygen supply and elasticity is promoted by the tocopherols such as vitamin E and this is essential to a proper venous system function, while at the same time, vitamin C and bioflavonoids provide the cells with strength and stability.

To increase the uptake of oxygen in cells, and enhance circulation, the coenzyme Q10 is another excellent supplement. To lower high blood pressure, green food supplements are also recommended as they strengthen and clean veins.

For the promotion of the circulatory system in proper blood pressure regulation blood pressure and to strengthen veins, herbal remedies should be taken in conjunction with other dietary treatment and supplements.

The regulation of the blood pressure and fortification of the heart can be effected by taking hawthorn berries. Doses of this supplement can be used thrice a day as 40 drops of tincture. The herb horsetail is rich in vegetal silica and a tea prepared from this can help in the normalization of the circulation by bolstering the tissues that constitutes the walls of arteries and veins.

A potent tonic for the heart can be made from rosemary leaves, by steeping them in aged red wine and taking this concoction, in doses of about a tablespoon once daily. This tea and hyssop can be taken 2-3 times daily after meals, or if preferred in 15-25 drops of tincture diluted in water. While rosemary is stimulating circulation and normalizing blood pressure the herb hyssop increases blood pressure, these working together are potent. Some peppermint can be used for flavoring.

To flavor add to each part of hyssop and rosemary, 1/2 part of peppermint. The small veins and capillaries are strengthened and circulation in them is improved using bilberries, which can be used in doses of 40 drops of tincture thrice daily or as a cup of tea twice a day. For general stimulation of the circulatory system a tea made out of the herbs Siberian ginseng, ginger root and ginkgo biloba can be effectively used. Warm rosemary baths will help stimulate circulation, these should preferably short lasting about ten to fifteen minutes. For dilating arteries the herb cayenne is excellent.


Commonly used essential oils for circulatory problems:


The following homeopathic treatments may be used according to the symptoms present, in measured and suggested doses, and in chronic cases, from one to three times daily. It is best to start at low potencies and increase dosage as treatment proceeds.


Arsenicum is to be used in patients who are always feeling cold, and have icy cold limbs. They may break out in cold sweats. Physical signs may include besides a bluish or pale skin, cramps in the hands and feet. The patient may be very weak, always exhausted, and posses extreme restlessness. Other pains may include a burning sensation, there could be developing gangrene in people with diabetes, and the elderly, especially after suffering from burns.

The patient may deal with the situation with alcoholism. The arteries may be inflamed. Buerger's disease may set in, and there may be intermittent claudication, puffy and swollen limbs in the patient are usual, the patient may worsen in cold weather and after midnight, the patient may get worse due to tobacco and will avoid damp places.

Carbo veg

Carbo veg can be used in cases where the circulation is sluggish and stagnant. The patient is easily bruised and the veins are congested, skin ulcers or gangrene may set in. Physically the person is very exhausted and feels weak. The other sensations in the patient may be those of burning heat felt internally, he may feel cold and have icy cold limbs, the cold affecting particularly the knees, the feet and hands and conspicuously the nose. Lack of oxygen may bring on numbness of parts of the body used for reclining. There may be a bluing and paling of the skin. Due to the lack of oxygen in the body, the patient feels a strong craving for fresh or flowing air.


Lachesis is to be used in patients suffering flushes of heat, and sensation of blood rushing to the head. There may be an inflammation in the veins. The other symptoms that the patient may feel are an icy coldness in the legs and hands. Gangrene and skin ulceration can set din. Other symptoms and signs are the coming on of chilblains. And a mottling of the skin with purple spots and red blotches coming up. The skin may also become red or blue and swollen. Internally there may be liver spots.

The limbs may experience needles and pins frequently. The patient may tremble, and there could be twitching in the body. The person may worsen and feel suffocated under pressure and the heart may be affected. The worst symptoms may come on in periods immediately after waking, there may be sensitivity to touch, the person may feel uncomfortable clothed, and at the same time, the person may feel constricted and dislike heat.


Secale is to be used for the treatment of a sluggish circulation due to distended veins and the formation of blood clots in the patient. Internally the vessels of the person may have hardened and the arteries may be inflamed. The physical symptoms may include a sensation of burning, the patient feels hot internally but is in fact icy cold to touch.

Other signs that the patient may display include numbness in the body. They may develop purplish spots and ulcers of the skin, other signs include withered skin and flabby muscles, and a scrawny look. Due to a drop in blood flow gangrene of the toes can result in those suffering from diabetes or the aged. The blood that is released in bleeding is dark, thin, foul. The person worsens when exposed to heat and lying under covers. The patient improves in cold weather.


Tabacum is to be used in patients with symptoms including legs that become icy cold, from the knees down. The hands may be cold to the touch while the body is warm. Other physical signs are cramps in the limbs. Sensations like a tingling and trembling in the limbs. The toes may experience numbness. And the extremities may become feeble and weak. The coronary arteries may experience hypertension and arteriosclerosis may result.

The limbs feel the sensation commonly called needles and pins. The patient may feel despondent and indifferent to life. He or she will show mental fatigue, and give a lot of silly talk. The person may have irrational fears such as those of persecution. The person may worsen in the evenings, and dislike too much heat and cold. He will feel better when left uncovered in the open air and in being motionless.

Veratrum album

Veratrum album is to be prescribed in patients who with complaints of icy cold hands and who feel cold all the time; there may be blueness in the feet of such persons. The blood vessels may have a burning sensation, and their may be a feeling of ice water or heat in these vessels. Other signs may include cold sweats. There may have to endure Raynaud's cramps in the legs and the feet, including the calves. The patient may suffer from weight in the limbs, which might appear heavier than usual. The skin and body may be numb.

A physical sign such as milk leg may manifest itself. The other physical signs that the patient often displays are a tendency to fall asleep and a tingling sensation in the skin. The afflicted person may also have a strong craving for sour fruits, condiments like salt, drinks that are cold or chilled. The patient will worsen when he/she is up and about while standing or even when sitting. The patient will recover and feel better in letting the limbs hang loose and relaxed, and will enjoy walking and other moderate physical exertions.

Additional things you may do

The use of hydrotherapy in order to stimulate the circulation is an effective method and is recommended. Other physical therapies that can be utilized are taking hot and cold showers on an alternative basis, and physical therapies that relax the feet like dew walking or stepping on water. Dry brushing regularly in the mornings also stimulates the circulatory system. The benefits and the importance of regular exercise cannot be overemphasized.

Activities that are healthy and good for the circulatory system include all aerobic outdoor exercises such as walking or hiking, machine aided exercises like cycling and swimming outdoors in the natural environment. What you wear affects you noticeably, it is therefore advisable to wear fabrics made of natural-fiber clothing, as clothing made from artificial fiber can impair the body's circulatory system and interfere with the body's electric field, destroying it in the process.

Usual dosage

Evening primrose oil. Two 500 mg capsules 3 times a day

Coenzyme Q10, 100 mg

Green food supplements, 1 table spoon

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg 3 times a day

Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols, 400 IU two times a day with meals

Lecithin, 3 tbsp. 3 times a day

Phosphatidylcholine, 100 mg

Other beneficial herbs


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