Concussions are very serious and should be accordingly treated, even if there is an absence of obvious wounds or visible injuries sustained during an accident. After impact or physical trauma the first signs of concussion suffered by a person are usually manifested as a short loss of consciousness, very painful headaches typically follow and nausea almost always sets in.

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Damage caused internally and its severity can usually be gauged by the period or length of loss of consciousness, the injury being deemed grave when loss of consciousness is prolonged. Typically a person suffering concussion and its affects usually also suffers a slight memory loss and disorientation.

Many symptoms vary according to the severity of the concussion suffered, thus a poor ability to concentrate, dizziness and fatigue can sometimes continue for many days and even months and range in severity according to the injury sustained internally. The symptoms manifested after a concussion are not always easy to discern, hence all appearances of the symptoms like headaches and the like should be viewed seriously, especially so, if such and if symptoms persist over a period of days after an accident.

Concussion has many causes, typically the various causes can be physical and internal trauma caused by a blunt blow to the head, the effects of falling, injuries sustained in a car accident or due to physical assault. Internally the causes of concussion are that as the skull is severely knocked about, the brain, which lies within a cushion of fluid, can be pressed against the hard bones of the skull, this causes the shock or trauma suffered.

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Medical and professional help must be sought at once after an injury, and the person can be reviewed for a while after the injury for signs of a concussion and symptoms that tell you that internal injury has been sustained.

Supplements and herbs

Supplements rich in antioxidants can be utilized, to pump more oxygen to the brain and to hasten the healing process while at the same time preventing further deterioration internally after a concussion has been suffered. Antioxidants that are naturally available like the oil soluble vitamins A, and E and the water soluble ones like the vitamin C and the B complex vitamins, and essential minerals like selenium and zinc are excellent supplement options.

As a supplement vitamin C bolsters immune system function, and can decrease blood pressure, while preventing internal blood clots and bruising, thus greatly speeding recovery. As a supplement, the use of bioflavonoids improves the overall benefits of vitamin C, when used together. Tissue repair is aided by the vitamin E. These two vitamins C and E are more effective as supplements when used together.

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The B vitamins are necessary in the maintenance of proper nerve function and help to relieve symptoms such as depression and anxiety that come on during concussion. In B complex vitamin form, the vitamin B has the optimal effect, as all necessary B vitamins are present. Cellular damage caused by free radicals are prevented by the mineral selenium, another mineral essential to body function-zinc which is also an antioxidant helps in a secondary function by keeping the levels of vitamin E in the body at an optimum.

Natural supplements can be used in addition to antioxidants or as supplements in there own right, these various natural supplements can beat back some memory loss and its effects if used regularly. In it's other forms called lecithin or phosphatidylserine respectively, the essential substance serine can be used for effective treatment.

Memory improvement studies have indicated that in a minimum 6-month trial use of 10-20 grams of 95% phosphatidylserine may boost memory and is potentially effective. By its role of enhancing the transport of oxygen to the cells, the coenzyme Q10 is useful as a supplement. When used as directed by a certified medical practitioner, naturally occurring substances such as GBE and coenzyme Q10 have little to no side effects.

The effectiveness of the herb ginkgo biloba in many aspects of brain functioning and performance has been shown in research carried out in countries like Germany and France. An improvement in the production of energy and an ability to increase cellular glucose uptake are some of its effects, which also include in addition, its ability to boost blood flow to the brain and its ability to promote the performance of nerve transmission in nervous tissue.

In order to use ginkgo biloba as a supplement, prepare a drink by steeping the leaf of ginkgo in a cup of hot water for five minutes; this can be used as a tea or a drink. Gingko will help improve brain functions, and internal energy production, speed blood flow and aid nerve signal relay, while being very effective against the memory loss due to concussion.

Additional things you may do

Some simple modifications in behavior can avoid accidental injuries and possible concussion; it is unwise to toss a child into the air. Children are vulnerable around the neck, which might jerk harshly to and fro, causing a possible concussion. The punishment of children by shaking them should be avoided at all cost. When involved in sports and activities that involve speed, examples are activities like cycling or riding motorcycles, sports like in-line skating, skiing, rough ball games and contact sports or horse riding helmets-preferably padded, should be used.

Usual dosage

Vitamin A, 25,000 IU.

Vitamin B complex, 100 mg.

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg.

Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols, 400 IU.

Phosphatidylserine, 125 mg a day.

Selenium, 200 mcg.

Lecithin, 10-20 mg.

Coenzyme Q10, 50 mg a day.

Zinc, 5 mg with 3 mg copper.


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