Dislocation refers to a failed alignment of bones in the joints. The joints can become dislocated during a fall, from being forcibly pulled or due to other physical trauma. The two dislocated bones in a joint shit positions and slide away from their usual place thus causing a failure in the alignment.

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Dislocations in the joint places a tremendous strain on the joints and the ligaments or the capsule of cartilage that is strained can pull and sometimes tears the tissues-this brings on immense pain.

Dislocations are very easily felt as immediate symptoms include deformity due to failure of alignment in the joints and immense pain. The affected person will find it difficult to move or use his or her limb. Furthermore the affected region of the body swells up, and there is massive bruising and tenderness in the area.

The peculiarity of the joints making up the shoulder increases its susceptibility to this type of injury. Dislocations in the shoulder joints occur fairly regularly because the joint is similar in function to a ball and socket-thus called a ball and socket joint. Though this arrangement allows for the greatest range of movement in the arms, it offers the least support to the limbs and dislocations are very common.

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Dislocations in the joints making up the jaws also occur fairly easily. Children also tend to be affected easily by a partial dislocation in the joint making up the elbow. As soon as such dislocations affect a child, the separated bones of the elbow must be repositioned by a qualified doctor to minimize the chances of permanent misalignment.

Dislocated bones must be checked out for the possibility of a fracture, especially if the pain is immense as fractures are sometimes mistaken for simple dislocations and are often untreated. After a dislocation has occurred, immobilization of the affected joint for three weeks will let the joint heal properly and decrease the chances of permanent misalignment.

Dislocations can easily occur because of a blow to the joints, or if a person falls on a joint, such physical trauma causes the joint to separate from its surface and leads to a failure in alignment. Dislocations can also come about if the joints in the body are pulled very hard. A joint once injured is prone to repeated dislocations in the same area because the ligaments have been weakened or overstretched in that area.

The pain experienced by the person during recurring dislocations in the joints is not as immense as the pain felt during dislocations that occur for the first time, recurring injuries are however very hard on the joint, and make it vulnerable to chronic pain and injury even with the slightest of physical trauma.

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Supplements and herbs

The use of the following herbal supplements will ensure optimal healing of the dislocated joints. The body requires a large number of nutrients during the recovery process and a deficiency in almost any nutrient will slow down the healing process during dislocations. To reduce internal adhesions in the ligaments and to quicken recovery, use the vitamin E as a supplement, this vitamin is vital for this process and it also prevents internal scarring and scar tissue formation.

The health of the connective tissues can be maintained by good doses of nutrients such as the vitamins A or the beta-carotene in its place, and supplements of the vitamin C along with the bioflavonoids. Free radicals cause a lot of problems during the recovery stages as they are prominent during injuries, to stem this tide use the beta-carotene along with the vitamins A, C and E-all of these supplements also perform an effective antioxidant role.

The inflammation resulting from injury can be reduced significantly through the consumption of gamma-linolenic acid-GLA in short. GLA, which is found abundantly in the oil of the evening primrose is an essential supplement during injuries. The body utilizes the GLA to synthesize the body's own natural anti-inflammatory compounds called prostaglandins which appear in response to injuries. Along with the two essential minerals calcium and magnesium, connective tissue repair also makes use of silica-these three minerals must be supplemented to bring about connective tissue growth at the site of injury.

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To relieve the pain and to promote healing, poultices of mashed comfrey roots can be used as a direct topical herbal supplement. Silica as already mentioned is essential for rebuilding skin and to promote connective tissue repair, the horsetail herb is an excellent herbal supplement and is rich in silica.

Dosages of this herb can include the use of compresses made using horsetail infusions and the consumption of a tbsp. of horsetail juice or if preferred 10-20 drops of horsetail tincture with water, take this thrice every day for three weeks during the treatment regimen. Bath water infused with the herbal essences of the eucalyptus, the rosemary or the horsetail can also be extremely beneficial to injuries.

An herbal infusion made by mixing a tbsp. of herbal oils for every cup of boiling water is also an excellent remedy for dislocations, the herbs used must be in these proportions-5 drops of the essential oil of the juniper, another 5 drops of the essential oil of lavender. Having washed the affected part of the body using this infusion, dry the affected part well, and then apply a salve made using herbs like the comfrey, the plantain, the St. John's wort and the hops to quicken recovery and increase the speed of healing.

Additional things you may do

Some first aid measures that you can follow after dislocating a joint include taking rest and elevating the injured part till such times as medical aid can be provided. For the first twenty four hours following the realignment of dislocated joints by a qualified health practitioner, rest well and apply cool, moist compresses on the affected area.

Wait for the initial swelling and inflammation to recede and then apply warm, moist compresses to quicken the pace of healing and to promote recovery from injury. The speed of tissue healing and recovery can be quickly accomplished through the use of magnetic therapy as an effective alternative method.

Usual dosage

Evening primrose oil, 2 x 500 mg capsules thrice a day.

Vitamin A, 10,000 IU (should be avoided during pregnancy) or 30 mg of beta-carotene.

Vitamin E 400-800 IU.

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg.

Magnesium 500 mg.

Calcium 1,000mg.

Silica, capsules/gel, 1,000 mg.


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