Electric Shock

Children can often be rendered unconscious by a severe electrical shock, the child may stop breathing; these accidents are very common around the home. Some of the physical symptoms during such unfortunate incidents include the presence of deep burns at the point where the current entered the child's body. Internal damage is also often present even though this is mostly not evident immediately. Emergency measures are required whenever children suffer such accidents; any severe electrical shock requires medical assessment and care.

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In case your child endures an electric shock, it is likely that his skin will have burn injuries. At the same time, he will experience a headache, numbness or an itchy sensation, pain or debility, constriction of the muscles or might have a hearing impairment. In fact, if the child suffers a major electric shock, he may even lose consciousness and stop breathing. These may be accompanied by a cardiac arrest, seizure or convulsions, harm the brain, heart or any other internal organ. Although rare, a major electric shock may even prove to be fatal.

Supplements and herbs

These supplements can be used to treat physical symptoms once the child has recovered from the shock. For burns suffered at the site of the accident, the pulp of the aloe vera can be used, an aloe vera gel, or a liquid form can also be applied on to the burned area to remove the sensation of heat and the stinging sensation present in the area of the burn injury.

Burnt skin heals faster with aloe vera; the herb is also extremely soothing and has a cooling effect on the irritated and injured skin. A preparation made from the calendula can be used topically to help prevent infection setting in, once the initial treatment from the aloe vera has blunted the stinging sensation in the injured area of the skin. The affected area of the skin can also benefit from the application of a comfrey root salve or cream as further topical treatments.

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Skin is healed faster through the use of the comfrey root, which contains allantoin as its active ingredient, this biological substance promotes tissue growth. The speed of the healing of skin can also be achieved through the use of three capsules of the gotu kola herb on daily basis, for up to ten days.

For your attention: children under the age of four must not be given this herb as a supplement.

Additional things you may do

In the event of you happen to witness your child enduring an electric shock, if possible switch off the source of electricity immediately. If you can, you should also deactivate the circuit breakers, disconnect the electric cord or take out the fuse from the fuse box.

Remember, while the child is still in contact with the electric current, you should never touch him with your naked hands. It is equally important to bear in mind that you never ought to go into or have any contact with water wherein there is an electric current. If you do, there is all possibility of you being electrocuted. If you really want to sever the child's link with the electric current, you should make use of any non-metallic object that will not conduct electricity, for instance a stick or a wooden broom.

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However, when the electric current is no longer in contact with your child, examine his breathing. In case he has stopped breathing, straight away call 911 as you continue to give him CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). In case you are alone with your preschool-going kid, first give him CPR for about two minutes and subsequently call 911.

If you find that your child is breathing normally, next examine the color of his skin. Seek emergency medical help if you find that the color of your child's skin has turned pale. Keep on checking the breathing of the child and in case he stops breathing give him CPR.

Try to find if any part of your child's skin has been burnt due to the electric shock. As mentioned earlier, an electric shock has the aptitude to result in grave burn injuries. If your child does have a burn injury and it does not seem to be too serious on the exterior, it is possible that internally it may be deep and excruciating. Moreover, when anyone sustains burn injuries on the lips, it is often not noticeable.

In the event of your child sustaining a burn injury from an electric shock, it is advisable not to apply ice, any lotion or any other substance on it. If you are not very sure that the burn injury sustained by your child is of minor nature, you should immediately take him to the closest emergency room. On the other hand, if the burn injury is of a minor nature, you may take him to your doctor.

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The doctor will cleanse and dress the burn on the skin of your preschool-going child and also examine if there has been any damage internally. In fact, it is generally difficult for a common man like you to identify internal damages in case of burn injuries. In addition, the doctor may prescribe ibuprofen or acetaminophen to alleviate pain and ask you to give the medication properly to your child.

On the other hand, if the doctor is of the view that the electric shock has caused internal organ damage of your preschool-going child, it is likely that he will make the child undergo laboratory examinations. In case it is found that the extent of the burn injury or the internal damage owing to the electric shock is extensive, the doctor is most likely to hospitalize the child for further treatment.

It is advisable that you should never get closer to any victim of an electric shock when there is even the slightest risk of receiving the shock yourself too. In case the victim is still in touch with the source of the electricity, switch off the power supply. If the source of electricity is of low voltage, for instance a tattered lead of an iron or electric fire, unplug the system from the source of electricity. If this is not possible, or it does not help, switch off the mains straight away.

Once the victim is disconnected from the source of electricity and is safe, extinguish his burning clothes using a blanket, towel or fire blanket. Remember, in such situations, you should never use water to douse the fire. In case the victim has lost his consciousness and is lying on the ground, ensure that he is breathing properly. If the victim is not breathing, you need to use artificial respiration. If it is necessary and you are familiar with chest compression, immediately do the needful. After the victim of an electric shock continues to breathe again, place him into the recovery position.

Although your child may have sustained minor injuries from the electric shock, it is important that you keep an eye on his condition till the arrival of a doctor or till you take him to one. It may be noted that following a trauma, the body is likely to go into a shock, which may thwart the vital organs from getting sufficient blood supply. Keep an eye on whether the child is enduring restiveness, nausea, nervousness, vomiting, or if his skin is turning cold, pale or sweaty. Raise the legs of your child about 8 to 10 inches and wrap him with a blanket to prevent the development of or to treat shock.


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