Cold Feet

As a condition, cold feet affect a lot of people and can cause immense discomfort to the sufferer. However, the constitutional disposition of a person will largely determine the tendency for his or her body to be warm or cold to the touch and thus it is a holistic factor peculiar to each individual. Cold feet can thus occur in different people for different and unrelated reasons, however, a few easy to follow measures can greatly aid in the prevention of cold feet and will bring relief form the discomfort during the worst manifestation of the condition.

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Impaired or poor circulation in the feet is the usual cause of cold feet. This impaired circulation can itself come about in an individual because of inadequate physical exercise, the presence of disorders like a low blood pressure or even after being exposed to cold weather, and too much wind or dampness.

Circulation can be restricted by the use of shoes and socks which are too tight; this cuts off the blood supply and increases the incidence of cold feet in an individual. Cold hands and feet can also come about by the presence of other conditions such as arteriosclerosis, and is sometimes seen in people with diabetes and in those suffering from thyroid under activity.

Circulation is also impeded and restricted because the person is using certain medications, for example the use of oral contraceptives has been known to cause the disorder. Because of the fact that smoking constricts the blood vessels it has a very sudden effect, and can bring about cold hands and feet immediately after the an individual has smoked a cigarette.

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For individuals suffering from cold feet, the consumption of spinach juice, which abounds in many essential minerals and particularly in the blood-building vitamin-folic acid, is suggested. In addition people with cold feet may also suffer from a deficiency of iodine due to the underproduction of thyroxine by the thyroid gland-this problem itself is often the cause of the condition.

To resolve the problem, the use of supplements of kelp and other seaweeds is suggested in all patients who have thyroid problems as these seaweeds contain iodine, in abundance.

Cold feet resulting out of poor circulation can be resolved by eating sufficient amounts of fruits like avocados and foods like wheat germ for their vitamin E content, in addition the diet must also contain nutritional yeast, cereals like brown rice, plenty of milk and poultry for its niacin content-the vitamins in these foods will improve circulatory trouble and help relieve the other symptoms of cold feet. It is advisable to follow all the directions and guidelines use to treat a low blood pressure, if cold feet are caused by the presence of this condition in the patient.

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Supplements and herbs

Patients with cold feet must also take supplements of the vitamins C and E as these improve overall health by protecting the body against free radical damage while brining about an improvement in the circulation. The use of supplements of the B vitamins is suggested where anemia is the cause of the problem. Circulation is also stimulated by the supplements of Vitamin B3 or niacin-this dilates the veins and increases the rate of blood flow.

Impaired circulation and circulatory problems in general can be relieved effectively through the use of these herbal remedies given here.

Circulation can be improved through the use of the herbal supplements of herbs like the gentian, the yarrow, the centaury and the wormwood in the form of herbal teas or in tincture form. Use these herbs to make an herbal tea by mixing a tsp. of any of the herbs in a cup of boiling water, letting the herb steep in the water and straining it. These herbs can also be taken in the form of diluted herbal tinctures, add five drops of  the tincture in a glass of water and drink daily as you would the tea.

An overall feeling of warmth can also be produced in the body by adding a dash of cayenne to the herbal tea, this extra herb speeds up the action of the herbs at the same time. Circulation in the feet can also be increased by topical measures that consist of daily foot baths, using bath water to which infusions or oils of the thyme and the rosemary has been added.

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Additional things you may do

Alternative techniques and topical measures can serve as long-term preventive treatment against cold feet, walk barefoot as often as you can, other techniques like dew walking and cold-water stepping are also suggested in this regard, so is walking on snow. These direct alternative therapies help bolster the body and build up resistance, while strengthening the feet and improving the circulation in the feet.

However, some of these cold-water therapies need to be performed only when the feet are sufficiently warmed and should be of short duration if practiced daily. Thus before starting out on any of these treatments, place both feet in a hot-water bath to warm them up or alternately you can rub them warm using your hands.

Circulation in the feet can also be increased tremendously through the use of Epsom salts baths and by alternating foot baths using hot and cold water. Cold feet increase the chances of colds and flu and infections from viruses and other pathogens as it lowers the resistance of the body-thus feet must be kept warm at all times of the day and night. Sitting for length periods of time must be avoided as should all sedentary behavior. In the majority of cases, taking a ten minute break to walk briskly helps the feet stay warm and prevents cold feet from developing.

To warm up the feet rapidly, place the feet inside a tub containing lukewarm water to which a quarter cup of mustard flour has been added. Use a small sack filled with dry cherry pits as a wrap for cold feet in bed. This wrap can be heated in an oven before bedtime and the sack can be used to rest the feet while sleeping. An electric heating pad can also be used but this sack gives an even heat and its use is suggested here.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B complex, 100 mg.

Vitamin E, 400 IU.

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg thrice a day.

Niacin, 500 mg thrice a day.


From Harm Valentine
First of all: Thank you for your wonderful website! I thought that a good advise for relieving cold feet that shouldn't miss on your website is walking. Not just exercise but walking. I am speaking from experience, for my family and I easily suffer from cold feet and we have found that walking works best. We live in a cold and damp climate and begin the day often with a walk of an half hour or more.
That gives us the best start for the day. (Even although it is just in a small park nearby or through the neighbourhood). Footbaths are a temporary relieve but tend to give even colder feet afterwards. No other exercises seem to have the same effect, not even running for miles! Strange, but true (for us).
We have found that ginger seems to work better for us then cayenne. It seems to warm more from within, although it may provoke sweating.
In winter, running through the snow barefoot for only a few seconds (with the feet already warm before doing so) and then putting on socks and going straight to bed, gives you not warm but glowing hot feet and the best sleep and dreams ever!
Well, I hope that these small advices will be of any help.
Post your comments, tips, or suggestions.