It is very natural to release intestinal gas. On average, a normal adult does it as many as 15 times daily, producing anything between one pint and three pints of gas every day.

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However, when we say normal, it does not essentially denote being at ease. In fact, for some people even passing the standard quantity of gas may result in uneasiness, while in other people the occurrence of flatulence as well as the quantity of gas released is generally more than usual. However, the only good thing regarding flatulence is that it is not an indication of cancer or any additional grave intestinal ailment by itself.

Excessive build up of gasses in the digestive system causes flatulence. These gases are subsequently exuded by means of the rectum. The most widespread reason for formation of stomach and intestinal gases is said to be the chemical reactions that take place following consumption of specific foods.

The foods that are most liable to form stomach and intestinal gases include consumption of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, beans and onions. As these foods enclose complex carbohydrates, they are usually not digested completely in the stomach as well as the small intestine.

When these undigested foods reach the large intestine, harmless bacteria inhabiting the large intestine break them down and specific gases, such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane, are actually by-products of such actions of the bacteria. In the instance of a number of individuals, consumption of milk and milk products often bring about gas as well as bloating. Such type of flatulence that is related to milk is habitually caused by lactose intolerance.

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While all intestinal gases are not smelly or have any odor, the presence of hydrogen sulfide as well as additional chemical compounds are liable for the disagreeable smell of some of the intestinal gases. Releasing too much of intestinal gas may often be an indication of problems that actually impede usual digestion, for instance, celiac disease. Excessive intestinal gas may also be owing to demanding conditions, since when people endure tension they usually gulp down plenty of air.

Supplements and herbs

Several herbs and supplements are useful in preventing formation of stomach and intestinal gases and, thereby flatulence. Provided you find that flatulence is not just a sporadic problem for you, it is advisable that you try a blend of the first four supplements mentioned below.

Taking ginger tablets or recently shredded root of the herb mixed with some amount of lime juice is an excellent common digestive support. This herb calms the digestive tract and, at the same time, is effective in easing flatulence.

It may be noted that acidophilus as well as bifidus, the two beneficial bacteria that live inside the large intestine, assist in checking the development of bacteria those are responsible for producing stomach and intestinal gas. In effect, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), which are basically carbohydrates that are hard to digest and contained by specific foods, encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Reloading such beneficial bacteria usually help in providing relief from bloating, gas as well as additional digestive problems. In case this strategy proves to be ineffective, you may also use activated charcoal with a view to soak up gas formed in the intestine and facilitate in lessening the foul smell accompanying it. Activated charcoal is available in different forms, including pills as well as a flavourless powder. Mix the powder in a glass of cold water and sip it using a straw to avoid discolouring the teeth.

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Commonly used essential oils for flatulence:


Specific homeopathic remedies too are effective in relieving the problem of intestinal gas, flatulence, bloating and other stomach disorders. Suitable remedies should be taken once to thrice every day in the strength of 6, 12 or 30 when the severe symptoms occur. A few of the condition-specific homeopathic remedies and their uses are discussed briefly below.

Argentum nitricum

This homeopathic remedy is appropriate for treating swelling accompanied by noisy unstable belching and passing of intestinal gas. People requiring Argentum nitricum usually experience pain as well as colic and are unable to release the gas of their own accord or voluntarily, but it passes afterwards in a violent manner.

Such individuals have a craving for cold foods and drinks which help to ease their problems. In addition, such people also have a craving for sugar, which causes stomach disorders. Argentum nitricum is a suitable homeopathic remedy for people who endure mental fatigue and are always afraid of being unsuccessful, of anticipation and nervousness.

The condition of such people deteriorates when there is heat, they consume sweets, during the afternoons, and when they are indoors. On the contrary, they feel better when they are in the nippy, open air.

Carbo veg.

The homeopathic remedy Carbo veg. is appropriate for treating gas formation in the upper abdominal region and when bloating and noisy belching helps a person to get relief from the problem of intestinal gas. People who require Carbo veg. endure fermentation of undigested food, decaying or rotten risings as well as acid reflux. They release foul smelling stomach gas and also suffer from cramps of the stomach muscles. Such people generally experience sleepiness, fullness and heaviness. They are lethargic, slow, have low energy levels and feel chilly.

The condition of the individuals requiring Carbo veg. deteriorates owing to stress of belt, when they consume milk, pork, fats, butter, rich foods, wine, during the night-time, when they are lying down and about 30 minutes after consuming any food. Contrarily, they feel better when they release the intestinal wind, after belching and when they are in locations where there is cool breeze.


People who endure rumble and bubble in their stomach accompanied by foul smelling flatulence may find the homeopathic remedy China beneficial. Such people endure colic all afternoon; have immense swelling of the stomach, excessive belching and fermentation of the undigested foods, but, yet do not find relief from their problems. Although such people have an excellent appetite, when they eat, all foods taste bitter. They have dark urine and suffer from dizziness and apathy.

The condition of such patients generally worsens during the night, when they consume tea, milk and fruit, following eating any food and when they are in motion. They feel better when they loosen their clothes, double up, when there is pressure, when they are fasting as well as while they are lying. These people have a craving for tart fruits and cherries.




Lycopodium is an excellent homeopathic remedy for people, who are bloating and always feel full. They also endure noisy rumbling inside their stomach and release the intestinal gas noisily. People who require Lycopodium are those who continuously suffer from gas, bloating as well as gurgling after they eat anything. These people feel hungry, but have a feeling of fullness after eating a small amount. They suffer from acidic belching, pass long thin feces, do not possess self-confidence, but are authoritarian. In addition, such people have a feeling that their abdomen is sagging and weak.

The condition of these people deteriorates when they consume cabbage, beans, sweets, onions and oysters. In addition, their condition worsens when they wear tight clothing and during the period between 4 pm and 8 pm. On the contrary, they feel much better when they take warm foods and drinks.

Nux moschata

Nux moschata is appropriate for people who suffer from huge distension and all foods turning into gas all the time. They suffer from complete constipation and pass foul smelling stomach gas. Such people experience pressure, heaviness as well as spasms owing to formation of stomach and intestinal gas.

Although these people endure a dehydrated mouth and throat, they do not have any thirst. In addition, they also have a craving for spices. Such people easily become full and when they consume foods in a little excess, they have headaches. Generally, such people are always perplexed, forgetful and spacey. People requiring Nux moschata always feel extremely lethargic, become unconscious easily and have a chilly sensation.

The condition of such people generally worsens when they are in the open air, there is dampness and cold, when they take cold food, milk and when there is breeze. They feel better after passing the intestinal/ stomach gas.

Nux vomica

Nux vomica is a versatile homeopathic remedy that is useful for people who experience upward pressure and distension, but have problems in belching or passing stomach gas. Their condition is usually accompanied by a feeling of heaviness, colic and cramps. They have a desire to pass stool, but it is usually ineffective as they need to strain a lot to do so.

Such people suffer from lack of appetite, have a painful abdomen, suffer from nausea, but are unable to vomit. Interestingly, they have a yearning for having spices. They also suffer from cramping muscles and pain in the lower back. They are usually tetchy, worked up, edgy and determined.

The condition of such patients deteriorates when they eat in excess, consume alcohol and coffee, wear tight clothes, when there is cold and while they are lying down.

Additional things you may do

In addition to using herbs and supplements and homeopathic remedies, you may do a few more things to prevent formation of stomach and intestine gas. For instance, it is important to keep away from carbonated drinks.

People who are enduring flatulence should chew their food meticulously, since large pieces of ingested foods result in formation of gas while passing through the large intestine and are not digested completely. Moreover, you should eat slowly, because when you eat very fast, you actually have a propensity to gulp in a lot of air.

If you are cooking beans, ensure that you soak them properly prior to cooking, since soaking them in water gets rid of a quantity of sugars that are difficult to digest. Throw away the water in which the beans were soaked and cook them in fresh water.

Usual dosage

The standard doses of a few herbs and supplements that are effective in providing relief from formation of stomach/ intestinal gas and, thereby flatulence are listed below.

Acidophilus, this supplement should be taken in dosage of one pill twice every day between meals. When buying the supplement look for pills that contain one to two billion live organisms.

Activated charcoal, should be taken in dosage of 500 mg following every meal and at intervals of two hours or as required. Here is a word of caution: never take this supplement in excess of 4,000 mg in one day.

Bifidus, the normal dosage of this supplement is taking one pill daily along with meals. While purchasing the supplement ensure that every pill contains one to two billion live organisms.

FOS, the standard dosage of FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) is taking 2,000 mg of the supplement twice every day. It is advisable that you use a blend of the two supplements acidophilus as well as bifidus along with FOS.

Ginger, the usual dosage of ginger is taking 100 mg of the herb twice or thrice daily or as required. While purchasing the product, ensure that it is standardized to enclose gingerols.

Herbal tea for flatulence

As everyone is aware, often flatulence proves to be discomforting and it is more embarrassing when you need to purchase medicines to treat this problem. However, there is a solution to this. In order to get relief from flatulence, especially those accompanied by foul smell, you may prepare a tea in the privacy as well as comfort of your home and drink it as a medication.

You will require the following ingredients to prepare this tea:

Blend all these herbs, which form the essential ingredients for the tea, in a cup together with six ounces (175 ml) to eight ounces (225 ml) of steaming water. Cover the container and allow the tea to infuse for about 10 minutes. Subsequently filter the liquid and drink three cups of the tea every day. You will notice that drinking this tea has helped you to get relief from the bothersome flatulence.

Other beneficial herbs


From Art Fay - Dec-18-2012
It seems the only time that flatulence becomes a serious problem is when the bloating becomes so severe that you can barely move from the pain it causes. I've seen many men reduced to tears (from being bloated) following a football game where the main course consisted of pizza and beer.
BAD combination, don't do it guys. Best thing that's ever saved me from writhing about in agony has always been a combination of milk of magnesia, monkey brains, and steak tartar with a bowl of sour cream on the side for dipping. All kidding aside, just the milk of magnesia.
The true point of the above playfulness was this: as this is a natural bodily function, I truly cannot and will never understand the whole "social taboo" thing. For instance, in reality - if you squelch (or hold it in), it has proven many times over that it will eventually cause health problems - one being in the form of diverticulosis/diverticulitis which, as we all know - can end up in surgery (chances are - a botched one). No thank you.
The "cure" - as I would say is this: scatter the flatulent taboos to the winds and to hell with decorum. Want a *truly* natural "prescription"?? LET IT RIP.
From Jon - 2010
Caraway or Cumin seems to work well (the best I've tried) and is practical to mix in large amount with cooking legumes to reduce flatulence. However, the gut adapts to what you eat so that after months of eating a lot of flatulence causing foods, it goes down to about the level you had before, at least if you continue to use the spices that reduce flatulence. Unless flatulence and bloating isn't a problem initially, you should gradually increase the amount of such foods in your diet.
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