When tissue is destroyed and is dead and begins deteriorating in an area of the body, it brings on a condition called gangrene. There are two type of gangrene as a condition: those in which the dead and the dying tissue turns completely black is known as dry gangrene.

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In this type of condition, as the gangrene sets in on the affected area extreme pain is usually the first sign of the appearance of gangrene; at this stage the affected skin become pale and cold to the touch. The color of the skin completely darkens and turns black as the tissues dies; numbness replaces the pain felt earlier.

In the other type called "wet" gangrene, which is often caused by injuries, when bacteria infect the injured parts of the body, as the infection spreads and the bacteria multiply in the tissue, it becomes soft if left untreated and it starts to smell. Because the infection is spreading throughout the body via the blood, wet gangrene is considered more lethal and complicated, it is also hard to heal, as the toxins produced by the bacterial infection contaminates the blood and leads to blood poisoning of the affected person.

The ceasing or the slowing down of the circulation in the body is responsible for dry gangrene; this causes an acute lack and deprivation of oxygen in the tissues of the body. Other conditions and diseases in the body can also bring on this state of deprivation of oxygen in the tissues, disorders like arteriosclerosis, arterial complications in diabetes, or in rare cases due even an embolism might suddenly block an artery in the leg, and bring about tissue death due to the cessation of circulation.

Injuries to tissue and subsequent tissue death from frostbite can lead to gangrene setting in, and this is a very easy way of getting gangrene. On the other hand, following a proper procedure and hygienic practices in cleaning and healing wounds, can prevent the occurrence of the wet type of gangrene.

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Supplements and herbs

Supplementing the diet with an acidophilus bacterial complex, during and a few weeks after beginning medical therapy is a good idea, as most of the medications used will be antibiotics given to prevent the multiplication and spread of the bacteria in wet gangrene. This will prevent the incidence of fungal infections and many other disorders following antibiotic treatment, by restoring and replenishing the healthy and normal complement of intestinal flora and beneficial microbes.

Plants like wheatgrass and other green foods contain chlorophyll, this compound is active in eliminating and cleansing the blood. The many detrimental effects of the various toxic compounds in the body is eliminated by the use of vitamin C, which also supports and maintains the strength of the immune system and has a role in the restoration and repair of damaged tissues. The repair of skin tissue and the immune system can also be improved by using the vitamins A and E. Additionally the supply of oxygen to the tissue is also increased by using vitamin E as a supplement.

Many herbal based treatments and various herbal remedies speed healing times and are active in the promotion of circulation within the body, minimizing the chances of tissue isolation and death.

To stimulate blood circulation and to relax the blood vessels in the body, 25 drops of ginkgo extract can be consumed daily as herbal supplement. The extract of the Echinacea herb has antibiotic properties. This can be taken thrice a day with about 20 drops mixed in liquid.

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The process of healing of the tissues can be accelerated by using the horsetail herb in supplement form, this also strengthens skin and resistance to various other ailments of the skin is increased, for internal consumption use about 15-20 drops of horsetail tincture or a tbsp. of horsetail juice mixed in water, thrice a day, this dosage can also be used to infuse and moisten a compress for topical application, while the same dosage and proportion can be followed to add horsetail to the bathwater as an infusion.

Moist compresses and bath infusions can also be made using other herbs such as arnica, or the bark of the oak tree. The application of an arnica or calendula salve, which speeds up healing, should be done only after drying the affected part. This ointment made from arnica should not be applied on open sores or broken skin if these is present on the affected region.

Garlic has the aptitude to promote blood circulation, cleanse the blood, and sterilize open injuries in addition to aiding in fending off gangrene.

Often, herbalists effectively use chlorella to treat gangrene. In fact, chlorella has been identified to be among the potent whole foods available that are extremely nutritious. It contains several minerals and vital minerals, in addition to beta-carotene - a potent antioxidant that combats free radicals.

Chlorella contains as many as 19 different amino acids. It is worth mentioning here that amino acids are vital for renew/ restore cells as well as tissues. Chlorella also contains an overwhelming amount of excellent quality protein - about 60 per cent. In addition, it also encloses nearly all elements that make up vitamin B complex. Every one of these constituents of chlorella is effective in counteracting gangrene.

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Commonly used essential oils for gangrene:


Although not as prevalent as allopathy, homeopathy is among the most accepted all-inclusive medicine systems. Homeopathic remedies are chosen depending on the hypothesis of the similarity of symptoms and individualization by means of applying a holistic method. In fact, this is considered to be the solitary means through which one can recuperate total health after getting rid of the entire indications as well as symptoms of the conditions from which he/ she is suffering.

The objective of homeopathy is not just to cure the symptoms of gangrene, but also to deal with the basic causes for the condition as well as the susceptibility of the individual concerned. While talking about curative homeopathic remedies, there are many medications that cure gangrene and one can choose the most appropriate remedy depending on the reason, sensation as well as the modalities of the problems.

For the purpose of personalized selection of remedies and treatment, it is advisable that the patient ought to check with an experienced homeopath personally. The homeopathic remedies discussed briefly below are effective for treating gangrene.

Arsenicum album

This homeopathic remedy is especially appropriate for treating senile gangrene; extremely throbbing ulcers having high edges; gangrene with stinking diarrhea. People who require Arsenicum album feel better when they are in a warm environment or cover themselves with warm clothes. Their condition deteriorates when there is cold. Such patients suffer from intense debility.


Bromium is used when an individual is afflicted by the type of gangrene called hospital gangrene. It is also given to people who have carcinogenic ulcers on their face; and/ or are affected by a stony hard distension of the glands present in the throat and lower jaw.

Carbo veg.

Carbo veg. is for treating humid gangrene and senile gangrene in people who have a weak or sickly appearance. Such people experience tremendous fatigue and lack their vital strengths; their secretions are smelly and they show a distinctive prostration owing to feebleness. In addition, this is an effective medication for treating burning pains; ulcers that do not show any sign of healing; varicose ulcers are helpful for people who tend to have gangrenes of the margins.


Bothrops is an effective homeopathic remedy for gangrene that is distended, discolored and cold accompanied with hemorrhagic infiltration. Bothorps is also useful for treating malignant erysipelas (severe feverish skin infections).


This homeopathic remedy is suitable for treating gangrene, distended lymphatics, and persistent boils, old ulcers on the shinbone or tibias, and carbuncles.


Lachesis is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for gangrene ulcers; blisters that have a black or bluish appearance; gangrenes formed following injuries; and vesicles that emerge at all places on the body. It is also effective for alleviating violent tingling and burning sensations; inflammation as well as swelling of different parts of the body affected by gangrene; and throbbing spots that appear after one has rubbed the body part.

Crotalus hor.

Crotalus hor. is an effective homeopathic remedy for gangrene, especially when the skin is detached from the muscles due to a stinking fluid. It is also useful for treating traumatic gangrene as well as old wounds that open afresh.

Secale cor.

This homeopathic remedy is indicated for pustules (blister-like swelling containing pus) formed on the arms or legs and have an inclination to develop into gangrene. It is also used to treat pustules in sickly and very thin females having a coarse skin; dry gangrene that grows sluggishly; varicose ulcers; small boils that are painful and are filled with green fluids; numb, withered skin; bluish skin complexion and dappled, darkish-blue shade on the skin. People requiring Secale cor. have an intense loathing to being exposed to heat and have a sensation as if insects are crawling under their skin (formication).


This is an excellent homeopathic remedy for gangrene, gangrenous inflammation of the parotid glands (a condition called as parotitis); distended cellular tissues laden with serous fluid (oedematous); ulceration as well as sloughing (layer of dead tissues detached from neighbouring tissues) and an unbearable burning sensation.


Cantharis is useful for people who have a propensity to have gangrenes and is effective for treating burns and scalds accompanied with tingling and burning sensations; vesicular flare-ups; vesicular form of erysipelas accompanied with distinctive restiveness.


Mercurius is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for gangrene formed on the lips, gums and cheeks; soreness that intensifies when something cold or hot is applied; and swelling and inflammation of the glands located in the neck.

Sulphuric acid

Sulphuric acid is indicated for painful gangrene; dark colored pustules (blister-like formations filled with pus); bedsores; blue spots similar to those of suggillations (black and blue marks); and bleeding from wounds.

Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid is a homeopathic remedy that is prescribed for treating senile gangrene.

Additional things you may do

There are a number of alternative treatments that are effective for curing gangrenes. One of the effective alternative therapies is oxygen therapy administered by the patient himself/ herself. Scientists have found that in case you hold back or withdraw oxygen supply to a gangrene cell by about 35 per cent of its requirement of this vital nutriment for about two to three days, the gangrene cells will turn out to be malignant and will become susceptible to various types of ailments and maladies.

In effect, majority of us are not aware of the significance of supplying adequate amounts of oxygen to our body or the fact that absence of oxygen or dearth of it to the different systems of our body may result in numerous ailments. Hence, when oxygen is present in our body in excessive amounts, it is not possible for any bacteria or virus to cause any harm to our body.

In addition, applying chopped onions on the gangrene facilitates quick healing as well as promotes blood circulation.

Usual dosage

Vitamin A, 25,000 lU (avoid during pregnancy).

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg 3 to 5 times a day.

Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols, 400 IU two times a day.

Green food supplement, such as barley grass or wheatgrass, one tbsp.

Acidophilus complex, three capsules or one tsp.

Other beneficial herbs


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