Gardnerella And Nonspecific Vaginitis

The condition known as gardnerella causes vaginal discharges which may be yellow or white and at times mucus laden. These discharges may or may not be streaked with blood when they come out.

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Vaginal irritation or intense itching sensations often accompany the discharges and the woman may at times also develop cystitis like physical symptoms during the discharge. Physical symptoms include vaginal walls turning cloudy, becoming puffed up, or being coated all over with pus. The condition is not limited to the giving off of vaginal discharges and gardnerella often comes along with vague or strong lower back pain, muscular cramps, and the swelling of the glands in the thighs and the abdominal region.

Physical symptoms tend to resemble those seen during an infection of trichomonas, however, the nature of the discharge during attacks of gardnerella is more creamy white or grayish in contrast to green and frothy discharges seen during trichomonas attacks.

Discomfort for the patient is increased by the strong odor given off by the discharge; the discharge is particularly strong-smelling and has a fishy smell. A pap smear may be the only way to identify some cases of gardnerella which tend to be symptomatic and produce vague symptoms.

The lowering of immune system strength is the primary cause for attacks of gardnerella similar to other yeast infections of the body. When a woman's resistance to infection weakens, then gardnerella infections tend to have a chance of holding out and inducing discharges. The resistance of the body can be lowered by the presence of anxiety, nervous tension, and the lack of sleep over long periods of time.

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The body's resistance is also lowered by a very poor diet, by vigorous sexual activity with a partner carrying the infection. The repeated use of birth control pills and other medications, or an imbalance in the dietary regimen are other possible factors for lowering resistance to disease.

Diets must be rich in high quality protein foods in order to effectively combat bacterial infections; in addition, women must also eat plenty of garlic - which is a very safe and natural antibiotic. Protein is very important in the diet as most antibodies within the body are made of protein.

While eating garlic raw is ideal, the odor of raw garlic may not be to everyone's taste and there are garlic capsules available today marketed by several brands-these are odorless and contain garlic as the active ingredient. The dietary regimen of women must also contain the full spectrum of essential vitamins and all essential minerals in sufficient amounts.

Diets must be particularly rich in the B vitamin complex and also have sufficient vitamins C, E, and A. In the treatment of the infection, herbal remedies made from the comfrey or the oat straw can be taken in the form of an herbal tea. As these teas act as a preventative as well as a remedial compound in the body, it is highly suggested that all woman infected by gardnerella drink them on a regular basis.

The herbal tea made from comfrey and oat straw also acts as a natural cleanser of the body. These excellent herbal tonics are also high in proteins, in different vitamins, and in essential minerals and rich in chlorophyll-a natural cleansing compound.

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Supplements and herbs

All of the supplements and herbal remedies given here can be used to treat various symptoms induced by an infection of gardnerella. To treat the itching and irritation in the vaginal region during an attack of gardnerella, patients can apply a herbal salve made from the comfrey or the St. John's wort herbal salve directly on the vaginal lips and all along the insides of the vaginal cavity-this topical herbal remedy will reduce the discomfort and lessen the intensity of these symptoms.

Sprinkle some medicinal Yoni Powder over the affected vaginal area several times every day as another direct topical treatment option. The sprinkled powder will heal the infection at the same time; it will also reduce the strong odor in the vaginal cavity. The vaginal area can also be smeared with some cultured buttermilk or yogurt; this topical treatment must be applied directly along the areas of greatest irritation. The application will be very soothing to the irritated area and induce healing in the vaginal cavity.

Use your fingers or a tampax applicator to insert the yogurt inside the vaginal cavity. A slight burning sensation may be induced by the application of the yogurt and/or the buttermilk, this is normal and the burning sensation will pass rapidly and healing will begin within a short time. Treatment can also be carried out by taking two herbal capsules of the Chaparral Combo; this can be taken thrice every day as long as symptoms persist.

It is important to abstain from sexual intercourse while the infection is on. The spread of gardnerella between sexual partners is very easy and common in occurrence-abstaining from sex is the only surefire remedy. The vaginal lining must also be protected against further physical agitation as this will increase the discomfort. Daily drinks of about eight ounces of an unsweetened cranberry juice will help in acidifying the blood and increase the rate of healing. It is best to mix the cranberry juice with comfrey tea and oat straw tea in equal amounts.

Use a garlic suppository daily.
Gently douche with the following formula every two days until the infection clears.

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