Gastroenteritis is usually caused by an inflammation of the stomach and the intestine, this inflammation is brought on by either a virus, and certain types of bacteria, or a possible toxin present in food or water that has been contaminated; sometimes an allergic reaction may also bring on this condition.

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The time limit for the various symptoms that come about during the infection, like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, and stomach pain, and sometimes cramps, is in general about forty-eight hours. This is true both in the elderly and in infants, and a doctor should be consulted in all cases.

Often gastroenteritis is referred to as 'gastric flu' or 'stomach flu' primarily owing to the fact that a virus is the most common reason for developing gastroenteritis. Nevertheless, free terminology like these may usually bewilder some people since the flu or influenza viruses are not responsible for gastroenteritis.

In addition, gastroenteritis may also appear to be baffling to people since it is itself considered to be an ailment, however, it is interesting to note that gastroenteritis may also be regarded as an indication of other ailments. For instance, an individual who is enduring gastroenteritis symptoms and finally develops blood-spattered diarrhea is generally not diagnosed to be suffering from gastroenteritis, but from a particular ailment, for instance, shigellosis.

It is really unfortunate that there are several specific ailments that have noticeable symptoms of gastroenteritis - generally in the initial stage of the disease.

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To make things further complicated, time and again perplexity is created when the expression gastroenteritis is changed to words, such as 'mild' or 'grave or severe'. In fact, 'severe gastroenteritis' is a non-specific phrase that generally denotes dissimilar things to different researchers.

Therefore, gastroenteritis will denote the interim (continuing for approximately two to five days and settling in a few more days) episodes of symptoms which may comprise a number of or the entire conditions, such as nausea, non-bloody diarrhea, abdominal spasms (discontinuous, generally eased following a bowel movement) and vomiting (infrequent, below 48 hours).

When an individual is suffering from gastroenteritis, he or she may develop additional symptoms, for instance, moderate fever (approximately 100°F, or 37.7°C), infrequent headaches, mild chills, a sense of being exhausted and/ or muscle pains. It may be noted that when the patient experiences all the symptoms mentioned above, he or she may eventually develop severe gastroenteritis, which indicates dehydration that may even prove to be critical, particularly in kids.

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Supplements and herbs

A supplement that reduces the nausea felt and soothes the inflamed mucous membranes, while reducing the levels of acids in the stomach is an infusion made from the meadowsweet herb, this infusion can be prepared by pouring a cup of boiling water onto 2 teaspoons of the dried herb, the herbal essence can then be allowed to steep and infuse into the water, this resulting tea can be drunk thrice daily.

When all the symptoms of the disorder have started manifesting themselves a decoction of the slippery elm can be used to soothe the inflamed digestive tract, this can be used in dosage of about a part of the powdered bark in eight parts of water mixed well and boiled and allowed to simmer for a quarter of an hour, the resulting tea can be drunk thrice a day, in amounts of about half a normal sized cup per session.

It has been found that a number of probiotics are helpful in avoiding as well as curing a variety of types of gastroenteritis.


In the instance of comparatively mild gastroenteritis, aromatherapy may be useful. In such cases, using specific essential oils may prove to be useful for treating the condition in various different methods. For instance, massaging the back as well as the abdomen of the patient may provide physical respite, in addition to the advantages of the essential oils selected and may also facilitate in providing a boost to the immune system, especially in the initial stages of the ailment.

In addition, providing the patient with a reflexology kind of massage (making use of essential oils in the massage balm employed on the feet) by a competent professional (concentrating on the parts in the feet which match up with the gastrointestinal tract) may also prove to be useful.

While the patient is being treated, he or she should ask questions in order to know the precise areas that they are able to massage by themselves when the doctor advises home treatment. Combine blended massage oil to have on hand for massaging onto the abdomen as well as the lower back or the lumbar region about 30 minutes prior to eating.

An idea of a feasible blend would be to add five drops of basil (which possesses antispasmodic and prevents gastric spasms), oregano (potently anti-viral as well as anti-bacterial and cytophilatic) and lavender (possessing soothing anti-spasmodic attributes) each to 30 ml of any carrier oil.

You may also use the same combination of essential oils to drop on any tissue paper (one drop of each essential oil) and put in a zip lock bag for inhaling all through the day. The same blend (in this case two drops of each essential oil) may be added to a tub filled with warm water for a curative soaking every day.

You ought to holdup adding the essential oil to the warm water till you are prepared to get into the water with a view to make certain that you receive the utmost benefits of using these essential oils. When you have added the essential oils to the surface of the water, rustle your hand through the water to make sure that the essential oils are diffused in an even manner all through.

Additional essential oils that are famous for their anti-bacterial as well as anti-viral attributes include lavender, eucalyptus (citridora and globulus), pine, garlic, and thyme in addition to tea tree. The preference of every individual for specific aromas is likely to differ, and, hence, it is an excellent thought to experience various different types of essential oils that may be possible to make certain that you are employing a combination that will make you feel contented, relaxed and delighted.


The following homeopathic remedies may be used in treatment, a single dose can be used every 10 minutes for up to 6 doses in total or in a day, this can be repeated if it becomes necessary or if the symptoms do not go away, some of the symptoms of gastroenteritis include the advent of a profuse diarrhea which comes accompanied by a burning and colicky stomach, there is also a lot of restlessness, and a raised emotional state such as anxiety, and the patient may feel cold.

The homeopathic remedy called as Arsenicum album can be used at a dosage level of 6c for treatment of those symptoms. For cases of vomiting and the diarrhea, if they are present with profuse cold sweats, the Veratrum album remedy can be used at a dosage level of 6c. If the symptoms come after the patient has taken some stimulants, for example coffee, alcohol, or a lot of hot spices, in such cases the sweats may also be alternating with an urge to pass motion but nothing can usually be passed, such cases call for Nux vomica; it can also be used at a dosage level of 6c.

On the other hand if there is a burning sensation in the rectum and the anus, with involuntary and embarrassing evacuations of stool, Aloe can also be used at dosage levels of 6c. The production of greenish stools, and a painless diarrhea, with a lot of gurgling noises in the abdomen and stomach cramps, the patient may worsen in the early mornings. For the aforementioned symptoms  Podophyllum can also be used at a dosage level of 6c.

Additional things you may do

Do not eat during the attack, but drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration: Mix 1 quart of water with 2 scant teaspoons of sugar or honey, and 1 teaspoon of salt; drink as needed.

Once the diarrhea and vomiting have subsided, eat plain, whole-grain foods and vegetables. Bananas help settle the stomach. Live yogurt with Lactobacillus acidophilus helps restore protective bacteria to the stomach.
Take a supplement of high-potency acidophilus powder: Take 1/2 tsp of Lactobacillus acidophilus powder, with 1 tsp of Bifidobacteria powder, and 1/2 tsp of Lactobacillus bulgaricus, in one glass of water, thrice a day.

As majority of the incidents of gastroenteritis are caused owing to viruses, restoring the fluid that is lost by means of vomiting as well as diarrhea enables the body to recover and combat the viral infection. In effect, dehydration may also aggravate the symptoms of vomiting and queasiness. It may be mentioned that the most important measure is to restore or replace the lost fluids at a time when the suffering individual is revolting and does not wish to drink or become hydrated.

This is particularly problematic with small children and kids. Small, but regular supplies of clear fluids, occasionally just a mouthful at one time, may possibly be sufficient to reload the fluid reserves of the body and also avoid the patient from being admitted to a hospital for getting intravenous (IV) supplies of fluids.

Generally, clear fluids (any fluid that is transparent) may perhaps be tolerable when administered in little quantities. Consider adding only an ounce or even less to the saliva, which the patient is swallowing already. Nevertheless, administering excessive fluid at one go may result in augmented vomiting owing to a bloated stomach that usually leads to further irritation.

It may be noted that when we talk of clear or transparent fluids, they do not comprise carbonated drinks, but ginger ale or cola minus the fizz, which can be generally tolerated well by the patient. In addition, administering coke syrup to the patient may also prove to be useful in resolving the stomach disorder.

You may also give the patient popsicles and Jell-O, which are basically 'solid foods' substitutes for clear fluids. These are especially good for children, who usually loathe having any clear fluid.

Other beneficial herbs


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