Glue Ear

Glue ear results in patients having a discharge of thick and yellow mucus from the ear, this discharge may cause great discomfort by "gluing" up the ears - hence the name "glue ear". The condition can come around in an individual as due to persistent ear infections, because of colds, or due to chest complaints.

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The middle ear is glued up by the mucus and hearing is restricted as a direct result. The condition as such is also possibly triggered after a session of swimming and or it can arise because of complications due to exposure to cold weather. Breast fed children are at a lesser risk of developing this condition, so suggest researches conducted on the possible connections between ear infections in children and breast feeding.

The major symptom related to glue ear is blunted hearing, which varies from a somewhat dampening to reasonably dire deafness in the two ears to complete deafness in acute cases.

When children are afflicted by glue ear, they may experience various symptoms, including blunted hearing, speech problems, balance problems or clumsiness, problems related to social interaction or language, seeming to have 'discriminating hearing', for instance, increasing the volume on radio, television, defying verbal instructions or, ins the instance of infants, being less receptive to noise.

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Supplements and herbs

Excessive discharge of mucus can be effectively halted through the use of herbal supplement made from the goldenseal herb. This herbal remedy can be taken at dosages of a quarter to one and a half teaspoon of goldenseal tincture in water thrice every day. Goldenseal capsules or formulas may also be used; check package instructions for appropriate dosing and age requirements. Results from this long-term dosage regimen can be expected 3 to 4 months from initiation of treatment.

The painful sensations in the ear can cause great psychological trauma to children, use the herbal extracts of the passion flower and Rescue Remedy to help a frightened child. Dosage of these herbal supplements can be two drops of each herbal extract placed under the tongue to achieve immediate relief as and when necessary.

A process known as ear candling has the aptitude to facilitate in opening the ear tubes to let air flow in the middle ear by getting rid of various fluids from the ear. You may buy an ear candling kit from any health food store. In order to candle your ears, put the little end of the unusual candle on the rim of your ear and light it with a match. When lighted, the candle will work to draw out fluids as well as surfeit wax from the ear making the tubes open.

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In order to get relief from earache, warm up one teaspoon of grape seed oil or sweet almond oil in an egg cup by placing it in a bowl of hot water. Normally, it takes approximately five minutes to warm up the oil to reach the body temperature. When the oil is warm, blend one drop of tea tree essential oil plus three drops of German chamomile (alternately, you may use lavender).

Now, lay the child with his/ her affected ear on the upper side. Subsequently, insert a number of drops of the blend into the ear using a pipette and plug the ear with some cotton wool. This should be done in the morning and/ or at bedtime. Next, cover a hot water bottle with a towel and place it against the ear of the child, as it would help in alleviating the pain.

In addition to the different methods discussed here, using tissue salts may also prove to be effective in treating glue ear. If there is dense mucus inside the ear, you may use Kali mur. 6c. On the other hand, if the patient is suffering from acute pain, use Ferr. phos. 6c. Give the patient one tablet four times every day consecutively for a week. In addition, cranial osteopathy too has been found to be helpful in curing ear glue in some children.

You may also take or include the herbs Echinacea and chamomile in a hand or foot bath to lessen the infection and alleviate the symptoms of ear glue.

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It is said that the indigenous tribes in America used the herb goldenseal in the form of a natural antibiotic, because it is known to lessen inflammation in the body. The Native Americans used the herb in the form of a lotion that was applied externally and also as herbal eyewash as well as a mouth wash.

Echinacea is available in tincture form in most drugstores and it facilitates in invigorating the lymph system as well as to diminish the inflamed adenoids. Water down the Echinacea tincture in a half teaspoon of water and use it in the form of ear drops. Having applied the diluted Echinacea tincture as ear drops, plug the ear using a dry cotton ball as it would help in soaking up any liquid that has not gone inside the ear.

Alternately, you may even massage the region around the affected ear with some drops of lavender essential oil blended with light carrier oil. The symptoms of glue ear can also be alleviated by inhaling a steam of chamomile, eucalyptus or lavender oil. Taking a steam inhalation of these essential oils is also useful in lessening catarrh (inflammation of any mucous membrane). In addition, you may apply a hot compress to the ears, nose and the throat employing watered down lavender, chamomile or rosewood essential oils.


Homeopathy may be an effective remedy for ear glue. There are a number of homeopathic medications that may be used to alleviate the symptoms of ear glue. For instance, you may use Graphites in case you are experiencing any yellowish discharge from the affected ears, while Kali bich. may be used when there is excess mucus in the throat and the sinuses are aching.

If you are having a dense, yellowish and foul smelling discharge from the ear, you may use Sulfur, while Calc. carb. may be used in case there is discharge accompanied by distended glands and night sweat.

Additional things you may do

Unknown food allergies could be the cause behind the discharge of mucus from the ears in some instances. It is known that the consumption of certain type of food can affect mucus production and even stimulate it. Dairy products that use cow's milk products must be replaced by those that use goat's milk or you can avoid this by using soy milk, in addition avoid roasted peanuts and foods that contain excessive sugar.

Foods such as garlic, onions, watercress and parsley, along with the celery reduce mucus production and must be consumed as a part of the diet. Diets must be based on a broad and nutritious regimen including many whole foods which means there must be plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and some lean meat or preferably fish.

Other beneficial herbs


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