Gum Disease

Both gingivitis and periodontitis may be considered as the two main or primary types of gum disease. The typical symptoms and tell tale signs of gingivitis are inflamed gums that are marked by tenderness, the condition comes about through the action of oral bacteria, and their formation of a thin, sticky film or covering described as plaque, the plaque covers and coats the teeth and gums and induces the tenderness.

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Over a period of time, especially if the presence of the plaque is not noticed, it is transformed into tartar, which is a hard mineral shell capable of eroding gum tissue and increasing the seriousness of the condition. As this process goes on, treatment becomes more difficult and the last stage known as the condition or disorder called periodontitis is reached.

The gums recede away from the teeth and pockets form around teeth, in the advanced stages of periodontal disease, this permits the abundant populations of oral bacteria to invade, multiply and eat away at the bone that anchors the teeth, and the next stage of tooth decay and eventual loss is said to have begun.

The leading causes of tooth and gum diseases are irregular and poor oral hygiene, this includes improper techniques and irregular times in brushing teeth, the absence of flossing, or improper rinsing of the mouth.

There are various other factors that may increase the chances or tendency of gum disease developing in a person, a high-sugar diet is a contributory factor as a lot of sugars ingested can promote the microbes in the oral cavity with a ready supply of food, vitamin C deficiency - the cause of scurvy - the lack of other nutrients in the diet is also a contributing factor as this decreases the ability of the body to resist infection, habits such as smoking also increase the likelihood of gum disease-the multitude of chemicals in cigarette smoke being very corrosive to the gums and teeth, and in cases of chewing tobacco the nicotine itself being a corrosive and staining agent.

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Additionally because of their side effect of inhibiting salivation and decreasing saliva in the mouth, certain medications contribute to the worsening of gum disease, copious amounts of saliva is necessary in its action of clearing away bacteria and sugars from leftover food, saliva also contains substances which inhibit bacterial growth. Some people are more susceptible to gum disease due to hereditary or genetic factors.

Because of the hormonal changes they undergo during pregnancy, all women seem to have an increased susceptibility to gum problems during this period and in other periods like menopause which also involves a fluctuation in the hormonal levels in the body. The risk of gum disease is also increased if the person has diabetes or other types of chronic diseases that can lower resistance to infection while decreasing immune function.

Supplements and herbs

A combination dose of a variety of supplements, utilized together can help heal and restore bleeding gums and sore gums. The time period involved for the beneficial aspects of the supplement is usually in two weeks time. These natural supplements also have a prophylactic capability and can be used in this preventive role by people at a high risk for gum disease either through genetic or physiological reasons.

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The process of healing in the gums can be speeded up and the tissues can be kept from cellular damage by the oral consumption on a daily basis, of the antioxidants like the vitamin C, plant based flavonoids, and coenzyme Q10, these substances are very effective as supplements.

Because they help bolster the body's immune system, most of the gum eroding and oral pathogenic bacteria are kept at bay, and their populations are reduced. Some research conducted on the beneficial effects of the coenzyme Q10, as an example, showed that it reduced the depth of pockets formed around the teeth by bacterial action, recovery period is shortened after dental surgery and this also stabilizes the teeth and keeps them healthy.

Decreasing the inflammation in the gums and strengthening the connective tissue in the gums may be a property of the antioxidants like the vitamin C and the fIavonoids especially so when thy are used in a combination, so suggest some studies toward the discovery of this property.

Bleeding and gum inflammation may additionally be reduced by the utilization of various topical therapies. A good method and an innovative way to use vitamin E is to break open a capsule of vitamin E every alternate day, and to use the oil within as a base or lotion to rub on the inflamed tissue, this treatment if carried out diligently will soothe the affected areas and promote speedier healing and recovery in the gums. Using a cotton swab as an applicator, apply folic acid liquid to your gums, every other day or so.

This action can be followed up in a different approach using a soft bristled toothbrush and gently brushing along the gum line, using vitamin C in powder form. These activities can be done twice every day especially after brushing the teeth with regular tooth paste, the topical treatments using vitamins just mentioned now are very effective in the long term.


Commonly used essential oils for gum disease:

Additional things you may do

Brushing of the teeth with a soft bristled toothbrush must be carried out at least two times daily, it is also important to floss at least once a day for maximum dental hygiene and health. The tongue must also be cleaned and a proper technique should be maintained when brushing the teeth, cleaning or scraping the tongue also eliminates the microbes as the tongue is an area in the mouth which collects the same bacteria that stick to your teeth and it must also always be cleaned as a matter of good dental hygiene.

Asking your dentist or your local dental hygienist the proper technique of brushing or flossing is the simplest expedient if you are currently unaware of these things. Each session of brushing and flossing the mouth and teeth should be at least five minutes long. Brush immediately after consuming sticky foods like many items rich in carbohydrates or after eating sweets and rich foods, these types of food stuffs can also be avoided in your diet.

Especially with respect to old and elderly people, who have a tendency to have a lot of roots in the teeth exposed, much of this kind of foods accumulate easily and regularly in gum spaces and pockets. A dentist should be consulted at least once, every six months for a check up and a professional cleaning, in an emergency involving any part of the oral cavity, the first person you consult should be your dentist and more so if you have a dental condition that needs special attention and care.

Usual dosage

Coenzyme, 50 mg two times daily. Take with food for best absorption.

Folic acid liquid. Dip swab in folic acid liquid. Apply along gum line. Follow up with vitamin C powder. Alternate with vitamin E gum treatment.

Vitamin C. Brush along gum line, using half tsp powder. Alternate with vitamin E treatment.

Vitamin E. Break a 400 IU capsule and rub contents on gums. Alternate with vitamin C / folic acid treatments.

Flavonoids / Vitamin C, 500 mg flavonoids and 1,000 mg vitamin C two times daily. If diarrhea develops, reduce vitamin C dose.

Other beneficial herbs


From Hygienist of 26 yrs - Mar-12-2013
Please be aware that if you brush your gum line and clean in between your teeth thoroughly twice every day your gums will become healthy and stop bleeding within a week regardless of any herbal applications.
It's all about thorough cleaning not lotions, potions, mouthwashes, herbs or pastes.
If cleaning thoroughly does not reduce bleeding seek advice from your dentist and hygienist.
From Sharon - Sep-15-2011
I think these comments are good. I found out quite by accident years ago that by adding 5000 mg vitamin C and calcium supplements, (don't remember how much, probably 500 or 600 mg 2 times a day (as I'm female)), it cleared up my gingivitis. After reading this, I don't know whether the calcium had anything to do with it, but it cleared up nicely within a couple of weeks.
From Little Pebbles Academy of Tulsa Oklahoma - 2010
My Father had gum dis. & he used herbs & in 4 months, his teeth became more solid, month after month. Gum disease is no laughing matter. It really does tear away at your immune system, & can be painful. God put herbs on our planet for a reason.
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